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Just a quick painting, came out cute so I decided to upload it

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I don't know why but she reminds me of Disney Rapunzal
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similar dreamy expression maybe? :D anyway I like Rapunzel, thank you :hug:
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this is a really nice n cute girl, as always, you produce wonderful art
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thanks, it's really nice to hear :3
sometimes I feel so uncreative when I draw just girls all the time all over again XD
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lol I can see your point :) I would recommend attempting to draw completely different things, things out of your comfort zone (not tooo out of uyour comfory zone, just enough for exploration) I have been drawing many different things recently, its a fantastic experience
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haha I'm trying, really :D I've been trying lately to draw some things that are difficult to me (like hands, interiors etc.) and I can see there's still a long way before me. My biggest problem is that I easily get mad if I can't do something properly in a short time... and I can't draw when I'm angry, so it makes a vicious circle ;-;
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one thing about hands is when you sketch them out, they won't look as perfect as you feel needed, but the real deal is when you add the highlights, those are important for perspective and detail.

Hmmm......for surely these guys shall help you out and sooth you…
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