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I Can't Help But Say...

Wed Aug 1, 2012, 10:20 AM
Darkspeeds Is Back

Yes I'm back and making a difference in what I do here on deviantART. I'll most likely not be using this account for a while - it's a nice backup account actually!

So a big thank you to everyone who have been following me on my new account (and to those who have been new watchers on the list!). You guys have been fantastic and I don't take your admiration for granted.

Nevertheless for the full details on the latest from me, check out my latest deviantART journal via :icondarkspeeds: (or alternatively click on the photo below you! It's me with a book about dogs! What's up with that? Read on and find out!)

Silver and Elias

... That God-damn, those two look so darn sexy...!!!

There I said it. No regrets.


About a month an a half ago Archie Publications announced about the upcoming arc (ie the one after Dr. Eggman's) known as the Secret Freedom.

And when I saw the concept artwork and cover art... I think I went gah-gah for a moment, SILVER'S IN IT! But wait! Who da hell are the rest of the gang following behind him??! Jebus, they look so tight as a group!! And dare I say it again - the designs look sexy... I'm a sucka for these kind of things... Probably fantasising myself as Silver minus the special abilities... I know I'm naive, at least I got one of his traits! Boo-ya!! :D

Anyways, a-hem, I also noticed that :iconevanstanley:'s work got featured yet again in SONIC UNIVERSE/Sonic the Hedgehog (Archie Publications) comics... That makes my reading extra special - I love to see friends that I know from the DA community who 'made it' and get the opportunity to show off their amazing talent on page. I'm so proud of Evan, I can't wait to read the Secret Freedom arc!! I'm that excited!!

Though I have one question and I beg for an answer.

For the Sonic Archie fans out there, will I miss out much on the story if I read the Secret Freedom arc first instead of he Scrambled arc?? I feel the need to skip that arc, and it's not to say that I don't like Dr. Eggman's debut solo adventure in the SU series but I'm too keen to get into the action of SF arc!! Especially when it features my some of my top favourite characters of the series!! (a-hem, insert bias towards Silver, Elias and Geoffrey *cough*).

I mean, God-damn it (I said it again), how sexy can they get?!? Must be the tights.

Btw those covers for the SF arc look sick-as. Sonic Archie team are legendary.

SOS Retrospect

Well I'm back in Perth and full of beans! I'm inspired more than ever after coming back from my fifth round the world trip. This time the United Kingdom has, yet again, been an impressive and exciting adventure. Catching up friends of mine and visiting new places were key motivators of this trip (oh and my retail therapy on books of course, can't forget that one!). Nevertheless I'm in the process of posting all the photos I've taken during my trip via Facebook. First up a retrospect on the Summer of Sonic event. Here it is:


[Inside & Outside Convention, Opening, Buzzbombers and Live Performance with Jun Senoue, Rock Out with Crush40, Artist Gallery, Cosplay, Club Sonic and After-party]

Summer of Sonic is a convention that never fail to impress. Every single year I'm proud to know of friends from the humble Sonic UK community who organise this event, and with a lot of hard work, pull off something really special for like-minded fans all over the world.

It's been a real delight to have actually experienced Summer of Sonic for what it is. On previous events I've been somewhat indirectly involved by running an art table of my own (kindly offered by the organisers of SOS), or at times just help out staff with simple tasks (e.g. tasks that require a bit of logistic-know how and muscle to move stuff).

To have experienced SOS in it's raw form - that is - being the visitor coming to the event, has been an eye-opener. It was entertaining and insightful to enjoy the program in full. I applaud the organisation that went into SOS this year and congratulate on the team's success (you know who you are!).

Highlights of my experience at Summer of Sonic 2012 included: Interacting with the queue before opening time, catching up with a guy named Brett (aka ThunderboltElemental) whom I never knew but impressed me with his enthusiasm, grace and acrobatics, opening with Svend and Roareye (prime organisers of SOS and people I've known for through their community works and a unique podcast called 'The Sonic Hour'), the amazing and creative Sonic cosplayers, the Buzzbombers showcase (I finally got to see it for the first time! Nice work Hogfather for being host yet again!), Q&A with Svend and Izuka-san, admiring in awe of the crazy talented artists who were showcasing their work this year (that includes Kieran Gates, James - dude with glasses and Robotnik t-shirt, and StC Online gang), catching up with all of my close friends I know of from the Sonic UK community, getting greeted and photographed with fans of Darkspeeds (thanks for the awesome gift arts and crafts too!), and finally, singing and jamming it out with Crush40, the crowd of fans and the cool Indian dude who partied just as wild as I was at the front of the stage!! (Oh and I haven't forgotten the after-party catch up with Adam Tuff, Chris Neilson, Pete, Lewis, Phil, Dave, Simon, Gavie, Siruku, James (FFS), Graham, Kiera, Mark, the J Bros, the StC gang, and several others!)

Thank you to all of my friends and fans who shared their hospitality with me, I never expected to still be respected so highly from admirers of my past and current works on the online art community (ala Darkspeeds). Seriously, I'm grateful of your feedback, friendship and good times shared together at SOS this year - thank you.

Here's to more events in the future, and who knows, I'll probably try and get Chris (aka BlitzChris) to get a small one started back home in Perth, Western Australia - just for kicks - even if it involves a BBQ and plenty of Fosters.

See You At The Summer of Sonic 2012!!

Mon Jun 18, 2012, 2:32 AM

Screw it... I'm gonna do this.

Just wondering... Who's entering?

Search for a Singer: Your Chance to Shine at SoS!

Leaving On Friday!

Nuff said. ;)

My apologises to everyone who has been anticipating an update on the Cursed Wombat website - lately I've been unable to concentrate or dedicate time to the project but I'll continue my research and commutation of ideas and inspiration during my trip to the UK. I need to find a coal mine museum in Wales to understand better how it looks like and how it operates.

Anyways there's just one last thing to share with you before I go:

I managed to catch up with Kovabomb a few nights ago. We had a good time catching up and chatting about fun stuff, and as usual, it involves Sonic Archie Comics and the voice acting business.

He inspired me that night to challenge myself and work on a Sonic Comic Drama that I've always wanted to do. The challenge this time is something that I wanted to try out for this very particular issue - to see if I can single handedly voice-act all the characters (including the girls, for a good laugh that is, and thankfully there aren't too many lines to do either...) and make it workable for a Sonic Comic Drama.

He reminded me the importance of setting a deadline or a goal for the project, otherwise you're just going to procrastinate and achieve nothing.

Making this took me a whole week with 5 days of shift work. Not easy to dedicate so much free time to the project since I got other things that I'd like to do too (like spend quality time with family for instance) but yes I was naive to think that I could do the entire issue in just one week. I wanted to do it before I leave on the Friday for the Summer of Sonic but alas this was as far I as got to.

Hope you'll enjoy what's been made so far, I plan to finish it when I come back in August. *thumbs up* Until then, stay inspired and keep creating!

[CREDITS - full proper crediting to be post when the full video comes out]

- StH #233 Comic: Sonic Archie Publications
- Voice Overs: Elson 'Darkspeeds' Wong
- BMG: Sonic Team/SEGA, Final Fantasy VIII, Fire Emblem series
- SFX: Sounddogs, Sonic Team/SEGA, Kovabomb's collection of SFX, Darkspeeds' Custom SFX
- Comic Panel Narration: Comixology


Also Kovabomb did a fantastic job posting his second instalment to the How to Make a Comic Drama video. I love listening to his tutorials and advice. This is  highly recommended for those who are interested in taking the challenge of producing a Comic Drama.

Take care everyone! Stay safe, stay motivated, keep creating! *thumbs up* 8-)

Oh and one last this! This just came up but :iconludolik: who is currently running ONE HOUR SONIC has created an initiative for you folks at OHS and I hope you can join him for the weekly challenge! ;) Details are found in the banner! Enjoy and keep rockin'!

In North America!


AWESOME People featured in my video includes:

1] Jason Bronkowski (First Canadian to Attend Summer of Sonic)
2] Jason aka Chemb0t (Tech Engineer at Industrial Light & Magic)
3] Evan Stanley (Creator of Ghosts of the Future)
4] Raul aka Cytochrom (Sci-Fi Digital Artist)
5] Jason Brubaker (Creator of reMIND)
6] Ian 'Potto' Flynn (Head Writer of Sonic Archie series)
7] Paul Kaminski (Editor of Archie Publications)
8] Aaron Webber (Associate Brand Manager at SEGA of America)
9] Chi-Town Shawn (First American to Attend Summer of Sonic)
10] David Lillie & Liz Thomas (Creators of Dreamkeepers)
11] Mike Pollock (Professional Voice Actor and Commercial Voice Over)
12] Monique aka Lily-Hedgehog (Digital Artist)


This video is LONG overdue.

Just about 12 months ago I decided to skip the United Kingdom (after being there four times already - I must love that place don't I?) and opt it for a revisit to Canada and the United States of America.

Friends from the UK Sonic fan community told me that I've missed out on an excellent Summer of Sonic event back in 2011 - it was their best one yet. However, at the same time they also told me that it was a wise choice that I stuck to travelling abroad to North America instead. And you know what? I totally agree with them.

Not only did I get to explore more beautiful terrain and cities in many parts of North America but I also had the opportunity to revisit relatives and close friends that I met back in 2007, AND I manage to catch up with people who have inspired me in my hobby affair of being a graphic novel artist and appreciator of comic arts, video gaming and voice acting.

I've been blessed to have have the time, money and good health to travel while I'm still young - I thank my family for giving me the financial start in the first place. Over the years I've worked hard and saved loads of money to essentially catch up with the people who inspire me from the internet and commercial graphic arts and multi-media industry.

And so I present to you a short, but sweet, compilation of quick, shot-gun paced interviews of the AWESOME people I've met during my travels to North America in 2011.  All of these people brought a special meaning to my visit, each in their very own way, and I thank them for that. Hope you'll enjoy!


Oh and after this...? I'll be going to the UK in 10 days time. Friends of the Sonic UK community, you better watch out for me cuz I'm coming to hunt you guys down and involved too! 'Darkspeeds Meets AWESOME People - Part 2? Bring it! *thumbs up*

Who's Coming?

Hey guys! The Summer of Sonic has gained an amazing reputation over the years as a community-run convention that's dedicated to the favourite hedgehog we all know and love so well.

In the past I've been privileged to have directly and indirectly be a involved with this fantastic initiative that is run by the hard-working fans and talented friends of the Sonic UK Community. They are a close-knit bunch and it's incredible how they have organised the events each and every year - they are truly an inspiration and a role-model for those who would like to organise their own event celebration the hedgehog's birthday.

The Summer of Sonic concept has done so well that it's brought international acclaim and has inspired the guys in the U.S. to host their own Sonic party known as Sonic Boom.

This year it's going to be yet another super party for fans of the blue blur so I'm just wondering - who's coming? 8-)

Darkspeeds' Itinerary

Well this whole month of July I'll be spending nearly a whole month in the United Kingdom; Summer of Sonic is not the only thing that I'm after! I'm going to spend quality time with friends of the Sonic UK Community whom I've kept in touch over the years (I miss those guys and gals - they're a lovely bunch). I'm also going to do something that I love doing when I'm travelling - EXPLORING. I love visiting quint towns, national parks, local attractions, and I enjoy riding the national rail, sampling rustic cuisine, and admire arts and crafts created by the locals at community halls and museums. This is why love the UK, not only do I get to catch up with some really cool friends but also I get to discover new treats at all the towns and parks that I'll be visiting - this is my kind of holiday.

