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Girl 2.0 hulks out (commission) :iconelsieguen:ElsieGuen 31 13
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The muscle girl in the cemetery :iconelsieguen:ElsieGuen 37 13
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My friend Moira, episode 5 :iconelsieguen:ElsieGuen 24 16
Little Indy grows big muscles
The female colonel was a muscle beast. When the interrogation started, Indy wasn’t aware of that. At first, she was intimidated just by the way the colonel talked to her.
“Why did you apply?” the colonel snapped.
“I… I’ve always wanted to be…”
“Oh, for heaven’s sake, little girl. Speak louder! I can’t hear you when you whisper!”
Indy winced.
The colonel slammed her fist down on the table. “COME ON! This is a simple question. WHY? DID? YOU? APPLY?”
Indy cleared her throat. “I always wanted to be strong and muscular. And I could use the $ 150,000 of course.”
“HA! Strong and muscular? You don’t know what those words mean!” The colonel looked down at Indy’s application form, and the medical test results. “You are 4’9”. You weigh 71 pounds. Your upper arms are 7 inches around, and your thighs are 15 inches.” The colonel snorted, and looked at Indy a
:iconelsieguen:ElsieGuen 67 51
The Young Protector, part 3: Ara'whyn
The Protectors left the next day. “I would have loved to accompany you for a while, but I can’t do that, in my situation,” Yr’whyn said. “Eon’whyn would also love it to spend some more time with you.”
The Young Protector sighed. “So do I. But this is how it goes, you know. You probably won’t see me again until Eon’whyn has children herself.” They all went to the Rock of Goodbye and hugged it. Yr’whyn and Eon’whyn were crying when the Protectors rushed out of sight.
“You are making it hard on yourself,” the Old Protector said. “You shouldn’t have a relationship with those people. It’s foolish, and you are making everyone sad.”
“Is it forbidden, Old Protector?”
“It is not forbidden, Young Protector. But I care about you, and don’t like to see you like this.”
She was right, of course. The Young Protector was feeling sad for many days. She longed t
:iconelsieguen:ElsieGuen 20 6
Mature content
Babewatch :iconelsieguen:ElsieGuen 71 22
The Young Protector, part 2: Eon'whyn
When the white sun had set, the Old Protector arrived. They woke the children and led them back to their village. The people there were very happy that their children were back, and they paid tribute to the mighty women. After that, the people split up. Most of them went to work in the fields.
A smaller group of men and women went up to the mountain and the Protectors followed them. The people were mining for metals. The Old Protector followed a group that went to the gold mine, while the Young Protector was taken to the iron mine.
It was a strange group: everyone else was taller than the Young Protector, but they all looked like sticks, compared to her massive body. They all made sure they didn’t come close to the almighty woman.
After a while, the people stopped and made room. One of them pointed to the mountain side. “Look here, mighty Protector! We have been mining here during the last year.”
The Young Protector was a bit amazed. There was a small hole in the moun
:iconelsieguen:ElsieGuen 27 10
The Young Protector, part 1: Yr'whyn
The two immensely muscular females approached the volcano with incredible speed. They quickly surveyed the scene. Even though they were far away, their superior hearing enabled them to pick up the desperate cries of the people in the village at the foot of the volcano. They could see a stream of lava, moving quickly towards the village. The biggest female raised her massive arm and pointed. “Look! That boulder is about to move because of the quakes.” They ran on. “You stop it. I’ll take care of the lava!” The larger muscle woman rushed away.
“Yes Old Protector,” the smaller one said. She ran up the mountain, not caring about the drops of boiling hot lava that rained down on her dark skin. She looked up, and saw that the boulder was rocking forward and backward. She was sure it would roll down in just a few moments. It was many times bigger than her, and it could destroy a large part of the village and kill many people. But she knew she could st
:iconelsieguen:ElsieGuen 36 17
Mature content
Gretel the farm girl :iconelsieguen:ElsieGuen 76 41
Mature content
Luna vs Hyper Girl :iconelsieguen:ElsieGuen 61 22
The Muscle Princess Diaries
2 June
Happy birthday to me! I turned twelve today, and the Old Prince (granddad) gave me this diary. I suppose he doesn’t know NOBODY writes in a diary anymore!! If you want to record what you are doing, you start a vlog, a blog or a social media account. I suppose granddad doesn’t know that. After all, he was born in another century. They used to exchange letters through carrier pigeons then.
But the Queen insisted that I should write in my diary. At least ten times, so I can say I tried. I rolled my eyes.
4 June
I don’t know what to write about. This diary is sooo boring!
24 August
We met with the Olympic team today. I talked to the gymnastics girls. They are a couple years older than me, but I am taller than most of them. In spite of that, their bodies look fantastic!! They have muscles everywhere, and they are really strong. They did some summersaults for me. I want to be as strong and muscular as they are!
27 August
I decided to go to
:iconelsieguen:ElsieGuen 25 6
Mature content
She-Hulk's sports bra :iconelsieguen:ElsieGuen 119 34
Live Writing! by ElsieGuen Live Writing! :iconelsieguen:ElsieGuen 90 39
Eleni's Quest (Peplum Muscle), part 3
It didn’t take Eleni long to reach the Anatolian coast. When she reached the shore she started running at high speed. Only after a while she realized she had no idea where she should go. She stopped, and jumped into the air. She was delighted to find that she could jump very high now, about ten times her own height. When she landed, she sank into the ground up to her knees. She jumped again and looked into another direction. Far in the distance she spotted a group of houses.
She ran towards them and arrived only moments later. A man shook his head in disbelief as the muscular woman seemed to appear out of nothing. ‘Tell me where I can the nearest Persian army camp!’ she demanded.
‘You are Greek, aren’t you? I won’t tell you anything!’
‘Ah, you don’t seem to understand,’ she said with a smile. ‘Is this yours?’ She pointed to simple house with clay walls behind him. The man nodded. While she kept smiling at him, she
:iconelsieguen:ElsieGuen 43 16
Eleni's Quest (Peplum Muscle), part 2
A ray of sunlight struck Eleni and it felt like the goddess herself touched her. She sat up and dried her eyes. ‘No,’ she said. ‘I shouldn’t be crying like a little baby. The generous goddess has given me awesome powers and I am going to use them.’ She thought for a moment. ‘Until now, it was enough to use my physical strength. I have become so strong that no one could resist me. Maybe I should explore what else I can do with my strength?’
She lifted the bottom of her peplos and examined her giant thighs. ‘Until now, I mostly used my arm strength. I wonder what these pillars can do?’ She crouched down and her thighs grew even bigger. Eleni took a deep breath and launched herself into the air. She was surprised how high she could jump. Almost three times her own height, she guessed. ‘Wow, my legs are really strong! If I can jump this high, I suppose I am also able to run very fast.’
She tucked up her peplos and ran away.
:iconelsieguen:ElsieGuen 47 10
Eleni's Quest (Peplum Muscle), part 1
'Oh mighty Hera, queen of heaven, please hear me. I travelled three days to visit your temple. I came all the way from Armenoi with our only goat. I will offer it to you, as you are the goddess of marriage. You are my only hope. Please hear my plea!'
Eleni took a deep breath, and wiped the tears from her eyes.
'A messenger from the army told me that Mikkos, my good husband, has been taken prisoner in the war against the Persians. I am desperate, powerful Hera! Please, give me strength in these times of sorrow! I am just an ordinary, weak woman and I don’t know what to do without my man. I can’t face the world without him. Please give me strength!' Eleni broke and fell to the floor, sobbing.
When she left the sanctuary, she still had tears in her eyes. A woman approached her. She was tall, voluptuous and beautiful. It was hard to estimate her age.
'Are you feeling better, daughter?' the woman asked.
'Not really… I hope Hera has heard me.'
The woman smiled at her. 'Don&
:iconelsieguen:ElsieGuen 66 12


Wonder Woman...with Tutorial! by Jeffach Wonder Woman...with Tutorial! :iconjeffach:Jeffach 552 44
low comissions
:iconshayeragal:Shayeragal 9 12
Commission : muscle corrin - jiuhfgtr by tireimisu Commission : muscle corrin - jiuhfgtr :icontireimisu:tireimisu 426 10 Story Concept: Ruina, BabyBoo And Elsie by FireHonest942
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Story Concept: Ruina, BabyBoo And Elsie :iconfirehonest942:FireHonest942 50 6
Pinups: VEL 4 by FireHonest942
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Pinups: VEL 4 :iconfirehonest942:FireHonest942 36 5
Peril: Welcome To The Dungeon 1 by FireHonest942
Mature content
Peril: Welcome To The Dungeon 1 :iconfirehonest942:FireHonest942 30 21
Peril: Welcome To The Dungeon 3 by FireHonest942
Mature content
Peril: Welcome To The Dungeon 3 :iconfirehonest942:FireHonest942 22 8
Pinups: VEL And Babyboo by FireHonest942 Pinups: VEL And Babyboo :iconfirehonest942:FireHonest942 25 21 Transformation: Babyboo by FireHonest942
Mature content
Transformation: Babyboo :iconfirehonest942:FireHonest942 30 17
Devious Journal Entry
Commissions open-
Single character sketches- 15USD per character + 5$ for inks (if needed).
Colored -40$ for pencil+ink+color
With Background-50 usd colored.
2 characters together on same page-25 USD per page(pencils) + 10$ for inks(if needed).
Colored -45$ for pencil+ink+color
With Background-60 usd colored.
Sequential art- 30-40 USD per page depending upon criticality and details. 40USD for pencils+inks.
Check gallery folders for samples-
:iconalf-alpha:Alf-Alpha 1 2
Elsieguen's OCs [Commissions] by Paiplez Elsieguen's OCs [Commissions] :iconpaiplez:Paiplez 38 1 ELIZABETH SORRELS: Heavy Lifting by JOSERODMOTA
Mature content
ELIZABETH SORRELS: Heavy Lifting :iconjoserodmota:JOSERODMOTA 86 11
Overwatch : Pharah by Rokupan
Mature content
Overwatch : Pharah :iconrokupan:Rokupan 422 38
Commissions are open!!
Greetings everyone! I'm offering commissioned works, so, if you are interested in a drawing made by me, send me a note and we can sort things out.
IMPORTANT INFORMATIONAll drawings will be made on A4 (8.3" x 11.7"/21 cm x 30 cm), so, the level of detail and characters is limitedYou will receive a 300 dpi scan of the drawing.
Only black and white art at the moment.
I can do work with humans and anthropomorphic, mature themes, heterosexual only.
I can do work with children, human or anthropomorphic, but no mature themes.
I can send you the original for an additional fee.
International payments through Paypal only.
SKETCHES: simple pencil drawing, one character, can have a simple background: US$ 20 - SAMPLE.

:iconeduardoschloesser:eduardoschloesser 2 0
Lucyana by Gwasanee Lucyana :icongwasanee:Gwasanee 35 2
Dating God
Scene: Steve Harris, call-center customer service rep for RyCo, is enjoying his obligation-less Saturday afternoon sitting on his couch in the living room of his apartment, watching some Netflix shows.
The screen of his computer, just a second ago displaying Steve’s favorite workplace comedy, cut over to an upper-body shot of a gorgeous woman he had never seen on the show before, with striking dark black hair, glowing red eyes, and a pair of massive tits that would have required a back-brace for most people. Steve was taken aback immediately, because he certainly didn’t remember this part from the last time he watched it, a few years ago. Maybe this was a director’s cut or something?
“Hi honey!” The woman exclaimed towards the screen, as if she was talking right to him.
“Steve? Honey? I know you’re watching. Come on sweetie, say something! You’ve always wanted to tell Morgan Hansen you loved her, right? Well here she is!”
The strang
:iconsuperdegenerate64:superdegenerate64 41 15


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Nov 14, 2018
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Which of my heroines do you like the best? 

20 deviants said Trisha (Trisha's high school muscle growth)
20 deviants said Hyper Girl
16 deviants said Kayra (The many faces of Kayra)
13 deviants said Moira (My friend Moira)
13 deviants said Becca (Muscle mommy)
10 deviants said Yolena (The billionaire's wife)
2 deviants said other (please specify in the comments)



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Catherine LeMarchand could feel her muscles expand, growing even bigger than they were in their normal state. She closed her eyes and moaned, as the Rage filled her body with enormous amounts of power. It made her whole body swell. At a rapid pace, she became bigger. Broader. Heavier. Taller. Stronger.

Much stronger.

When she opened her eyes again, she looked down on the librarian, who was shaking uncontrollably. Catherine rammed her fists on the desk, which almost collapsed because of her power and weight. “Give me that book NOW, you puny nerd!” she grunted, her spit raining down on the face of the terrified woman. While Catherine talked, her body kept growing. A thick vein appeared on her forehead. Her body was now frighteningly big. The desk groaned.

“I…” the librarian squeaked.

Catherine roared, and leaned over the desk. She could feel her energy level building up, waiting to be released. The librarian cowered backward as the massive girl approached her and extended one unbelievably muscled arm, while her other fist remained on the desk.

The increasing weight and strength was more than the desk could take. It broke in two halves which collapsed with a loud noise. The librarian passed out and Catherine fell onto the remains of the desk. Several splinters stuck into her skin. She didn’t really feel it, but it annoyed her and made her even angrier. With one sweep of her mighty arm she sent the debris flying through the room. It crashed against one of the bookshelves, which toppled over. Hundreds of books fell on the floor.

Catherine stood back up. She could feel that her body was still growing, although the pace of the growth was slowing down. She moaned loudly. She loved the feeling! At the same time, she could feel the pressure building up. Her extremely pumped body was now packed with tremendous power, and that power yearned to be released. She looked around. All around her were rows and rows of bookshelves, full of books.

She could feel that she was losing control.

Finally, Catherine’s growth stopped. She clenched her fists, put her head in her neck and roared like a wild beast. She turned into a force of nature, unstoppable, purely instinct and anger. She ran towards one of the bookshelves. It was a bit higher than she was. In her normal state, she could probably just reach the top shelf. In her state of Rage, she was taller, but she didn’t care about the books.

