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(C): Sano Keisuke


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(C): Sano Keisuke


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Detailed hair steps tutorial pack.promo.


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[Closed] Adopt Auction : Gothic Punk Lolita Girl

Design 2017

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Adoptable Auction 42, 43 CLOSED

design 2016

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OC Contest(250$+Arts Prizes) - CLOSED

Hello everyone! With the deadline now reached, the contest is officially closed, and it has become time to judge the entries. So many amazing entries by so many amazing artists have appeared, and this contest has gone far beyond my expectations, so I really thank everyone who has joined! Due to the many amazing entries, my fellow judges and I know it will be hard to locate the winners, thus we have set three weeks off to properly judge the entries and find the winners. The announcement of the winners will be announced at latest by Monday September 4, 2017. I’d love to be able to give everyone a prize for their amazing work, unfortunatel


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Clothes Model Front Female (3)


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For Me

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Best Brushes ever!

Brushes n Stuff

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OC Meme Reloaded


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I Heart Tea Stamp

Stamps, Buttons, Plz's, etc

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For non-deviantart user, feel free to contact me via email : Wiskylittle@gmail.com You can support me at : https://ko-fi.com/wiskylittle Chibi : 60$ ~ 120$ (base on details) Waist-up/Portrait : from 80$ ~ 150$ (base on details) Half body : 100$ ~ 200$ (base on details)   Fullbody : 150$ ~ 300$ (base on details) add 10$ ~ 50$ for complex design ( like wings, supper long curly hair, heavy weapon, etc.) +20$ for simple Effect Background +50$ ~ 100$ for Medium Detail BG (base on details) +150~200$ for Very Detail BG Add 70% price for each more character in the drawing   Price will reduce 10-20% if character is simple (casual co

Commission Info

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Pastel Princess NON core code f2u

Page Decor

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Ashita Hoshikawa Fullbody

Base or Design by me

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Adoptable Auction #05 [CLOSED]

Cool Adopts

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Other Age

oofDevious Collection

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Composition Challenge

CHALLENGE RULES: - you must do ALL 12 list items in order to be featured (See Raru-tan's first challenge journal for more info) - list items to not need to be done one each month, though it is recommended - in the description of your artwork for this challenge, link back to this entry so that I see it and know to feature it when the time comes - you are welcome to use this as a reference without participating in the challenge, if you do so, linking back to this is not necessary This challenge was made by ~winepire (https://www.deviantart.com/winepire) Their features -- > I was tagged in their challenge and really struck me as an interesting challenge to do. A lot of

Devious Collection

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