The places that I'll be travelling to include the following:

Nevertheless the best time to catch up with me (people who follow my work over the years AND live in the UK) is at the Summer of Sonic on the Saturday. I'll be chillin' in Brighton the day after too with mates but like I said it's best to catch me at the Sonic convention that is held as the Brighton Hove Centre.

I've yet to decide what exactly I'll be doing at the Summer of Sonic but I have plans to do at least a few recordings for kicks (how about we all sing together some songs from the Sonic games? 'IT DOESN'T MATTER' ~ Oh yeah!). I'll post my plans here when I got a clear idea so watch this space.

My Comic For Sale?

It's interesting how people are still inquiring about my GRAND HUNTER graphic novel - it's been more than 2 years now since it got printed and published!

I did sell my comic back in 2010 when the Summer of Sonic was held for the third time. The sell out of all signed copies of the booked and posters was a surprisingly success. It was an experience not to forget that day.

This year the Summer of Sonic does not encourage the sale of anything at the event which is something to be respected and acknowledged.

However if you are still interested in getting a copy during your visit in Brighton (or outside of the SOS convention) then hey I'm more than happy to arrange something for you.

I've already had two people who are getting signed copies of my book (who missed out on it two years ago).

The books will cost 15GBP each. Each of them signed with a sketched drawing. The price will be the same as I have charged two years ago as presented on a historical Darkspeeds journal post.  

I still got 24 copies left - a very limited stock. 2 have been pre-ordered so that makes it 22 copies left.

Feel free to send me a PM or post a comment here to arrange something should you have missed out last time or to those who have just gotten into the GRAND HUNTER series - would like to get a copy!

Anyways hope to see many of you at this years Summer of Sonic convention - stay cool, stay WAY PAST cool and don't be a stranger! 8-)

Learn Anatomy!

Here is my first ever article (one that's legit and proof-read several times that it's giving me a headache - and btw I suck at writing essays and such when I was in high-school, leave me be! XXD ^^)  that talks about the importance of having a fundamental and visual understanding of how the human anatomy works for comics artists like myself. It is now added to my 'Making Comics' section which I hope will provide useful tips and suggestions to comic artists who want to improve on their craft!

Why Understanding of Human Anatomy is Useful for Comic Artists

Taking a Break From Drawing...

Fri May 11, 2012, 4:21 AM
... Sonic the Hedgehog!

Hi everyone! You know when you go through phases in life and from time to time you experience the 'going-ins' and 'going-outs' of those phases? Well this is one of them for me folks.

I'm leaving Sonic stuff for a while, you know the creative stuff that I do associated with the hedgehog? Yeah that stuff.

I will make a couple of exceptions but I'll get on to that in a sec. For now I'd just like to say that I've lost the spark to do anything creatively with Sonic the Hedgehog, and it's not to say that all of a sudden I quit doing this sort of thing for good - far from it.

I just need a long break and get myself back into developing more on my anthro-cartoon drawing style. I've always wanted to apply this new and improved drawing style into my next generation of graphic novel projects (which include Cursed Wombat and Vienna Blue). I'm rather excited about this especially after my experiences at Comic-con last year - discovering amazing new talent such as Blotch and Jason Brubaker. On my brand new website I've detailed my goals on the About and FAQ sections. Have a read to see where I'm headed!

I remember that for the past few months I've been LOADED with the Sonic spark... Just been on full pelt  with the 'ONE HOUR SONIC' initiative and Sonic Youtube projects such as the Singing Recordings and Sonic Comic Dramas. But yeah right now no more of that with the exception of completing PART 02 of TREASURE TEAM TANGO (to check out what you missed out of PART 01 click here).

So yeah that's the plan for the time being, I may from time to time post a Sonic piece or two (it really depends on whether I got that spark to do so), but it'll be much more less frequent than before.

If you want to keep up to date on my artwork I'll be posting on (best to subscribe to the RSS feed for updates), my twitter and tumblr for Cursed Wombat. I'd love to hear your thoughts when I make updates to the site (also fan-art of Cursed Wombat or Vienna Blue is always welcomed!). Also I'll be checking out DA from time to time to check up on messages and PMs (in addition to that I'll be posting another announcement soon on the OHS group page regarding future operations of the group and how it'll be handled).

Anyways take care everyone and keep on rockin'! Your feedback and support has always been much appreciated!

Who's the Aussie Pirate?

Sun Apr 8, 2012, 10:51 PM

Marine's and her high seas adventure!

I should be able to get the first part of the SONIC UNIVERSE Comic Drama uploaded by next week. Fingers crossed!

Oh and also, a big thank you goes to :iconstelaris: for her epic Ma Fei fanart piece! :heart: It's wallpapered for the weeks to come - mua ha ha! :hug:


... In just two days?

I don't get it. When you compare this to the GHZ one I did (which was posted just one day before Speed-Way Jam), you check the statistics and it's more than five times the amount of  reception it has received. Why though?

Was it because SPEED HIGHWAY was a very well loved track in Sonic Generations as compared to Green Hill Zone? Perhaps. Was it the fact that people found the lyric work to be more complex than GHZ? Or that I had someone to collab with me for the rap? Was it because it was rap piece?

I'm writing this not because I want to get cocky, far from it. If you have posted two things not too far apart in terms of time and you find out that one get's a crazy bunch more attention than the other - you begin to wonder why...?

And the one thing I learnt is when things go crazy after uploading something on the internet and it could potentially generate hits, hence  you get SPAMMED alot... This is an attractive feature for would-be-marketers to target certain audiences but nevertheless do check out two of the comments on the Speed-way Run lyrics page - anything related to the music we uploaded? Nope. The same goes with the ones on my Youtube page - it's crazy I tell ya.

Okay next thing is a big THANK YOU to everyone who have shared their feedback and honest opinions about the song and how it could be improved.

I'm very surprised that the chorus part was the least favourite of all! I thought that it would flow nicely with the chord progression of that particular section of the track but the audience would know better at times. So yes thank you for letting me know that the chorus part could be improved. I'd be interested to see if anyone can suggest something to replace that part - AND have it recorded. 8-)

Anyways it's time to get back into more CURSED WOMBAT stuff... But I think I may actually get myself back into the swing of a certain animated adaptation... Treasure Team Tango anyone?

Oh and just out of the random blue...

Just how FUNKY IS THIS?? TheSymphonicGames did two original composition of what could be a set Sonic level BGM! You better love it cuz it defintely deserves more views!!

  • Listening to: TheSymphonicGames
  • Reading: Scott McCloud's 'Understanding Comics'
Scott King's Tips

Lately I've been studying tutorials and tips via Making Comics Podcast, and it's really cool how people are kind to donate their time and effort to teach others how to do certain things the right way. Well it's not necessarily 'a MUST DO' thing in making comics, it is certainly a guideline and it's up to you to use your creativity and smarts to make it a technique that works to your advantage.

Recently I've been trying to improve on my understanding of story structure/script and dialogue writing. I used Peter David's amazing 'Writing For Comics' book (which has been mentioned on my previous blog update - see image below on how the book looks like if you plan to get it, try to get me off to a good start. However I needed more content to reaffirm some theories and techniques so I stumbled upon a guy named Scott King (creator of HOLIDAY WARS).

I've read up on Scott King's hints and tips on Comic Writing (all of his wonderful articles can be found at 'Writing 101' via Making Comics Podcast) and I gotta say that it's been a treat to read and learn from. So for all of you artist who watch me and would like to get into making comics (whether it's done as a hobby or a profession), can draw pretty damn good but wouldn't have a clue on how to write for comics, this is the guy to check out - I highly recommend it.

I've made an effort to do some exercises and came up with what Scott King calls: an "ELEVATOR PITCH". Here's what I had come up with so far for CURSED WOMBAT.

THE ELEVATOR PITCH: (6th revision)

A vagabond with demonic powers is looking for his long lost sister who is imprisoned by a dreadful anthropologist. He makes his way to uncharted lands where he encounters a Shaman who will give him a lead to her whereabouts only if he kills the Overlord and restore peace in 'The Valley'.

I'm really happy to have learnt such a simple technique because now I know exactly what I write about for the first book (which will contain three  chapters - 100 pages). If I'm ever stuck at any time or feel lost about what I'm suppose to be drawing in this graphic novel project I can always come back THE ELEVATOR PITCH to get me back on track. It's the little things that make me happy, it's such a wonderful tool.

Anyways another thing to learn from Scott King is this: Writing 101: Dialogue Tips

Check out the following ROUGH SCRIPT that I've produced for the first 5 pages to CURSED WOMBAT.

Took me about 10-15 minutes to write exactly how I wanted it for the first five pages to the book - I wanted to introduce as much as I can about the PREMISE and the CHARACTERS involved in the series.

So what can you see? There's the main character ASHWORTH (the vagabond with demonic powers), his sister ERICA (whom he wants to save dearly and at any cost) and BLACKWORTH (who is this guy? Seems like an important person in the story. Hence this mystery is intriguing for the reader which is my intent.).

Everything seems in tact, however if I follow what I've learnt from Mr. King's tutorial, I'd say that what I wrote for those first five pages is potentially a load of FLAFF (in King's terms: "If you put that in your story people would probably stop reading right there. It's clunky. It's too much information. It's boring.")

I could probably improve it with just this:


Blackworth once said: "Survival is life. Life is anthrokind. Anthrokind is death without survival."

Probably Blackworth is right.

I face death almost every day.

Run, kill, run away again, kill again.

Sometimes I feel like enough's enough. Like I just want to end it and die in peace.

But I can't. Not when I made a promise to my long lost sister.

I came to 'The Valley' for leads.

I encountered a group of bounty hunters, big deal.

Unfortunately today was different.

Today was the day I felt a real fear.

It was closest thing to losing that chance of saving my sister.

Erica I'll save you.

*Ashworth passes out in the snow, all bounty hunters around him lay lifeless as he is. In the next page Ashworth wakes up in shock, only to find himself inside what looks like a warm and rustic hut, in bed with bandages on his injuries especially on his right arm - the one that was bleeding excessively after his confrontation with bounty hunters. He is still alive, but how did he survive? Suddenly a figure enters the room. It appears to be a Shaman - it also happens to be the man he was looking for in 'The Valley' who could very well give him the leads he needs to find his sister.*

So there you have it. Just by investing some time into studying other people's tips and tutorials I've gained a better insight as to how to write for my graphic novel projects. The previous work GRAND HUNTER was unstructured and based on an instinct that I could come up with a story that would start from A and end at B. Guess what happened? I stopped because I didn't think the story could end - like a never ending manga series *cringes*. So right now my aim is to make a short story - graphic novel style - and have it complete with a proper ending - great! If it could lead to a sequel - bonus!

Anyways I want to thank Scott King for his advice from his 'Writing 101' topics. It has been really helpful and I will try to remember to give credit to him should the graphic novel project become a printed book - just like my first self-published efforts of GRAND HUNTER.

One last note to point out: NORDGUARD Development Art and Concepts - this is the site that got me back all excited again in producing legit styled reference and concept artwork to be used for the project. I'm going to learn from what they've done and apply it to the next stage of the project - i.e. creating and developing the fundamentals of CURSED WOMBAT through art and script. Here are samples from what the NORDGUARD series had to offer:

Here's my first sample as you've already reviewed earlier from yesterday:

Cursed Wombat Opening Scene Study by ElsonWong

My next one should be up in the next few hours. See you then and thanks for the feedback on this new series that I'm working on! Any feedback is much appreciate!

Read These Books!!