She extended her enormous arms. It was amazing how far she could reach. She grasped the sides of the bookshelf and lifted it off the ground like it was made of cardboard. As she lifted it higher, books rained down on her, but she hardly noticed. She held the shelf above her head for a moment. Her upper arms grew larger than pumpkins. With enormous force, and with a loud howl, she tossed the bookshelf against another one. It collapsed, and so did the two shelves behind it. Catherine didn’t wait to see the result. She quickly turned around and kicked another bookcase. She hit it with so much force, that it sailed through the air several feet, before it crashed into another bookcase.

Cursing and shouting, she ran towards another bookshelf. Her huge body rammed straight through it, sending splinters into all directions. From the corner of her eye she saw some students running away, in the distance.

“Run, you worms!” she growled. “You and your pathetic bodies are no match for Catherine 2.0. I could crush all you nerds between my fingers!” Her threats made the students run even faster.

The raging girl continued her demolition of the library for the next fifteen minutes.

Then, she slowly calmed down. She found that her body was shrinking back to its normal state. She was panting heavily, and sweat streamed down her still muscular body. She wiped her hand across her forehead and looked around her. No bookshelf was standing upright. The floor was covered with broken shelves and heaps of books.

When she had regained herself, she shrugged her shoulders and left the building. A large crowd had gathered outside. Everybody was staring at her, and they quickly made way when she approached. Catherine visited the campus restaurant and ate six big meals. When she was finished, she went home and crashed on her bed. She slept fifteen hours.

She woke up because someone kept ringing her doorbell. After five minutes, she got out of bed. On her way to the door, she picked up her phone. She checked it and noticed that there were more than twenty messages. “Fuck,” she muttered.

She opened the door and saw two men of the campus security staff. “Good afternoon, miss Catherine,” the older one said. “The Dean wants to speak to you.”

“Again,” the other one whispered.

“Maybe you want to put on something more appropriate?”

Catherine looked down. As usual, she was just wearing a bikini. “This is just fine,” she said. “And we don’t want to keep the Dean waiting, won’t we?”

The two men accompanied her. They left her penthouse and passed the library, and she saw a sign that it was closed. Many windows were broken. Construction workers were walking in and out. She noticed that the younger security officer had his eyes on her.

She knew what she looked like. She was stunning, even while she had just woken up. People stared at her the whole day. Catherine had a beautiful face, with long blonde hair. She had big blue eyes, with long eyelashes and high cheekbones. Her nose looked perfect, her lips were full, her skin was flawless.

But most people hardly noticed her face, because her body was a showstopper. Every single part of her body was covered with enormous muscles, giving her the size of a male heavyweight bodybuilder. Because she knew the man was watching her, Catherine flexed her muscles a bit, making them look even bigger.

A group of students came from the other direction. When they were about to pass each other, Catherine suddenly stepped into their direction. “Boo!” she shouted, and raised her mighty arms.

The students in the other group panicked. Some ran away, other stumbled over each other and fell to the ground.

“Don’t make things worse,” the security man warned her.

Catherine grinned. “Come on, I’m just joking! And besides: those were all nerds. Who cares about them?”

She arrived at the Dean’s office and his secretary told her she could go in. The Dean was talking to his screen. He looked up at her. “Sit down,” he said.

“Yes, she is arrived.” He turned the screen, so Catherine could see that he was talking to her father.

“Daddy!” she said. She moved her seat so the camera was aimed at her. She blew him a kiss.

Mister LeMarchand frowned. “I am a bit upset, honey. Did you think you could destroy half the university library without any consequences?”

“It wasn’t my fault, daddy” she pouted. “I really needed this economics textbook for an assignment and the professor told me just the other day. So I went to the bookstore, but they didn’t have it on stock. They said I should go to the library. But the librarian told me that all copies were out on loan. I told her to give me the names of the persons who had borrowed it, so I could visit them and get it from them. But she told me she couldn’t do that. She was so unhelpful! She made me really angry. I tried very hard to remain patient, but she kept saying ‘no’ to me, and I Raged. It’s all her fault!” She looked at the screen and fluttered her eyelashes. “Daddy, you should really get her fired!”

“That’s enough,” the Dean interrupted her. “Catherine, you…”

“James,” mister LeMarchand said, “can I say something? I am surprised that a textbook that a student really needs isn’t available in the library. So I suggest I will start a fund to increase the number of textbooks in the university library. What about 3 million dollar every year, as long as my lovely daughter is studying at your university?

This is of course all on top of the amount I’m sending you to compensate for the damage. What do you think?”

The Dean covered his eyes and sighed. “Listen. You are very generous, and I really appreciate it. But we both know this isn’t the first time that Catherine is here in my office. Do you know how many parents I had on the phone this morning, who expressed their worries about the safety of their children? Who want to have this ‘muscle monster’ to be expelled? Way too much! This time, we can’t let Catherine get away with just an apology.”

“What do you suggest, James?”

“The only way that your daughter can stay, is by taking an anger management training. Real soon. In fact, I made an appointment for her. She can have her first session this afternoon, at four. I’ll have my secretary send her the details.”

“No, daddy!” Catherine whined. “I don’t want to go! Tell him!”

“I’m sorry honey. I’m afraid that this time, you’ll have to do something. My money has gotten you out of trouble many times, but this is one of those rare occasions that it doesn’t work.”

“But daddy, I also have this assignment! I have no time for stupid sessions! I have to study! I promise that I will never Rage again!”

Catherine pleaded and argued for ten minutes more. She pretended to be crying. But this time, her father didn’t give it. She finally gave up, left the room without a word and slammed the door. Catherine stood outside of the Dean’s office and thought for a minute.

She turned to the secretary. “I need an economics student, to help me with my assignment. Do you know where I can find one?”

“You could try the fraternity right across the street.” She pointed.

“Thank you!” Catherine said, and left.

“But you can’t…” the secretary started, but the muscle girl had already marched out.

Catherine’s perfectly tanned skin soaked in the sunlight. “The weather is much too beautiful to waste my time on such a stupid assignment,” she said to herself. “I really need to be in the sun.” She walked into the fraternity house. Several students stared at her as she passed by.

Just one dared to speak to her. “No girls allowed here.”

She gave him an icy look. “I’m not a girl. I am Girl 2.0. Normal rules don’t apply to me. I am so much stronger and fitter than you are. I am surprised that you are talking to me without my permission.” She leaned forward and flexed her upper body. Enormous traps rose up, her shoulders grew until they were almost as big as his head. He took a step back, and stumbled over a threshold.

Catherine smirked, and stepped over his body, into the living room. She had to turn her upper body a bit, because the doorway was too narrow for her wide shoulders. She turned around, picked up the fallen student and lifted him above her head with one arm. Everybody stopped talking and stared at her overdeveloped body.

She looked completely out of place. She was surrounded by about ten male students, all more or less nerdy types who rarely worked out. Maybe Catherine had more muscles on her body than all of them combined.

Her thighs were enormous. It was as if big slabs of muscle had been glued to the outer sides of her upper legs. She always had to walk with her feet far apart, so the huge muscle masses weren’t rubbing against each other too much. She was especially proud of her abdominal muscles. Even relaxed, it looked like they were carved out of her stomach, with deep ridges separating them.

She had small but defined breasts, which looked bigger because they were supported by thick plates of pectoral muscle. Her back was ridiculously wide, her shoulders capped with layers and layers of muscle. Her upper arms were much bigger than the thighs of the students, with thick veins running over them.

She smiled and gave them some time to admire her body. She pumped the student a few time with her one arm, but his weight hardly challenged her. Then she spoke: “Hi everyone. I am Catherine LeMarchand. I suppose you all know me. I am looking for someone to make my economics assignment. It just has to be five pages, so I suppose you nerds can do that in a couple of hours.” She looked around. “Volunteers, please step forward!”

No one moved. “Okay,” she said. “I can understand that you little boys are a bit shy when you are so close to a big girl. Especially a girl as magnificent as I am. But did I mention there is a reward? The one who helps me out can spend the whole night with me. I have a lot of sex toys in my bedroom. You can do to me whatever you want!” She grinned. “But it always ends up with you doing what I want. You will be begging for mercy!”

Several boys in the room slowly raised their hands. Catherine laughed. “Okay. Here’s the 64 dollar question: who can give me 7 inches or more? Because you need to bring a lot to satisfy me!”

Most hands dropped, and she saw several disappointed faces. Just one boy had his hand still in the air. He turned red when he saw that everybody was looking at him… and his pants.

Catherine stepped towards him. “Well, you don’t look too bad. For a nerd, that is. You can bring me the assignment tonight around eight, at my dorm. You know where it is, right? The penthouse?”

He could only nod, as Catherine towered over him with her bulging muscles. She was still carrying the other student. He held his hands in front of his crotch as her eyes wandered down.

“Well, it would be nice if you can keep up with me, because until now, nobody could. I can go on for hours, because my superior body hardly gets tired. Last month, I spent a whole weekend with seven guys from the football team. I didn’t sleep at all and I came so many times that I lost count after my sixtieth orgasm. I made those guys work harder than during a high-intensity training. Their dicks were spent and sore after twenty-four hours, but I managed to keep them thick and hard by showing off my giant muscles, and by easily lifting weights that were much heavier than they could handle. No man can resist that! Some could sleep when others were busy satisfying and admiring me. And still, they had to recover for a week after that. While I attended class on Monday morning at 9. No problem.”

She looked around her and grinned. “I hope I’m not embarrassing you with my sex talk? I love to have sex, and I like to talk about sex. I want you to know that sex is a completely natural thing. Even though most of you are probably still virgins!”

She laughed out loud, and then turned to the student she had picked: “So you can bring a friend if you want. I can easily dominate the both of you. And you can take turns: one of you wimps can recover while I’m pounding down on the other. That would be so much fun! Or we could take it easy for some time, while you worship my huge muscles.”

She turned around and handed her phone to another student. “Take a picture of us!” she demanded. She wrapped her impressive arm around the student. She could feel he was shaking. With her other arm, she still held the other student high above her head. When the picture was taken, she asked: “What is your name, my little sex toy?” She giggled when he turned even redder. She grasped him a little tighter and bent over, so he was lifted off the ground.

“Frederick,” he whispered.

She put him on his feet again. She took her phone and opened Instagram. “Little Frederick and I are going to have a lot of ‘fun’ tonight,” she typed with one thumb, and she posted the pic, so her hundreds of thousands of fans could once more see how enormous she was compared to other people. She knew they loved that. She loved it herself as well.

“Bye Freddy! See you tonight!” she said, and she left the house. At the front door, she tossed the student she had been carrying all the time into the bushes. “I hope you will be more polite, the next time we meet,” she snapped.

The mighty muscle girl went to the park. “I’m glad I don’t have to worry about my assignment anymore. So it’s time to relax a bit before I go to the fucking stupid anger management appointment.” She checked her phone and saw that the Dean’s secretary had sent her more details about her appointment. She cursed loudly.

She saw a student on a bicycle who was waiting for a zebra crossing. She grabbed the bike, with the student still on it, and lifted it into the air. She crossed the street, while she pumped the bike up and down a couple of times. She ignored the indignant cries of the student. At the other side of the street, she spun around quickly, until she heard retching sounds above her head. She quickly put the student down. He was totally dizzy, so he fell on the pavement and threw up.

“Yikes!” she said. “That’s really nasty!” She quickly walked away.

Because of the sunny weather, it was very crowded in the park. But Catherine found herself a nice place between the picnic tables. She took the belts of two of the four students who were on a blanket in the sun, reading their textbooks. She lifted the two in the air without much effort. “I suppose you didn’t know this spot was reserved by me. But if you move very quickly, I won’t toss you into the pond.” She dropped them and they groaned when they fell on the ground. But they immediately stood up to gather their stuff.

Just one of the students hesitated. Catherine looked him in the eye and said: “Yes, there’s four of you. But I have taken on larger groups and humiliated them. It’s almost impossible for you weak worms to hurt my super body. While it is very easy for me to damage your fragile little bodies.” She slowly brought up her arm and flexed her monster bicep. The student swallowed hard and put several books in his bag.

She smiled at him and pointed. “There’s a nice place for you over there.”

He looked where she was pointing. “But that’s in the shadow.”

Catherine shrugged. “So? That’s not my problem.”

“But can’t we stay here next to you? There’s still room here for the four of us.”

“My enormous body needs lots of room. Now move! I won’t say it again!”

They hurried away and Catherine laid down in the grass. She immediately forgot about them, because they were completely irrelevant to her, like ants. The sensational girl enjoyed the warmth of the sun and slowly dozed off.

She woke up because of a loud voice near her. “Look at that! It is unnatural! No one can look that way without serious abuse. When you put a needle in her, you would harvest enough testosterone to turn a dozen boys into men!”

A softer voice responded: “Well, everybody has the freedom to shape their own body. And some like it if people look that way.”

“O, come on! Those are perverts. And did you hear what she did last night? She destroyed the whole library. And o yes, her sweet rich daddy is paying for the damage again. Well, I think that she is a freak, and that she should be kicked out of this university right now. She should go back where she came from!”

“Brad. Ssh… she’s awake. Don’t make her angry.”

Catherine sat up and looked at the people that had talked about her. There were seven, and they were all dressed up. Three were about the age of Catherine, probably a bit older. The other ones could be their parents.

She slowly stood up. Then, she sauntered towards the picnic table where the group was sitting. It had a tablecloth, and fresh food. She stopped when she was close, and watched them for a minute, without speaking. She flexed her muscles a bit, and rolled her shoulders.

“Something to celebrate?” she asked.

“Yes,” one of the older men replied. “Brad and Jenna got engaged.”

“How sweet!” Catherine clapped her hands. Her biceps swole. “And that gives you the right to insult anybody you like?”

