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Been going through your Gallery again and thought I would say hi. You are certainly among the finest ASOIAF artists, especially how you bring light to lesser characters. Your detailing, lighting, delicacy, and color is absolutely fantastic. I love how you replicate watercolor digitally. 
Thank you so much for the compliments (and coffee!), you really made my day! Yeah, I love drawing less known characters, there are already so many better artists doing the famous ones (and Sybelles or Mellarios deserve some love too Heart). Thanks again, please feel free to contact me anytime!
Thank you for your beautiful A Song of Ice and Fire art. Keep up the great work.
Thank you, I'll try! 
Hi, dear Eluas. I am one of the members of Russian ASOIAF Wiki (7kingdoms.ru/wiki/), and I want to ask you a permission to use your amazing portraits in order to illustrate articles in our wiki. This usage is non-commercial.

Looking forward to your reply.

Hi, NightScorpion! Of course you can use them, as long as everything is credited I'm more than happy to have my art posted elsewhere c:
Thanks for the compliments and sorry for my late answer, summer was calling! Have a good day Heart