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Need to get rid of some of my leftover stock :D Thanks for taking the time to look ^_^

Please click the thumbnails to see enlarged view!

Badges/Buttons - 35mm

Badges Naruto by eltania

Code Geass
Badges Code Geass by eltania


Katekyo Hitman Reborn!

Misc (PoT, DGM, Macross Frontier, TWEWY)

Reborn! Bookmarks

Badges/Buttons: AU$3 each; AU$4 for 2; AU$9 for 5.
Bookmarks: AU$2 each; AU$10 for a set.

For currency exchange rates, please refer to HERE.

There is an additional AU$2 shipping fee for purchases in Australia; an additional AU$5 shipping fee for overseas purchases (also including Paypal fees). I will try to ship as soon as possible (most likely next day), however if there are delays I'll keep you informed.

I accept bank transfer for Australian buyers, and Paypal for everyone else :D

If you're interested, please comment on what you'd like, and leave your email address so I can contact you!

Otherwise, feel free to send me a note or email me:

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can i buy lavi, renji, shuuhei, byakuya, and mukuro badges please?
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Ataaan~ :heart: When are you coming to Australia???

And of course you may :D I can ship them to you in the week. Mind sending me a note with your address and stuff? I can give you my Paypal details too.
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i don't knoooow lllOTL

yayyz :heart: