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The man represents me; I like using a bow&arrows, a magic staff, some sort of long sword, and a dagger is nice to have on the side, all together on my load out. I also like to have a pet falcon if available. ... It's kinda pathetic in most RPG's that you can only choose one class, be it purely a mage, or a ranger, or a swordsmen, etc. Runescape (Old-school, Free to Play, PK'ing/PvP) was where I explored the potential in using all these classes together for trips in the wilderness. Most people rocked out 1 or 2 of the 3 main attack classes; People rarely did all 3; it meant having less inventory space for healing supplies, required a higher level of control of the character's movements, clicks, inventory space control, equipment control, etc, and a stronger sense of what is happening around you to use the right equipment... oh and a bit more (in-game) money.   There are people that could possibly never achieve such a level because they are already 'all out' and can't imagine the possibilities.  
Once games utilize new control systems, such as being in a virtual reality like in the Light Novel & Anime- 'Sword Art Online', control, freedom and expression of your in-game character will be on a much higher level. 

Thank you for viewing.

Graphite on A4 paper. Mostly used a 0.7mm mechanical pencil (not sure of the hardness of it) with a bunch of other various graphite pencils.

I started this on 16/12/2013, & finished it on 18/04/2014
This delay was because I had to get better at randomly generating the behind sky and clouds, and for other experimental purposes

Process GIF-

Digitally coloured quick test version -…

Yeah, the anatomy of the man isn't too good. I kind of rushed into that part too darkly and couldn't erase it.

This artwork is also on Tumblr-…

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