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Black Bladewing dragon 2.0

Draco Acerala atrus, probably my most favorite dragon creation for my fantasy novel. I managed to give them a good little make-over and made them a much more scary species to run into... Black Terrors indeed.

:D I've missed drawing lovely creatures.

Dragon species & art (C) to me.
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8D A tuxedo dragon! Oh Feebies, how did you know?

*pets dragon*

*picks up dragon*

*walks away, cooing inanely to dragon*
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O__O Caitlin, you scare me. How you're able to pick up a dragon 3 times the size of a horse and dubbed the satanic child of t-rexes and sharks... is beyond me. But I'm glad you like them XD;
I have my ways. kinkyface.jpg
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XD Whatever floats your goat sweetie.
Ναι είναι αρκετά σκιαχτικό και εκτός απο τα μάτια του μ΄αρέσει ιδιαίτερα η ουρά του που είναι και λίγο μαλλιαρή. ΝΤΙΣ-ΜΠΙΣ!
Αποθήκευση σε Δράκοι και σκηνές μάχης με αυτούς/Δράκοι του σκοταδιού/Μαύροι
και εκεί είναι και η προηγούμενη έκδοση.

BARTUG: Hey Teng! What is your favorite dragon?
TENGAI: The one that is not trying to eat me. Anymore stupid questions? What is yours?
B: The one between my legs! Harharharharhar!
T: Wretched waiting zone....sigh
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XD Kamia fora ton lupamai ton Tengai...alla pernaei poli grigora. XD
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I love this! :love: i love the colors! (I would have never thought of this color combo, but its really good!) So :+fav:! Great shading too!
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Thank you. These guys are unusual in many ways compared to other dragons, which is what makes them so interesting.
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great job and i like the colors
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This one's nice as well! I love how you made the skin look scale-y! If I was to be extremely picky, I would make adjustments to the tail to make it look a bit more even, but thats about it :) I like!
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