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By Eltasia
Hello everyone :wave:

Who has never dreamed to flying like a bird :floating:
Enjoy your liberty and let your imagination take over.

My journal…

Bird 07 by JoKeR0720:thumb121632100:
little bird by Dm3t-7zen Coppersmith Barbet by garion
New Zealand Bird of Prey by carterr female_turdus_03 by Tanitha
:thumb129596961: Birds 38 - Lorikeet by RomRom53
Hummmmming by RoieG Female Stonechat by ahmedalali
Lipstick 2 by PURErube:thumb126255914:
:thumb98831590: More orange and black by DGAnder
THE END.. by VolkanAkgul Splashing food by BogdanBoev
Parrot by ScoobyUSA Butting In by ILTBY   
European Bee Eater by BogdanBoev Aggression by BogdanBoev
This Way by Alex-dan What Do You Want? by Flame-of-the-Phoenix
Composure by guitarjohnny Birds of The Cascades II by Latrodectus-Pallidus
Polly Wanna Cracker by hedgehogpie:thumb131630859:
Hello World by SeaWhisper Charlie by guitarjohnny
:thumb116338160: Beautiful bird. by a7xliam  
Olga I by Daniel-Volpert:thumb130358768:
07-02-09 by MoyashiAllen:thumb118899423:
Morning Bath by SeaWhisper:thumb124319815:
Flapp by W0LLE
New guests in the park 2 by SeaWhisper Owl_01 by JoKeR0720
:thumb130317048: Bath 'After' Splash by sametimenxtyr
Hunger by sampok Snowy Owl by LostImages
Fluffball by hoschie:thumb127304430:
Humming Bird... by sergey1984 Olga II by Daniel-Volpert
Yummy by BogdanBoev:thumb118617668:
A Balancing Act by Kristian-Gjorgjiev feeding time by nakitez
Color Me Violet by tleach0608:thumb129207785:
Pine warbler feeding fledgling by gregster09 Winged Jewel XI by JAHarrell
Hoopoe by naturelens Kingfisher II by l1ster
Cold Day by Dreamz-of-Twilight July Morning Hawk IV by natureguy
Peacock by fatherofanartist From life of pond by Alexandra35
:thumb85884787: Miss Muffet's Friend by MrStickman
The Listener by W0LLE Spancer by Sillsche
Little Siblings by mydigitalmind Yeah, Baby by Daxius
Fisher King II by ClaudeG:thumb129720301:
Chaffinch by Ellie-S Steller's Jay_5695 by MASOCHO
Vulgaris by WestLothian:thumb123668582:
:thumb123120944: Gigrin Farm - Kite In The Rain by nitsch
Sparky Little Feathers 2 by ShiverZPhotography Bald Eagle by TrBo17
Winged Jewel XIII by JAHarrell
Beautiful King by SilkenWinds:thumb123701350:
Birds of The Cascades I by Latrodectus-Pallidus:thumb128088532:
One by Nate-Zeman Feed Me 04 by JAHarrell
Lorikeets by O-Gosh The Bar is That Way... by Violet-Kleinert
Flamingo 3 by RomRom53 13 by teresa-lynn
Profile by W0LLE
Western Kingbird and Crown by kkart:thumb116346136:
Jackal vs Vulture by mitchellkrog I miss my little robin by Momotte2

:thumb129617334: Good Morning, Dear by CecilyAndreuArtwork
Spring Warbler by Ryser915:thumb126323649:
Flamingo by inObrAS Drei Freunde by Stratege
Perched Parrot by panchito469:thumb92762382:
Campbellford-01 by musicandmotion:thumb119698676:
Immature Bald Eagle Homer AK by themobius:thumb120549523:
Mr. and Mrs. Duck by MarcoHeisler Love is in the air by DragonDew
Streaked Spiderhunter by garion be gutsy gosling by hoschie
Rainbow's portrait by GenesisOfChaos:thumb95835325:
Macaws by nombre1gardien Parrot 2 :Stock: by PixlPhantasy