Yes I do mean it. READ these books if you're really into making comics. Best investment you'll ever make (at least for a start). Not only do they provide you the essentials of creating comics but also an entertaining insight into the comic making process (click on the images to check out the current prices via

Nevertheless it looks like I'm going back to basics and trying to revise on the core elements that make a comic or graphic novel WORK.

And what I mean by fundamentals, I mean it by the following elements: creating plot, theme, conflict, character design (both hero and villain) and the climax/conclusion to the story.

It was really refreshing to touch up on the above topics, it got me rather excited in trying to implement a structure on how I'll construct my new graphic novel concept: ASHWORTH - Tales of the Cursed Wombat.

In the past, when I made comics I realised that I just did it on the fly without any deep planning whatsoever. I drew because I enjoyed illustrating a story just for the kicks. I wanted to create some awesome moments that would replicate some of my favourite moments from other comic and anime influences. But I knew that doing this wouldn't last me in the long term. I'll always come back to the excuse that it's done for a 'hobby' or an 'experiment' - which was always the primary goal when making comics (both the fan and original stuff).

So in all honesty I'm no expert or pro when creating comics. I'm just, and still am, a complete amateur at it. No matter how much you look into my works in the past (e.g. SA2 Fan Comic and GRAND HUNTER) they are not works of professional standard.

I believe that if I'm able to create a story that has a proper beginning and a conclusion then I'd say I would be a very happy man and also consider myself a true comic artist. SA2 Fan Comic was based off a video game and GRAND HUNTER didn't even have an ending. They both don't count because A) it wasn't my own story, it's an adaptation and B) literally my original story didn't have an ending at all

So I guess my goal now is to, for my future comic project(s), is to create a good story that has a start and an ending. And it doesn't have to be an epic saga. I aim to maybe do one that is realistic to my commitments in real life. That is I may only do a story that will last for 20 pages and over the course of 2 years (depending on my motivational levels as well). So yeah that is my next 'list of things to do' as a hobbyist artist.

Anyways I'll try and get Ashworth and Zepher help me write the story for me. It seems like they've got some questions to ask themselves beforehand!

Here's An Exercise!

I've got a question for you guys and gals - this will be a fun exercise and an opportunity to help me out here: "What are some of your favourite comics and will you be able to tell me what is the theme, or, are some of the themes to the comic?"

Here's a classic example: STAN LEE's Spider-man series. The theme to 'Spider-man' can be simply summed up by the famous quote: "With great power, comes great responsibility".

Furthermore if you're clever enough: "What are the conflicts illustrated in the comic?" According to Peter David conflict can be categorised into three types: MAN vs. MAN, MAN vs. NATURE, & MAN vs. HIMSELF.

Again using the 'Spider-man' example it is said that Peter Parker is always facing the question: "Is it even worth waking up every morning?" "Do I need to fight these bad guys when I can try and lead a normal and happy life?". It's not easy as we all know because Peter will always live with the fact that he will never forget that he was responsible for Uncle Ben's death and will not dishonour it when he got his powers from the radioactive spider. So in 'Spider-man' series it's a constant MAN vs. HIMSELF conflict.

What are some of the others that you people can think of? It doesn't have to be comics, it can be film too! I'd love to hear your thoughts on this issue of CONFLICTS and THEMES in good and bad stories.

In fact I wonder what those elements are when applied to the SONIC THE HEDGEHOG series (MAN vs. NATURE? Perhaps? ~ Ha ha! HEDGEHOG vs. MAN more like it!).


Who remember's this film? 8-)

Anyways... Wow. I just finished watching the first 20 minutes that I've missed of TOTAL RECALL on Youtube (watched the rest of the film on a re-run on TV a few nights ago). What a classic. Great lines, great action, great concept.

I should watch more movies... It's making me learn more about things from a visual artistic perspective - I can apply this to my comics... I wonder what film I should watch next? Suggestions? Goodness I haven't even watched Pirates of the Caribbean yet, Titanic, or even a Star Wars film. I'm so far behind the times.

Though I plan to reserve 'Bill and Ted's Excellent Adventures' when I catch up with Adam Tuff - I'm gotta watching this film with him (and Blues Brothers...) XD

Anyways time to make a list of films to watch... Whether it be action adventure, chic flick, romance, comedy, sci-fi, horror, thriller etc... No more documentaries, let's watch film!

Oh and before I go, I've got some of my favourite lines/scenes from TOTAL RECALL to share (credit to this site for the quotes:…). I love many of them but here are few to throw in for kicks:

Douglas Quaid: What about the guy you lobotomized? Did he get a refund?
Douglas Quaid: [an old woman/luggage thief grabs the briefcase left on sidewalk for Quaid] Sorry, Ma'am, but this is mine.
Woman in Phone Booth: [struggling with him] I don't see your name on it!
Douglas Quaid: Someone lent it to me.
[continues to struggle with the Old Lady]
Woman in Phone Booth: You go find your own bag!
Douglas Quaid: Excuse me, Ma'am, but I NEED it!
[Quaid rips it away from her and walks away]
Woman in Phone Booth: Fuck you, asshole!
[Quaid turns and bows]
Hauser: Howdy, stranger! This is Hauser. If things have gone wrong, I'm talking to myself and you don't have a wet towel around your head. Now, whatever your name is, get ready for the big surprise. You are not you, you're me.
Douglas Quaid: [to himself] No shit.
Hauser: This is the plan. Get your ass to Mars, and go to the Hilton Hotel and flash the fake Brubaker I.D. at the front desk, that's all there is to it. Just do as I tell you. You can nail that son of a bitch that fucked you and me. I'm counting on you, old buddy. Don't let me down!
Fat Lady: [slurred] Two weeks.
[a door is sealed shut, causing Richter to lose Quaid]
Richter: Open the goddamn door!
Everett: I can't.
Richter: Open it!
Everett: They're all connected.
Benny: Hey, man, I got five kids to feed!
[Quaid hands him a wad of cash]
Douglas Quaid: Take them to the dentist.
Tony: You got a lot of nerve showing your face around here, Hauser.
Douglas Quaid: Look who's talking.
[the traitorous Benny shoots George/Kuato]
Melina: How can you do this? You're a mutant.
Benny: [shrugs] I got four kids to feed.
Douglas Quaid: So what happened to number five?
Benny: [beat tone] Aw, shit, man! You got me. I'm not even married. Now, put your fuckin' hands in the air!
Richter: You have to make a decision, sir.
Vilos Cohaagen: Kill him.
Richter: It's about goddamn time.
Douglas Quaid: Come on, Cohaagen! You got what you want. Give those people air!
Vilos Cohaagen: My friend, in five minutes, you won't give a shit about the people. Fire it up, Doc!
Richter: Excuse me, Doctor, is he gonna remember any of this?
Doctor: Not a thing.
Richter: Oh, really?
[punches Quaid in the face. Quaid glares back at Richter]
Vilos Cohaagen: Oh, Quaid, I'm having a party tonight. Why don't you and Melina drop by? Remind him, Doc?
Doctor: Sure.
Richter: See you at the party.
Douglas Quaid: "See you at the party, Richter!"
Douglas Quaid: Well, Cohaagen, I have to hand it to you. It's the best mindfuck yet.
Vilos Cohaagen: Oh, don't take my word for it. Someone you trust wants to talk to you.
Douglas Quaid: Who is it this time, my mother?

For those who watched the film, what are your favourite moments/quotes from the film? And like I said earlier any suggestion on films to watch would be great. *thumbs up*

Home Alone

Fri Mar 2, 2012, 3:05 AM
Home Alone

Yay! Just by myself at home at the moment. Took my mum, dad and sister to the airport cuz they're going to Singapore to visit my other sister there who just recently had a baby, It's the long weekend so they'll all be back home by Monday evening.

What does that mean to you guys? Nothing really. XD I'm happy to actually look after the house like this, I just gotta remember to water my mum's garden - that's all - cuz it's dry in Summer over here in Australia. X_X; XD

But anyways I've been busy, busy, busy lately. X_X; But despite that I need to keep focused and stay on track with my projects.

:bulletred: I really need to catch up on two things :bulletred:

i) SONIC UNIVERSE Animated Adaptation - Act 3 - TREASURE TEAM TANGO

ii) One Hour Sonic - updates

I hope to get back on those soon but for now I'll leave with you two things:

:star: Sonic in JAWS (by Balenaproductions) :star:

I think this is probably the 10th time that I've sat and watched (or 'listened to' while drawing) this Sonic parody fan-made movie based off the classic JAWS film by Steven Spielberg.

Seriously watch this now and be entertained. I'm really loving Steve's awesome cartoon/slapstick/comedy/drama styled movie making skills, witty script and incredibly amusing voice acting (I love his laid back voice acting for Sonic the Hedgehog, as well as an array of other minor/main characters he plays as - including Conker the Squirrel and Mayor Breen on this film!)

As an amateur director myself he's done an convincing job of capturing the emotions of characters and scenes in the film. Every-time I watch his films I cannot help but smile - he's got a winning formula of entertaining people with his clever script and reference points to other films/media/shows/pop culture - Steve makes sure that his complete works are of top quality (just like Kovabomb would say in his work too).

Anyways enjoy the film and I'll give everyone cookies who mention a favourite scene in the film! I'll give a few of my own to start off with (these can be found below the video)

i) 'The Meeting with the Town Mayor' scene

Mayor Breen: "A beach-goer had disappeared. She's been missing now for 14 hours. I want you two to find out who did this."
Sonic: "Who do we look like? Mystery Inc.? Don't police do this sort of gig?"
: "Yes I understand. But my entire squad is very busy now on a very important mission..."

*COPS FLY PAST TOWN - all the cops in town are heading for the nearest Donut Joint to get their fill on donuts - yup that's their important mission. Classic*

ii) 'The Victim All By Himself on a Bat Falls Prey To the Shark' scene

*After being gulped by Jaws we see his cigarette packet still afloat on the sea... Another classic reference, makes me laugh every time...!*

iii) 'Chum' scene

:Conker "The only way we're going to attract this thing is if we CHUM..."
:Sonic "Chum? What is that? Some sort of WAPANESE manga?" (this line cracks me up all the time. Steve actually injects some of his personality to Sonic because he's not actually a big fan of the over-the-top anime culture and fandom himself)
Tails: "No Sonic. It's fish guts and blood - to attract the shark!"
Sonic: "Oh well you have fun with that now!"
Conker: "Aw no blueberry, no free-loaders on my ship! You're doing the chumming." (LMFAO!! Blueberry... Sonic... Get it? XXXXXXD)
Sonic: "Oh yeah? Who says?"
Conker: "I'm the squirrel who decides on whether I toss you overboard or not!"
Sonic: "Aye aye captain" (I LOVE how Steve put an accent there on Sonic given the acknowledgement to Conker who captains the ship)
Conker: "Now that's more like it!"

*Sonic follows orders, tosses chum overboard. He also tosses a dead Silver the Hedgehog over to the sea for chumming* (in this scene Sonic goes: "And nothing of value was lost." right after he tosses the dead Silver overboard... This is a direct reflection of Steve's disapproval and distaste of new & unecessary Sonic characters being introduced into the gaming universe - he doesn't like Silver at all IRL as you can see on his FEEDBACK videos. XXD)*

*I also love when Sonic was panicking on the boat - Steve did an outstanding performance when Sonic panicked and regained composure...*

:star: How Colour Works (a continuous study) :star:

As you've seen on the very recent fanart of Dreamkeepers I've practised on my colouring method and achieved some satisfying results. Here is what it looks like from start to finish in 4 panels. I love giving visual references.


