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iPod Classic

I recently got an 80GB Apple iPod Classic for my Birthday, and thought it would be cool to make. I got a lot of inspiration for this from *Bobbyperux who did an 30GB Microsoft Zune ([link]).

Entirely done in Adobe Photoshop CS3.

*.PSD included in download.
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Ipods are the premier way to play your entire music collection as you want to hear it, at your convenience. Create new playlists of your music using programs such as Itunes, and their Genius feature which as its namesake says will think about your music and compile a playlist based on your taste. Whether you listen to your music while working out or in your car, an Ipod is a must have.
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this is great
well done
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ahh , the 80 gigs of my life...<3 lol
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precious iPod.. :love: :deviation:
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I always loved trying to re-create apple products, especially the iPod line but sadly with all my studies I am yet to get around to creating this generation. It still feels good to see someone else has taken the initiative :P looks bloody great too final result is spectacular.
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Thanks :) Just something I got bored and did!
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Wow dude, awesomely done :)
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Very Nice dude!
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I got one! Not my first choice, but not too many other choices have that kind of capacity either.
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yes, 160Gb it's too big!!!
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Well, I got the 80GB one. I have about 55GB free =-/
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doesn't it look too matte ?
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Hmmm? It's quite matte in person? Or at least mine is :P
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ipod with 160 GB ? woah
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I got the 80gb one though, still too much.
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I woulda modified that but its a fucking .rar you stupid nigga.

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