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|Glowkins|: Hatch Day

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Small eyes slowly crack open to greet the light. It's so... bright. Warm as well, actually.

As the small Glowkin wriggled about, needles of hay poked and prodded at his smooth skin. He soon hoisted himself up and shook the egg shell off his tiny body. Though his vision was blurry he could barely make out others like him. 

Determined to join them, he started rolling about with his chubby body. Unfornately he didn't know how to use his limbs just yet so he was left watching from the cart. He hasn't been in this world for even ten minutes and he was frustrated. But his focus quickly shifted towards the small chirps behind him. 

Another kin. She has much brighter colors then his own. It seems like she was happily bathing in the sun. She must have hatched maybe awhile before him but she was still in the same spot. Walking wasn't a big concern to her really.

This puzzled the other for a bit. Didn't she want to join the rest like he did? Very strange. 

"MA! This one just hatched!" 

The kin was visibly startled by the shrill voice not too far from him. Just then a brown paw started to reach towards his face. His mouth chompped down on it instintively and latched on. He didn't have any teeth at all, but the pressure did hurt. It was enough to make the large figure pull away and distance themselves from him. Thank goodness too. His yelling was getting too much to bare. 

"IT BIT ME!" He cried, rubbing his paw. There were small marks from the baby's maw that were left from his attack. To top it off it seemed to hiss at him a bit. The larger glowkin scurried out of sight while yammering about... something. The newborn didn't seem to care. All that was on his mind was getting up. So that's what he tried to do. 

His limbs shivered while he placed more and more weight on him only to fall down once again. This was harder than he thought but at least with more tries he was starting to get the hang of it. But just when his was close to taking his first step, a grey paw grabbed his neck scruff. He moved his arms and legs in retaliation, nipping in the air. He was definately angry that his mission was foiled yet again by some random blurry figure. It was getting a bit clearer though. 

"Oi... quite the snappy one aren't ya lad?!" A voice boomed. The newborn's eyes widen as his vision finally started to clear up more. Bright blue eyes gave a curious stare. The baby simply glared back. Meanwhile the brown fured being was holding onto the kin from before. She was still sleeping even after everything. 

"So this one was it? Ey... Ya only just got here! Why doncha just-" He yelped at his hand being nipped once again. It seems like the kid got a hold onto his other hand while exsamining him. He cursed under his breath as the young kin squirmed once again, mocking him with his tounge. 

He was definately going to be a handful. 


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