Also I have to make a mention of :iconlunarmew: on the previous journal for sharing some great tips and experiences on colouring methods and preferences with another deviant artist.

What brought my attention is her suggested video to watch that alks about VISUAL LIBRARY. Now after watching this I subscribed immediately. I was blown away by the concept of visual library and game/graphic art designers (whether they are already in the industry or are starting to pave a way for a career in the industry) can really benefit from watching this (and yes including you :iconsevencolors-alice:, I want you to watch this because you will benefit greatly from getting this knowledge of VISUAL LIBRARY from an art director who has alot of experience and credentials on his belt. It's one of the most practical art video info sessions I've ever seen, and this in itself inspired me to go back to university next year to do a course on Creative Advertising and Graphic Design at my local university.)

To watch the video click on the link/video box below. Best 40 minutes spent ever - I kid you not.

Thanks LunarMew for your invaluable tip. Take care everyone and I hope to bring more interesting things your way this month of March! 8-)

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Learn How Colour Works

Sat Feb 11, 2012, 11:19 AM
Ashworth & A Dragon

Here is the current drawing I'm practising on for colour.

What do you guys think of the colour palette? Did I get it right? Too COOL? Too BLAND?

Anyways I'm going to give it a go. Thanks for all the feedback posted on this 'Learn How Colour Works' blog. I'll try to get back to your replies as soon as I get the free time to do so! Thanks again! 8-)

Colours: A Mystery?

I can't believe this... Purplekecleon completely changed the way I look at colour. Why haven't I seen this concept 10 years ago? I reckon that if I had full grasp of the concept on how
colour works my artwork would have SIGNIFICANTLY improved.

It's amazing. I read through :iconglitchedpuppet:'s tutorial on 'how colour works'. If you're are curious please check it out right here: :thumb184642625:

Reading through her tutorial really made understand a few important things.

:bulletgreen: Every drawing should have either a WARM or COOL palette. A combination of it works but only attempt it when you master both elements on their own. (please refer to her PIKACHU examples)

:bulletgreen: Try to create HARMONY in your colours. Try to avoid colour clashes - e.g. RED + BLUE.

:bulletgreen: Colour is determined by LIGHTING - ultimately.

That last point was a big one for me. When I went to work at the casino, the day after I finished reading up on Purplekecleon's colour tutorial, I was looking out of the giant windows of the VIP room. It was an afternoon Summer setting. Outside was a split between the concrete carpark (that was loaded with a diverse range of colourful cars) and a beautiful park complete with lush trees, grass and a lake. The sky was starting to glow into a twilight reddish/purple colour. As I was embracing the scenery I thought about how LIGHTING affected the colours of objects. Then I saw the grass... It wasn't green grass any more (it was when I arrived at 2PM for the start of my shift), no. The grass turned cyan/purplish... At that moment I was like: "Woah!" How did that happen?? Then it hit me... The colour of the sky and clouds affected and determined how the colours became of the park. Even the lake turned from a murky dark navy blue into a lavenderish dark purple! It was incredible.

Anyways because of that experience I started to see how colours working indoors. Working in a casino there were slot machines all over the room - you know the ones with the neon lights? Then I looked at every object (including humans) see and how the light from the machines bounced off them to create a different colour set. It was crazy. I even looks at the carpet, the chairs, the tables - everything... It completely changed how I see colour.

The moral of this story? After reading Purplekecleon's tutorial on colour I was completely stoked on how I missed out on some important fundamentals on how colours work. Colour can make a boring picture become a beautiful one. I'm going to see if I can apply what I've learnt from this experience.

In fact I'm beginning to understand why artists like :iconsevencolors-alice: :iconmissyuna: :iconevanstanley: :iconroksanath: :icondreamkeepers: :iconnatsu-no-hi: :iconmikuhoshi: & :icone09etm: can colour so damn well.

Anyways here's a progress shot on what I'm working on right this instance. I want to study how WARM and COOL colours can work with this latest drawing I'm working on inspired from :iconteamsonic123: SilverxBlaze drawing

Mature Content

....Silvaze por la nochE.... by teamsonic123
I want to see if I can really pull this off and produce something good with just the FOUR colours used in the drawing below.

I shall post the result tin full later in the morning. I'm loving every moment of learning how colours work right now! And so should you!

Don't forget to check out :iconglitchedpuppet:'s gallery - she's loaded with not only incredible works of art, but also, works of art that are great reference material for those who want to study colour in depth! *thumbs up*

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Director's Improvisation

Before anyone jumps the gun, I don't intend to perform and record more of Cream's dialogue at all. I'm here to teach others how I improvise when I'm caught in a pickle for a fast delivery of dialogue when requested.

For other directors who may be doing a comic drama, should you feel that the person who have already recorded the lines for a character is unable to provide new ones within a certain time you can try to improvise but only within certain limits.

I have no intention of overdoing improvisations since I got most (if not all) the dialogue I need for all of the characters. But yeah this video will help illustrate what I do when I just need that little extra for character dialogue (and ONLY if I need to real fast without having to cause inconvenience to the hired voice over artist). Enjoy! ;)

Oh and also here are some sketches I did for the video! I find them amusing so I decided to post them here for reference (and OMG! Snake from Metal Gear makes a cameo!) 8-)

SUAA Audio Preview

Seriously I'm having a great time editing this, it's a real pleasure to have received some top performances from each and every female voice over artist that I've requested to help out on the project. :hug:

It's a real joy to hear bloopers in between recordings, you girls crack me up and put a smile to my face everytime I'm doing this. I want to make sure that I do the best I can to audio produce this comic drama to the best of my abilities and as professional as possible.

So far I'm 15% complete with SONIC UNIVERSE Animated Adapation Act 3: TREASURE TEAM TANGO project (PART 01) - yes there are two parts to this project.

Once again I'd like to emphasis my thanks to all the girls and boys involved in the project for voice acting - your performances continue to entertain and inspire me throughout this project. I hope to get it completed as soon as possible! *thumbs up* 8-)

Oh and btw! There is some irony on this video... X3 Don't know if that's the right term to use but Amy and Rouge the Bat are played by the SonicSong182 sisters! Both sisters fighting each other during a scripted performance! Nice (not the fact that I want two sisters to fight, it's just so cool that these two voice actors are battling against one another in the scene like that!). :D

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Fri Jan 27, 2012, 6:37 PM
Ash and Ruby in DK!!!




If I was Sonic this is what I'd look like (image courtesy of RianaLD from 'Christmas with Sonic' video)

What am I excited about? Well lookee here!

THANK YOU DAVE AND LIZ!! THANK YOU..........!!!! ^____^

Guys and gals, if you don't know these two talented artists and their incredible graphic novel series that is DREAMKEEPERS I will smite you with... Er... Thy hammer of the Gods! *SHOT* I've been advertising it as much as I could on DA and Youtube so surely you must have heard me mention it at least once in your lifetime 8-)

Nevertheless I've met these guys in real life during my trip to the states - they are a 'way-past-cool' bunch of people. It's like when I read their book for the first time (upstairs in my room, in a cold, stormy night) I was super excited about the potential of the series. When I met them I held the same excitement as I did reading the book that night. X3 In other words their book spoke out to me as if the artists were actually there... It's hard to explain but the book reflects back on their creativity, imagination and personalities (how did this one get in here?? XD) Here's a photosnap of our mini adventure together at Cedar Point Amusement Park.

But yes it was really special to have met up with the brains behind Dreamkeepers - more of a privilege and honour in fact to have kept in touch with those two since they drove at least an hour away from their hometown in Ohio just to see me!

But nevertheless, in all seriousness, they worked DAMN HARD on their graphic novel series for many, many years. The quality and dedication put into DREAMKEEPERS... It's uncanny for an anthropomorphic-cartoon genre - I've never seen anything like it and you'll never see quality like it either (regarding both it's artistic and narrative merits).

It's like I'm watching two hard working artists making a dream come true, one step at a time. Though this path that they take - the path of self-publishing initiatives, doesn't come easy. Dave and Liz both have to settle full time jobs to pay the bills and at the same time work extra hours to maintain this dream of theirs that one day this DREAMKEEPERS will take helm of the graphic novel readership and spread like wildfire - and in the process, gain more sales an fans to support their series. And it's not like they don't have substantial fan-base, it's just getting enough support from the existing fan-base (and as well as new readership group) to the point where they can do this full time.  It's not easy since I've done this as an experiment before with GRAND HUNTER.

I know that I won't be a full time comic artist - I've learnt that my goal in life (given the current and very fortunate circumstance that I'm living in right now) is to entertain and to inspire. Making a comic or graphic novel series for business is something that I don't have patience for anymore. I might do a one-shot from time to time but again it's never going to be a career - ever. It's too hard to do it alone and I'm not strong in my writing that's for sure.

But these guys, I see hope. I believe that they can be something much bigger one day, and if that's not the case - at least be recognised in the wider graphic novel community/industry where they have a dedicated bunch of fans and supporters (like myself) to keep them going and doing what they love doing - creating awesome stories.

If you're not convinced with their quality - just check out this ad they made last year:

Insane right? It's short but sweet enough to hook you right in - how about an animated cartoon series one day? I'd buy to watch it. And you know what I'd do if I'm crazy enough to love something to bits. I make things like these:

Anyways I'm extremely delighted to see Ashworth and Ruby making a cameo appearance in their third and upcoming book. Dave has already done several cameos on his previous two books - lets see if you can spot any of them!

Also, they are ALMOST finished with Volume 03!! I seriously can't wait cuz I know for sure that it'll be worth every page to look at and embrace it. I don't often do these with comics and graphic novels but with Dreamkeepers I take my time to analyse every bit of Dave and Liz's attention to detail.

Hope you'll be able to help them out! They really deserve it! And hey! What more better time to get into the DreamKeepers series than to gain access to their first book for free! Click on the image below to get started!

Lots of love to Dave and Liz, you guys continue to be an inspiration and be outstanding candidates for visual storytelling. :hug: :heart:

For more information on their deviantART click on this icon and WATCH THEM! I ORDER YOU TO! XXD :icondreamkeepers: Also they're hosting a wonderful Valentines Contest, be sure to join in the fun and rack up some awesome prizes! 8-)

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Operation: SPOTLIGHT!

Thu Jan 19, 2012, 12:23 PM
Operation: SPOTLIGHT!

Here's the video at last! Took over a week to do complete this, much longer than I had expected. X_X; But then again I was distracted by the success in creating and organising the new concept that is :icononehoursonic:

Anyways hope you'll enjoy - and understand what the hell is going on! XXD Well at least those who have watched the first and second videos will understand. 8-)

So you wanna know why it ain't going to be the Babylon Rising arc to be played in the next SONIC UNIVERSE Animated Adaptation series?

Well allow Fang the Sniper... Err... Nack the Weasel and Bean the Dynamite to help explain the reason behind this as they unexpectedly barge into the recording studios where Kovabomb, our prime narrator for the SUAA series, is in the very middle of recording the introduction piece for Babylon Rising

If the video explanation was not enough, I'd like to say that the fans had a very faithful demand for an animated adaptation of TREASURE TEAM TANGO - they wanted it so bad that it convinced the director, Elson 'Darkspeeds' Wong, to reconsider and postpone the Babylon Rising arc in favour for the adventures of, both heroes and villains in the Sonic universe, in hot pursuit for the majestic Sol Emerald!