The man looked at Catherine’s enormous muscles and raised his hands. “Look here, we didn’t mean to…”

But the young man interrupted him. “No dad. Stop it. Don’t let her intimidate you. She’s been terrorising the whole campus for months, and it has to stop. There is no place for bullies on steroids here!”

One of the older women put her hand on his arm. “Brad, please…”

Catherine calmly walked over to the young man. He was about as tall as she was, maybe an inch taller. “You are just jealous of my big muscles and my enormous strength, aren’t you? Do strong girl scare you, Brad?”

“Fuck no. I’m not scared of you, bitch! I’m on the rowing team, and we spend five days a week in the gym. So I bet I’m just as strong as you with your fake muscles. Probably even stronger.”

“Ah, so you want to make a bet, Brad?” Catherine purred. “Do you really think you can match these ‘fake’ muscles?” She flexed her bicep.

One of the girls cried out: “Oh my God!”. She put her hand to her mouth and watched Catherine’s huge muscle with wide eyes.

Catherine looked at her and asked: “You are Jenna?” The girl could just nod.

Catherine turned back to Brad and clenched her fist. Brad swallowed when he saw her menacing muscle rise even higher. “Do you still think you are stronger, little boy?”

“Y… Yes,” he stammered, but he didn’t sound convinced at all.

“Okay Brad. Can you lift this table for me, with your big and strong muscles?” she asked. She took a piece of toast with salmon and put it into her mouth.


Catherine pulled the tablecloth, and all the food fell on the ground. “Are you stupid?! Lift this fucking table! Now!”

One of the older man ran up to her, but Catherine simply extended her arm and pushed him away. He sailed through the air before he crashed on the ground, several feet away. She kept staring at Brad, who had started shaking.

Finally, he gave in. He walked to the small end of the table, leaned forward, grasped the sides of the table and slowly stood back up. He groaned, and his head turned red. First, the two legs on the far side rose into the air. With a loud grunt, he stood up straight, and he held the whole table into the air. He held it there for a second, and then let it fall back on the ground. He crashed down on the table, panting heavily.

“Well, what a strong little boy!” Catherine said. She crouched down under the table, put her hands against the underside, and stood back up. She did it in one swift motion, as if she was lifting a tray.

“Hey!” Brad shouted. He held on to the table, as it started rocking.

“Don’t move,” Catherine demanded. She let go of one arm, so she was balancing the whole table, including Brad’s weight, with one arm. She smiled at Jenna, who was still staring at her. Catherine winked at the girl and, with some effort, pumped the table one time. Her arm grew bigger than ever when she did so.

She carefully put the table back on the ground. “Well, I think it is perfectly clear who is the strongest,” Catherine said. “Which means that I won our bet.”

Brad sat up. “Bet?”

“Yes. And as we didn’t say anything about the stakes, I suppose I can take what I want. So I am going to take your engagement.”

“What?” he yelled. “Are you crazy? You can’t do that! And by the way: I’ll never want to be engaged with you. You monster!”

Catherine looked at him as if he was a toad. “Of course not. I don’t fancy ugly, weak, whining little boys.” She turned to his fiancee. “I’m taking Jenna!”

“O!” the girl cried. She hesitated for a moment, and then she ran up to Catherine. She fell on her knees and started feeling Catherine’s thick thigh. “You’re so big… so thick… so strong. I wish I had just a fraction of your strength and muscles!”

Catherine triumphantly smiled at Brad. Then, she looked down at the much smaller girl. “What do you say? Shall we go over to my place and get to know each other better?”

“Yes, please!” Jenna panted. Catherine scooped her up in her strong arms, and ran off extremely fast, leaving the other people in complete bewilderment.

Girl 2.0 hulks out (commission)
This was a commission for someone who wants to remain anonymous. It was my first commission, and I like it, so it is very probable I'll be doing more. And the next one could be the second part of this story, because it isn't finished yet.
In the past month, several people have asked me if I do commissions. I haven't done that up til now, but I'm willing to give it a try! I am very choosy, so please read this post before you ask me.

Rules and conditions

  • I will only write stories that are very similar to the other stories I have written. Which means that I will only write about (super) strong, muscular women
  • No fanfic
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  • No explicit sex
  • No extreme violence or gore
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As this is an experiment for me, I'll open just one slot at this moment. As time passes by, I may open more slots. I also might change the rules and conditions.

EDIT: the slot was claimed, and I already started writing. I have a good feeling about this commission, so it is probable I'll open up again in the future. But let's first see how the story will work out!

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Just like the nights before, Carlotta Cinquestella slept on the family grave. It had been uneasy, the first nights, but she had grown used to it. The cemetery was situated in a small forest outside the city. It was a very quiet place.

But not this night. Carlotta woke up because of a lot of noise. She sat up and looked around. Something flashed by. Carlotta shook her head.

Whatever it was, it stopped fifteen meters further, in an open spot which was lit by the full moon.

It was a young woman. She had a beautiful face and big, curly hair. “How old is she?” Carlotta thought. “She looks so young… Fourteen or fifteen?”

But when she looked down, Carlotta gasped, and she knew that couldn’t be right. The woman’s body looked fantastic. She wore a sleeveless leather jacket, in black and red. The zipper was pulled down to her belly button, showing she wore nothing underneath. A considerable part of her big round breasts was clearly visible.

But Carlotta was struck most by the muscularity of the woman. Her shoulders were wide, firm and round. Her arms were huge. Her upper arms were probably as big as Carlotta’s thighs! Her leather miniskirt hardly covered her tree-trunk thighs.

The woman looked around. She saw Carlotta, and smiled and winked before Carlotta could duck away behind a tombstone.

When she peeked around the stone, some seconds later, the woman had vanished. But she heard noise behind her, so she turned around. Carlotta was astounded. It was the woman again. How had she managed to cover that distance in just a few seconds? She carried a man under her arm, while she was chasing another one.

Carlotta couldn’t believe her eyes. The man she was carrying looked quite heavy, about 80 or 90 kilograms. And still, the woman was able to run much faster than the man she was after. In just a few seconds, she had passed him. Even from that distance, Carlotta could see he was terrified. The man cowered backward, until he bumped against a tree.

The woman kept walking forward. She moved her arm, and suddenly the other man was above her head, supported by one muscle-packed arm. The woman wasn’t as tall as the man against the tree, but her upper body was much wider. She kept approaching him until their bodies touched.

Carlotta saw how the man’s eyes widened. His fists hit her hard against her head, her back and her sides, but she didn’t seem to notice his blows. He cried in pain as she leaned forward, and moved her powerful upper body from left to right and back. The woman showed no mercy. She made another step forward. There was a loud crack, and his body got limp. His head dropped to her shoulder, his eyes and mouth wide open.

The woman stepped back and his body dropped to the ground. Even in the dim light, Carlotta could see that his upper body was bleeding severely from many big wounds.

The woman didn’t seem to care, and turned around. There was blood all over her jacket. She turned her attention to the man she had been carrying with ease, all the time. He seemed to be unconscious. She put her hands in his armpits. Her arms were bulging with muscles. She bent her knees, and tossed him into the air. Carlotta couldn’t believe it. He shot up like a rocket, and she didn’t see him coming down again.

Then she saw movement from the corner of her eye. A man stepped from behind a tree, and raised a gun at the woman.

“Watch out!” Carlotta shouted.

In a flash, the woman turned around. She reached to her side, pulled a tombstone out of the ground as if it was made of cardboard and held it in front of her body. It all happened in the blink of an eye. The man shot at her, but the bullets only hit the thick stone. Several seconds later, his gun was empty.

The woman raised the stone above her head. “My turn,” she grinned. “Catch!” She threw the tombstone at him with enormous speed. The stone must have weighed more than 100 kgs, but she made it looked like it didn’t weigh much more than a tennis ball.

Of course, the man didn’t stand a chance. His body was hit hard by the stone, and he flew back several meters. His broken body was half covered by the stone, and didn’t move anymore.

The muscle woman ran over to the man, and moved her hand over him. She inhaled deeply. She stood there for a minute, her hands on her hips. Her back looked incredibly wide. Then she turned to Carlotta and sauntered towards her. Carlotta panicked, and looked around. But she knew there was no way she could escape from this killer woman.

“Don’t worry, I won’t hurt you,” she said in a hoarse voice. “These morons promised me something valuable a couple of months ago, but they didn’t want to give it to me tonight. So I took it from them.”

She was now very close to Carlotta. She took a step back, and stumbled. She put her hand behind her, to prevent herself from falling, and felt a sting of pain. She looked over her shoulder, and saw that she had closed her hand around the cast iron fence.

A strong hand around her waist pulled her forward. She was now standing very close to the muscle woman. From this close, Carlotta could see that her muscles were enormous. Her perfume was strange, but intoxicating. Her big breasts were almost touching Carlotta’s much smaller ones. The woman smiled at her. “But what’s your story? Why are you here, in this place, in the middle of the night?”

Carlotta looked down, and noticed that her hand was bleeding. “O. This is where I sleep. I can’t sleep in my bed anymore.”

The woman tilted her head. “Why is that?”

Carlotta swallowed. “They… The house is empty now. My whole family is dead.”

“Oh no! Are they buried here?”

She could just nod.

The woman put a hand on her shoulder. “Poor soul. It breaks my heart.”

Despite her grief, Carlotta couldn’t help but notice the huge upper arm, which was so close now. The woman grinned, and bent her arm. An enormous bicep erupted. She took Carlotta’s hand with her free hand, and put it on top of the humongous muscle. Carlotta squeezed, but she couldn’t dent the rock-hard bicep.

“Oh my God,” she murmured, as she squeezed with all her strength.

The woman closed her eyes for a second, as if she was in pain.

“I’m sorry!” Carlotta cried. “I didn’t mean to hurt you!”

The woman regained herself. “No, don’t worry. You didn’t hurt me. It’s just… Never mind.”

Carlotta ran her hand over the bicep, to the beefy shoulder. Even though she saw it right in front of her, it was hard to believe how big the woman was. And how strong. “I wish I was like you,” she whispered.

The woman tilted her head and gave her an intense look. “Really? What would you be willing to give for that?”

“Everything,” Carlotta breathed.

“Okay.” The woman took Carlotta’s other head, and brought it to her mouth. She licked up some of the blood that was still flowing. Carlotta shivered. The woman gave her a smothering look and put her hand in Carlotta’s neck. With irresistible force, she pulled Carlotta’s head towards hers. Their lips softly touched, and Carlotta moaned as she opened her mouth.

The woman’s tongue slipped in, and it felt strange. It tasted strange. She could taste her own blood, but it tasted different. It tasted good, delicious. Carlotta felt her knees go weak. A strong hand around her waist supported her and took her some steps to the left, as the kiss went on. Even though she had never kissed a girl before, it was by far the best kiss of her life. This girl had it all: great looks, soft lips, a mysterious scent. Her full breasts and hard body now pressed against Carlotta’s. It was heaven. She didn’t want this kiss to end.

Carlotta shivered, while she started glowing. The warmth started in her belly, and slowly spread through her whole body. As the feeling reached her limbs, it felt as if she was swelling, expanding.

The woman’s tongue explored her mouth, touched places that were never touched before, giving Carlotta immeasurable pleasure. In the back of her mind, she registered that her feet were touching the ground no longer, but she didn’t think about it, because her senses were being overloaded. The kiss, the glowing, the feeling of her growing limbs, the strong body against hers.

She wrapped her arms around the mysterious woman, and was amazed about the sheer width of her upper body. Carlotta put her hands on the back of the woman. She could feel the rock-hard muscles through the leather. She tried to squeeze. In the beginning, she was careful, but she quickly discovered that her hands couldn’t dent the muscles.

Her hands wandered over the sculpted landscape, tracing the hard muscles with her fingers, exploring the ridges between them.

All the time, the two women kept kissing. Carlotta lost all sense of time. One of her hands moved up, towards the woman’s head. Her other hand went down.

Suddenly, the woman broke the kiss and put Carlotta back down on the ground. Carlotta panted, and looked down. She was standing on the five-pointed star, which was part of their coat of arms, that was engraved on the tomb.

“How do you feel?” the woman asked and Carlotta looked back up.

“I feel great,” she said, and at the moment she said it, she knew it was true. The wonderful feeling still filled her body. Every part of her was tingling and felt different. Better. Stronger. She rubbed her hand over her stomach, which felt tighter, more defined. She noticed that her hand had stopped bleeding. When she looked closer, she could just see a small scar.

“Why don’t you test yourself?” The woman nodded at the fence around the grave.

“What?” But she crouched down, and grabbed two of the spindles of the fence. “Now what?” she thought. She pulled with all her strength, but nothing happened. Carlotta sighed.

“Keep trying,” the woman encouraged her.

Carlotta didn’t get it, but she kept on pulling. Still, nothing. But then, she could feel the inner glow again, and it was as if her arms were growing. It was as if her body was drawing strength from deep down, from the centre of the Earth. Slowly, she could feel something happening. The warmth spread to her legs, and she slowly stood up. To her own amazement, she pulled one panel of the fence straight out of the ground! She was sure she couldn’t have done that half an hour ago, before the kiss.

The woman watched her with a big smile. “Well done,” she said. She took the fence from Carlotta, and folded the cast iron between her hands like it was tin foil. She grinned, as she saw Carlotta’s face. “Keep on practicing, and you will be like me, sometime.”

Carlotta’s eyes widened. She looked at the mangled metal in the hands of the girl. She saw her muscular arms, which were so much bigger than her own. “Really?”

She nodded, and carelessly tossed the ruined fence over her shoulder. “Whenever you need more strength, you have to concentrate. Very soon, you will receive the power you need. But don’t overdo it. Take small steps.”

Carlotta nodded. “Thanks.” She was still a bit puzzled, but she knew what to do. She turned around and ran off, to the city. She found she could run pretty fast, and she wasn’t getting tired. So she increased her speed, until she was running faster than she had ever done before.

