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M to F mannequin

John had been dragged around all most every single store in the mall for the last 4 hours. All because his girlfriend Jill wanted to find the perfect dress for her college friends wedding. A lot of guys would hate this, but John really didn't mind. He even enjoyed going from store to store and watching his beautiful girlfriend try on just as beautiful dresses. And as a plus, it made Jill happy and would earn him brownie points for later. Plus he had nothing better to do today anyway.

"Looks like there is just one store to go. What do you say, hun, can you take one more? Jill said with one of her crooked smiles.

"Sure, I can handle one more," John answered. "But you know that you will pay for this later, right?"

Jills answered with a non-committal "Yaya" before she headed for the last women's clothing store in the mall.

Once they entered they fell into the pattern they had perfected throughout the day. Jill handed John her purse and started to browse the racks. Once she found a possible candidate she handed that too to John. And once they had collected a few they headed to the changing rooms and Jill tock the dresses inside. John meanwhile was left to standing around waiting to assure her that 'No that dress does not make you look fat'.

Most of the time this part was just a boring wait for John, this time though found something interesting to rest his eyes on. Next to the changing rooms on a low podium stood a mannequin. He had never admitted it to anyone but he had always had a thing for mannequins...

"Can I help you?" a soft voice asked and brought him out of his daydream with a bit of a start. The voice belonged to the young lady that worked at the store.

"No, I'm just fine thank you "He looks at her name tag," Veronica. Just waiting for my girlfriend."

Looking at him Veronica tilts her head to one side as if listening to something John can't hear for a few seconds after he finished speaking. Then she goes "Alright then." And turn away as to leave. As she does he thinks he can hear her mutter something and then turns back to him. "I saw you looking at the mannequin.” Pointing at the one he had been watching when she had come over. “Fascinating objects don't you think?"

John felt a strange sensation, almost like a cork had been pulled out of his mind and all his private thoughts were leaking out through his mouth. "Yes, they are. I always had a thing for them," he echoed his thoughts from before. "The eternal beauty, a plastic perfect body made to be shown off."

"Yes, they are. A perfect form made to be on display. Have you ever wanted to be one? Leave your humanity behind and become that object of eternal beauty, just a thing used to display cloth?"

"Yes, I would love that. Not having to deal with all the tedious day to day stuff. To have a true purpose, to exist just to show off what you are wearing  But it's not as if that is ever going to happen so I don't think of it much..."

"Would you want to be one just like Her? Veronica said as she pointed to the mannequin John had been looking at again. Have the same feminine features. To have her perfect plastic breasts and ass? Would you want to become a female mannequin, John?"

"Yes, I would love to take her place."

And this is where the rest of Johns' brain caught up and he slammed both hands over his mouth staring wide-eyed and red-faced at the woman he'd just babbled one of his biggest and most embarrassing secrets to.

"Sorry," she said with an apologetic smile. "And before you ask, yes it was me that made you spill your little secret. And I am willing to bet that the question after that would be how. And the answer to that is Magic."

"Um... Ok," John said slowly. "So why then? Or is this just how you get your kicks, having guys spill their most embarrassing secrets to you?"

"Well no, I did it because I saw how you were looking at the mannequin with what looked a bit like envy. So I listened in to your thoughts for a second and decided to give you the offer of your life. You see, we are starting a sale on Monday and we need at least one more mannequin for it. So how about it? Would you agree to be a mannequin in this store for two weeks, while the sale is on?"

"That's not possible! And even if it were I can't just up and disappear for two weeks. I got a life, a job."

Veronica was just about to speak again when Jill came out of the changing room.

"Hun, who are you talking t...". Veronica just looked at her and snapped her fingers and Jill just stopped moving in mid-sentence. Just standing there slack-faced and empty-eyed.

"What did you do?!" John asked horrified.

"Don't worry. I just froze her mind. It won't hurt her one bit." she said waving a hand as if it was nothing. "Now, let's say that It is possible for me to turn you into a mannequin for 2 weeks and that I can guarantee it won't have any negative effect on your life at all, would you do it then?"

After first spilling his secrets out of nowhere and now watching Jill having her mind 'paused', he was starting to believe that Veronica might just be able to do it. And if it worked it could be all he ever dreamed of, to actually be a display mannequin made from hollow plastic. And a female one to boot.  What did he have to lose?

"Well, ok then. I'll be your mannequin. Now, let's see you do it." John said, with more confidence than he actually had."

"Easy, Come with me." She said and started walking over to the checkout counter. With a last look at the slack-faced Jill, John followed her.

When he got to the counter Veronica had taken out a sheet of paper and was writing something on it. Then she turns it around and slide it over to him and handed him her pen.

"This is your rental agreement. It states that we will rent a female pattern mannequin with this serial number from you for a period of two weeks, starting today."

