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Heritage Platinum Ps Gradients

Greys this time.. 45 grey based gradients with companions.
First one, transparent. 35., especially for swords.
ES Platinum.grd and preview in zip.
Free use for personal, business works. There're some rules about redistributing, on my journal first page. Please respect them.
Psp edition and other gradient sets, in my gallery

Army of Darkness, Lichtner, Alien League, Embassy BT, Tengvar Sindarin
© 2008 - 2022 ElvenSword
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Very nice gradients. Thank you! I tried it out making a small shield, worked well. I think with a bit of doing it would work well for gauntlets and tools


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perfect shades of metallic colors, so hard to find accurate hex codes for these!

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They are beautiful  can you make the file size for photoshop  it's not letting them load?
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Amazing!! thanks a lot.
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Obrigado Pela Partilha :)
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I have been LOOKING for these thank you
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if you make 5 more, you can call it 50 shades of greydients :)

Awesome gradients though ! been looking for some good metal/platinum gradients, and i've found my pickings in this one. good job !
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<groan>  LOL!!
Thank you great gradient!

I want to use your great gradient.

When i make website.

Could i use your gradient and pattern even commercial?

What should i do for you.




Free use for personal, business works

I found this comment many gradients.

Could i use same condition?
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