She felt the glow in her legs. She could almost feel new muscle tissue building up, making her legs thicker and stronger. She ran even faster, and laughed out loud. “I feel great!” she yelled. “I feel so strong!” She was probably running faster than any athlete on the planet.

She slowed down a bit when she reached the suburbs. When she passed a parked car, she stopped. She walked up to the back of the car, spread her legs, crouched down and grabbed the bumper with both hands. She tried to stand up straight, but she couldn’t.

So she concentrated, until the glow washed over her again. This time, it affected her whole body. Her legs, her glutes, her trunk, her arms. She could feel her body grow, become more muscular. She clenched her teeth and stretched her legs. She was thrilled when the back wheels rose from the ground. “Yesss!” she hissed.

She let go, and the car bounced back down on the ground. She looked at it for a moment, and then slipped one hand under the bumper. Very soon, her arm started growing. And growing. “Yes!” she shouted. “Bigger! Stronger! I need more power!” She yelled as she lifted the car off the ground with just one arm.

Her sleeve was now very tight around her thick arm. She flexed and the sleeve ripped. She tore it off. She did the same to the other sleeve. She looked from one arm to the other and laughed. The size difference between her two arms was obvious. One was clearly more muscular and defined than it was before, but the other – the one that had just lifted the car – was packed with muscles. To balance them, she lifted the car with her other arm as well.

When she was done, she hit a double biceps pose. She watched the twin peaks rise with satisfaction. “I’m strong enough to lift a car now, and I know I can become even stronger. Where will this end?” She smiled. “I hope it will never end!”

She ran on. Her feet were feeling a bit strange, as if they didn’t fit in her shoes like before. “My feet are probably becoming bigger and more muscular as well,” she said to herself.

Carlotta knew where she was going. It was a place in a neighborhood her family had always warned her about. But she had no family anymore. And she was much stronger now.

She slowed down until she was walking. Even though she was feeling very confident, she knew she had to be careful. She was stronger than a man now, but she knew that the people around here could be carrying weapons.

So she sneaked through the deserted streets, and carefully looked around her every time she turned a corner.

After some minutes, she saw someone in the distance. She ducked away in an alley and waited until he passed. It was a man. He looked like a bodyguard: tall, broad shoulders, buzz cut. He was probably patrolling the area, but he wasn’t paying much attention. He passed the alley without checking it.

Carlotta thought for a second. She looked down and thought about the woman’s ample chest. She touched her own breasts, which were much smaller. “Will this work as well?” she thought. She closed her eyes and imagined herself with bigger breasts. After some moments, she could feel the glow once more. Her hands confirmed what she already knew: her breasts were growing!

She was in heaven. This felt even better than her muscles growing! She leaned back against the wall and moaned, as ecstasy washed over her and her hands were pushed away by her expanding breasts.

After a while, she regained herself and looked down. “Fuck!” All the while, her breasts had kept on growing, and they had become much bigger than she had hoped for. Her bra had snapped, giving in to the abundance of titflesh. Her blouse had become very tight and it was about to rip, so Carlotta unbuttoned it till halfway down, to give her huge breasts some room. She let out a sigh of relief.

She looked over her shoulder and giggled. She clenched her buttocks, to make them grow as well. She stopped when they had turned into two solid balls of muscle.

She stepped out of the alley. She saw her reflection in a shop window and was amazed by her fantastic curves. “I might as well use them,” she said to herself.

She ran to catch up with the guard. When she was thirty meters behind him, she stopped. "Excuse me, sir?”

He spun around and his hand moved to his coat, but he stopped when he saw it was a woman.

Carlotta slowly walked towards him, her hips swaying. “Can you help me? I…”

“Yes? What’s the matter? What are you doing here in the middle of the night?”

She stopped when she was close to him, and smiled when she noticed that his eyes were on her generous cleavage. He was a bit taller than she was, so she had to raise her hands to close them around his neck. “What…”

He was surprised by her attack, but even more by the strength in her small hands. He took her wrists and tried to pull her hands away, but found she was much stronger than she looked. And maybe it was the lack of oxygen, but he could swear her arms were growing thicker!

He let go of her arms, and starting hitting her with his fists. Her head was slammed from left to right, and she started feeling dizzy, but she kept squeezing his throat. After some time, she found that his blows were getting weaker. Or was she getting stronger? She was sure that her neck was becoming thicker. Her arms were growing too. She could feel them getting bigger, as layers of muscle were added every second.

She could hardly feel his blows anymore, and she squeezed with all her strength. She could feel something snap under her fingers, and he stopped hitting her. His head dropped.

Carlotta wondered why he didn’t fall to the ground, when she realized she was supporting his whole body with her hands. She looked down and saw that his feet hardly touched the ground. She raised her arms a bit more. He was so light! She held him there for some seconds more and then released one hand. She could still hold him in the air with ease. She opened her hand and he dropped on the pavement. He was gasping for air. His body didn’t move.

She didn’t bother about him. Instead, she flexed her arm. She was surprised how big her bicep had become. She ran her hand over it. “It is rock hard. And big!” she said. “I love being big and strong!” She clenched her teeth. “But I’ll need even more strength to finish those bastards!”

There was a car nearby and she walked towards the side of it. Her head felt a bit strange. “Those were really fierce blows,” she told herself. “I suppose that as I grow stronger, it will hurt less.”

She grasped the underside of the car with one hand. It wasn’t hard for her anymore to lift it from the ground, so it was just supported by the two wheels on the other side. But she wanted more. With some effort, she slowly raised her arm. As her muscles grew, it became easier for her to lift the vehicle. “Yes!” It was now resting on its side. She used her other arm to push it further, until it was upside down.

She took some steps back, and looked at her accomplishment with satisfaction. “And I’ve done it with just one arm,” she boasted. “It is easy for my improved body.” She couldn’t stop smiling.

She turned around when she heard running footsteps. Another man was now near the man on the ground. “Rafael!” he shouted. “What happened?”

In a flash, Carlotta was behind him. “He met me,” she said calmly. “We fought. He didn’t stand a chance.”

The man turned around and stared at her in disbelief. “ Holy Mother of God! Who are you?” His eyes wandered down from her face.

“I am Carlotta Cinquestella, and I am glad you enjoy looking at my big breasts. It will be the last thing you’ve enjoyed!” She grabbed his hair and pulled his head down. She hardly felt his resistance, and locked his neck with her thick arm. He gargled and clawed at her arm. “Are you member of Paradiso?”

“Y-yes,” he managed to say. “Please let me go!”

“No,” Carlotta said, and tightened her grip. Her bulging bicep dug deep into his throat, and he had trouble breathing. “Where can I find your HQ?”

He hesitated, and Carlotta lost her patience. She slammed her free hand against his nose, and it broke. “Last chance. Where can I find your HQ?” She released him a bit, so he could answer her.

He gave her directions. It wasn’t far away. Carlotta lifted him into the air with one hand, and slammed him against a wall, ten meters further. His body crashed down, his limbs in weird angles.

She noticed something strange: it looked like a vague purple cloud coming out of his head, which rose into the air before it disappeared.

“What the fuck was that?” But she didn’t stop to think about that. She ran towards the building the man had pointed out to her. She thought she heard footsteps behind her, but she didn’t bother. She was now stronger than anyone else, and she had a job to do. That’s why she didn’t stop to check her sore feet either.

From the outside, the building looked like a big, deserted two-storey shed. There seemed to be nobody outside, but she could see some dim light on the second floor. She walked around the building until she found a door. It was locked.

“Ha!” she thought. “Locked doors aren’t a problem for me anymore!” She gripped the door handle with one hand, and put her other hand on the doorframe. At first, nothing happened. But in the light of a lamppost nearby, she saw how her arms grew bigger. And bigger. Each second, layers of pure muscle were added to her arms. She leaned backward, and strength flowed to her legs as well. “This feels so good,” she softly moaned.

After a while, she could feel the door move. “Just a little bit more,” she whispered. The muscles in her arms and legs nearly exploded and the door couldn’t withstand her enormous strength anymore. The lock simply broke and the door opened. Once more, she used the incredible power in her arms, and Carlotta yanked the door off its hinges. She held the door in front of her and was amazed how light it was to her. “It’s just like it is made of cardboard!”

She pressed her hands together. The size of her arms was almost shocking. “I’m turning into a super woman. Just like that woman in the cemetery. I love it!” Her arms grew bigger and bigger, until they had become so powerful that the door splintered between her hands. Her blouse ripped in several places because it couldn’t contain her ever growing muscles anymore. She tossed away the remains of the door and stepped inside. She felt a strange feeling down on her back. She touched it, and felt a big bump there. “Probably the result of one of my fights,” she reassured herself.

It looked like the building was not being used. There was some old stuff around, all covered with dust and cobwebs. She heard voices from above. It sounded like people were coming her way. She calmly walked into the direction of the staircase. She stopped when she was next to a couple of old metal cupboards. She didn’t bother trying to hide. She was confident that she had become strong enough to withstand whatever was coming her way.

Two man came down the stairs, guns in their hands. They looked from Carlotta to the door and back. They couldn’t decide what to do. She smiled at them. “Hi! I’m looking for the Paradiso group. Someone told me they were here.”

“Who told you?”

“Is that a yes?”

The men came further down the stairs, their guns still pointed at her. “We’re the ones who are asking the questions. Understood?”

“No,” Carlotta said. She reached out with her muscle-packed arms, and grabbed a cupboard in each hand. Although they must have weighed more than 100 kgs each, she lifted them off the ground like they weighed nothing. The men stared at her with their mouths open.

Carlotta just stood there, smiling. She could feel how the weight of the cupboards decreased, so she knew that her arms were growing even stronger. She stepped towards the men, who cowered backwards.

“No need to be afraid, guys. After all, I am just an innocent woman, and you have the guns, so you are in control.” She took another step and tilted her head. “Right?”

One of the men raised his gun. His arm was shaking. “Stop, you fucking…”

“SHUT UP!” Carlotta yelled. She slammed her arms together in front of her. The two men were crushed between the cupboards, and she didn’t even feel the resistance when their bodies were turned into a bloody mess. Once again, she saw two vague colored clouds. She raised the cupboards and the bloody remains above her head, and rushed up the stairs. Warm liquids were dripping down on her.

She was met by more than ten men. Every single one of them pointed a gun at her. She even saw several automatic rifles. She wasn’t impressed.

“What happened? What was that noise? Where are Gabriele and Angelo? Who are you?”

She smiled at them. “Don’t worry. Your friends are very close.” She briefly glanced up. “I am Carlotta Cinquestella. You may know my name. Exactly thirty-seven days ago, my whole family was murdered. They were riddled with hundreds of bullets. Several witnesses say it was a group of about fifteen men from the Paradiso group. The police investigated the case, but told me there were no clues to be found and closed the case.” She looked around, and saw the chief of police.

He grinned at her. “The only mistake we made in that case, is that we didn’t wipe out the whole family. But we’ll put that right tonight!”

Carlotta didn’t reply. She just lowered the metal cupboards above her head a bit, to emphasize the size of her biceps. She flexed them hard, as well as the muscles in her upper body, and she could feel how they started growing once more. Her blouse was ripping everywhere. It just couldn’t contain her enormous muscles anymore.

“Jesus…” someone whispered. But someone else shouted: “Kill that bitch on steroids! Shoot her!”

Carlotta flashed into action. She tossed the cupboards at a group of men, and ducked away to the other side. A shower of bullets missed her by a centimeter. She ran away, hid behind cupboards and boxes. Those were all peppered with bullets, but she was moving much faster than they expected, so she was unharmed. She lifted a heavy table and tossed it at them.

She realized that despite her strength and speed, she didn’t stand a chance against their guns. “I need more heavy stuff to throw at them,” she thought. She looked around, ran towards the window and jumped.

She dropped about ten meters, crashed to the ground and rolled on for several meters. She was unharmed, but her blouse was completely in rags, so she tore it off. Her upper body was now completely naked.

She could feel strange bumps on her head and down her back, but Carlotta had no time to investigate her injuries. They shot her from the broken window, so she quickly stood up, and ran into the direction of a row of parked cars and trucks. She hid behind those, panting heavily. The shooting stopped, so she had some time to recover.

Her feet were hurting like hell, so she reached inside her boot. She was shocked how hairy her shin was. She realized she hadn’t shaved herself since she had moved to the cemetery.

She heard voices, and peeked around the car. Clouds had covered the moon, but her eyes seemed to be able to see very well in the dark. The men carefully came out of the door, and looked around them. She saw there were just seven of them left. They spread out. Two were coming her way: one from the left, one from the right.

Carlotta sneaked between a car and a truck. When the men were very close to her, she pushed the car into the direction of one of them. It hit him with enormous speed. She quickly turned around, and lifted the truck above her head. The man looked at her in shock. He reacted too slow, and the vehicle crashed down on him. When it hit the ground, it immediately burst into flames.

This got the attention of the remaining five men. They all ran in her direction, shooting. But she was much faster than they were, and she was behind another car, twenty meters away, in just two seconds. She waited until the men had gathered around the burning truck. She lifted the car above her head. She was so strong now, that it felt practically weightless to her. So it was no problem to toss it across twenty meters. Three more men were crushed.

The other two reacted fast. They didn’t look at the car, but into the direction it had come from. One of them opened fire, and hit Carlotta in her thick thigh. It didn’t really hurt, but she could feel it when she ran away. She stumbled and fell to the ground. Before she could stand up, the two men were next to her and pointed their guns at her.

Carlotta closed her eyes. This was it. She had nearly succeeded in her mission.

“What the fuck is THAT?” one of the men said. Carlotta looked at her leg. One of her boots had come off. Her foot…

She shrieked.

“Shut UP, you demon!” one of the men yelled.

“Kill it!” the other one shouted. Carlotta looked up at them, expecting no mercy.

