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Halloween 08 - CC + Lelouch

By eltania
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Happy Halloween everyone ^_^

This year I decided to draw C.C. and Lelouch from Code Geass. C.C. as a witch (no surprise there) and Lelouch went from being a pirate to a vampire lol.

Spent way too much time on this (when I should've been doing my assessments) =P

Hope you like :D
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I like I like =). I like the hands. I can't draw hands. I'm god awful at drawing hands D:
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Oh, thank you ^_^ Truthfully I really suck at drawing hands too. They take 10 times more effort than drawing anything else. Need more practice :)

And thanks for the fave too :D :D
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vampire!Lulu is good =D
nice pic :love:
*decides to poke fave button afterall*
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I love C.C. costume
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Thank you, I'm glad you like it :D
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... l-lovely work ; w;/// :heart:
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So cool! Perfect for halloween!
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This is so cute! And I love the background *_*

Lol, still want to see pirate Lulu though XD

Can't wait to see you guys! :heart:
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Thanks!! ^.^ And lol, Pirate Lulu was made of fail ... I think it's coz he's too girly to be a pirate xD

Looking forward to seeing you guys too :glomp:
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Hehe thank you ^_^ I'm really glad you like it, and thanks for the fave too, you're awesome! <3
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Very nice, I really like it!
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Ah, thank you so much!!! ^____^
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You're welcome *w*
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WOW!! What a wicked picture!! ^__^ PERFECT for Halloween!! I know it seems like such a small feature, but I adore the eyes!! I love it when a whole picture can be captured by the emotion an artist puts into the eyes. ^_^ The background is spiffy too!!- love the haunted castle. And all the detail on Lelouch's cape!! *Marvelooousss* haha. I've heard different opinions about Code Geass... is it really good? :D
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Aww thank you :heart: Your comment really means a lot to me ^_^

You haven't watched Code Geass? Personally, CG is one of my favourite anime so I might be a little biased here ^^; But yeah, I think it's pretty awesome in terms of plot, characters, animation and soundtrack. You should give it a go :D

Any plans for Halloween for you?

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^-^ Then I'll have to start watching it!! I've been a little caught up watching Moon Phase and Tactics. (neither overly amazing animes, but it passes the time. ;p haha.) I need a really good anime! Thanks!! :D

Let's see... for Halloween, (I work in a preschool) so I get to have a mini-halloween party for the kids XD I'm excited! hahaa. Then at night, I'm just going to dress up and hand out candy. Nothing really exciting, but I love it!! ^___^ How about you? Have a terrifyingly wicked costume? Cosplay? Any chance you get to dress up? ;P that's what I love!
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Yes, you should, you should ^_^ Then we can fangirl together xD

Oooh Halloween party sounds awesome! Will the kids all be dressing up? That would be so cute!

Lol, for me I've kinda organised a dinner outing on Halloween with a bunch of my cosplay friends who also live around here. Several of us are gonna be cosplaying on the day :3 Am looking forward to it ^_^
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X_X oh my goodness!! Code Geass Is AH-MAZE-ZING!! Sheesh. I'm on episode 8 already, and going strong. It's soooo good!! I thought at first, it would be another Gundam series (and although I've seen all of them, and collected most, I didn't really feel like watching another one) But it's SO much more than that!! :3 loves it loves it loves it!! Thanks so much!! (and now I understand the halloween references you made in your picture XD Funny funny!!) Definate fangirlisms!!

Yeaaaaah... my kids are dressing up. Hahhaa. I expect candy chaos, it should be amusing!! And PLEASE take pictures of you and your cosplay friends!! You always seem to be able to pull off the best outfits, I love seeing a good cosplay!! ^-^ Pictures pictures pictures!!!
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Wow, you're watching it already ... so quick! But yeah, it's pretty great huh? I'm glad you're enjoying it! Any fave characters so far?

I'm so sad that the series is over now ... I used to wait each week until I can download the episodes the day after it's released in Japan ^^;

Candy! Lol, my room is loaded with candy (in preparation for Halloween), and it's tempting not to eat them myself.

And we'll definitely take pictures of ourselves and the rest of the gang ^___^ :hug: Talking about Code Geass, I'm pretty sure we'll be doing a cosplay from that series next year too ^_^
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So far, I love how absolutely power crazed Lelouch can be! He's so smart XD Kinda like, a more colorful version of Kira or L. (Him playing Chess is fun to watch) But my favorite character thus far is Suzaku Kururugi. I wanted to cry when I thought he was going to be killed!! (And when he was shot in the first place!!) NYAH!!!

He's just a great secondary character. ^-^ The "Stolen Mask" Episode (I think it was episode 6??) Was hilarious. I had a good laugh over it. I can't believe you've seen all 52 episodes!! I thought this was a brand new series! How long has it been out if you waited a week to watch one episode at a time! :O yikes, you're patient!!

And yes, PICTURES PICTURES PICTURES OF YOU'RE HALLOWEEN PARTY!!! Whoo-whoo!! Cannot wait!! Have a wonderfully wicked Halloween!!! :D
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Suzakuuu ^_^ He's awesome, I love him xD

Well, the series isn't that old ... maybe about a year and half to two years? I watched Season 1 just before Season 2 started airing, so when the second season began, I was pretty into it, which explains my weekly downloading sessions lol.

And definitely pictures, and I'll upload them soon as I can ^_^
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