poser by jamie-espadilla Hmmmm by SteelCowboy Who's Gonna' Blink by SteelCowboy
:thumb127717721: Parrot :Stock: by PixlPhantasy:thumb95826996:
Mandarin Duck by naturelens Toco Toucan by timseydell Like a Rainbow by thrumyeye
_lorikeets 03 by Bloddroppe-nature Scarlet by stuckwithpins:thumb117996250:
Harmony of colours by W0LLE:thumb117018557: Timid by guitarjohnny
papa by NaraSaud MaMaMa by hoboinaschoolbus:thumb131630391:
Phoenicopterus ruber by djRimzi Yellow Bird by SteelCowboy Hello There :D by s1ngl3t0n
Green Beauty by ILTBY Pileated Woodpecker by juddpatterson Tuft of Red by SteelCowboy
:thumb128674661: Snowy Egret on Green by datfly Sitting Pretty by mentaldragon
:thumb125087827: white cheeked bulbul 3 by ahmedalali The King of The River by nitsch
Kingfisher lollipop by BogdanBoev Wild lunch by allonkira:thumb129902791:
:thumb126908735: Burrowing Owl by guitarjohnny Kingfisher 4 by Alex-dan
Hooded Oriole by juddpatterson:thumb78335515: Pileated Woodpecker by bad95killer
:thumb64166314: Mr Redbreast by nitsch:thumb46110433:
Soaking The Sunlight Up by kkart Golden-headed Cisticola by Craig-Miller Perching Female Barn Owl by nitsch
Red bellied Woodpecker in snow by DGAnder Young Griffon Vulture by Haywood-Photography Still Waiting by MarcoHeisler
La la la by La-Vita-a-Bella Save Us by Lunamarie Oh Please by guitarjohnny
Brown Thrasher by sunflowervlg The Love is Share by VolkanAkgul
Secretary Bird_0872 by MASOCHO Vigilant Ducklings by Asurawolf single file by palominodweezil
Angry Bird by Wild-Soul Worried Brow by In-the-picture:thumb125967222:



Recent works of my :love:

American Kestrel by Sagittor American Kestrel II by Sagittor
Searching Prey by Sagittor

My works


If you want to see more, go discover my gallery! :gallery:

Have a great week!!! :butterfly: :sun: :butterfly:
© 2009 - 2021 Eltasia
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WONDERFUL!!! Thanks a lot for this collection.
DaydreamMagnificence's avatar
I just wanted to say thank you for featuring me. I am sorry that my reply is so late, I've just been so busy with school. :D
automidori's avatar
What a lovely set of collection you have made!! I'm faving this not because mine is featured, but because I really adore this collection. I love birds!

Thanks a lot for featuring my work "Little Chick" --> [link]
I feel so honored. I'm truly sorry for this late thank you note. It has been more than a month since I last accessed dA. I'm really grateful for your feature.
Bloddroppe-nature's avatar
jamie-espadilla's avatar
awesome!! thanks agaaaain for the feature! :)
sametimenxtyr's avatar
Awesome! Just plain awesome! Thanks so much for the include! :tighthug:
Sagittor's avatar
:wow: Incredible work again my :love: ..and many many thanks for including my works :blowkiss:
Tech-Attack's avatar
awesome. i'll have to fave a few that i surelly dont have in my collection.
ailime's avatar
Absolutely Gorgeous beyond ouh lala land !! the colors - the poses - the natural amazingness - the striking colors and diversity :D :heart: gorgeous !!!
sunflowervlg's avatar
What an honor to be included in with all this beautiful work...thanks so very much! :hug: :heart:
La-Vita-a-Bella's avatar
Wow, that is a LOT of birds! Thanks for including mine in there! :D
djberry's avatar
Thanks for the feature!!
SeaWhisper's avatar
now this journal just made my favs gallery much much bigger :)
Lunamarie's avatar
I'm so glad to be a part of this ^^;
Wild-Soul's avatar
Thank You very much!! :hug:
flocky102's avatar
Beautiful collection ! They are so cute !!
MarcoHeisler's avatar
What a huge and fine collection! :clap:
Thank you for including some of mine. :hug:
palominodweezil's avatar
Many thanks for the feature!! :hug:
PixlPhantasy's avatar
a rainbow of feathers. thanks for including me :D
GenesisOfChaos's avatar
:aww: Thank you very much for including "Rainbow's portrait" in this amazing feature :glomp: :blowkiss:
adni18's avatar
Great features! I wish I could fly! :)
aiyoshi's avatar
Thanks for the feature. I fave some of it.
Very nice collection !
NaraSaud's avatar
thank you, and nice selections
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