But suddenly, their weapons were snatched from their hands. It was the woman from the cemetery! She tossed the guns away, and her hands flashed out. She lifted the men by their throats. Her big arms were bulging. The men struggled for some seconds, but then their bodies got limp. She dropped them to the ground, and waited.

Carlotta saw two colored clouds coming from the bodies. The woman caught them. She walked over to the burning truck. Unbothered by the flames, she picked it up and tossed it towards the shed. It crashed through the wall, and the shed caught fire too.

Then, the woman turned around. Flames licked at her clothes, which melted away. Her hair vanished as well. She snapped her fingers, and the flames disappeared. She turned to Carlotta, who was still on the ground. Carlotta blinked.

“Who… What are you?” she stammered.

The moon appeared from behind the clouds, and shone down on the woman. The horns on her head, her tail and her hooves were now clearly visible. When she laughed, Carlotta saw her long, pink tongue. She reached out her hand. “I am your sister, Carlotta. Welcome to your new family!”

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Moira kicks the ball

“Where do these little ones go?” Moira asked me. She was holding two enormous oaks in her hands.

“Um. Let me check the map.” The trees were about 100 feet high, but Moira was waving them around like they were twigs. Her arms were bulging bigger than ever before. Her shoulders were enormous globes of solid muscle. The muscle fibers and veins were clearly visible through her skin, which seemed to be as thin as paper. Her upper arms were incredible. It looked like they were about as big around as those trees. The peaks of her biceps rose way above her head, her triceps were just as massive. Veins thicker than sausages were running across every muscle in her arms. Moira’s forearms were bigger than most people’s thighs. Just one of her muscle-packed arms was probably heavier than my whole body, and infinitely stronger. She radiated raw strength.

“If you are looking for the map, you should look down a bit,” Moira said. I realized I had been staring at her body for more than five minutes.

“Oh. Yes. The map. No, wait. Just one more minute, Moira? Please?”

“Sure!” she beamed. “I know it is almost impossible to pay attention to something boring like a map, if you can also look at me. And of course I don’t mind if you are admiring my big muscles, and it is no problem for me to hold these trees the whole day. So go ahead. One more minute.”

My eyes could have feasted on her arms for hours more, but I forced myself to look at her chest. I knew from experience it was incredibly thick and wide, with huge layers of pectoral muscle. But all that was invisible because of her enormous breasts. She noticed what I was looking at and made them bounce. I guess Moira is the only woman in the world who can make her breasts go up a foot just by flexing her pecs. I never grow tired of watching that.

It also gave me a view on her 12-pack. Usually, most of it was covered by her breasts, but as she made her giant globes rise and held them there, I could see the row of bricks underneath. They looked as hard as rock, and I knew they were even harder than that. I had witnessed how industrial drills on her stomach just made her giggle.

I looked further down, to her fabulous legs. They were many times bigger than her own waist, flaring out in an almost ridiculous way. Even though her legs were spread out, her thighs still touched each other until just above her knees. The ridges between her quad muscles were so deep that a hand could disappear in them (I know what I’m talking about).

Moira’s calves were as big as beach balls. I remembered that night when I tried to wrap my arms…

“Time’s up, little one. That was about five minutes. Now it’s time to look at the map.”

I looked around, a bit confused. Oh, yes. It was a sunny day, and we were at the university sports park. Because of the little accident with the bell tower and the statue of the university founder (I won’t go into further details), Moira had agreed to do community service. So this afternoon, she was helping out with removing, moving and replanting some of the trees.

I finally managed to read the map. “Ah. Those two go to the corner of the park, where you put the first two oaks, remember? And these are the last two for today.”

“Good. I’ll see you at the entrance of the park in a minute.” Moira ran off, faster than I could ever hope to run. The two trees didn’t seem to slow her down in the least. I estimated they weighed just 20 tons each, so they were weightless toys to my super muscular friend.

When I passed the soccer stadium, a pretty young woman came up to me. “Hi there,” she said. “I’m Kimberley from the university soccer team. Can I ask you a weird question?”

“Sure,” I said. Being with Moira had familiarized me with answering the weirdest questions.

“We are in the midst of a soccer game and now we can’t go on because we’ve just six players left. So it would be a great if you could help us out by joining our team. It doesn’t matter if you’ve never played before. It is enough if you stand between the lines. It takes just forty-five minutes, because we are already halfway.”

I hesitated. “Well… I have always been better in maths and sciences than in sports. But I think my friend will be delighted to join your team.”

“That’s awesome! But you are welcome to join us too. Eight is better than seven. Oh, you know that, of course, because you are good at maths. But tell me more about your friend. Has she played soccer before?”

“I don’t think so. But she is very good at sports. She even holds several dozens of world records.”

“Um. Right,” she said.

“The weightlifting records for example. With just her little finger, she can lift more weight than all the other competitors together.”

“I see. Thank you for your time.” Kimberley took a few steps back and bumped into something far more solid than steel.

“Oops. I hope you didn’t hurt yourself,” Moira said.

The woman turned around and faced a solid wall of muscle, which completely blocked her view. She took some steps back and looked Moira up and down a couple of times. “Oh my. You… You are Moira, aren’t you?” she stammered.

“Yes I am. The woman with biceps the size of a barrel!” She flexed one of her biceps to prove her point.

The woman swallowed. “Pleased to meet you, Moira! Your friend just told me that you might be willing to join our soccer team.”

Moira glanced at me. “I’ve never played that before, but I’m sure I can do it. That’s the benefit of having a fantastic body like me: I can do everything I want. Contrary to Gisele, who can only read maps and two or three other rather useless things.”

I coughed. “Actually, Kimberley has asked me to join the team as well.”

Moira laughed. “Well, it looks like we are going to have a lot of fun this afternoon!”

Kimberley took us to the locker room and handed us shirts and shorts in several sizes.

“Can’t I just wear my bikini?” Moira asked.

The woman blushed. “I’d love to see you play in your bikini, but the rules are clear about the equipment. You have to wear these.”

Even the smallest size was too big for me. And Moira had trouble with the extra large sizes. The clothes were extremely tight around her body. “These clothes are too small!” she complained.

“You mean that you are too big,” I said with a smile.

“I can never be too big!” Moira stood up and we heard ripping sounds. She looked down. “My chest and my thighs seem to be the biggest problems.” So she took the collar of her shirt and ripped it apart, giving her huge breasts some room. “That’s better,” she said, as she looked down into her canyon of cleavage. She ripped off the legs of her shorts, so it turned into hotpants.

“It looks good on you,” Kimberley said.

“Of course. Everything looks good on me,” Moira said. “Now, let’s kick some ball!”

“Should I keep my glasses on or not?” I wondered. “Without the glasses, I don’t see a thing. But if I’m wearing them, I’m afraid they could be ruined.”

Moira shrugged. “I don’t think it will make any difference.”

“O, thank you!”

Kimberley interrupted our quarreling. “Maybe you could be our goalkeeper?” she asked me. “Our keeper injured herself in the first half, and she can’t play on.” She handed me a pair of gloves. They were too big for me as well.

“Does that mean I have to catch balls? I have never been good at catching balls.”

“Don’t worry about that. We’re already 0-9 behind.”

“So that’s one touchdown and one field goal, right?” Moira asked.

“No. It’s not like football. They hit our goal 9 times.”

“9 times. Okay...”

“And Moira, you could be our striker.”

“Great! What do I have to strike? The most things I have struck don’t exist anymore. Like that giant rock in the national…”

Kimberley gulped. “No no. It means that you are the one closest to the opponent’s goal, trying to score goals.”

“I see.” Moira nodded, but I could tell she hadn’t understood a word of it.

We walked onto the field, where five other young women were waiting. They all looked fit and athletic. But of course, their bodies looked tiny next to Moira. Most of them recognized her. Everyone ignored me. As usual. I didn’t mind, because I was still struggling with those gloves and I probably looked very clumsy.

Moira had some fun comparing her leg to the legs of her teammates. I could see that some of them were almost drooling over Moira’s thigh. Especially when she flexed it. She made the legs of the other women look like straws.

The other team also stepped onto the field. Some stopped in their tracks when they saw my huge friend. Others approached her to goggle at her big muscles.

Suddenly, Moira ran to the other goal.

“What are you doing?” Kimberley shouted.

“I am the one closest to the other goal!”

Kimberley sighed. “You have to wait until after the kick-off. And make sure you are not offside!”

Moira ran back. “Offside?”

But before Kimberley could explain this rule, the referee whistled and the other team kicked off. They kicked the ball to each other a couple of times, and then sent it through the air, in my direction.

The ball was about 30 feet from the ground. Moira flexed her mighty thighs and jumped high into the air. She caught the ball with her hands, and it immediately exploded. “Oops!”

That appeared to be a foul. Kimberley rolled her eyes, grabbed Moira’s wrist and tried to pull her away. Which was impossible, of course. After a while Moira understood, and walked away with the other woman, who gave her a crash course in the rules of soccer.

The other team didn’t wait for that. With a new ball, they took the free kick and I was scared when I saw the ball flying towards me. So I ducked.


I put my hands to my eyes. One of the gloves fell off. Kimberley ran towards me. “It’s okay. The difference between 0-9 and 0-10 is insignificant.”

I wanted to explain that it was in increase of more than 11%, which clearly wasn’t insignificant, but I managed to shut my mouth. I was pretty sure that soccer players weren’t interested in the beautiful intricacies of statistics. At least not when they were playing soccer.

“Maybe it’s better if you and Moira change position, so she becomes the goal keeper. She has already shown that is good at catching balls. If she does that within the penalty box, everything’s fine.”

I handed Moira the gloves. “They are too small,” she said. “And I don’t need them anyway. Nothing can hurt my hands. I have stopped bullets and tanks with them, so a simple ball won’t be a problem.” She tossed them out of the field.

Kimberley guided me to a place at the side of the field and told me to stay in that area.

The game resumed. My team had clearly trouble getting near the other goal, but at least the other team wasn’t able to score anymore. With her incredible speed and reflexes, Moira easily kept every ball out of her goal. She even managed to grab it so softly that she didn’t ruin it.

But the first time she kicked the ball with her foot, the ball flew out of the stadium with a sonic boom.

“Oops. I think I have to be bit more careful. It’s not easy to softly kick a ball when you have legs which can bench press a battleship.” She flexed her quads and ran her hands over the muscle mass.

Everybody stared at her display of power. Moira noticed that, and flexed her legs a bit more, so it took some time before someone kicked in a spare ball.

Because the other team often appeared in front of Moira’s goal, she caught lots of balls. And so she could practice a lot. At first, many balls flew out of the field. But her kicks became better. One time, she even scored a goal. She tried to kick the ball to Kimberley, but hit the ball too hard and it flew into the other goal with such speed that the goal keeper ducked away.


When Kimberley had stopped staring, she ran towards Moira, wrapped her arms around Moira’s waist, and tried to lift her into the air. She couldn’t, and she asked her teammates for assistance. But even the six girls combined couldn’t lift Moira into the air. Moira laughed, picked them all up and started juggling with them, throwing them high into the air, and catching them before they dropped to the ground.

“Moira, stop!” I yelled, when I saw that the other team was approaching again. But Moira was so extremely fast that she could juggle our teammates and catch the ball at the same time.

She put the other women down on the ground again. They were all very dizzy, so Moira and me were the only ones who were capable to play. Moira threw the ball to me. It didn’t go very fast, but I still had trouble stopping it. It rolled past me and I turned around to look at it. It had almost passed the line when something zapped by. It was Moira, of course, who stopped the ball just before the line. She stood there for some moments, not knowing what to do next.

When one of the women from the opposite team approached her, she kicked the ball away. One of the defenders of the other team picked it up and quickly kicked it forward, because there was no goal keeper.

But in a flash, Moira intercepted the ball. She attempted to dribble, but she stumbled over her own legs and fell to the ground. Someone else kicked the ball into the direction of our goal, but Moira intercepted it again. She was so fast!

At the same time, she had trouble when she had the ball. Controlling the ball appeared to be hard for her, just like accurate kicking. So she was perfectly able to stop the attacks of the whole other team all by herself, but she wasn’t able to score goals or pass the ball to teammates who would be able to score.

I thought about it. I had time enough to do so, because the whole game was centering around Moira now.

“Moira!” I shouted. “Kick the ball forward and run after it!”

She waved her hand at me and did what I told her. She ran so fast that she was the first one to reach the ball.

“Once more!”

She did so, and was now in the penalty box. The goal keeper looked at my humongous friend in front of her, and the defenders didn’t seem very eager to approach her. So Moira had plenty of time to aim and shoot at the goal. She was so close to the goal that it was almost impossible to miss. Even I could have done it. Well, theoretically. But Moira did it with just a little bit more power than I could have done it. The ball ripped through the net as if it wasn’t there.


It took some time to repair the net, and the referee asked Moira to use a bit less force. “I know this is an unusual request,” the referee said.

“Oh, not for me. People ask me just that all the time. When I’m in bed with a football team, for example.”

“Lala lalala,” I sang, while I covered my ears. “Too much information.”

Because of the extra break, the other women from our team had time to recover from being juggled. We discussed the tactics for the remaining twenty minutes.

We used Moira’s speed to get the ball. She would kick it forward, where all the other players (except me) were waiting, close enough to the goal to attempt to score. If the ball landed at an opponent, that didn’t really matter, because Moira always recaptured it in a fraction of a second.

Moira’s superiority clearly annoyed some supporters of the other team. They started booing and whistling every time Moira captured the ball. Moira didn’t seem to hear it, while our team scored the third, fourth and fifth goal. But when the other team walked back to the centre circle for the kick-off after 6-10, Moira marched over to the bleachers. There were about 250 supporters.

“Hey!” she shouted. “What’s your problem?”

The audience kept booing. “You are a freak! That’s the problem!” someone shouted.

“I think you are jealous you can’t witness my strength and spectacular body from up close, like the players in the field. But don’t worry, I can do something about that.” Moira crouched down under the bleachers and stood back up, carrying the bleachers on her outstretched arms.

