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My work on Ninja Girl KO! won the Bronze Award at the 2nd International Manga Awards! Being amongst the 16 finalist with an entry composed of only 10 pages, this is a great honor! I went with ~Kougen (https://www.deviantart.com/kougen) to the Japanese Embassy the day of my awarding and was awarded by the Japanese Ambassador to the Philippines himself, Mr. Makoto Katsura-san! I was petrified, speechless and :iconkougen: did most of the talking -____-; good thing he went along or the room could have been filled with silence. :rofl: To all the Mangaholix readers and Ninja Girl KO! fans out there, thank you very much for your continued and enthusiastic support! Rest assured
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Got tagged by ~Kougen (https://www.deviantart.com/kougen) :iconjaypao: 8 FACTS ABOUT ME! 1. Post these rules 2. Each tagged person should post 8 facts of themselves 3. Tagged people should write a journalblog about these facts 4. In the end tag and name 8 people 5. Go to their dA pages and comment saying that they are tagged! 1: I love coffee 2: I like chocolate 3: I like beef 4: I like to dive into the waters even though I can't swim! I only know how to float 5: I don't eat pork... the taste reminds me of pig stench, though hotdogs are fine 6: I'm allergic to shrimp 7: I don't drink beer or any alcohol 8: I don't smoke I tag :icongammaknight: :icon2ngaw: :i
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I really miss your works sir :( espescially NGK Michiko ....... I hope (or wish) you might release the 3rd indie of NGK (together w/ the first 2 indie issues)

Godspeed to you :)

One of those artists who make you believe you can make manga no matter where you are!!!
Loved your work on AAJ, personally I think it's better than Shiei's earlier work on AAL :P 
I have to say you are a fantastic artist. Not many comics can impress me from a slight glance at the thumbnail of the cover but whoo boy your style grabbed me on Amazing Agent Jennifer. It was also a joy to find that the inside artwork was just as beautifully done! I really liked how you drew Jennifer and the action scenes were really clean and very dynamic.

Though haha it seems you haven't been on for a while darn D:

Damn love this style especially the dark elf piece, hope to see more :D
Hi! I'd like to know if you're using a program to do your linearts.