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In Broad Daylight

By eltania
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Chicken scratch (in case you can't see the tiny writing):

- Yo, Kira!
- Hisagi-san!

- Are we still going drinking tonight?


A collaboration between my Bleach buddy Harmony and I :)

Harmony came up with the story and idea, and made the storyboard which I based off to come up with the art.

Ichi/Hitsu is Harmony's OTP, and Hisagi/Kira is her second, so when she said 'random shinigami in the background' I thought Hisagi and Kira would be perfect :)

My first time working with black and white in a comic, and first time using screentones hehe...

Apologies for the watermarks and the low jpg quality - once again, this might be printed :)

Hope you all enjoy!
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© 2007 - 2020 eltania
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Ichigo is like...my greatest muse to ever exist...and I don't know if I'd kiss him either with him making such a goofy face. XD Toshiro was certainly tempted before that overwhelming kissy-face! Haha!
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HAHA! not bad, It's pretty funny. Great job :D
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Haha, really cute and funny.. :D
Looks all professional!
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Thank you for the lovely comment! I'm glad you like it :D
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*Squeal* Ah it's so cute!
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Thank you ^_^ Glad you like it, and thanks very much for the fav! :D
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Soo cool xD
Omg poor Ichi
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lol poor Ichigo...XD Great work, it almost looks like something Tite Kubo himself drew :D
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Thank you for your kind comment! I'm very flattered~ and I'm glad you like it ^_^
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haha nice! and u draw really well!
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Thanks so much, I'm glad you like it!
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I love this! do more please!
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Thank you! I'm happy you enjoyed it! Will certainly try to do more in the future ^_^
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Live long, IchiHitsu! :D
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Lol! I'm happy that it created such a wonderful reaction! Thanks again for your comment and for faving this ^______^
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Absolutely no problem! IT WAS REALLY TOO FUNNY XD And deserves every comment and fav it can get ^^
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AHAHAHA, soo cool :XD: *can't stop laugh*
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hahahah OMG loool XD
poor ichigo-kun XD
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Oh my Gad! I started laughing and said, "Ichigo, you idiot!"

Of course Toushiro would get all creeped out. I'd probably do that to my signifigant other if they tried a stunt like that. Hah! XD
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Poor Ichigo ^^;;; Shiro-chan should lighten up <3
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