She was lifting our whole audience! “This isn’t hard for me at all!” she shouted. She let go with one hand, and flexed the bicep on her free arm. The peak rose so high it touched the bottom of the bleachers. “This is impossible for you, but it is so easy to me. I have more strength in my little finger than all of you combined!” She started spinning around, and the people at the sides of the bleachers had to hold on to their seats to not be thrown off.

“Moira, stop it!” I shouted.

Moira made two more rounds before she did so. She put the bleachers back down and grinned. “I was just joking, of course.”

“Of course,” I said.

Because no one was injured, Moira was allowed to continue playing. With just five more minutes to go, we were back at 8-10. One of our teammates kicked the ball at Moira. It was a bit high, but that was no problem for her. She received the ball on her chest. She bounced her breast, and the ball flew high into the air. She ran after it, and when it came down, she bounced her breast once more.

This way, she crossed the field, holding the ball into the air with just the power of her breasts. Some players of the other team tried to push her away, or to break her balance, but Moira didn’t even notice their efforts. She made her way to the penalty box. She looked up as the ball came sailing down. With one mighty flex of her breast, the ball slammed into the top right corner of the goal. But she had used so much force that her breast popped out of her shirt. She ran back to our own half with her breast hanging out. Some other players had to duck away as it swung around like a wrecking ball. Just after the referee had told her to tidy herself up, she sighed and put it back in her shirt.

“I had the impression that everyone enjoyed it,” she said.

“I know I did,” Kimberley gushed. “I’m sure this was the first goal ever that was purely scored by breasts.”

“Of course I am the only one who could do that. No one has bigger breasts or better pec control.” Just for fun, she made her breasts dance once more.

I rolled my eyes.

We were now just one goal behind, and our teammates tried hard to score one more time. But the other team tried just as hard to keep them away from the goal. This resulted in a foul, just outside the penalty box. Kimberley and Moira stood behind the ball for the free kick. I left my area to join them.

“Do you remember,” I said to Moira, “that guy on television we saw? He rolled up the legs of his short.”

“O yes,” she said. “He flexed his quads to impress the opponents.” We both rolled off the couch when we saw that. His thighs looked like toothpicks next to Moira’s thunder thighs, even if they were unflexed.

“I could try that too. Of course I can do it much better than that pathetic little man.”

“Of course,” I agreed.

Even though Kimberley and I were standing at least one foot away from Moira, we both fell to the ground as her enormous thighs exploded and pushed us away. When I was lying on the ground, I saw the fear in the eyes of the five girls who had lined up a wall.

Moira rubbed her legs. “I am going to use my monster quads to fire the ball at the goal,” she warned them. “Everything in the way will be completely destroyed!”

The girls cowered away and the goal keeper also decided to step away from her goal. So there was nothing in the way between us and the goal.

“Gisele, this is your chance,” Moira whispered. I quickly stood up and tried to kick the ball in the goal, but I completely missed it and fell to the ground. Moira sighed, but Kimberley took her chance and shot the ball in the middle of the empty goal.


There was very little time left. As we walked back to our own half, Moira told me to go to the opposite goal after the kick-off. “But I’ll be offside then,” I said.

“Don’t worry,” she replied. But I did worry, because I didn’t have the impression she knew what offside meant. Still, I did as she had told. I was all alone on that half of the field, as all the other players, including their goalkeeper, were running towards our goal. Moira was back in her goal, and the other team played a ball through the air, trying to reach one of their forwards.

Then, Moira put her hands on her hips and flared out her lats. It was a Supergirl pose, but much better than Supergirl herself could ever do it. Moira was Supergirl 2.0. Or no, much better. Supergirl 10.0. Or 15.0. Whatever. She pouted her full lips and blew at the ball. It stopped in mid-air, and then she blew it across the whole field, to where I was standing. The ball stopped in front of me, about ten feet from the goal. I saw that all the opponents, who had stared at Moira’s incredible demonstration of the power of her lungs, had turned around and came running to me. But they had to cross half the field, so I had plenty of time to score a goal.

I tried to kick the ball, but I hit it the wrong way, and it rolled just a few feet forward. At my second try, I completely missed it and I fell on the ground once more. My glasses fell off my nose, but I could hear the sound of running feet getting closer. Vaguely, I saw a round object close to my body, so I moved my leg, while I was still on the ground. I could feel I had hit something, and the round object slowly moved towards the goal.

And then the whole stadium exploded after I heard a whistle. Suddenly, Moira was next to me. She picked me up with her strong arms and put my glasses back on my nose. “You did it!” she shouted. “You scored the winning goal in the dying seconds of the game!”

“We won?”

“Yes! 11-10! What a game!” She carried me back to our own team, while she tossed me into the air several times. She knows I hate it when she does that. Fortunately, she put me back down to celebrate our unexpected victory with the whole team.

After that, Moira flexed a bit, and once more demonstrated her immense superiority, by blowing both teams into a goal. They simply couldn’t resist her.

All the women looked very hot, so Moira proposed to take a shower. She invited everyone to come with her and have some fun.

Even though she had been carrying trees the for hours, and she had ran across the field numerous times, Moira looked as perfect as ever. She didn’t need a shower, but I knew she enjoyed the sight of little drops of water on her big bulging muscles. I enjoyed that as well, of course.

“Can I come as well?” I asked.

“Of course! My muscles are so enormous, that there is plenty of room for eighteen women to admire and worship. Come on, let’s have a ball!”
My friend Moira, episode 5
My first story here on DeviantArt was the first episode about super strong Moira and her small friend Gisele. That was almost four years ago. In het six months after that, I published three more stories about this odd couple. I came to like them a lot, but in the years after that, I wrote other stories.

People kept asking me for more about Moira, and I really liked the idea. I had some plans for more episodes, and even started a story about Moira in an armwrestling tournament, which was the theme of the month some time ago. Unfortunately, I didn't have enough time to finish it.

And then :iconfemalemuscle: announced the Football theme. I thought this wasn't an easy theme to write about, but finally I decided to write Moira once more. And here's the result, I hope you like it.

I also hope it won't be three more years before I write about Moira and Gisele again :)

Other episodes:  My friend Moira, episode 1
Moira and me
Moira and me met three years ago. We were freshmen and I had been on campus for a couple of days when she arrived.
“What a bimbo,” was my first thought when she introduced herself. She wore a yellow dress that barely covered her body. It seemed like her breasts could spill out every moment.
Still, I couldn’t help but notice that she was beautiful. Her blonde hair flowed down until halfway her bare back. Her face was stunning, with big blue eyes and perfect white teeth. She was very thin and tall, about 6’1”. That only made her more unsympathetic to me.
I hardly saw Moira during the first weeks of the term and I had no idea what she was doing. After about a month, she invited me to sit with her and we started talking. I was amazed that I could have a decent conversation with this girl. She told me she was at the fashion design school.
I told her I was doing biology. I expected that she would ask me about dissecting frogs, but s
  My friend Moira, episode 2Moira the superhero
Moira caressed her huge bicep. “Hmm, I still can’t believe how big and strong my muscles are,” she said.
It was the morning after we had left the wildlife park. We were sitting in our room. With half an eye I was watching our new television (we had to buy a new one when Moira had thrown the remote control through our old one when the San Diego Padres had lost their fifth game in a row). Moira was completely naked, so she could show off all of her muscles. While we were talking, she picked up a lump of steel and continued kneading it. I knew it was steel, because I had bought the fifteen pounds of assorted bolts, screws and nails myself. When I had handed it to her, she had first compressed all the metal to one solid block. She was now playing with the heavy metal, but it looked like she was playing with play-doh. The metal was bending and stretching any way she wanted it. She tore it apart between her hands, pressed her fingers int
  My friend Moira, episode 3Moira at the festival
“I am growing a little bored with all these bad guys I have to catch. I love to show my strength, but hey, can’t they give me a break? The number of villains in this town seems to be endless!”
“Maybe there are a lot of law abiding citizens here that just pretend to be bad, so you come along and they can secretly admire your wonderful body,” I suggested.
Moira’s eyes lit up. “Maybe you are right, Gisele! That would be a good explanation.”
I sighed.
“But it seems to be ages ago we went shopping. And I can’t even remember the last concert we have been to,” she complained.
“You know what? It is the final day of the Campus Festival. Why don’t we go there? There will be snacks, entertainment, music. It will be fun!”
“Good idea! Wait a second while I change my clothes.”
I nodded. She was wearing just a very small red bikini. One second later, she was back. She
  My friend Moira, episode 4Moira in Hawaii
Moira was admiring her own huge muscles and breasts in the mirror. “This mirror is way too small for me,” she complained.
I put down the scissors. “Maybe you should take a few steps back,” I suggested.
Moira did so. “Gisele, you are such a genius!”
I sighed and picked up another paper.
“What do the papers write about me today?” she asked while she hit a side chest pose that made all the muscles in her upper body explode.
I flipped back in my scrapbook. “Apparently, you were rather busy yesterday. You helped rescue two drivers after a multiple-car collision and helped cleaning up the car wrecks afterwards. You assisted in building the new tunnel, so instead of 100 days behind on schedule, they are now 100 days ahead. You saved a puppy that was almost overrun by a train, you won a beauty contest, you helped an old lady crossing the road… Why does a paper write about that?”
“O, some of
The female colonel was a muscle beast. When the interrogation started, Indy wasn’t aware of that. At first, she was intimidated just by the way the colonel talked to her.

“Why did you apply?” the colonel snapped.

“I… I’ve always wanted to be…”

“Oh, for heaven’s sake, little girl. Speak louder! I can’t hear you when you whisper!”

Indy winced.

The colonel slammed her fist down on the table. “COME ON! This is a simple question. WHY? DID? YOU? APPLY?”

Indy cleared her throat. “I always wanted to be strong and muscular. And I could use the $ 150,000 of course.”

“HA! Strong and muscular? You don’t know what those words mean!” The colonel looked down at Indy’s application form, and the medical test results. “You are 4’9”. You weigh 71 pounds. Your upper arms are 7 inches around, and your thighs are 15 inches.” The colonel snorted, and looked at Indy as if she was something disgusting. “You know what, little girl? My upper arms are bigger than your thighs! I am probably ten times stronger than you are. I could snap you in two without even trying!”

She slowly stood up. She towered over Indy. The colonel was probably one and a half foot taller than Indy. The small woman looked at her with open mouth. But the colonel had only just started her demonstration of superiority. Indy swallowed as the behemoth in front of her spread out her lats. Her back was easily three times wider than Indy’s!

Her white lab coat was now tight around her upper body. Finally, it gave way, as the back ripped. The colonel heard the sound and smiled. Then, she brought up her arms. Her sleeves quickly filled, as she made her muscles grow. Soon, the sleeves ripped over the peaks of her enormous biceps, and she tore the complete sleeves off, exposing her gigantic arms. She grabbed the front of the coat and ripped it apart as well, buttons flying through the room.

Underneath, she wore nothing but a small, army green bra. She hit a double biceps pose and Indy could just stare. The whole upper body of the colonel was covered with thick layers of muscle. The colonel bent forward and brought her fists together, giving Indy an intimidating view on her huge, perfectly tanned, bulging muscles. Even though there was a table in between them, Indy pushed back her chair.

The colonel saw this and grinned, as she held her most muscular pose for a couple of seconds longer. Then she sat down, as if nothing had happened. She looked back at Indy’s application form. “Yes. Perfect. You’ve got the job.”


The colonel handed another document to Indy. “Sign at the last page, please.”

Indy glanced through it. It was more than twenty pages. “Hurry up, we don’t have all day!” the colonel snarled.


“Just sign this fucking document, okay!” The colonel walked around the table and stood next to Indy. She put one arm on the table, next to the papers. Her forearm was incredibly thick, the muscles clearly visible under the skin, and numerous veins running across the surface. Indy had trouble to sign the document; her hand was shaking.

“Good.” The colonel took the document away and put it in a drawer. “Let’s go!” She put a big hand on Indy’s shoulder and quickly led her out of the room.

As they walked through a maze of corridors, several soldiers they passed stopped and stared. It was a strange couple: the huge colonel, walking next to the tiny woman. Indy was pretty sure that nobody looked at her. Everyone was gawking at the colonel’s half-naked upper body.

After a while, she noticed that the number of soldiers decreased, while there were more and more medical scientists in white coats in the corridors. Several minutes later, the place became less crowded, and the colonel had to use her ID card to enter new rooms. The final door was impressive. It was a metal door, about three feet thick. When Indy passed through it, she saw that the concrete wall was even thicker. The door closed behind them with a hiss, and she looked around her.

They were in a big room without windows. Several steel beams supported the ceiling. There was a console with about ten screens. In the middle of the room was a big cylinder. The colonel led her to the cylinder. “Take off your clothes,” she demanded.

“What, here?” Indy said.

“Why not? You can put on this suit.” She handed Indy a tiny piece of cloth that resembled spandex. Indy turned around and slowly took off her clothes.

“Do you want me to help you, little girl?”

Indy hurried up, put on the suit and turned around. The colonel looked at her and smirked. “You are even smaller than I expected. Just look at you!”

Indy looked down at her tiny body. The suit looked like a bathing suit. It left her belly bare, and most of her back. When she looked up, she saw that the colonel had taken off her trousers as well, so she was now just in her underwear. Indy looked in shock at the colonel’s huge thighs. She was sure that one of those thighs was bigger than her own chest!

The colonel looked down. “Well, little girl. This is it. We have been experimenting for more than twenty years to create a super soldier. We think we have discovered a formula that increases strength exponentially. Which means that strong soldiers will increase in strength much more than weak civilians like you. If you become hundred times stronger, the same treatment will probably make me thousands or maybe even ten thousand times stronger than I am now.”

“Will I really become hundred times stronger?” Indy couldn’t believe it.

