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Synergy Pack

Just a wallpaper I made that I had lying around.


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i'm really enjoying your work.
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Synergy refill my energy ! :D
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hello elusive! really nice wallpaper... can you please look here... cuz i made one myself a long time ago... before i saw this! weird isn't it?!


sorry for "ripping" this one! really made this one myself before i saw this one!...

yours is much better.. so faved ;)
greetz Fyton5
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You have nothing to stress. Yours is cool! :)
Amazing^^ Naa, not really^^
Again a really cool work!!!
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i said,
nice work mate :P
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wow ! nice colours .
fantastic wall!
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Nice work, congrats!
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nice and clean.
I like it man.
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too small, but very nicely made
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It's great, love the colors.
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this is nice bro, really makes my screen glow! - being featured on jackrebel dot com! :)
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Haha, sorry, I re-designed it. It's called Synergetic now in my main deviations ;p
Nice, Gonna download this 4 sure ;)
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I had to redesign it :P It didn't flow well enough.
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Smooth, good colour for the eye!
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Can you make full screen!?

Thanks :)
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