Also on another note. The inspiration behind this art style was from watching the ever so awesome 'Balenaproductions' channel. They did a Sonic Christmas inspired animatic very recently for the holiday season called 'Christmas with Sonic'. It features AWESOME voice-acting, AWESOME directing and AWESOME art. Special thanks to (writers and directors - I love Steven's videos!) Steven Page and RianaLD, artist (who sketched the whole darn thing - she's crazy I tell ya! Very talented.) RianaLD, and voice acting sisters aka SonicSong182 (I have a feeling that Kn did all of them but both sisters Kn and Ames are amazing when it comes to voice-overs, in fact, there's no secret that they are also featured in SUAA Act 3 - TREASURE TEAM TANGO! ^_~).

Anyways hope you'll enjoy the intrusion caused by fellow members of the new Team Hooligan from the Sonic Archie universe - they're always causing trouble aren't they? *thumbs up*

Resident Evil 6 - OMFG

Is this for real...?

I mean, I don't know how many times I've been pinching myself to see to it that this is official but all I gotta say is.


Don't care if it takes 10 months, 1 or 2 years to get this game done properly because I'm really loving what I see here. I'm really hoping it returns to it's roots like in RE4 (I absolutely loved that game - and "EEEE"! Leon's back!! "Eeeee"! *SHOT* :XD: :D). RE5 was a big disappointment for me personally because it didn't have that scare and epic factor that it did in the RE4. However after watching this trailer to RE6, I'm convinced, we're gonna get back to what's called 'Dramatic Horror',  just like the old days. Listen to that infamous RE eiree tune as the start when Leon walks through the tight corridor... THAT'S a classic. *sends chills down my spine*

Who here has played Resident Evil 4?? If you haven't - man! Where have you been? Go get that game now if you haven't already!! 8-)

Resident Evil 6... Best piece of news ever this month.

Oh and one last thing! If you get a chance please visit :iconsevencolors-alice: and review her latest journal. She's going through a pretty tough time with family and I can only wish her all the best - it ain't a pretty thing to in the middle of a domestic situation - especially when MONEY is involved (after all money is what makes the world go round I say). Do show your support and share some comfort cuz she's a lovely and talented girl, she shouldn't be deserving something like this.

Oh and another thing! SOPA - STOP SOPA WHERE POSSIBLE!!. That is all.

80 Frames Completed!

Hi everyone! Sorry for the lack of updates on the ElsonWong DA account front but I'm going to try and keep this short and sweet since I really need to get to bed at this minute. :D

I'll be taking a break from One Hour Sonic for the next month or so to focus on my SONIC UNIVERSE Animated Adaptation project. I've got everyone's lines and recordings so far for every character involved in TREASURE TEAM TANGO and I will say that the performances from each voice-over artist is f**kin' amazing.

I will still be running and maintaining operations of 'One Hour Sonic' with the wonderful team of contributors (aka :iconludolik: :iconsevencolors-alice: & :iconmissyuna:) but I'll be dedicating more time to SUAA project since that is a priority at this stage - I really hope to get the complete video done by mid February for an official release.

Needless to say I've got a long way to go in terms of the production of the project. I will let you in a preview of what's to come.

There is currently a 'Special Ad Segment' that I'm creating to explain the connection between SUAA Act 02 and SUAA Act 03 - basically it's a segment that explains why the Babylon Rising arc has been postponed.

So far I've completed 80 Frames in total for this video alone. I hope to get it out - done and dust - fast! Because by doing that I can then start working on the fun part - the audio production for TREASURE TEAM TANGO! Woo!

Anyways catch you all later and thank you so kindly to everyone who had been contributing to the huge success that is 'One Hour Sonic' this week! :hug: 8-)

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Video Intro

Want to know what this is all about? How about I invite you all to a video presentation? Enjoy and thanks for the awesome support so far! 8-)

Come and Join In!

Well you guys suggested it and I decided to make one! thanks for convincing me! ;)

I've jamed packed it with information about the concept and also hosted a Q&A styled section for those curious to know how things are drawn around here. 8-)

So far I have the following entries featured in the 'One Hour Sonic' club because of their outstanding work put into it.

:thumb278598427: One Hour Sonic Challenge-Espio-VID by Fly-Sky-High 1 hour sonic-I wanna fly high by BarktheBear :thumb278786843:

A brand new contest will be posted up soon containing a 'themed' challenge. I'm looking forward to hosting the contest - almost treating it like a grand opening to the new group that's been created for 'One Hour Sonic'. :aww:

Dubstep-Rap Sonic!

I've listened and watched this for like 10 times already upon my discovery of the talented Dave and Josh who did a collaboration on what's called Sonic the Hedgehog (Dubstep Rap by None Like Joshua and Boyinaband).

This is the first time I've ever heard of the music genre DUBSTEP - it's pretty sick!

I love fan projects like these that are artistic and full of energy (I really enjoyed watching and listening to their performance in their home studios). It's rare to see these kind of works of this nature and quality. Hope to get this Dave to Summer of Sonic this year. Anyways check out the music clip below and be blown away - warning: crazy beats, scremo and club/trance heading your way after clicking! XD

Also! I'm in the middle of working on another two 'ONE HOUR SONIC' drawings featuring Amy Rose & Blaze the Cat. While at it I need to create a logo for this concept as well as a FORUM (including rules and such on posting ;)).

Can I also say that we have our first successful participant on this concept of drawing Sonic with SAI and within 60 minutes!

:iconsevencolors-alice: did an awesome job so please check it out! I've learnt a lot of things watching this video in the process and I hope that each and everyone of you who are inspired to make one will be able to create the video footage so that we can observe and study your methods too! 8-)

Check out BlazeCake's journal and video for more details on her attempt at 'ONE HOUR SONIC'.


Project: One Hour Sonic

Just a day ago I've been working vigorously on the latest SONIC UNIVERSE Animated Adaptation project (which btw is going great as we speak!). I've spent hours on the project and had to take a break before I burn out from working on the same thing for too long!

During my break I thought about a lot of things - like whether I'm spending my hobby time wisely. It seems like I'm really missing out on just going 'freestyle' with my work at times... What I mean by that is being able to do other things other than the two prime Sonic fan projects that I'm working on right now - 'SONIC UNIVERSE Animated Adaptation series' and '100 Rings Zone!'.

I got this feeling of 'missing out' because of the awesome and inspiring work that I've encountered during my random browsing though on deviantART and Youtube lately.

I just gotta say that the stuff that :iconmissyuna:, :iconsevencolors-alice: & :iconlujji: have been dishing out lately just makes me want to try something different for a change! Their artwork seem to inspire me to try this amazing and unique paint style that they use. The colours, the composition, and the concept behind each of their works are astounding... There's something magical about their work that makes me want to do something - I can't describe the feeling!

And so after having a think through on what I can do about my situation I decided to come up with a simple exercise - one where it'll benefit me in terms of learning how to use an unfamiliar paint/illustration software called Paint Tool SAI, and two, benefit the people who watch me.

How I'll do this is by giving myself a challenge: Drawing Sonic in 60 minutes.

I plan to do as many characters as I can, all to be drawn with different perspectives, poses and expressions.
I will strictly follow a time limit of 1 hour (which is why I call the project: ONE HOUR SONIC. I even set up a specific playlist that I'll be using all the time. XD) to complete a Sonic drawing from start to finish.

All of these exercises will be recorded on screen via Camtasia Studios and uploaded on Youtube for a visual reference.

Like I said this exercise benefits me because it'll force me to learn as much as I can with Paint Tool SAI - I want to expose myself as much as possible with this program because I believe that there is so much potential that comes with it. The above artists mentioned are perfect examples who utilises that program for a lot of their drawings (with the exception of BlazeCake since she uses Adobe Photoshop like me! XD). On top of that I should be able to spare one hour of my days off work to get this thing rollin' right? :D

I also hope that by drawing these pictures and uploading the videos that go with it will give people an idea on how I create the artwork step-by-step ,and more importantly, I want these videos to inspire those who just want to give drawing 'Sonic the Hedgehog' a go.

If I could do it in 60 minutes, so can you (with lots of practice of course!). ;)

So here's to the first video and concept! One Hour Sonic 001: 'Sonic Falling'. Enjoy and thanks to all of the artists who have inspired me lately to create and take part on this new project of mine. :hug:

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100RZ! . p o l l . w i n n e r s !

Mon Jan 2, 2012, 3:38 PM

Another Crazy Session!


Here's what happens next right after the previous live recording session! I swear to god that doing voice-overs for fan projects is such a stress-reliever. It really is and I reckon it's a good and healthy therapy if you got a lot of stress in your life (not to say that I have a lot of stress mind you, my life couldn't more happier and balanced). ;)

So yeah this time I've included "Blaze the Cat" voiced by the beautiful 1989Darkbeauty along with the others (ShadyVox as 'Bean', Bdugo7 as 'Cream', and Kovabomb as 'E-123 Omega' who does a sick impression as the mechanical arsenal of Team Dark!). X3 It's really awesome to have a team of really talented voice-over artists who put in time and effort into their recordings. Bless you all!

Anyways someone gets a cookie if they tell me who in the video gaming world makes a cameo on this video. Hint: He's a best-selling author in town! XXD

Oh and also! The WINNERS to (selected at random through a randomiser - and it doesn't matter if you got the answer right or wrong since it's all about participation!) the POLL that I did of "100 Rings Zone!" Act 02 funnies are:

:iconauroblaze: :iconsevencolors-alice: & :iconblack7shadow:

Congratulations you three! You win thy sketch of win! XD (Never done this before but hey! It should be a fun exercise! :))

Please let me know if you're cool with me drawing your character/persona for the prize - otherwise please feel free to suggest something else. ;)
Thanks to everyone else who participated and shared a comment! I will do another one of these in future to reward my readers! X3

Darkspeeds Goes Nuts!

[UPDATE! - 05th January 2012]

Here I go again! This is the official recording session for characters Nack the Weasel, Jet the Hawk and Storm the Albatross who star in the SONIC UNIVERSE Animated Adaptation Act 3 - TREASURE TEAM TANGO!

Did it all in an hour or so. Loads of fun as you can tell cuz I just go nuts. What more could you want? Also I've been able to throw in snippets other character voice recordings performed by my new team of voice-over artists involved in the third project.

You guys and gals have done me proud. I shall work on PART 02 of the video with immediate effect! Oh and I can't believe I forgotten the lyrics to Big the Cat's theme from Sonic Adventure right at the end of the video! XXD

I'm just giving everyone a heads up on this: I've just finished my voice-over recordings for Nack the Weasel, Jet the Hawk and Storm the Albatross.

And you guys and gals are going to see it live and uncut - my silly but fun performance that is. :XD: :D

Watch this space as I'll post the video within the next 12 hours! ;)

Bean Has A Voice!

I couldn't tell you how awesome it was that day I had a chat with Blake Swift on Skype and ran through what I needed for a Bean the Dynamite character voice-over for the next SUAA project. For those who don't know him he's a freelance voice-over artist and is incredibly talented - he is well known for his involvement in the Yu-Gi-Oh GX The Abridged Series.

And so, in under two hours, I received almost all of Bean's lines done (he was recording the lines and sending the files from his home studios live on Skype to me - it was crazy how good he is!) He's a natural at this, as well as a perfectionist at his craft, and I want thank him for contributing some amazing recordings for a character that many fans of the Sonic Archie universe have admired.

Thanks to Ian's writing and the diverse artistic team they made Bean become something so much more, and now that he's finally got a voice-over for this project, someone who is performed by a pro, it makes him extra special to those who ever wondered how he would sound like with a voice.

