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Eastzone-class corvette



This model began from a doodle I did for no reason other than to model something. The process turned out surprisingly painless since I deliberately decided to tone down any perfectionist tendencies and accept everything once it was good enough. That probably made for a better end product. I think this my first significant texture job. I can see a ton of ways it could be better, but I'm reasonably happy with it.

The name is a riff on gas giant weather patterns. They have zones of strong easterly and westerly winds, and I figured that's the sort of natural phenomena that might come to mind to people in the aeromining business.
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Gurdim's avatar
Awesome interesting design, I enjoyed the various details :)

Pardon me I just have two questions

one is that, based on the piston-mounted protective shield, this ship works like the never-made Orion spacrafts, detonating nuclear bombs between their... butts (ehm xD) or if it goes for a matter-antimatter annihilation in place of the said warheads? 

And the second question is... may I ask you a bit more about the "nuclear lightbulbs" in the thruster pods?