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GIFT:: Cave Dweller

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Divider II by RBSRdesigns
A long awaited gift for the amazing TierRen ! This was a challenge, let me tell you. I haven't background blended in.. a year or so, so it was fun, but challenging. I think I did a pretty okay job! :la: The color change was a fun experience and I'm so happy it all flows and looks good! I hope you enjoy it, Tier! :heart: 
Featured Here: Wonderful art made with my stock in 2016 

Divider II by RBSRdesigns
Cave pond with limestone draperies | Carlos Andalusian Stallion Rear Leap | Ocean Stock 037 | Impala 10 | Waterfall stock | Grass PNG 2 
Character Owned by TierRen 
Everything else by ElvenIvori Me
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Clap Clap Clap Clap Love Love Love 
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Thank you so much!
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AH! I knew who this was the second that I saw the thumbnail. You did Oultik perfectly! His design has so much going on in it and you did every little detail. That shows just how much detail you put into your art :heart: :heart: I am also in love with the style that you painted the mane and tail in! AND the freaking background is epic. 

I could go on and on-- you rocked this piece. Thank you so much! 5 seconds hug 
ElvenIvori's avatar
*wiggles* omg omg 
I am so happy you like it! I was so worried that I had messed up something but I've had a lot of positive feedback. I always try to get it as close to the ref as possible, but it was so much fun working on this & really putting everything I had in it. :heart:
Thank you so much for being so patient, & you're so welcome!! I love his design.
HevonenStudios's avatar
This is so pretty omg
ElvenIvori's avatar
Thank you! Ugh it means so much to me
SummerTime-Designs's avatar
You never fail to impress me!
ElvenIvori's avatar
Wow, that means so much to me oh my gosh
Thank you :heart:
SummerTime-Designs's avatar
Your more than welcome girl you always do beautiful art I may not always fav it (because I am to lazy) but I honestly love seeing your work pop up in my notifications :love:
ElvenIvori's avatar
Oh yo that's awesome! Haha I'm a :+fav: ninja, so I totally understand. It's always fun to see that people enjoy my work!
SummerTime-Designs's avatar
I look at art then totally forget to fav I am so bad for it 😂 Love seeing people progress (even though I'm rubbish at art) but you my friend always makes beautiful art
ElvenIvori's avatar
It takes a lot of practice & trial/error! You'll get there!
SummerTime-Designs's avatar
Thank you I intend to!
ElvenIvori's avatar
You're so welcome!
taivaankaarta's avatar
This turned out so so good!!
Adarhi's avatar
Oh my this is lovely :3
ElvenIvori's avatar
Oh, thank you so much! :heart:
EquestrianJade's avatar
This looks amazing! You did such a great job <3 The hair and the water and BG look phenomenal!
ElvenIvori's avatar
*wiggles* aaahh thank you so much!! It means so much :heart:
VocemIgnis's avatar
Damn this is me and my boys song.

But holy heck this is gorgeous why must you make me jealous of your skills? D:

ElvenIvori's avatar
Aw really? That's awesome! c:

Thank you so so much! I'm still not 100% sure about this, but it means a lot that you like it so much! :tighthug:
VocemIgnis's avatar
Mhm c:

And pft you should be like, 9000000% sure about this, I really like it! And those markings, they would kill me e.e 

you need to teach me your marking ways xD
ElvenIvori's avatar
Markings are a literal trial & error run, for everything. All of them were trial & error. I think a good half the time on this piece was spent getting all the markings & color changes as close to the ref as possible.

Come to a JM & I'll show you!
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