"But I don't have a mannequin to rent you. You were supposed to transform me into one"

"I know. You see, this is a magical document. Originally it was used to simply make sure the one signing it to stuck to a deal, but it has been modified quite a bit. It is rather difficult to explain to a nonmagic user but when you sign it will transform you into the specified mannequin in order to fulfil the agreement".

"Um ok. But you said that no one would notice me being gone."

"Yes, I did. The transformation is not time specific. So when you change into the mannequin now, it changes you past future and present"

"So, what you are saying is that if I sign this paper I will have always been a mannequin. And the human me will never have existed so no one will miss me?"

"Bingo. And when the time specified is over everything goes back to how it was. And there will be no way of telling that the mannequin that stood in this store where you and no one will have missed you. Although due to some extraordinary clever magic, if I may say so myself, the mannequin you were will still have existed. Although at that point no one would seem to be able to find it any more."

"Ugh, this makes my head hurt just thinking about it. But it works? And will I remember it happening?"

"Yes, on both counts."

John hesitates for a few seconds but then set pen to paper and signed it. He waits for a few seconds but nothing happens. He looks over at Veronica.

"Well, that was anticlimactic. Nothing happened."

Veronica grins at him. "It just looks that way. Physical things take longer but abstract things such as human memory and perception change almost straight away. Watch this." She snaps her fingers, and Jill walks out from the changing rooms.  She looks a bit confused for a second or two but then starts to look around as if looking for something. Then she sees them and walks over.

"Hi, Hello. I seem to have misplaced my handbag. Have you seen it by any chance?"

John holds it out to her and says "Here it is. You gave it to me remember."

Jill did not seem to react to his voice but looked over at the movement and saw it hanging from his hand. "Oh, there it is. Someone must have found it and hung it on this mannequin. Thank goodness for honest people."

John was stunned. Jill, his girlfriend for over 5 years didn't recognise him. She didn't even see him as human. She thought he was just a mannequin. So it had worked then. In the eyes of the universe and almost anyone in it, he was now just a mannequin and had always been one. It took him a few minutes to process this and he barely listened to Veronica and Jills chit chat as she paid for the dress she had found. How she was going to her friend's wedding and was hoping to find a cute guy there. And how good guys were so hard to find and that's why she had been single for so long. But as Jill left, waving to Veronica, he had got himself mostly back on track.

"Believe me now do you?" Veronica asked with a grin stretching almost from ear to ear.

"Yes, I am thoroughly convinced. But I’m still, well,  me. Weren’t I suppose to be changed into plastic and, you know, grow boobs and stuff?

"Yes and you are, it is just slow. For instance, did I not have to look up at you when I first talked to you?"

John looked Veronica in the eyes. They were the same height, no he was actually shorter than her. "Wooh, am I shrinking?"

"Well yes, how many 190cm tall mannequins do you see around here."

She was right of course. He was turning into a female mannequin like the one he had been looking at when Veronica found him. He looked over at it and it looked not to be a centimetre over 165.

"I should have seen this coming." He said.

Veronica grinning that grin of hers and said. "Yes, you should have. There are other stuff that should be happening to. for instance, what did it feel like when you were first assembled at the factory"

"How should I kno..." He cut himself off, for as he thought about it he could vaguely remember the feeling of having his arms and legs attached on his plastic torso and thus becoming a full body mannequin for the first time.

"Woooh" was the only thing he managed to say about it.

"Trippy, huh?" Veronica said with a knowing smile. "I have been several things and the first flashback is always disorienting."

"Ok, so how long will it take for me to finish changing. I never thought I would get to say this but I can't wait to be just a pretty piece of plastic.

"Like this? An hour maybe. Faster if you start acting the part. So, Mannequin, why don't you stand in front of this mirror and I will prepare you for the display."John felt a little thrill at being referred to as just Mannequin. And as he walked over to the spot Veronica had indicated without hesitation. It felt so right to do as he was told.

To the world around him, he was just an anonymous Mannequin now. And as he looked into the mirror he saw that his physical body was on its way to match. Just as Veronica had pointed out he had shrunk in both heights as well as width from losing muscle mass, which was starting to make the clothes he was wearing hanging off his diminishing frame. And looking closely at his face he could see how his features were softening and turning more feminine.

Veronica moved up to him and started to remove his shirt and he moved to help, but she slapped his hands away.

“No! You are just a mannequin now and mannequins neither undress nor dress themselves.”

She is right of course, he thought. A Mannequin is a mere object, a thing. I shouldn't even be moving at all.”

As he tried to move as little as possible and Veronica removed the rest of his clothes he could actually feel his body changing. He felt his waist start pulling in, his hips spreading a bit and his torso narrowing. And the more he changed the better he felt.

With his clothes gone Veronica picked something off the counter and showed it to him.

“This is a marking gun”, she said. “We use it to mark all the objects we keep in inventory for display use. I'm going to use it to mark you with the serial number that was on the agreement and that will very strongly identify you as the mannequin and will finish your transformation in a rush. Ready?

