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Just playing around again at lunch time.
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very nice job
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your very good my friend ( verrrrrrryyyyyyy niceeeeeee jobs ) i love it........
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guess i deserved this
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nice work Adam , great flow to the design :)
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dope, love ur style
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The logotype does look a bit too broken up, and since the letters are so thin, that arrow dominates the whole thing. And, for the sake of critique, it's not a very inspiring arrow—could be because it has stiff competition—one of the greatest logos of all time already makes use of one (FedEx).

Still, I like how technical it looks. And you could stencil it easily on, say, unmanned battle mechs or something. (:
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Hey, thanks for the comments! Yeah, the FedEx logo is pretty amazing.
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the presentation looks nice.
To be a bit critical, it doesn't work THAT well, as in the breakups in letters are different, and the arrow is round-ish :P

I'd also break up either the X or the E, like the R is, or both of em.

But good anyway, just my 2 cents :)
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I appreciate the feedback, I am quite new to even trying to make logotypes or logos :) Thanks for the critique!
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I'll pick the first one. But the all look good in different backgrounds.
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Top one by all means! :)
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How does it look with grey background and white text?
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Brilliant. It's powerful and bold.
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