The colonel shrugged her huge shoulders. “We don’t know. You are our first human test subject. We will see what happens.” She turned around to the medic who had entered the room. “Prepare her,” she demanded. She walked over to the console and sat down.

“Yes colonel,” the man said. He opened the cylinder with his card and a code. Indy saw it had transparent windows, which were really thick. At least fifty inches, she estimated. In the middle of the cylinder was an enormous, metal table with all kinds of medical equipment attached. “Please lay down.”

“It’s cold,” Indy said. “And why is it so big?”

The medic smiled. “If everything goes as planned, it won’t be big for long.”


“We have tested our formula on ants and mice. They all became at least twice as big, and hundreds of times stronger.”


He nodded. “Our strongest mouse was able to lift more than thirty pounds. In the end, she was five times bigger than she was at the start.” He saw the look in her eyes. “Yes. This formula seems to work much better on females.”

“What happened to her?”

“We had to kill her with gas, in this cylinder. We can’t take the risk of super mice running around in the real world.” He looked down on her. “Now, can you stretch your arms and legs, please? Perfect!” He tied enormous metal bands around her ankles and wrists. They were at least five inches thick. She couldn’t move anymore.

“What are those for?” she asked.

“Those are for your own safety. The procedure can be a bit rough. But don’t worry, you’ll probably be fine in the end.” Indy wasn’t really reassured.

He had some trouble finding her veins. So it took him ten minutes to put needles in her arms and thighs.

“You are all set now. Try to stay calm, the procedure takes about fifteen minutes. It will be over before you know it. Good luck!” He left the cylinder and closed the thick door. She heard a hiss as the atmosphere changed. The lights dimmed, and robot arms around the table started moving. A mask moved over her mouth. For a moment, Indy had the feeling she couldn’t breathe, and she panicked. But then air was pumped into her lungs.

“Starting procedure in three, two, one…” the colonel’s voice came through an invisible speaker. Suddenly, a lot of things happened. Indy could feel liquid streaming through the needles, into her veins. Also, a tube came out of the mask over her mouth, and slid into her throat. It was a very unpleasant feeling. She also heard a buzz.

It took her some time to adjust. But then, she felt rather calm and comfortable. “Is this all?” she thought.

“Entering phase two now,” the voice said. That started off the torture. It was as if liquid fire was pumped into her veins and lungs. Indy tried to scream, but she couldn’t. Her body buckled, and she tried to break free, but the metal bands didn’t give a fraction of an inch. The pain became more intense, rising to a level she had never experienced before.

She passed out for some time. When she became conscious again, the voice said: “Entering phase four. Be prepared for the emergency procedure.”

More pain washed over Indy, but it was different this time. Not like fire, but more like electric current. She could feel her body expand, as if it was being inflated. Also, the cloth of her suit was expanding, to contain her growing body. She felt the table move beneath her.

After some time, the pain became less and the feeling changed into a pleasurable one. She could still feel liquid entering her body, and in the back of her mind she knew it was the same liquid that had caused her so much pain. But this time, it felt good. Really good. It made her feel powerful. And not just a bit. It made her feel incredibly powerful. “Is this really happening to me?” she asked herself.

She could feel that her body kept growing. “How big am I becoming?” she wondered, but she couldn’t move her head. “Will it ever stop?” She hoped it wouldn’t. It felt so good!

After what seemed forever, she could feel that the growth slowly stopped. “I must be huge by now,” she thought.

“Procedure ended,” the colonel said. Another voice added: “The subject is still alive. All her body functions are intact. She is now 6 feet 10, and she weighs 641 pounds.”

Indy wanted to yell. 641 pounds?? That was almost ten times her original weight!

The other voice continued: “All parameters are better than we expected. Much better. Do you want us to go in to release her, for further testing?”

“No!” the colonel said. “Something has gone wrong. We will have to start the emergency procedure.”

“But colonel, we…” Indy heard a gargling sound.

“I hope you are not considering disobeying orders from your superior, soldier. Release the gas. Do it quickly, so I can be the next test subject, and become the super soldier we have been waiting for. Do it NOW!”

Someone coughed and gasped for air. “Yes colonel. Starting emergency procedure in three, two, one…”

Indy heard a loud hiss. She could feel the air move in the cylinder. “Are they trying to kill me? Why??” She panicked. But what could she possibly do?

Then, she realized her body had changed dramatically in the past fifteen minutes. She tried to lift her right arm. To her amazement, it took her no effort, while a couple of minutes earlier, the metal bands had stopped her smallest movements. “Maybe they have released me,” she thought. But when she brought her free hand to her mouth to pull the tube out, she saw the remains of a metal band around her wrist. It dropped on her head, but weird enough, she didn’t feel it.

She used her free arm to push herself up to a sitting position. She looked at her other arm and saw how it sliced through the thick metal band like it was made of butter. She sucked in her breath, and felt the gas enter her lungs. It didn’t feel good. She coughed.

“I have to get out of here,” she said to herself. She quickly released her legs, removed the needles and jumped off the table. She saw it had her silhouette imprinted, but she didn’t stop to admire it. She could feel herself getting weaker. She had problems thinking clearly. She ran to the windows and smashed her fist against it. Small bits flew through the air, but the damage was small.

“She may be able to smash her way through the diamond-hard window,” a voice said, “but the gas already started working. Just two minutes more before she is unconscious. And three minutes after that she…”

“Shut up, fool! The connection is still open!” the colonel shouted. Indy heard a click.

She had to concentrate, but that was hard as more and more air was replaced by the deadly gas. “I need… something… to break the glass,” she panted. She looked around her, fighting the dizziness. The only thing in the cylinder was the metal table, but it was bolted to the floor.

Indy decided to give it a try. She wrapped her arms around the table, and noticed that they had become huge. But she had no time for that. She stood up straight, and effortlessly lifted the table. It weighed practically nothing, and she hadn’t even registered she had torn it from the floor.

She brought back her arms and slammed the table against the window. It worked! Large pieces of the transparent material flew through the room. She repeated this several times. Every time, her blows got weaker, as the gas clouded her body and mind.

Indy almost dropped to the floor, but managed to toss the table against the window one last time. She heard a loud hiss as the gas escaped through a wide crack, and delicious fresh air came in. She fell to the ground, panting and coughing. When she had recovered a bit, she stood up and put her hands on the sides of the crack.

“I’m big,” she whispered, as she saw the enormous muscles on her forearm, which flared out from her wrists. The muscles tensed as she applied her strength to the transparent material. Slowly, and with a loud noise, the crack widened. As more and more oxygen came in, she felt herself getting stronger every second. Moving her arms apart became easier and easier. She jerked, so the gap was wide enough for her. She stepped through and was amazed once more, this time by the sheer size of her legs.

She looked around her, and saw several persons with gas masks running through the control room. “She’s escaping!” one of them yelled. “We have to stop her!” Several soldiers pulled out a gun and shot at her.

Indy ducked away, but she was too slow. She felt soft taps, as bullets hit her on her head and chest. She heard the sound of dropping metal, and looked down. To her amazement, several flattened bullets laid there. It took her a moment to realize, but then she laughed out loud. “Bullets can’t hurt me, I am invulnerable! Fuck, I am incredibly strong now!” She stood up straight and flexed her biceps. “My guns are much bigger and stronger than yours!”

“Fools!” the colonel yelled. Indy easily recognized her despite the gas mask, because she was still almost naked. “She has become much too strong, you can’t hurt her with those simple bullets. Send in heavier weapons! We have code red!” She pressed a button, and Indy could hear an alarm all through the building. The colonel ran to the door, opened it and disappeared with the other soldiers.

“I’ll get to you later,” Indy said. “First I will make sure that nobody will ever use this machine again. Especially not the colonel!” She looked around her. There wasn’t much in the room she could use. She walked over to the console, raised her fists and smashed them down. The screens and computers offered her no resistance, and her fists and arms sliced through the hardware, shattering it into small pieces.

Indy laughed. “I love my strength! Everything is so easy now!” She spread out her arms and was amazed how far she could reach. She pulled the remains of the console towards her, and crushed everything against her mighty chest.

She brushed off the debris and confidently walked towards one of the steel support beams in the room. She crouched down, wrapped her beefy arms around it, and stood back up. “It’s working!” She pulled the beam right out of the ground. It was ridiculously easy for her. She yanked and the upper side snapped like a dry twig.

“Fuck, I’m holding this steel beam in my arms and I hardly feel its weight!” She walked towards the cylinder, and swung the beam like it was a baseball bat. She hit the cylinder with so much force that she made the whole building shake. Big chunks of metal and transparent material flew through the room, causing more damage.

Indy just laughed. “They have turned me into a super woman! And then they tried to kill me. But they can’t, because I have become much too strong. I’ll show them what happens when you make a super strong woman angry!” She smashed the cylinder several times more, until there was nothing left than some twisted debris.

With a small movement of her arm, she tossed away the metal beam. It sailed through the room and crashed into the opposite wall. Indy took some time to examine her body. “I hardly recognize myself! I am so much taller, wider, muscular and stronger than before. And I just love it!” She flexed a bicep and laughed as the beach ball-sized muscle jumped into her face. “I am so big! So strong! I have to get out of this room and show the world my sensational body and strength!”

She marched towards the steel door. “This flimsy door can’t stop me. It is just forty inches thick!” She rubbed her huge biceps a few times, and then smashed her fists deep into the door. She spread her fingers and moved them. It was as if her fingers were moving through mud, instead of solid steel.

Indy took a deep breath and spread her big arms. The door was torn in two like it was a newspaper. Huge chunks of steel smashed into the concrete wall. Dust blocked her sight.

“Fire!” There were three loud bangs, and Indy’s body was tossed back as she was hit by heavy grenades. “She’s down!” someone shouted, and soldiers carefully approached the room.

But then, Indy stood back up. She held one of the half doors in front of her. The soldiers kept shooting at her, but this time she was prepared. “Yes!” she shouted. “You can try to shoot me. But I’m much stronger than your useless little guns!” To demonstrate her point, she tore the thick metal slab in half.

Several soldiers dropped their guns and ran away after seeing her awesome feat of strength. Others just stared at her body. A few kept shooting. But Indy stood her ground, and the bullets and grenades bounced off her perfect body.

She tossed one of the lumps of metal to the soldiers who were firing anti tank grenades at her. She flexed her biceps, and the firing stopped. She proudly turned around, so everybody could see her unbelievable body.

“Look at me! This is who you are fighting against! My muscles are probably ten times bigger than yours, and they are infinitely stronger! Bullets, metal and concrete mean nothing to me!” With a big smile, she smashed her fist deep into the concrete wall. She pulled it out and showed them her skin was unscratched.

“So I am giving you the choice: either you fight me, and face the consequences…” she wrapped her hand around a big chunk of concrete and turned it into dust. “… or you leave while you can!”

Indy smiled as every soldier ran away. “They are running away like ants.” She wandered through the deserted army base, and sometimes walked straight through walls, trying to find her way out. Finally, she stood in front of a high door.

“I think I have found the exit.” She crouched down and shoved her hands under the door. She quickly stood up, and the door folded and crumbled. She stood there for a moment, her arms outstretched above her head, holding the useless door, her magnificent body lit by the sun.

In the distance, some soldiers were still running. But she also saw a tank that was approaching the building. It fired, and a grenade exploded in the wall above her. The shock wave blew her away. The landing didn’t hurt, but she was a bit disoriented.

She heard the tank approach fast. Before she could stand up, it ran over her. To her amazement, she hardly felt it. Indy reached out with her muscle-packed arm and grabbed the underside of the tank. Her fingers sliced through the thick metal as if it was butter and the tank instantly came to a halt.

Indy stood up, lifting the tank above her head with one arm. She struggled because this time, she could feel the weight. It was heavy, even for her superior muscles, but she managed.

With her free hand, she tore thick slabs of metal from the bottom of the tank. When she had created a big hole, she placed her hands on both sides of that hole. She slowly spread her arms. She looked up, and smiled when she saw her unbelievable size. “I’m so big and strong! My arms are strong enough to tear a tank in two!”

And that was what she was doing. Lumps of metal and loose parts rained down on her, but she hardly felt that. With a roar, she separated the tank in two parts. A woman fell out. Indy quickly tossed the two halves away, and reached for the woman. It was the colonel!

Indy grabbed the colonel in her neck and lifted her high into the air. The colonel struggled to break free. Indy yawned. “It’s no use. I am hundreds of times stronger than you.”

“You bitch!” the colonel yelled, as she clawed at Indy’s thick forearm. “You stole my muscles! I was supposed to become super strong. I am sure I would have become much stronger than you are now. You are weak, and pathetic!”

“Am I?” Indy raised her free arm and flexed her bicep. The colonel stopped yelling when she saw the intimidatingly big muscle. “I guess this gun is about five times bigger than yours now. I am so strong now that I can rip steel and concrete apart with my bare hands. And you are calling me weak?”

“You just wait! When I get the treatment, I will become a muscle goddess, and you will look small next to me. Then it will be my turn to toy with you. You just wait!”

“Oh, I’ll make sure that no one will ever get this treatment. I already destroyed the cylinder, but just to be sure, I will annihilate this whole army base. ” With a flick of her wrist, she tossed the colonel away.

Indy turned to the army base and flexed her biceps. “This building doesn’t stand a chance against my super muscles. I will destroy it until there is nothing left of it. And I am sure I will enjoy every second of it!”
Little Indy grows big muscles
This is my contribution to the :iconfemalemuscle: monthly theme Muscles + Science. Little Indy becomes the first test subject in a scientific super soldier experiment. And of course, things get out of hand!

I like the monthly themes, because they have a clear deadline. But sometimes I wish I had more time for character development, and to add more details. I wrote this story over the weekend, and I have the idea it could be better, but I'm publishing it anyway. There's still enough to enjoy.
The Protectors left the next day. “I would have loved to accompany you for a while, but I can’t do that, in my situation,” Yr’whyn said. “Eon’whyn would also love it to spend some more time with you.”

