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The girl on the "Spellforce: The Order of Dawn"-cover is a very good model :)
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You drew it very well ! big smile revamp 
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Haha, thanks, but this one is ancient, I've improved leaps and bounds since then :D
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If I didn't know any better I would have said it WAS the cover of the order of the dawn
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Haha well, you're being too nice! This is an old picture and there's plenty wrong with it. But thank you for your kindness nonetheless :)
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Nicely done! I'm absolutely in love with this game... :nod:
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Thank you, so was I, at the time. Shame they dumbed it all down in the sequel.
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I like your sword better than the original, anyway a very well drawn character..
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hehe I did the same one!
you changed the sword, I like it
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Yeah, I thought the original sword was a bit too flimsy. Let us take a look at your version...
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wow, very good work!! I like it:)
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