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March 13, 2012
Eos by `elusive
Featured by Infinite705
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A wallpaper i've been working on. I have always been trying to find a decent dual-screen/widescreen wallpaper, so, I ended up just making my own.

Available resolutions:


Dual-screen resolutions:


Setting different wallpapers for each monitor:
You can set both monitors to use separate images in Windows by combining the two halves into one giant image (both monitor resolutions combined), and then setting the wallpaper to "Tile" in the Desktop Properties options.This tiles and spills over onto the other monitor. No extra tools/programs are needed.
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Th3R0b's avatar
Very good!

For those of you who also need it as one large image for whatever reason just open the left part w/ gimp and paste the right part after.
To day I found this wallpaper on an elevator's screen in Montréal. I found it funny, because I use it on my desktop since 2010.
vinyanalista's avatar
I'm working on a Linux distro of mine and I would like to use Eos as the default wallpaper. Do you allow me to do that? If so, which license should I use to distribute your wallpaper?
Can you make it big enough for 3 screens please? I really want to use it on a triple setup. It's so relaxing and beautiful!
How do I download it?
Love this!!! But how do I get the larger Resolutions?
irony78's avatar
Real nice!

XdiZ's avatar
So class ! ;)
ArtDesignWorks's avatar
YOu can sell this :)
lovely... good work
ReygarFaust's avatar
Beautiful work! I love you!
kreafy05's avatar
congrats on the DD mate :)
Richman1211's avatar
really nice work and glad to see wallpapers getting a little daily deviation luv.
f4tr4xX's avatar
Nice one but 3840x1200 is not on :(
sp1ck's avatar
LOL, i wish i could have 2 monitors now :C
BauerPower24777's avatar
I'll have to track this down when I'm home...
nucks's avatar
Wow! Simply wow.
phattyartist's avatar
Wow these are awesome! I'm glad someone finally broke the images down and explained how to set it up. It's the shame I don't have matching monitors.
chronic128's avatar
A-okay. love it.
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