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Although I'm not that into D. Gray-man, I think Lavi would be my favourite character :D

Not too sure why I drew this though, and why I picked this style. I just randomly sketched it at 1am yesterday. Drawing without outlines is so hard >.<

So yeah, first time drawing anything DGM ... hope it turned out okay, as after all that time in front of the computer is killing my eyes @.@

Medium: Photoshop CS2, Painter IX, 5x4 Wacom
Hours: ... too many.
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Cool! I've never seen DG-M but I think he would be my favorite too! :D ^^
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Yeah, I believe he has one of the more interesting character designs xD

Much thanks for the comment ^.^
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On the other hand... I don't know the rest of them.... ^^;
You're welcome! :D
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Hellooooooooooo Lavi!! You know who looks JUST like Lavi who you should draw? :D hehehehee. Zelman Clock!! He's off of Black Blood Brothers! ^-^ You'll like him. Jirou's pretty wicked too. (okay, he's really wicked, but Zelman looks like Lavi, this he takes priority) hahaha. Just kidding. I love it!! *evil grin* I love how you did Lavi's jacket... I want that jacket. Great lines and expression! :) Really good job!!

Oh!!- *laughs* you could also do Matt from deathnote!!- (people come and begin to drag her away) waaaaaaaaaiitt!! there's so many redheads that would look good in eltania's style!! (is pulled from the room)
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I've never heard of Black Blood Brothers, but just by appearances from pics off Google, Zelman Clock does look kinda spiffy hehe...

Thanks so much for your comment :hug: I'll see if I can come up with more redheads if the right inspiration strikes ;)