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SF Sakura

Tried something different from my usual style :yum:

This is how I imagine grown up Sakura -of Street Fighter would be like.
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I've featured your street fighter fan art on my community page.…
I think this picture is really cool, but if you've played super street fighter IV, which contray to its name it and all other street fighter 4 games are prequels not sequels of Street fighter III they show you a more grown up after you beat arcade mode with her. But I still love the picture.
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Or Sakura I casual clothing instead of her school uniform
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Whoa, nice concept 0_o
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I want this on SFIV! XD To favs!
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Hello. I LOVE this piece - it is probably my favorite grown-up Sakura picture I have seen out there.

I would like to use this as the preview image of this short story I wrote.

I will give credit to this picture in both files.
If that is a problem, let me know and I will change it. ^^;
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That's awesome!! I like the way you think:)
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nice i like your stlye
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I completely agree with the person above me.
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this is wat sf4 sakura should have been
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Freakin' awesome! And very inspiring too! I love it!
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Very cool, dude. I love it.
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Astiiiig man! Drawing mo ko Wang-Tang and Ayame ng Power Stone. Member ako sa Capcom Unity, kita ko to dun! :sushi:
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^oops sorry i meant eltinidordediyablo...god i have to many windows
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OMG!!!! Xplixit I cant thank you enough for what you have done here…this is by far the best Concept I have seen yet on Sakura grown up!!!!
I posted your art on the campaign thread here:

Everyone on the Thread really appreciates what you have done and hopes to see more art from you very soon!!!!
Thank you so much again and this really helps our Campaign to bring Sakura back even more!!! YOUR THE BEST!!!

Akiba (aka the world’s biggest Sakura fan)
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