Nevertheless I hope you'll enjoy this video! It's yet another insight as to how I do a practice run or warm up session before my proper recordings of the characters I'll be casting as in the project.

PLUS! A never before seen attempt of me acting as an iconic character in the DARK KNIGHT (Batman) movie series - The Joker (Heath Ledger style). It's nowhere near like Heath's original but boy was it fun to throw that one in and show you my insane side too! ;)

  • Listening to: SUAA Act 3: Treasure Team Tango tracks
  • Reading: SONIC UNIVESE: Babylon Rising
  • Watching: Russell Peter's Stand-up Comedy

Had Your Turkey Yet?

Hi everyone! Just want to wish you all a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Years to come!

2012 I reckon is going to be an exciting year - you'll never know what comes knocking on your door. My tip to you? Opportunities awaits - seize the moment and make the most of it!

Also plan ahead if you got something that you're looking forward to - for instance if you really want to come to the SUMMER OF SONIC 2012 in the summer of U.K. then you better start saving - right now! XD

I'm planning to go there next year and incorporate it with a magnificent trip to Egypt (I've ALWAYS wanted to go to that place - Valley of the Kings? The Great Pyramid? Come on, better get to it before they disappear for good!).

Giving Thanks!

Nevertheless I have some very special people to thank (I've mentioned them before but I'm doing it again before the New Year starts so shush! XXD) for getting me back into the swing of creating Sonic fan projects - I really missed those days where I had the time and energy to make comics and animations to share and embrace with the community. And boy am I excited for next year! But first the people.

:bulletgreen: :bulletblue: Kovabomb (doesn't have a DA account! XD) - His comic dramas have rekindled my passion to portray the Sonic Archie comic series (that I love and support) in the presentation of an animated adaptation series. His comic dramas on his Youtube account are simply amazing - people don't realise the amount of time, organisation, effort and expertise to compile an audio-visual production like that. If you want to learn more on the 'how' please visit Kovabomb's excellent 'How To Make A Comic Drama' tutorial on his Youtube page.

Thanks for the inspiration buddy! You're an a amazing talent, your professional productions, worth ethic, advice and general discussions about Sonic Archie comic series have been very much appreciated! You will continue to be someone I'll admire for your work and friendship. :aww:

:bulletgreen: :bulletblue: :iconmissyuna: - I still can't believe how one interaction from you completely change so much for me. If it weren't for you I wouldn't have had the taken the initiative to continue my love for creating Sonic fan comics! Your artwork is kick-ass and your comics simply rock this world. What's even more awesome if that beautiful personality of yours - I admire those who give back to the community - those who just entertain for the sake of making others happy and to extend the benefit of that kind of action, it breeds inspiration on others and it's infectious when it works out. She pretty much reminds me of what I've done in the past as Darkspeeds, I decided to give up that account to try new things. It worked in some ways but I figured that during my time outside DA one of my purposes in life is to entertain and inspire.

I'm living a very fortunate life, I have financial security, a loving family, a great job and lots of free time (cuz I'm still single XP) - so what will entertain me? Well for starters Sonic has been a big influence in my lifestyle and I incorporate this when I travel around the world. Sonic has taught me to learn new experiences as I visit new places and catch up with some very special people along the way (whether they are relatives or friends that I'm in touch with for many years).

And I guess what makes me happy is being able to use my free time, and should I ever have the extra time, obligation-free lifestyle, and ability to do so,  I'll continue to create stuff that will entertain and inspire - particularly the DA/Sonic community who watched me over the years since my departure as Darkspeeds.

Anyways I want to thanks Missyuna for getting me back into doing the things I love, and not feeling bad about getting myself into 'fan project' mode. Keep on creating ya crazily fun person you! X3 :hug:

and finally...!

:bulletgreen: :bulletblue: :iconsevencolors-alice: - After reading her personal story (just posted a couple of days ago) I was really surprised with what she went through. And despite all odds she took her own courage and initiative to make a change for the better. Hearing stories like these and how 'Sonic the Hedgehog' managed to help her in a spiritual sense is touching for a Sonic fan like myself. And hearing stories like these is an inspiration in itself.

After she told me how she has been watching over my work in the past and how my work had been an inspiration to the things she's done up till now - I'm extremely pleased to hear it. I'm also very proud to have been regonised for what I've done for her (along with all the others she's mentioned - good on yas!), I mean that is what I'm all about right? I'm here to do what I love and hopefully in the process - what I love doing will entertain and help inspire others to do great things.

Blazecake, you're amazingly talented, you're still young and have loads to look forward to in life. Like I said, keep it real and keep up the awesome stuff. I shall keep watch of what you do in future. :hug:

oh and also!!

:bulletgreen: :bulletblue: There will be more special people to thank but I'll be saving it for a very special video I'm making very soon (hopefully to be released after New Years!)! Keep a look out for that cuz you may very well recognise some of those people whom I've caught up with! 8-)

Sonic Fan Projects?

Yes it's official. I'm going to dedicate the next two years building up an archive of:

:bulletred: :bulletblue: SONIC UNIVERSE Animated Adaptation series
:bulletred: :bulletblue: 100 Rings Zone! (Sonic Fan Funnies)
:bulletred: :bulletblue: (A possible continuation of 'Tails Away' series...?)

It's going to be an exciting year for me and I'm ever looking forward to using whatever I've got to make those projects come to life! I will do my best! ^^

Oh and for those who are on the flip-side and inquiring whether I'll continue on with my original stuff (like 'ASHWORTH: Tales of the Cursed Wombat' and Vienna Blue) - all I can say is that I'm taking a break from it all.
I need to just get back into doing what I love and see what I'll achieve from it. If I'm still satisfied to continue doing fan stuff, obviously I'll continue. If I don't, then hey I may very well get back into doing original stuff. My main point?

Anything can happen, it's unpredictable these things and I'm going to follow whatever is inspiring me to do at the moment. :) Sorry to disappoint but enjoy what I've got to offer while I can! ^_~


OMG OMG OMG............... OMG!

This issue... Just KICKS-ASS!!! XXX3

I'm SO loving Tracey Yardley's background story and interpretation of the Babylon Rogues! I can't believe how kick-ass his art and concepts are! Can't wait to do an animated adaptation of this. ;___; XXD

You see those other two issues that I have on hand? I'm saving those! X3 I'm not reading them till I get my act together in organising the 'Darkspeeds SUAA Act 3 Project - Context and Instructions Manual' to be sent off to my new team of voice-over artists who are involved in the next SONIC UNIVERSE Animated Adaptation project... Guess which arc it is? Oh I will say to you this - it ain't Babylon Rogues! You've been fooled...! Mua ha ha haaaaah! XXX3 (Surprise video to be posted soon too!). Watch this space folks or my Angry Bird plush will eat the mic.... (Err....) Eat YOU alive!!! Bwah ha ha ha!! X3

Oshima-san's Thanks!

One very last thing to share with you all!

Naoto Oshima is the character and concept creator of Sonic the Hedgehog & Dr, Eggman! He was a former SEGA employee and is now the former of his own video game company called Artoon.

One evening I watched the special Sonic Generations documentary that came along with my collector's edition pack of the Sonic Generations game. After watching it I was blown away by the coverage and content on it. Some of the things on the video, I've never even seen before! It was most insightful and entertaining at the same time!

A day later I decided to take some time off to upload the Sonic Generations pic I did on DA along with a personal message of thanks to both Yuki Naka and Naoto Oshima. I got a reply from both - which is a fantastic response to me.

What was even more surprising was the drawing that Naoto Oshima did for me - as shown above! I couldn't ask for more man... I'm really happy to have been acknowledged by one of the legendary creators of the blue blur we love so much. = )

Nevertheless If you're a fan of the blue blur I got this to say.

YOU MUST WATCH THE DOCUMENTARY - I order you to do it!! >= ( XXXD

Seriously if you're a fan and you've been growing up with Sonic ever since you were a kid, this is a must. If you're new generation fan it is also awesome to watch since it'll give you insight on what you've missed over the 20 years of his life as a an iconic video game character. Being an adult now I'm really glad that someone has taken the time and effort in making a documentary like this - it reflects back on why Sonic is very special to people of all walks of life - he's been created to not only entertain - but to inspire as well (you're getting my drift now right? ;)... I feel like Sonic for some reason... XP XD)

But yeah please give your thanks and feedback to these guys, like I said they've done an incredible job capturing the essence of Sonic's 20 year history:

:bulletgreen: :bulletblue: From Bedrooms to Billions (Video Game Movie)

To watch the videos go here:

(Darn it Missyuna! You taught me something new didn't ya? Thanks for the awesome tutorial mention on how to embed Youtube videos on deviantART! ^_^)

Oh and don't forget - they were the makers of this very special video too!

If you haven't gone to a SUMMER OF SONIC and - a) You are Sonic fan b) You are old enough to work c) Responsible enough to travel - what are you waiting for?? DO IT! PLAN AHEAD AND SAAAAVE LOTS OF $$$! XX3 ;)

Alrighty! That's it for the time being! Be on the lookout for the next act to 100 Rings Zone! I'll also reveal the winners to the poll I did last week - I CAN'T BELIEVE HOW MUCH LOVE BIG IS GETTING! Woo! XX3 Go Big the Cat! Don't diss the cat I shall say! XXD

Also! Don't forget to cast your vote to :bulletpurple: MissYuna's Comic Contest! :bulletpurple: There's loads of entries to read and be entertained by it's amazing content! Good luck to all the wonderful entrants! I shall be wishing you all the best of luck in gaining a top spot in the contest! ^__^

Oh and once again have a MERRY CHRISTMAS and a HAPPY NEW YEARS! ^___^

  • Listening to: Hime-chan OST #02, Card Captor Sakura OST #03
  • Reading: SONIC UNIVESE: Babylon Rising!!

c h a n g e . o f . p l a n s !

Tue Nov 29, 2011, 8:02 AM

8-10pm GMT Slot!

Sorry everyone! There has been a mix-up on schedules at the last minute but it's all sorted now and I'll be replacing Roarey Raccoon's show to cover - this will happen at 8-10pm GMT which is good because everyone else get's to do their show in good order and I'll help out with someone who couldn't do their show tonight! XD

So yeah this hour would be at it's PEAK... Around 50 listeners and plenty of people in the chat room to celebrate the occasion of Project24. Man that's a lot of pressure for me now, I better do a damn good show! lol XD This is great timing for the people living in the UK (i.e 8pm-9pm), Europe wouldn't be too bad since it starts at around 10pm or 11pm. However I'm not too sure about those living in the states... If you are still tuning in then people in New York will tune in at 3PM and people in San Francisco at 12pm or so. I guess it works out quite well given the circumstances. ;)

Nevertheless apologies in advance for any inconveniences caused. Hope to see you then! And oh, this gives me more time to colour my first '100 Rings Zone' funnies page! I'm almost there!! X3

Project 24 on SSR!

Hi guys and gals! Sorry, I'm feeling a little tired after coming back from work on a graveyard shift but I've managed to squeeze in a quick last minute announcement about the upcoming PROJECT 24 on SEGA Sonic Radio!

Please do tune into the radio station for all of you Sonic loving fans! This project is a collaboration effort of various SSR DJ's (both old and new) including myself! :)

I'll be doing a segment of the show that is going on for a whole day (hence the title that is Project 24).

