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Athrabeth Finrod ah Andreth

By elven21

"The Debate of Finrod and Andreth"

Commision, coloured pencils and crayons on Schoeller paper, 50 X 35 cm, autumn 2002.

© Ilías Patrinós

Inspired by a very interesting conversation between the elf-lord Finrod Felagund, son of Finarfin, and Andreth, a mortal woman of the House of Bëor, about the different natures and fates of Elves and Men in life and in death.


[Finrod:] 'We are both, Elves and Men, in Arda and of Arda; and such knowledge as Men have is derived from Arda (or so it would appear). Whence then comes this memory that ye have with you, even before ye begin to learn?

‘It is not of other regions in Arda from which ye have journeyed. We also have journeyed from afar. But were you and I to go together to your ancient homes east away I should recognize the things there as part of my home, but I should see in your eyes the same wonder and comparison as I see in the eyes of Men in Beleriand who were born here.’

‘You speak strange words, Finrod,’ said Andreth, ‘which I have not heard before. Yet my heart is stirred as if by some truth that it recognizes even if it does not understand it. But fleeting is that memory, and goes ere it can be grasped; and then we grow blind. And those among us who have known the Eldar, and maybe have loved them, say on our side: “There is no weariness in the eyes of the Elves”. And we find that they do not understand the saying that goes among Men: too often seen is seen no longer. And they wonder much that in the tongues of Men the same word may mean both “long-known” and “stale”.

‘We have thought that this was so only because the Elves have lasting life and undiminished vigour. “Grown-up children”, we, the guests, sometimes call you, my lord. And yet and yet, if nothing in Arda for us holds its savour long, and all fair things grow dim, what then? Does it not come from the Shadow upon our hearts? Or do you say that it is not so, but this was ever our nature, even before the wound?"

~J.R.R. Tolkien, History of Middle-Earth, vol.10 :reading:


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AinuLaire's avatar
I hope you would not mind a little critique?

But first, some positive- the colors are absolutely splendid, especially on the tree trunks- they really stand out wonderfully. I do love the little house in the background, as well. Your uses of many colors to create the light and shading is well done.

But there are a few things that you can improve on- mostly with human anatomy. If you have not taken a life drawing class (and legally can wherever you live), I *highly* recommend doing so. I've only taken one semester thus far and saw a huge improvement in my people. If you cannot, buy some life drawing and anatomy books, and read them, and practice from them. Draw, from photo or RL references, bodies, nude or clothed, both are helpful. That is where you need the most practice on- you'll find that Aegnor's elbows should be much lower, the legs much thicker, and overall less stiff in the full body. The ear is also too far right on the face (a mistake I still do, myself- ears are pretty close to the eyes, in reality).

Best of luck!
elven21's avatar
Thank you, for both positive and negative critique, I always appreciate it.

I know the proportional and anatomical errors here, but this is an old drawing (like most shown in this gallery), I made it in 2002, and back then I was always drawing from my imagination only. I have certainly improved a lot since then, usually drawing friends from photos. Maybe you could check my most recent works and tell me what you think?

By the way, it's Finrod, not Aegnor. :nod:
AinuLaire's avatar
Holy crud! 2002?! That's ages ago!

Ah, I must have read the description wrong, whoops.

I'll certainly take a look at the rest of your gallery- see how the old compares to the new.
VisAnastasis's avatar
J love the way you colored the background, but J think carachters are not quite well drawed. But coloring is awesome! :D
elven21's avatar
Thank you! Yes, I agree with you, this is an old drawing and I wasn't that good at drawing people back then. :P
VisAnastasis's avatar
No prob, it's still a great picture and J like it :D
Naraethlas's avatar
poly omorfa xrwmata... =)
elven21's avatar
Ευχαριστώ πολύ! :)
silamir's avatar
very nice. :) I love her gown and the scenery is so beautiful!
elven21's avatar
celticabria's avatar
I know it wont really mind you... but these one looks like my boyfriend and me.... :blushes:
elven21's avatar
Oh... That's lovely! :hug:
tuomas0204's avatar
H Andreth einai poly omorfh!
LaCamilla's avatar
It's really pretty. You should become an illustrator for children's books or fairy tales, because your pictures all have this lovely story-books feeling! They're lovely. :)
elven21's avatar
Thank you so much! :dance:

I've never thought about that.. :)
LaCamilla's avatar
You're very welcome ^^

Perhaps it's your future career? :D Seriously, I think you should try to illustrate some fairytale and then send it to a publisher or something... might be worth a try, right?
elven21's avatar
Sure, if in the end I don't become an archaeologist, who knows! :D I could give it a try. :nod:
LaCamilla's avatar
Ohhh, archeologist :D Doesn't sound to bad either, I've been thinking of it myself... only, there are no jobs here :P
elven21's avatar
I'm a student of archaeology. :nod: In Greece there is always work for archaeologists... ;p
LaCamilla's avatar
Awesome!! Haha, I was just going to say that XD You definitely study archaeology in the right country. ^^'
LaCamilla's avatar
It's really pretty. You shoul become an illustrator for children's books or fairy tales, because your pictures all have this lovely story-books feeling! They're lovely. :)
Celebel-Quettandil's avatar
I'm sorry, but the love story was between Aegnor, Finrod's brother, and Andreth.
In "Athrabeth Finrod ah Andreth", Finrod and Andreth discuss of what will become of Elves and Men after death, and all the discussion ends with Finrod confronting Andreth with the reason of her bitterness: she thinks that Aegnor had abandon her. Then Finrod tells her that Aegnor would never forget her and that he would never marry with his own kin for that reason, and for that same sadness in wich Aegnor is inmerse, he fight with no fear in the North, where Morgoth is more powerful. Some time later, Aegnor dies in the Nirnaeth Arnoediad.
It's another one of saddest stories of the First Age :cries:

I like the way you colored this, it looks well defined but also has an amazing richness in colors.
I don't particulary like the way the characters are drawn, but I think that as an all, it suits pretty well.

I'm sorry if english is all wrong.
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