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[PKMN Skies]: August Moore

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Name: August Moore

Age: 23

Gender: Male


Species: Clefairy (Albino)

 Fairy type 

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Hometown: Po Town, Alola

Birthdate: July 20th

Nature: Lax

Summary Characteristic: Likes to relax

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  • August at first glance seems to be the mysterious type, but in reality he's just an oddball. His little niche of intrests makes him keep to himself and with certain habits others keep their distance. This, though, doesn't appear to bother him at all. In fact, he's actually quite content being on his own for awhile. 
  • When around close friends, he can actually be vocal about a lot of different things. His passion really seeps through with music and paranormal activity that happens in the stars. If you look closely you can even see the light brighten in his eyes. He also is surprising attentive when talking with friends. He'll take the time out of his day to sit by them and lend an ear to troubles or concerens. He almost acts on instinct if someone feels even the slightest bit down. But what you'll notice is that whenever a friend offers to listen to his own issues, he always says he really doesn't have any. This usually leaves others in confusion when he continues onwards with what he was doing previously. With being careful with what information about himself he may spill, it's actually quite hard to get him to explain his origins in one sitting.
  • This man is extremely unorganized. He rarely lets people into their room with how much of a mess it is. Crumpled paper on the ground with scribbled writing and cups standing on the dresser. It's almost a given that if he's completely comfortable in an area then it's usually very messy. When he's especially struck with writing ideas, Moore will lock himself in his room until he has his ideas down on a set paper. This can sometimes be a few minutes to a whole day. His focus on other things seems to diminish entirely and his only vision is getting it done. The only thing that can pry him from it is a friend in need. 
  • It isn't uncommon for him to throw himself into certain situations before considering it first, especially when it comes to those with close ties. He's a man of few words, sometimes leaving behind all reason and ditching it for action. This can often leave him in very stupid situations if he's not careful.
  • He actually does a lot more at night than in the day. You can hear him scuffle around the room or even go for midnight walks just to see the sky. He always looks amazed at how the sky glitters. This is usually the time when he's calmest. 

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Ability: Magic Gaurd | Magic Guard prevents the Pokémon from receiving indirect damage, but does not prevent it from becoming afflicted by statuses that would deal such damage.

 Metronome Normal type | The user waggles a finger and stimulates its brain into randomly using nearly any move.

Moonlight | Fairy type | 
The user restores its own HP. The amount of HP regained varies with the weather.

Metor Mash Steel type | The target is hit with a hard punch fired like a meteor. This may also raise the user's Attack stat. 

Cosmic Power | Psychic type | The user absorbs a mystical power from space to raise its Defense and Sp. Def stats. 

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August grew up in Alola, a region known for its beautiful tropical flora and fauna. The sunshine beaming down on you like a bright greeting. People often welcomed the beautiful rays of sunshine but others hid from it. August was unfortunately one of them. With his sickly beginnings due to albinism, he wasn’t very fond of the sunshine. In fact, he almost despised it as a kid.  It didn’t help that his parents were weary of it as well. They always ushered August back inside when he wanted to play with friends in the sun. 

Children would come over to play inside. Not only that but the child had a vivid imagination to keep himself occupied when not committing to his studies. His room grew messy with his sloppy writing and tools for his craft. But his longing to explore the outdoors more never faded. Instead it increased as he watched others his age frolic in the warmth. 

But as the sun begins to set the eyes on the young cleffa would brighten: It was nighttime. He was safe from the sun.

His parents would let him wonder his backyard more and spend more time in the dark. Many parents told them they were foolish for this but they knew their son had to have /some/freedom at that point. He was always cooped up in the house, why not let him stay up a little longer for fresh air? With supervision of course.

They would watch as young August would waddle around the yard, exploring his small world that had just grew a little more. He was limited to their backyard and just for a couple hours. But that was enough time for August to get his grubby little hands into everything. Afterwards he would come inside and ask his parents a multitude of questions just for fun about “aliens” or “ghosts” and just the paranormal in general. His love for it sticks with him to this day.

