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Portraits: Mario + Luigi

I finally decided to try out realism on the infamous bros, four months after doing their antagonistic opposites. Oh Lordi, this took ages.

I'm not completely satisfied with Luigi for some reason, will continue to tweak him later.

Bare in mind this is just my own personal interpretation.


Painted in SAI. BG & adjustments done in Photoshop.
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Super Pedo Brothers XD
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This is one of the more likeable realistic Mario and Luigi pictures I've seen. Such friendly faces.
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They aren't infamous, they're WORLD famous!!!
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Holy crap! That's good!
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Dude!! This...this is unbelievable! :omg:
They both look really attractive!~:heart:
My inner Mario fan girl is screaming with joy!!~:love:
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Dude, this is freaky good!
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-huggles Luigi- OWO
This is awesome XD
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Best real character design I love how you did the skin and the details :heart::heart::heart::heart: :+fav:
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Awesome realistic interpretation of the Mario Bros. You captured their characters perfectly. Spectacular job!
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Tehy look SEXY!!!!! LOLOL
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Awesome! Look's just like them without any "out of reality" features!
Mario look's great, And I think you got Luigi dead-on.

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:iconcloseenoughplz:"iconsayspz: NAILED IT.
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*singing* Oooh yeah, they have blue, blue eyes, oooh yeah, they're so fine!
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LOL RAPE FACES!!!!!!!!!!
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LOL RAPE FACES!!!!!!!!!!
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Drawing realistic Mario and Luigi rules

Also I like their smiles :)
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This is really more like it. Most "realistic" interpretations of Mario make him out to look somewhat hideous.
You managed to turn out a realistic Mario that is actually rather handsome, but still makes me see the original character. Well done indeed.
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This is great!
The colouring is beautiful. :)
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This is great!
The colouring is beautiful. :)
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