John took a deep breath and slowly let it out and said. “Do it.”

Veronica placed the marking gun against his lower back and he felt a bit of a burning sensation. But as soon as he did he couldn't have cared less. He felt his body shudder and the changes speed up. His waist pulled in even further and his hips went even wider and his ass plumped up. And now the general good feeling the change had brought crossed the line into sexual pleasure.

On his chest, the flesh beneath his nipples started to swell and push out forming a beautiful set of B cup breasts. He tries to be a good mannequin and not move but he couldn't resist brings his hands up to cup them. He let slip a moan as he did. The moan changed in pitch as his adam's apple melted away. And at a tugging sensation in his genitals, he looked down in the mirror and saw them simply pull up melt away into his crotch leaving behind only the barest hint of a woman's Venus mound.

She, because there was noting male left about her now, kept looking at her crotch expecting to see a vagina form. But after a moment she realised her mistake. She wasn’t becoming a woman, she was becoming a mannequin shaped like a woman. And mannequins have no need for genitalia, they all just have smooth sexless crotches.

And as all her body hair fell off and her skin smoothed out to a homogeneous colour and texture and even erasing her nipples she realised something else. What was standing in front of the mirror was obviously not a man any more. Not with that now angelic face, lovely breasts, wide hips and smooth sexless crotch. So she was right not to think of herself as he any more. But she didn't really feel right either.

So as her now flawless skin started to harden into plastic and reflect the overhead lights and she lost the ability to move, it sunk in. It was not a person any more at all. It had been reduced to just a simple inanimate object. So even if someone might anthropomorphize it and call it she, it was most definitely just an it.

And in the wake of that realization, it felt itself grow lighter as it was hollowed out. And even as its separation points formed it started to fall over helpless to balance itself.

But before it hit the ground Veronica caught it. And without a wordeasily lifted it up and start walking it over to the big display window at the front of the store. The new mannequin was not prepared for the sensation of someone touching it's now highly sensitive plastic skin. That coupled with the feeling of changing brought it over the edge and the orgasm that had been building throughout its transformation hit and it was the best one it had ever felt.

Once it came down from its stay on cloud 9 and started to actually care what was going on around it again Veronica had mounted it on a stand in the window and left. The stand attached to the back of its calf via a hole that had formed unnoticed there during the change.

It could see a bit of its reflection in the window. It had a hard time believing that feminine plastic form was how it looked like now. But hen it looked beyond its reflection and saw all the people walking by outside. And that a few of them would look straight at it, and it felt good.

She could almost physically feel their eyes caressing it. A lot of them lingering over her breasts and crotch. And then it realised it was standing naked in full view of everyone. It would have blushed beet red if it could. But as it was it stayed the same even tan coloured plastic.

As if summoned by its embarrassment Veronica stepped into the window next to her carrying a little black dress on a hanger.

“I think this will look very nice on you. And wouldn’t you know it, from tomorrow it is 25% off.” She said lightheartedly as hung the dress on a hock behind it. Then she did something that made it feel more like the simple object than anything so far. She casually removed its arms. It could still feel them and Veronicas hands holding them, at least until she put them down on the floor.

Before it had recovered from the shock of being casually taken apart Veronica had started to pulled the little black dress over its head. The soft material felt wonderful sliding almost frictionless over its slick plastic form.

After reattaching the arms Veronica took a step back to view the stores newest display piece and sad. “You do make a beautiful mannequin. I think we will have to and you to our semi-permanent inventory. But we will talk that over once you are back. But I will have a contract ready for you to sign when you do.” And with that, she left the window.

The mannequin left behind. Placed on display dressed in a tight little black dress. Showing no sign whatsoever of what it used to be.

Loving every second of its new existence it thinks “I will sign that just as soon as I can move my hand enough to do it”

Mannequin for rent
When you are working and have time to kill one has to fall back on writing. This has been in the works for a long time. Adding and rewriting a bit here and there.
Do you ever get over tired? Well I do. As a matter of fact I am right now. To wired to sleep, to tired to do anything remotely useful.

To try to prove the previous statement false i shall endeavor to do some thing useful. To some one at least. I often get asked how i do my mannequin photo manipulations, or have I made any tutorials on he subject. Well there are two tutorials. One for separation lines (which is not all that bad) and one for the general mannequin look (that is quite terrible). They can both be found in my gallery in a folder that is conveniently named 'Tutorials'.

I dont know how helpfull that is since I just said that at least one of them was terrible. But in an effort to be a little more help full, here is a link to the PSD file for Mq173.…
For those of you that know you way around photoshop should be able to lerns some thing from this i hope.

I might be a terrible teacher but I i can let you have some thing shiny to look at.

Now let's see if this sleeping thing works. I doubt it, but a guy's got to try right?
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