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FolderTweak for Win8.1

FolderTweak for Win8.1 allows you to configure the folders Microsoft added to "This PC" (the drive list) in Windows Explorer to your likings.

Windows 10 version here: FolderTweak for Win10

--- FEATURES ---

* Hide the default folders
(Desktop, Downloads, Documents, Music, Videos, Pictures)
* Add your own folders to the list
(they will work just the like the default folders)
* Change your folders' icons or even apply your own ICOs!

* Folders can be renamed in Explorer

* Folders can expand in the sidepane like drives

No installation necessary.

--- DOWNLOAD ---…

(Win8.1 64-bit)
If you need a 32-bit version, please let me know.

I am a hobby programmer, so I cannot take any responsibility for damage caused by the use of this program (although I don't think it can do any damage). Tested on Win8.1 RTM (final version). I didn't test it on the Win8.1 Preview, but it might work.

I would love to hear your suggestions on how to improve my utility! Please spread the word!
Comment below or email me at

Have a nice day,

Last updated on Tuesday, 05. Nov. 2013

* Drag and Drop onto your folders is now possible
* Advanced right-click options for your folders like copy, share, create shortcut, properties, etc.

* Elevated to stable version 1.0
* Cleaned up user interface, added a "readme" and a donation button
* Displays version in title bar

0.3 beta
* Icons! FolderTweak shows them now
* Checkbox to show or hide folders from the navigation bar on the left
* Folder list sorts alphabetically
* Icon selection shows more modern iconset per default (imageres.dll instead of shell32.dll)
* FolderTweaks checks if it's running on the correct Windows Version
* Some Bugfixes

0.2 beta
* Folders you add now use their correct icon
* You can also change the icons later in FolderTweak
* You can rename your folders in Windows Explorer
* Folders now expand in the sidepane of Explorer, just like drives!

0.1 beta
* First Release
* Remove default folders
* Add your own folders
© 2013 - 2021 Elvenbone
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Nice app, also if you dont mind just like others have suggested please post the code on Github so that others can improve it too.
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Thank you very much!
Hey there, great tool! Any way you could make this work on Windows 10?
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I just updated it for Windows 10. You can find it here: FolderTweak for Win10
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Thank you! I am rather busy at the moment, but I may be able to take a look at it over the next weeks.
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omg I love you sooooo much :>
working on my icons and designs for about 15 hours within the last two days but nothing worked...but this finally did! <3

thank you so much...:> :)
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Freut mich, dass dir mein Programm geholfen hat - und danke für den Favorit!
Aus welcher Gegend kommst du?
Grüße aus BaWü ;)
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Leider vom anderen Ende (Bremen), da wos überall so grau aussieht ^^

Wieso fragst, gibts schon ne Statistik? ^.^
Elvenbone's avatar
Wenn's dich beruhigt: hier siehts gerade auch grau in grau aus ;)

Ne ne, für so eine Statistik begegnet man hier zu wenigen Deutschen... ^^
Ich könnte allerdings mal schauen, ob das Programm auch in Windows 10 noch funktioniert.
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Thanks. Pretty much exactly what I needed.
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Glad it's useful to you :)
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Really Great , thanks for your work
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Ooooooh you have no idea how much I appreciate this!! I only ever use the "This PC" section to explore my HDs. I use favorites and libraries for everything and This PC was pushing libraries too far down to see. Thank you sooo much!!
Elvenbone's avatar
I'm glad you like it, thanks for the :+fav:!
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hi i hope i can get a reply soon about this, i regularly need to reinstall windows on my various machines so have setup automated scripts for backup, restore and overall rebuilding my custom settings, the only thing i still have to do is set these folders manually,  is this program scriptable??  ie like thisProgram.exe -addFolder /some/folder -setIcon /path/to/icon.ico   ??  i have tried this pc tweaker to no avail and do hope yours provides a much needed solution,  thank you and keep up the great work  :D  
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The changes are made to registry, so you can do the same things my program does with .reg-scripts.
You should find it if you do a web search for something like 'this pc folders registry'.
If not, let me know and I'll look up the exact keys again.
Thank you for the watch and the fav!
My-Freedom-In-Art's avatar
hi thank you for the reply,  so far all i can find is instructions on registry tweaks to remove things from this pc but i have not found anything on how to add custom directories to it,  i have personal files on a separate partition that i used to use libraries to get to,  but thanks to your program i can neaten things up by having them in the this pc section instead,  i use multiple pc's and set their interfaces to look identical, i've been trying to automate this process as resetting pc's and manually setting everything again is a pain.
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I can already add my own folders easily without a program.
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Without using .reg-files or editing the registry yourself? If that's possible, I'd love to know how!
Jetzt ist alles bestens. Klasse Arbeit!!!
Sorry für den Dreifachpost..:-(
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Kein Ding, du kannst die anderen zwei Posts übrigens auch mit dem Stift-Icon ausblenden.
Hallo Elvenbone,
erstmal ein großes Lob an deine Arbeit. Das Programm gefällt mir schon sehr gut. Einziger Bug der mir aufgefallen ist, ist folgender: Wenn ich einen Ordner über das Programm angelegt habe und ihn über die linke Leiste bzw. über das Explorer-Fenster öffne, kann ich darin keine neuen Elemente wie z.b. Ordner anlegen. Der Eintrag "Neu>Ordner" taucht weder im Kontextmenü, noch im Ribbon-Menü auf bzw. ist ausgegraut. Lässt sich das beheben?

Gruß Jan
Elvenbone's avatar
Habe das mit Neu>Ordner nicht herausfinden können. Du musst dich also erst in den Ordner reinklicken und kannst dort dann wie gehabt Unterordner erstellen.
Dafür konnte ich einige andere Optionen (siehe Changelog) im Kontextmenü aktivieren! Um diese zu sehen, müssen die Ordner-Verknüpfungen mit der neuen Version 1.1 erneut erstellt werden.
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