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Gokudera - Xmas 08

By eltania
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Gokudera~!!! My Reborn Xmas card, due to popular vote :D

There was supposed to be a Yamamoto in the background holding cups of hot chocolate, but he looked a bit dorky and out of place, and I decided to make the card pairing-free.

So yeah ... quite simple design compared to last year ^^;
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*adds yamamoto in the BG* XDD

save one for me~ XD
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Wow, I love the way this is played out^^ it would have been nice if Yamamoto was in there like how you said but it's still nice the way it is!!

I love Gokudera!!! <3 yay-ness!!
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Many thanks! I'm glad you like it!
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Hee, No problem^^ he's my favourite from katekyo hitman reborn lol^^
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Its so pretty!
It does indeed suit the holiday season!
Good work ^^
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:D Many thanks! Have a good festive season ^_^
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Ah Gokudera! *_* It's so cu~te!!
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Thank youuu!! :heart:
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His eyes are so bright and pretty *_*
Awesome card design >w< !
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Thank you ^___^ Glad you like it!
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love the colouring =D
i like this year's card design...
simple and clean looking
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Thanks! Yeah I went with a snow theme this year. It's also easier and takes less time to do hahaha...
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looking good.. u using a tablet?
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Yup yup, can't live without my tablet ^^ Well actually this started off being a pencil sketch, and I inked it too but decided to not use it ^^;
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lol i cant cg!!1 wait do u hav a intuo O.o?
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Nah, I wish I had an intuos ... just a normal wacom from like, 6 years ago or something ^^;

CG just needs a bit of practice and getting use to. I'm sure you can pick it up very quickly =D
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lol we all want a intuo XD u get it cheaper if u go to student discount online O.o like 375 for 8x6 intuo one O.o
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Wah, that's still too expensive for me at the moment >_< Lol, maybe try to force someone to get it for my birthday next year hahaha!
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