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I really like it! Even if you don't get the final product done on my birthday, just seeing this is great. However, I do have a few crit...

I like how this is going so far. The poses and shading look very natural, and not "rough" at all. The only complaint I have--and it's a...

First off, the good stuff--this is a great attempt at a comprehensive timeline that brings together dinosaurs from all around the world...

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Ina's Bad Hair Day
The animal-holding area located behind the Biology building at Neo Helder University contained live creatures from various worlds, most of which were injured and could not be released into the wild. The most fascinating of them—at least from Ina’s perspective—were the ones from Earth, like “Garf”, the huge Garfield’s bearcat currently taking up residence in one of the bigger enclosures. Garf had been rescued from an interstellar animal smuggler who had beaten and abused him, so he would have to live the rest of his life here at the University. He was something of a local celebrity there, and many of the students considered him a mascot of sorts.
One day, Ina and her best friend Serafu found themselves invited to observe their biology teacher, Esther Horikawa, as she fed the giant feline. Esther seemed to have an almost supernatural touch with animals of all kinds, but seeing her so close to the giant cat still made Serafu and especially Ina nervous.
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As I am now out of points, I have decided to open up myself to commissions. Here is a sample of my artwork: 
Ani-MAY Cats: Kimba the White Lion by ElSqiubbonator 25 points-- 1 character/object without background

Dinovember Day 23: Fight by ElSqiubbonator 50 points-- 2 characters/objects without background
Hybrid by ElSqiubbonator 100 points-- 2 or more characters/objects with background

Addtionally, here is a list of things I WILL draw:

* Animals
* Vehicles 
* Robots
* Fantasy creatures
* Stylized humans (I can try to draw realistic humans, but it's hard)

And here is a list of things I will NOT draw:

* Nudity (I don't have a problem with nudity, I just can't for the life of me get the proportions right)
* Sex
* Anything fetishistic
* Anything political 
Starting a new series for National Comic Writing Month Summer 2018. Check it out. The comic doesn't have any words, but the story should be easy enough to follow. If you want, though, I can give you a summary of what's going on. 



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