While writing under the stars once again, he ended up evolving out of the blue just out of pure enjoyment. When he walked back inside he didn’t even seem to notice until his parents were holding him and congratulating him on his evolution. He’s still trying to remember what he was writing about years back that made him so happy.

Teenage Years:

Getting older he became stronger and his health improved immensely. Though he still has complications with certain things, it didn’t stop him from experimenting with interests. He tried sports teams, clubs, and more. But there was always one thing that he was always drawn back to: music.

He joined his school band for most of his time in middle school and high school. He would always take what he learned and applied it to his work. Since he wasn’t the best at reading music it would take longer for him to figure out specific notes and record them.  But he would always keep his lyrics and the few melodies he could make out in his journal. When he would get discouraged he would always pull up various artists he saw online. Their satisfying beats, excellent skips and jumps- always gave him the will to save the things he created. 

Near the end of school his small group of friends decided to take a risk and create a band. They... really didn’t have that much experience with it. In fact it almost drove them apart with how much stress it was putting on them all. But as soon as they preformed on stage for the first time, everything seemed to click. The crowd went wild and people began to reach out to the group to play. Everything seemed to be like a dream, really.  August being the bassist he wanted to be and his songs being spread just felt like the end to one of those teen drama movies. He was happy.

Adulthood and Arrival to Island:

The group was slowly growing in popularity and it seems like a record label was actually interested. The band was /ecstatic/ and felt like this was their one chance to make it big. But while things started to move faster, problems began to creep around and show their faces to the members.

Many different bassists and artists came up to the band. With August not being the best or even not showing up to practices, his band slowly began to turn their backs on him. Though they didn’t act like it, they were very keen on getting rid of August eventually. With how much skill they needed, having him in the band would really just slow them down in the long run. At this point the only thing he  was worth for was his lyrics.

August seemed to pick it up. But he never mentioned a word about it.

The band later was invited on a small cruise just as a special thank you for their opening act. August didn’t really care for boats or ships of any kind but it didn’t stop him from joining his band. Though for some reason he had a sick feeling in the pit of his stomach. So to calm it he just started drinking. Guzzling down every beverage until he couldn’t even walk straight anymore. His band mates seemed to join him and soon they were all laughing while near the railing. 

The night was really just a blur. But he did remember the lead singer just, yelling at him.  Asking why August was so determined to ruin what they created. He brought up the time when he missed a whole performance they practiced weeks for, missing lyrics, and lack of practice. They all seemed to slur around within his head as he backed himself up against the railing. But in a split second he found himself falling overboard into the ocean below. 

“Hey, you alright there?”

August’s eyes open only to have his world spinning just like the night before. At least... he thought it was the night before. At that point he wasn’t sure what day it was. But once his vision began to line up a gruff yet friendly face looked at him in concern. How long was he standing over him...?

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Pastel Blue Star Bullet Loves alien decorations and the asthetic. Also loves stars and galaxy themes.
Pastel Blue Star Bullet His band used to preform a lot of carnivals when staring out. They're now very nostilgic to him.
Pastel Blue Star Bullet He's still very much a quiet guy when not talking about comspircy theories.
Pastel Blue Star Bullet A big inspiration for him is Blanc. He adores his covers and singing. He often listens to them on jogs as well. 
Pastel Blue Star Bullet Favorite Color: Purple
Pastel Blue Star Bullet Loves sour foods. But will eat just about anything. Except olives. Olives are gross.
Pastel Blue Star Bullet He really likes cheeses. He especially loves the cheap macaroni and cheese with fun shape noodles.
Pastel Blue Star Bullet He actually has a love for spray painting but slowly fell out of it. Maybe someday he'll try it again.
Pastel Blue Star Bullet His band name was called "Planet 23" and he designed the logo for it.   
Pastel Blue Star Bullet He takes long jogs to clear out his head right before sunrise and right after sunset. 
Pastel Blue Star Bullet He can remember really specific facts- For some reason. 
Pastel Blue Star Bullet His vision isn't the best. He used to have glasses but lost them. 
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