My segment will be on air at 4am GMT time (on this coming Sunday). Use the time zone converter page to find out when to tune in exactly. ;)

Be sure to listen to the other shows too! It's really fantastic to see some old friends doing a show again to pay tribute to the concept! It's pretty much a get-together of Sonic fans from all over the world and partying all day and night long with music and commentary via the radio waves! There is also an excellent opportunity to win some pretty awesome prizes too - be sure to read up on the link mentioned above to find out how!).

My show will be pretty much focusing on SONIC GENERATIONS and it's MUSIC. If you want to be a guest on the show and contribute your thoughts on your favourite Sonic tune of all time please add me on darkspeedselson via SKYPE. I'll get you on board to do a shout-out and such, get in the airwaves and make your mark I guess. :XD:

Looking forward to your company tomorrow (as well as all the other very cool DJ's I know of and have admired for years)! *thumbs up*

Voices! Voices! Voices!

I've been longing to make one of these but it's finally here! All vocal sounds were produced using my own voice and the awesome, but limited, software that is Audacity (heck even the dragon was awesome fun to do! XXD).

I did it all in one day and I want to share my sincere thanks to Blake Swift (aka ShadyVox) :iconshadyvox: for his inspirational material.

Goddamn, Blake's Voice Over Reel's 2010 and 2011 are flawless. I was blown away and would have listened to both at least over 10 times now - it's that awesome.

This 'Voice Demo Reel' is very amateurish because of the fact that most demo reels are less than 2 minutes and each segment should be no longer than 15-20 seconds tops. I think that's just the industry's rule of thumb, I'll have to double check the book that Mike Pollock (voice-over of Dr. Eggman character in the games and cartoons at present) recommended to me entitled - 'Voice For Hire' by Randy Thomas and Peter Rofe'.

Nevertheless I hope you'll enjoy what I've made, this was incredibly fun to do and well worth a day's work. Thanks again to Blake for some pointers, I decided to challenge myself by writing the script and recording the performances on the spot. XD

If you would like to use my voice for your next project please feel free to send me a PM or an e-mail via darkspeeds(at)hotmail(dot)com. I'm not available all the time but if you ask nicely I may consider. ;)

Oh and one last thing! I'll give anyone a cookie if they can figure out who the last three voices are! *SHOT* XXD I can't help but put them in my first demo reel. XD

:bulletgreen: :bulletred: [CREDITS] :bulletred: :bulletgreen:

- Blake Swift (aka ShadyVox) for inspiration
- SEGA/Sonic Team/ 1/2/Kovabomb's custom recordings for the SFXs
- Creators of Ranma 1/2 and ONE PIECE for the BG music

:bulletgreen: :bulletred: [CONTENT] :bulletred: :bulletgreen:

Act 01: Adventurer
Act 02: Sorrowful Man
Act 03: Antagonist
Act 04: Teacher & Student
Act 05: Poet & Friend
Act 06: Detectives!

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  • Reading: SONIC UNIVESE: Treasure Team Tango

c o u l d n ' t . s l e e p

Tue Nov 22, 2011, 8:02 AM

Title Change

A little frustrated about what happened last night but I'm glad it's over and done with.

To keep it short and sweet the Sonic funnies series will have a name change. This was made to avoid any links with :icontaeshilh: comic entitled Not Enough Rings. Go read it if you haven't done so cuz it's something retro Sonic fans shouldn't miss out on - it's beautifully illustrated, traditionally coloured (bonus points for the extra effort, very rare to see this kind of art style nowadays), and well thought out.

I have not followed Taeshilh's work for a long period of time for personal reasons, though I'm glad I've discussed this through with her on Skype to let her know how I felt and got feedback along the way. Needless to say it was much appreciated.

Anyways things will continue as scheduled. I'm still taking a week's break after working on the SONIC UNIVERSE Animated Adaptation project for a month. I'm half-way Dead Space 2 and I'm pleased with the progress as I'm learning new things when playing games with lots of atmosphere, movie-styled story telling and an interesting concept.

Hope to come back refreshed and focused again with the new Sonic funnies and a whole bunch of new projects lined up including the next Dreamkeepers Animated Adaptation :icondreamkeepers: and a 'Got 5 Minutes? - How to Draw' Sonic tutorials on Youtube. Take care and have a great weekend guys and gals!

Kind regards,

Elson 'Darkspeeds' Wong

P.S. If you're curious about the new title, you will know when the debut funnies comes out hopefully by Tuesday. It'll still have a ring to it. *thumbs up*

Special Thank Yous

It has been an amazing few months after I got back from my amazing trip to Canada and the North Americas.

I've taken a break from doing original stuff and decided to go back to my roots - working on fan projects relating to our favourite blue blur, Sonic the Hedgehog.

It's incredible what this guy has achieved throughout the test of time. I'm really PROUD to have been a part of it - because of him I learnt how to draw and animate amazing stuff, I got to travel around the world four times, met amazing people and continue to inspire people with what I do online. We've got the original creators from Sonic Team Japan to thank for the birth of his creation, and we also got the North American SEGA division to thank for making him become the famous mascot and much loved character he is today.

I played Sonic Generations yesterday and also watched the special Sonic Generations Documentary that explains the history and celebration of Sonic's 20 Years as an iconic brand and intellectual property. After watching the documentary and playing the game I was really touched by what Sonic's gone through for the past 20 years. In fact I'm getting hooked back into reliving what I loved doing since the early days of deviantART and the online Sonic communities.

On top of that I got the Sonic Archie Publications team to thank for making Sonic grow even more popular and recognised into the fandom through his amazing adventure comics.

Looks like I'm back in the spirit of things regarding Sonic-wise, and I have the two of following people to thank for reviving that spirit and passion in me again:

:iconmissyuna: and KOVABOMB (via Youtube).

I thank Kovabomb for his inspirational 'Sonic Comic Dramas' on Youtube which sparked me to create the successful series that is the SONIC UNIVERSE Animated Adaptation series. I'm currently a big fan of the Sonic Archie comic series and am proud to be part of an era where his adventures are written and illustrated by a team of dedicated artists who are also fans of the blue blur themselves! Nevertheless Kovabomb and I have a strong understanding and knowledge of the series and will continue to do what we can to entertain others within the fandom through out unique media presentation initiatives of the comic series. Here's to more in the future buddy! *toasts to Kovabomb and everyone involved in the project so far*

And finally,

MissYuna for her uplifting and cheerful attitude expressed in the Sonic/DA community. Her comics and artwork entertains and inspires. What's even more beautiful is the fact that she helps out people within the community by encouraging those who watch her to watch out for others who are super talented and not getting enough recognition for their hard work. Also what's really cool is that people who have watched MissYuna have approached me and told me that I've also played an influential part of their lives where the comics, artworks and DA journals I did in the past were a motivational tool to get them drawing! Now THAT is cool and very satisfying to hear, I don't take that kind of stuff for granted. Thank you MissYuna, because you told me how I've influenced you in the past, you can safely say that I've been influenced by your activities and initiatives at present. Do keep it up! *hugs*

From this experience I have learnt and realised something invaluable that will continue to be applied to my lifestyle.

I've learnt that I should just do what I enjoy doing, and not force myself to do what others expect me to do. If I want to do Sonic stuff, that's okay. If I want to work on original stuff, that's okay too! There's no reason to be shut down by people who tell me otherwise to do what I don't like doing - and because of this lesson I've learnt that by doing what I enjoy doing I can really EXCEL in what I do. The efforts put into a project when I'm inspired and thrilled to do yields uncanny results - so don't you dare stop me. = )

Oh and thank you to everyone who have previously watched me via :icondarkspeeds: account for re-watching me! I will do what I can to not disappoint.

In fact I've got something to announce... I'll let the logo speak for itself. ;)

  • Listening to: Sonic Generations (AWESOME SOUNDTRACK!!)
  • Reading: SONIC UNIVESE: Babylon Rising
  • Playing: Dead Space (X-Box - ARGH! NECROMORPHS!!!)

Finally Complete!

Bloomin' hell! My apologies for the lateness of the upload! I didn't expect the file to take this long to upload AND I also experienced a crazy load of technical difficulties. @_@ X_X;; Nevertheless it's finally here... Enjoy! ;)

Yay! Now I can finally go to bed... X_X..... I've been staying up ALL MORNING to get this uploaded! Yay! *dies on the floor* u_u ZzzzzzzzZzz..........



Fiona Fox Is...

Just too darn sexy to draw! I can't help but make another video before the premiere. Enjoy the show while it lasts! ;)

Learn How To...

Draw Scourge and the Team Destructix! This is the process I've used to draw and edit over 200 scenes from the comic book! Enjoy the insight before the premiere! ;)

5 Days To Go!!


Here's a video to show the latest from the project! And please help spread the word, I don't often ask for help but just this once, I want my team of voice-overs to get recognised for their excellent performances and also I want to demonstrate to Archie Publications the possibilities of perhaps the creation of an animated adaptation series of the comic in the near future! ;)

Let's see if we can set a trend in the Sonic Archie Comic fandom! :aww:

:bulletgreen: :bulletred: CLICK ON THE IMAGE TO WATCH THE VIDEO :bulletred: :bulletgreen:

:bulletgreen: :bulletred: CLICK ON THE IMAGE TO WATCH THE VIDEO :bulletred: :bulletgreen:

Be sure to bring your popcorn and a pop/soda too, you don't want to miss this one Sonic fans! X3 ^^

We Are Almost There!!

Oh my gosh, I can almost feel it baby! :)

Hi again everyone! I had an excellent week of working at the casino and spent time with the family. Right now I'm on my days off - I haven't much time left before the OFFICIAL PREMIERE on the 20th November 2011, so I really need to get my butt into gear during my time off work if I really want to pull this off successfully!

At the moment I can officially say that... Well I'll let Scourge give you the news instead.

Yup! Thanks Scourge! It is indeed almost complete!

I've spent 3 weeks on this project so far, half the portion of that time was spent on the AUDIO PRODUCTION (which is already FINITO, absolutely wham-smacked with the goodness of awesome. It actually sounds EPIC because of the range of characters involved and the music and sfxs implemented into the finished track! There is so much diversity going on in the 20 minutes worth of audio. I seriously can't wait to show it off to all of you fans of the SONIC UNIVERSE series, and I'm anxious to also show how great the team of voice-over artists, that I've specially hand-picked, have done with their performances for the assigned characters in the Scourge: LOCK-DOWN story.

Nevertheless I've also got more good news to share! The visuals will be even better this time round because I've discovered a neat little trick (all on my own based on experimentation!) where the visuals will have that 'finished' look in a movie or film. Check out what I mean with the example below!

So yeah, the sacrifice of not being able to draw comics and concept art will be all worth it I'm sure. = ) I've ALWAYS wanted to do something like this, the Silver Saga video I did a month ago was good but this is way better I think! XD

I look forward to your company in 8 days time! Please do what you can to spread the good news to SONIC UNIVERSE fans (or even Sonic fans in general who would like to check out something truly special)! They won't want to miss out on this one! ;)

Don't You Agree...


Heh..heh... I just couldn't help it, he's a lot of fun to draw! This is just one of the many images that will be drawn exclusively for the animated adaptation.

Oh and btw... Fockin' thingy!! It destroyed the previous journal entry!! All of the feedback lost with it! ;__;

Sorry for the lost comments but I had no choice but to recreate the journal entry again. Bloody hell what just happened to it? Did invade it or something?? Geez. X_X;

Audio 100% Complete!!

In just two weeks into the project the audio production is finally complete!!

The full audio production to the SONIC UNIVERSE Animated Adaptation Act 2 - Scourge: LOCK-DOWN project is set and it is projected to last for over 19 minutes (minus the credits).

