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My Personal FnaF Timeline Theory Updated:
This is to compound on my first Timeline Theory with the addition of the FNAF 4. You can read it here:
Now, I do not think that the Bite seen in FNAF 4 happened in 1983, but is in fact the 87 one. I firmly believe that there is no purpose to add another Bite within the narrative and that it only makes thing more complicated, therefore I disregard that theory. I also do not believe that Purple Guy was the father The Child and his Brother. In my opinion, it was Phone Guy, hence the strong Foxy motif the household has going on. After all, Foxy was his favorite, as stated in the FNAF 2 recordings.
Now, then, onto my theory:
Location: Freddy Fazbear’s Pizzeria 2 (seen in FNaF 2):
Opened: 1987
Closed: 1987
Animatronic(s): The old models are replaced with the Toy versions. Freddy, Bonnie, Chica, and Foxy/Mangle. New additions: Marionette and Balloon Boy.
The spirit of the original murdered child possesses t
:iconelvenraptor:ElvenRaptor 5 1
My Thoughts on the Upcoming FNaF Movie
I am… conflicted about this. On one hand, I’m sure it CAN be done, but... I mean, fnaf is so minimalistic and leaves a lot up to interpretation, and Hollywood doesn’t do minimalistic or open for interpretation anymore. There are so many plot details that can be left vague within the confines of the games themselves that they’d have to fill just to make the story into a full narrative.
1) Okay, we can imagine the motives of the various player characters, Mike, Jeremy, and the unnamed protagonist of FnaF3, but with a film they’d have to offer a concrete explanation for why anyone wouldn’t just quit after surviving the first night and make we, the audience, believe it.
2) we’re willing to excuse the obvious problem with a business staying open despite a staggering fatality rate for night watchmen because video game. A movie would have jump through a couple of hoops to make that believable.
3) high rate deaths for night watchmen notwithstanding, th
:iconelvenraptor:ElvenRaptor 4 16
Mature content
My Personal FnaF Timeline Theory: :iconelvenraptor:ElvenRaptor 5 4
Doctor Who 4 by ElvenRaptor
Mature content
Doctor Who 4 :iconelvenraptor:ElvenRaptor 4 0
Doctor Who 3 by ElvenRaptor Doctor Who 3 :iconelvenraptor:ElvenRaptor 4 3 Doctor Who 2 by ElvenRaptor Doctor Who 2 :iconelvenraptor:ElvenRaptor 4 15 Doctor Who by ElvenRaptor Doctor Who :iconelvenraptor:ElvenRaptor 7 2 Doctor Who Fanfiction Motivational Poster by ElvenRaptor Doctor Who Fanfiction Motivational Poster :iconelvenraptor:ElvenRaptor 9 4
Clock Tower: The First Fear: Novelization
Clock Tower: The First Fear:
Disclaimer: I do not own any Clock Tower related properties. Clock Tower is the property of Human Entertainment and Sunsoft. This is a fan work created to celebrate the opus. It is not intended to infringe on any copyrights.
I'm writing this fanfic simply because there just aren't that many good fan novelizations of this game on the web. So sit back and enjoy as I retell the story Clock Tower: The First Fear.
Now, this is going to be fairly short story, and updates will come when they come, as I have another fanfic that takes priority over this until I've completed it. But the updates will come.
This fic will be rated M for graphic violence, frightening scenes, some swearing, and disturbing content. In others words, for being as much like the original game as I can get it.
September 3rd, 1995
"Nicolai Dmit….Dmi…Ditrievich…" Jennifer read off the page.
"Dmitrievich," Lotte corrected.
"Right, Dmitrievich, sorry," Jennifer
:iconelvenraptor:ElvenRaptor 6 0
Mature content
The Exile, Part 2 :iconelvenraptor:ElvenRaptor 2 0
Mature content
The Exile :iconelvenraptor:ElvenRaptor 1 0
Rainbow Dash: What I Do by ElvenRaptor
Mature content
Rainbow Dash: What I Do :iconelvenraptor:ElvenRaptor 3 2
Demyx: The Fall
Demyx: The Fall
Disclaimer: I do not own any Square-Enix titles such as Kingdom Hearts or Final Fantasy. If I did, do you think I'd be writing here? Hell no, I'd be trying to get FFVI remade on the DS.
Author's Note: While replaying KHII once, I notice something about the scene in which Demyx faces Sora and company for the final time. When he steps out from the portal, he stumbles, as if someone pushed him out there, as if he had been forced out against his own will. This is my idea of what transpired.
The Fall
Combing a few stray strands of hair out the way, Demyx, a young Nobody walked the halls of The World That Never Was. He had been called by his superior.
What could they want now? He hopes it didn't have anything to do with fighting. Some of the other members looked on the act of ultimate violence as great fun. A game, if you will. He, however, hated it. To him fighting and battle were terrifying. Besides that, it brought them more trouble than they needed from the different worl
:iconelvenraptor:ElvenRaptor 3 0
Zombie Team by ElvenRaptor Zombie Team :iconelvenraptor:ElvenRaptor 5 5
Mature content
Corpse Party: One Choice :iconelvenraptor:ElvenRaptor 5 1
Tom Baker Motivational by ElvenRaptor Tom Baker Motivational :iconelvenraptor:ElvenRaptor 11 6

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ImScared: The Game Wasn't Over
The person, in the darkness it was difficult to tell the gender, especially since the person didn't speak. They gulped as the person stared at the pixilated, almost misshapen face in front of them. No body, it was just a purely white face with a crooked smile adorning it and the eyes... The damned eyes! Pitch black, almost like gaping holes in the face and below the left eye was something... An imperfection, a scar or cut, something that marred the face itself. Two smaller, uneven holes were beneath it, where a nose would be and the person staring the face down could only imagine that this was the face's nose or lack thereof. It had a neck, seemingly seperated slightly from the face. The head itself... On the left it looked as if it had been smashed slightly by... something. But other than that imperfection the head itself, the profile was fine, evem looking somewhat nice. 
The face scared the person, eliciting a small whimper that was barely heard even by the person. Next or behi
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Yes, this is tastless, shameless nepotism at its finest, but since this is in the name of helping out a pal, I'm doing it, anyway. Here's the link:…
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