28DCD Day Twenty Four: Everyday Shit

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All of my additions are story-based, since I play on an Xbox.  When I set out to write this story there were specific things I wanted to add to make the world more comfortable—even if I just make only passing mentions.  The first was some sort of hot non-alcoholic beverage associated with sociality, which is just a long, pretentious way of saying tea; I added tea.  Something to wear under armor, like long johns.  I call them woolies in the story.  And I decided that if the Romans could have aqueducts then Skyrim could have some sort of plumbing system so that washing up would be possible.  I don't actually describe how the system works; I only occasionally indicate that it exists.  Breezehome has a very small tub—not something to sit back and soak in, but certainly a way to keep clean.

Elspeth's everyday activities depend on where she is.  When in Whiterun, for example, she usually wakes up and eats breakfast with Lydia unless she's at the camp and then she wakes and eats with Onmund.  Most days it is something simple like porridge.  Onmund will occasionally make a more elaborate breakfast with cured meat and sweetened fruit.  Although she doesn't train like she did with Xeri, she will take some time to run and work on other skills.  She and Lydia will also find jobs to do.  Lunch is around one.  Before Trygve moved in, it usually consisted of something simple like bread and cheese or leftovers.  Now they have lots of meat, which they cook in various ways—well either Elspeth, Onmund, or Trygve cooks it.  Lydia cannot cook.  In the afternoon, they usually do whatever job(s) they've been given.  If there is no work, they will sometimes head over to Jorrvaskr to spar with Farkas or Aela.  Sometimes they play with Lars and Mila, chasing them around town.  If the weather is terrible, they'll stay inside and read or play games, sometimes heading over to the Bannered Mare to start drinking early.   Several times a week they eat dinner at the Mare, or head over there or Jorrvaskr after dinner at home.  Life in Whiterun is fairly mundane.  

In my headcanon, Breezehome belongs to Lydia and I imagine that it's filled with books and all sorts of things that she has collected over the years.  It's not messy, but there are things on the wall and displayed on shelves, weapon racks, decorative bowls, butterflies in glass jars—things like that.   Elspeth's room, on the other hand, is not cluttered at all.  Xeri believed very strongly that clutter was a distraction and strongly discouraged any and all packrat tendencies.  Anything "extra" that Elspeth acquires gets stored immediately.  She doesn't hang things up or put things out.  I don't bring it up, but in my head Lydia is slowly trying to break her of this and insisted on hanging the axe of Whiterun on a display rack in the hallway.

Elspeth wears a standard set of armor and the warm cloak that the Battle Borns gave her as a gift.  Her street clothes consist of a couple pairs of wool pants, several tunics, and one pair of plain shoes.  She has one dress that Lydia bought her that she only wore the one time.  She also has an enchanted robe that she wears at the college—though it's the basic blue ones, not a leveled (e.g. apprentice, adept, master, etc.) robe.

Anyway, I can't think of anything else right now and this is already longer than I anticipated so I am going to end it here.
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"Lydia cannot cook." Tehee.
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When they were younger, Lydia tried to cook a special meal for Alfhild's birthday. They dubbed it "nightshade chicken" because it made everyone sick.