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Fix It Felix Jr. Arcade Papercraft



And now for something completely different...

Boy, I really, REALLY can't wait to see the new Disney's animated flick "Wreck-It Ralph" this year. And this says much since I've been extremely uninterested on movies overall lately.

It also happens that I have a huge nostalgia for vintage arcade machines AND love papercrafts, so how about blend it all together on a single piece? :)

Since the Fix It Felix Jr. arcade cabinet portrayed on the movie trailers was pretty much based on the design of the original Donkey Kong cabinet, I searched on internet for an arcade template that matches that design and edited it with artwork layouts restored from photos and movie footage. All the source material was properly credited on the image file.

This papercraft was done just for kicks and giggles and it's a non-profit work. I didn't print & build it yet, but it would be nice to see photos of the final product done.

So have fun, folks! :)
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love this game its awesome