So retrospectively we're looking at a potential of 20 minute exclusive film loaded with extras and such! This is 5 minutes longer than the previous video I did based off the Silver Saga.

I'm really looking forward to getting it all compiled together with Adobe Photoshop and Camtasia Studios! It's going to be a lot of work but a lot of fun too!

A big shout-out goes to all of the talented voice-over artists who have provided me with their unique vocal performance of the characters played in the comic drama. I thank you sincerely for your time and shared enthusiasm in the project. We are so going to kick ass and show the world of Sonic Universe fans (and the creators) just how much this series rock and just how much we love the comic series.

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  • Reading: SONIC UNIVESE: Babylon Rising

The 2nd Audio Preview


*drops dead on the floor after spending a whole day getting the audio of one scene right*

Anyways I'll be posting the next audio preview right after this! ^^ Enjoy and be sure to check out Kovabomb's latest 'Sonic Comic Drama' that is dedicated to Sonic the Hedgehog #172: Truth of the Heart.

A blockbuster effort in every right. Kovabomb delivers yet again another fantastic audio drama based on the Sonic Archie comic series. Don't miss it! ;) *thumbs up*

This is a follow up of the previous video detailing my most recent progress on the project as well as my recommendation to get you watching Kovabomb's latest 'Sonic Comic Drama'.

Hope you'll enjoy this next (and possibly last audio preview before the official video). Who knows, I may post another preview in the next couple of weeks while I'm working on the additional illustrations/video compilation side of the project.

Enjoy and a cookie for every person who can figure out who is playing Flying Frog! :D

Make a Crowd Go Nuts!

Here is a live recording of how I usually do crowd scenes using Audacity.
You can easily do one just as authentic by the power of one voice!

For this exercise I'm going to show you how I do a prison detainees, who are going through counselling from a scene in SONIC UNIVERSE #31, go from a tamed bunch to wild and rowdy crowd!

This is only just a rough guideline folks, if you want to make one sound more convincing take your time with it, experiment with the filters, adjust the volume positioning of each track, make sure that all sound levels are balanced and clear at the same time.

Theory section explained from 00:00 to 03:00. Skip to see a live recording from 03:10 onwards. Additional tips from 05:40 onwards.

To see the result go straight to 06:33. Enjoy and hope you've learnt something new today! :)

Hail To the King Baby!

Even a warm-up prior to doing the proper recording of voice-overs for a project like this can be so much fun! X3

Aww man this guy who voices Scourge the Hedgehog did justice to me and I'm sure fans of the bad-ass hedgehog will feel the same!

So yeah this footage showcasing a behind-the-scenes moment of me making preparations for the recording of some voice-overs for Lightning Lynx. I have to time it just right with the dialogue that's being expressed by Scourge for a scene featured in SONIC UNIVERSE #31.

It's quite a challenge to breath life to an already awesome piece of content in the comic book because you gotta consider so many elements that a film will encompass (i.e. audio control, tone and pacing of the dialogue to create drama, sfx and bgm used to create mood and tension etc...)

Anyways enjoy the video! Hope it inspires other people to create their own comic dramas too! I'm going to continue on with the show folks, so far I'm 20% complete with the project - woo!! ;)

An Audio Preview!

Hi everyone! I've been 1 week into the project officially and after figuring out how I'm going to direct this, and, selecting the right crew to dish out some dangerously good voice-overs I've managed to reach 5% into the project overall.
The rest of the 95% will have to be completed by the premiere date which I have set officially for on a Sunday, 20th November 2011.

So far I'm very proud of the team of talented voice-over artists whom I've hand-picked and who have contributed towards this next ambitious fan-project dedicated to the SONIC UNIVERSE series.

I knew this was going to be a big project, and with a big project to tackle I was going to need some much needed help in bringing the characters, from Ian Flynn's fantastic account of Scourge's situation in Jail Zone, to life. Credit also goes to the creative team who visualises and illustrates Ian's writing of the story which will be included in the credits, in full, at the premiere.

Once again I thank each and everyone of you (all 6 voice-over artists) for helping me make this an enjoyable and an even more epic production process. It's been a lot of fun hearing your auditions and recordings and I look forward to putting them to full use in the final audio production - 110% of the way.

Hope you guys who have been following this 'SU Animated Adapatation' series or people who just happen to watch my stuff will enjoy it too! ;)
Click on the image below to have a taste of what's to come from an audio perspective.

In addition to this I've recently posted an Project Announcement detailing my plans for this project in case you've missed it. I also shared my thanks to three Sonic fan community sites that posted the video as news on their front page (which includes The Sonic Stadium, Sonic Wrecks and Emerald and also to the fans who enjoy the work that I do as a hobby on a daily basis - I live to entertain! ^^

Learn About Comics!

This is the latest initiative made by the ever so awesome Jason Brubaker (mastermind of the epic reMIND) who is teamed up with the incredibly talented producer behind the WormWorld Saga, Daniel Lieske. It is a podcast that combines the talents of these two geniuses, who are hardworking indy publishers and graphic novel artists in their own right, sharing their knowledge on how things (and how things don't) work in the competitive and global industry of comics.

This podcast is a must-listen for those aspiring artists who are wondering how to get your work out there in today's demanding market - online or print. It also tackles many other interesting issues that question the comics market (for example, American and European styled comics - the differences between them and how they compare with each other). Understanding these differences can significantly affect your success in publishing your own original comic because you would need to know what the expectations are for audiences of both extremes. Makes you wonder doesn't it?

Anyways enough talk, below is an image link (cool looking title design btw, simple yet bold!) that showcases a sneak peak at their podcast and I highly recommend you tune in if you are serious about making comics and you are in the need to get the 'know-how' from people who have experienced what you might have experienced firsthand, in the journey to have what it takes to make a name for yourself in the world of comics.

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More On Darkspeeds!

Hi guys and gals, it's been a very eventful and exciting week for me as I've managed to complete the first SONIC UNIVERSE Animated Adaptation with great success - more on that later!

Right now I'd like to give a big thanks to Titan's Creed (aka Pete - one of the many fantastic and proactive members of the Sonic UK Community) for giving me the opportunity to be featured in this month's Community Spotlight under
Sonic Wrecks' Community Updates section of the website (for your information, Sonic Wrecks is among the top ranks of the Sonic fan sites in the UK and is owned by ArchangelUK who was previously SEGA Europe's  'Community Manager ' and was co-organiser of 'The Summer of Sonic' conventions created by Dreadknux).

I had a lot of fun answering the questions presented by Titan's Creed - if you'd like to read up on them please click on the image below!

May you gain an insightful journey on how Elson 'Darkspeeds' Wong came to be. ^_~

The Silver Success!

Okay corny title (and photo of me doing the thumbs up! XD) but nevertheless can I just say that the 2 week long SONIC UNIVERSE Animated Adaptation Project was a remarkable success. I share my success and thanks with Kovabomb because he was the one who got me fired up in making one right after watching and listening to his awesome Sonic Comic Dramas (check out his videos if you haven't already done so!)

Nevertheless I'd like to thank you all who have shared your support and enthusiasm on the project since the beginning! I've received all kinds of feedback and was much appreciative of your input. AND because of the overwhelming response... I've decided to embark on ACT 2 with immediate effect! Looks like the blue hedgehog is little jealous... XD Sorry Sonic, it's time to move the spotlight over to a new bad ass in town!

Oh and a big thank you + shout out to Dreadknux (of The Sonic Stadium), ArchangelUK (of Sonic Wrecks and VGER (of</b> for posting the completion of the project (i,e, the final video posted on YouTube) up as news! Thank you so much guys, I very much appreciate it. = )

See you all soon for new updates on the next SONIC UNIVERSE Animated Adaptation Project - Act 2 - Scourge: LOCK-DOWN.


Well the image below says it all folks... It's been one hell of an awesome journey but as one will say: "All good things must come to an end..."

What you'll find on this one final update on the GRAND HUNTER site are never before seen concept sketches! Over 15 of them waiting to be observed as they played a crucial role in setting up the chapters that were to come right after Chapter 09: Reunion.

SonicFanMusic Heaven

These two are probably my most favourite Sonic music remixers of all time.

They produce the type of tempo and upbeat melody that I look for in a Sonic music fan remix. Not only are their compositions signature to a unique style but and the quality production of each track is so good that it's to the point of uncanny. Another thing to point out about MaxieDaMan and TeeLopes' music is that they use alot of instruments that I like to hear in a composition - the pan flute, synthesizer, and Caribbean metal drum to name just a few.

Oh and regarding MaxieDaMan (who was someone I actually interviewed on my DJ Darkspeeds podcast via SEGA Sonic Radio about one and a half years ago - listen to it here) - he officially makes a return just this month! Make sure you show him your support by subscribing his channel and maybe spare some funds to purchase his original compositions!

Finally, I only just discovered this today - TeeLopes did an INSANE Sonic the Hedgehog 2 tribute entitled: "Sonic the Hedgehog 2 Musical Trip" - GO LISTEN TO IT IF YOU HAVEN'T ALREADY! X__X XD

To followed these wonderfully talented musicians please click on the corresponding images below.

:bulletred: [MaxieDaMan] :bulletred:

:bulletgreen: [TeeLopes] :bulletgreen:

If you're heading over to DJ Max-E's new account go and listening to the irresistibly funked-out Balloon Park remix, and as for TeeLopes check out his tropically sweet rendition of the Angel Island Zone.

Oh and for some reason I checked my Twitter moments ago and Psyguy passed this on to me - check this baby out if you love your Sonic the Hedgehog 1 Ending Credits FUNKY-FIED - Psyguy style! You ate too many mushrooms mate... XXD But yeah it's a pretty darn solid-awesome composition I must say! I can't wait for the lyrical version to it!! ^__^

DK Halloween Contest

In the mood to for some Halloween fun? How about sharing your creative talents in exchange for some fabulous prizes? You can't go wrong with this wicked cool contest (hosted for the 6th time!!) that is created by none other than the wonderfully talented Dave & Liz - creators of the DreamKeepers series.

For more information just click on the image below and start getting inspired in crafting some stunning entries for the contest!

You may be asking whether I'll be entering this year? Well for some reason I have yet come up with an idea for the contest - I really want to impress both the fans and creators to this fantastic community they've gathered. Fingers crossed that I'll be able to make it on time given that I'm working full time at the casino, the need to spend quality time with family, and extra projects that I'm currently working on at the moment (one of them being DK related too! More details of that in the near future!).

Nevertheless I encourage all of you to join! It's going to be fun, exciting, and very entertaining for everyone participating!

Story Brubaker

Tell me this folks... AIN'T THAT A COOL NAME?? ^_^

I'd like to give a personal congratulations to Jason Brubaker and his wife for the successful birth of their newborn son - Story Brubaker! I'm sure they make great parents and it's because of people like Jason (who works very hard to get his graphic novel - reMIND - published and recognised across the comics market) that I look up to when it comes to my hobby as a graphic novelist. He's a proud dad and an amazing bunch of talent, that's something really proud of. I hope that one day I'll follow his footsteps to be a family guy/married man as well as others who have been doing similar (like my favourite graphic novelists Dave and Liz - creators of DreamKeepers - who have recently been married).

Please give your support by checking out his amazing and insightful blogs (I've said this a hundred times and won't stop to make mention of it!) as well as his critically acclaimed coffee table book - reMIND.

Alright! That's it for updates!! Now I can finally get to work!! XXD SCOURGE: LOCK-DOWN? It's time to ROCK AND ROLL!! *starts scanning, extracting and editing pages to SU #32*

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