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Chibi Icons YCH [temp closed]

Got a request for some chibi expression icons with textured lines, so made a ych batch XD

$5 each
Additional expressions +$2
Set of 8 - $16

1: rlynbook [done]

--- ----- ---
~Humanoid only; kemono ears/tails/horns are fine. Miiiight do anthro but would only be a smol nose, I can't draw muzzles
~Icons are 500x500
~Speech bubbles can be added if you want
~Payment must be sent in 48 hours

Adding this to any sort of inspiration folder = block, due to previous experiences. This is for me to use, not anyone else. Don't steal
Examples -… (careless coloring on this one because it was for me)
 Set of 4 -


Chara ref:
Number: [1-8]
Background: [transparent, white, single color, 2-3 color gradient]
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I wanna add this to one of my folders so I can bookmark it so I can come back qwq aaa

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so for all 8 its just 300 points? o.o

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No? A set of 8 is 1600p >w<

If you're referring to the original prices I had up, it said expressions were discounted to 300 *each* if buying all 8, which would have been 2400. I changed that soon after posting to lower the price 200p each to be more fair and updated the text to be more clear two days ago~ ^w^

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oooh I see. Yeah I just saw the change huh

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Would a set of 8 be $10?

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Set of 8 is $16 >w< I updated the description to be more clear!

Edit: Actually, think I'm going to update the pricing to be a little bit easier

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wow.. my brain couldn't do math right. lol.

i would love to order a set. c:

Chara ref:

Number: all

Background: whatever you'd wanna do.

Payment: paypal

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Hehe, is one of those days >w<

Awesome sauce! Payment link -

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Sent. c; Thanks.

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SO cute!! thanks!

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