The Young Protector sighed. “So do I. But this is how it goes, you know. You probably won’t see me again until Eon’whyn has children herself.” They all went to the Rock of Goodbye and hugged it. Yr’whyn and Eon’whyn were crying when the Protectors rushed out of sight.

“You are making it hard on yourself,” the Old Protector said. “You shouldn’t have a relationship with those people. It’s foolish, and you are making everyone sad.”

“Is it forbidden, Old Protector?”

“It is not forbidden, Young Protector. But I care about you, and don’t like to see you like this.”

She was right, of course. The Young Protector was feeling sad for many days. She longed to go back to that village in the mountains and talk to Yr’whyn and Eon’whyn, and to show them her strength. As time passed by, her sadness faded, but she kept asking the Old Protector when they would return to that village. The older woman kept telling her that they had to visit every village on the planet, but eventually she gave in.

Even though less time had passed, a lot had changed. Yr’whyn had five children, and her body showed the signs of an intensive family life, and hard work on the land and in the mines. Eon’whyn had turned into a very fit young woman. She was delighted to see the Young Protector again. She immediately took her to her friend Pri’cah, who was pregnant of her first child. In the past, the Young Protector had always thought that the people looked more or less the same. Compared to her and the Old Protector, they were all very pale, skinny and weak.

But even for her, it was easy to see the differences between Eon’whyn and Pri’cah. Especially when Eon’whyn brought up her arms and flexed her biceps. “Look, Young Protector!” she chattered. “I have been training hard, every day since you left. I have become so much stronger than my friend.”

The Young Protector smiled, seeing Eon’whyn’s enthusiasm. But she was right: her upper body was broader, her muscles were much bigger. Her upper arms were about twice as big around as Pri’cah’s. Still, they looked small next to the Young Protector’s unflexed arms. She nodded. “Well done. You look very healthy and strong!”

Eon’whyn turned red. “Thank you, Young Protector! You know, I can work harder in the mines than most adult men. It feels great, being strong. And I want to become even stronger!” She hesitated and bowed her head. “Can I ask you a favor?”

“Of course! There is nothing that I can’t do!”

“I know, Young Protector. It is just a small favor. Can you make some heavier weights? The weights you have made for my mother have become too light for me. I am now lifting small boulders, to challenge my muscles. But it would be easier for me to practice with weights.”

“Sure! I will mine some iron ore tonight, and I will make more weights for you. Including some really heavy weights, so you can keep exercising your muscles. And other people can use them as well, of course. If they want.”

The young woman dropped to the ground. “Thank you, Protector. But… at this time, there aren’t many people who can lift the weights that I can lift.” The Young Protector laughed and told her to stand up. They walked around the village and talked, followed by a group of younger children.

“Your village has grown, hasn’t it?”

Eon’whyn nodded. “The harvests have been really good since the last time you were here. Especially from the field you made then.” She glanced to her side. “They call it ‘Eon’whyn’s field’, you know.”

The Protector smiled.

“I always tell them that you made it, so it should have your name! And I have to tell the younger children how you made it. It is their favorite story. But some of them don’t believe you made it so quickly.”

“Maybe they are convinced now they have seen me?” The Young Protector turned around to face the young crowd. She clenched her fists and slowly moved her hands towards each other, while she flexed all the muscles in her upper body. It was as if her arms, shoulders and chest grew twice as big. She smiled as she saw the astounded faces of the children in front of her. “My muscles are really big, aren’t they? I am capable of lifting and crushing huge rocks.” She flexed harder, making her muscles grow even more. Her head almost disappeared behind enormous slabs of muscle that kept increasing in size. “There is nothing that can hurt me. I am the Young Protector! Bow for me!”

Everybody obeyed her immediately and she smiled. She loved doing this, showing off her gigantic muscles, and making these weak creatures aware of the immense gap between her strength level and theirs.

After a while, they continued their walk. “Many young children were born, and we have built several new houses,” Eon’whyn said. “Our village leaders are a bit worried now. We might run out of space for new houses someday soon. Our whole village is now surrounded by fields and mountains, and we don’t want to build houses on a field, because we need the fields as well.”

“I see. I am sure the Old Protector and I can come up with a solution. We will discuss this with your leaders.”

They did, but they concluded that by breaking down some of the older houses, and merging those into bigger houses, they could offer more room to more people. At the same time, they realized that if the village population kept increasing, they would have to look for other solutions within ten or twenty years.

Because there wasn’t much to do, the Protectors left quickly. But the Young Protector kept her promise, and made several weights for Eon’whyn. She kept thinking about the village for quite some time, and hoped she would be there again soon, although she knew it would take several years.

“You don’t seem to grow older!” Eon’whyn exclaimed, the next time they visited her village.

The Young Protector smiled at her. “Well, you certainly have grown!” It was true. Eon’whyn had turned into the most muscular person in her village.

The young woman chattered as if they had seen each other only the day before. “I know! Everybody wants me on their crew. On the fields, and in the mines, I can work twice as hard as any other. It feels just great, being stronger than anyone else!”

The Young Protector grinned.

“But you know that, of course. And you know what? I found a kind husband, who loves my muscles as much as I do!” She giggled. “We are having so much fun!” She turned red. “But you probably don’t want to hear that. Oh, and we have a daughter! Ara’whyn is three years old now, and I hope she will become just as strong and muscular as I am. Or maybe even stronger. So I’ll let her exercise as soon as she can lift the smallest weights you made.” She stopped and her head turned red. “I am talking too much again, am I? I am sorry, Young Protector.”

But the Young Protector just laughed. “It’s okay. All other people are only talking with me about formal and boring things. I like to hear other things too, for a change. And I hope we can do some fun things, this time.”

They could. There were some big boulders that were blocking the river after an avalanche, but they removed those quickly, so they had some time left. The two Protectors, Eon’whyn, her daughter and some other people from the village visited the cave where Eon’whyn’s mother had spent the night, a long time ago.

“I have been here several times before,” Eon’whyn said. “But it’s the first time for Ara’whyn. And it’s also the first time I’m here with you, of course. This is so exciting!”

Everybody admired the drawings they had made back then. The colors of the children’s paintings were hardly visible anymore, as they had faded through the years. Of course, the Young Protector’s drawing was still clearly visible, as it was carved out in the rock.

“You know what?” Eon’whyn said. “Maybe we can make some more of these drawings!” She had taken a piece of coal with her. She positioned Ara’whyn in front of the stone wall, and traced her outline with the coal. When she was finished, the Young Protector carved out her silhouette with her finger. She took a step back, to admire her handiwork. Ara’whyn tried to carve out the rock with her finger as well, and she was disappointed she couldn’t. Everybody laughed.

“Yes love, it looks easy when the Young Protector does that. But we cannot do it,” Eon’whyn said to her young daughter.

Everyone else also got their outline carved in the rock. “This will last longer than the drawing of Yr’whyn and her friends,” the Young Protector said.

Eon’whyn flexed her biceps when they drew her outline. She looked at the result with glee. “I am so much bigger than the rest of you,” she announced.

“But not nearly as big as the Protectors,” someone said.

Eon’whyn turned to the Young Protector. “Will you make a carving of yourself too?” she asked.

The Young Protector laughed. “That would be fun, but you know you are not allowed to touch me.”

“I can do it,” the Old Protector said. She had been watching them in silence until then, and most of them had forgotten that she had come as well.

The Young Protector clapped her hands. “Great!” She moved in front of the wall, and flexed all the muscles in her body. Everybody could hear a loud crunching noise. “Oh,” she said, and she looked over her shoulder. “I flexed my buttocks a bit too hard, I think.” She stepped aside to show the two round imprints in the rock.

“It will make your carving only look more impressive,” Eon’whyn gushed.

“That’s right.” The Young Protector stepped back and flexed again. The Old Protector very quickly traced her outline. They all took some steps back to admire the result.

“Wow,” Eon’whyn whispered, as she looked from her outline to the outline of the Young Protector. “You are so much bigger than me!”

The Young Protector put her arms on her hips. “Haven’t you noticed before, little girl?” she asked in an angry voice.

Some people stepped back and bowed their heads, but Eon’whyn knew the huge musclewoman was just playing. She giggled. “Of course I know! You remind me of it every time you visit us!” Then, everybody laughed.

It was one of the last times the two Protectors had fun. When they continued their journey over the planet, they encountered many problems. Just like in Eon’whyn’s village, the population appeared to be booming everywhere. This was also good news, of course. But the demand for food, houses, metals and water also increased rapidly. So the two Protectors had to work very hard and use all their powers to solve these problems.

When they were taking a small break on the top of a snow-covered mountain, soaking in the sun, the Old Protector looked down at the younger woman, who was drinking. She sighed. “I don’t know what’s happening. The population has been rather stable for ages. I don’t understand why it is growing so rapidly now. What has changed?”

“Maybe it’s just a coincidence?”

“The number of inhabitants of a single village fluctuates in time. So yes, it was a coincidence when the population increased during a small period of time. But what we are seeing now, is that the population is increasing everywhere. I suppose there must be a reason.”

“Maybe we are doing our job extremely well?”

The Old Protector smiled. “Of course we do! That is what we are here for. But I don’t see differences between what we are doing now, and what I did when I was a Young Protector.”

They basked in the sun for some more moments. The Old Protector looked up at the sky. “It’s almost time again. Just a couple of days until the eclipse. I look forward to crushing you with my immense strength, little one!”

The Young Protector sighed.

Because there was so much more work to do, it took them a bit longer before they were back in Eon’whyn’s village. They found out that Yr’whyn had passed away a couple of years ago. Eon’whyn had become grandmother. Her daughters and granddaughter looked really spectacular. Eon’whyn was still very muscular, but Ara’whyn was even bigger than her. The Young Protector remembered what she had looked like when she was a little girl. It was a big difference! And Ara’whyn’s daughter also looked very muscular, even at her young age.

The Young Protector noticed there were more muscular girls in the village, but Ara’whyn was clearly the biggest. She was a bit shy, after seeing the enormous muscles on the Young Protector. But when her mother encouraged her, she flexed her big bicep for the Young Protector and Eon’whyn looked at her daughter with pride. “Yes, we started off something! Me and my mother were the first to train with those weights and develop our bodies. In the beginning, other people thought we looked weird. But then they noticed we could work much harder, so they accepted us. And now there are several who would love to be like us.

We also started attracting people from other villages. They like to have a partner who can work hard. And I think that some are attracted to our big muscles. My husband surely is!

Because they realized that bigger muscles mean that you can work harder, other people started training as well. Men as well as women, but mostly women. Sometimes there are so many people training that there aren’t enough weights!

But that’s also because we had to turn some of the smaller weights into tools. Our population has grown so fast that we have to use all the metal we have to turn them into tools.

So we have more inhabitants, but we are running out of resources. Especially food. We need more room for houses, but our village is surrounded by the fields. And all the fields are surrounded by mountains, so we don’t know what to do. Maybe some of us have to move to another place… But how can we survive when we have no resources at all?

I am sorry, I’m only complaining. But I’m happy to see you again!”

“So am I. I’m sorry it took us so long this time. And I’m really sorry about your mother. But the things you are talking about are happening everywhere. So we have been very busy. Creating more fields, harvesting more metals, digging more canals. And don’t worry, I’m sure we can find a solution for your problems. I can make more weights, of course. And I have talked with the Old Protector, and we are probably going to remove a mountain to make more room for your village.”

“You are going to do WHAT??”

“Move a mountain.” The muscle woman shrugged. “No big deal, we have done that before.”

Eon’whyn kept staring at her. “What? Don’t you believe we can do that? These muscles are huge for a reason, you know!” She flexed her humongous bicep to prove her point.

Eon’whyn and her daughter swallowed and bowed their heads. “Of course, Young Protector. I am sorry that I doubted your abilities!”

“No problem. I hope your leaders will agree. It will be fun to move a mountain. I love to unleash my full strength! Most of the time I have to hold back and I can use just a small fraction of my powers. I can lift huge boulders with just three fingers. But to move a mountain, I really have to exert myself.”

The two Protectors were very busy, but they had grown used to that. That was what their lives had looked like during the past years. They mined a lot of iron and other metals from the mountain, they dug several wells and some big canals to give the village better access to fresh water.

They talked to the village leaders. The Young Protector ran some distance and jumped very high into the air to get a good overview of the surroundings of the village. When she crashed down, she formed a small crater in the ground and she caused a small earthquake. But she had noticed that there was a broad valley behind one of the lower mountains close to the village. If they would remove that mountain, the village would have plenty of room to grow.

The Young Protector wanted to try something new, so they decided that she would take the lead. Both incredibly powerful women looked forward to demolishing the mountain, because it was something they rarely did. It gave them an excellent opportunity to demonstrate their nearly infinite powers to the pathetically weak humans.

With one mighty jump, they landed on the mountain, about one third below the top. They pushed their bodies into the solid rock and walked through it like it was air; it offered them no resistance whatsoever. The Young Protector extended her thick arms to cause more damage to the mountain. They appeared almost at the same time at the other side of the mountain. The Young Protector grinned. She was really enjoying herself. “Let’s speed up a bit, shall we?”

They crisscrossed the mountain at enormous speed, while they moved their arms in circles. They ran into each other several times. Every time, the Young Protector bounced back, while the older woman kept moving. “I hope I didn’t hurt you! I can’t help it that I’m so incredibly powerful. Weak beings like you should make way when I’m coming through!” They both laughed.

Soon, they had made so many tunnels on the same level, that the mountain top was supported by just a few columns of rock. The strong women moved to the middle of the cave they had created. They made a small pile of rock and compressed it with their hands. The Young Protector stepped onto it. She could barely stand up straight. She pressed her hands to the ceiling, and the Old Protector crushed the remaining supporting columns.

The Young Protector stretched her arms. She smiled, because she was about to lift the top of the mountain. She knew she could do it! As she poured more strength into her arms, her muscles kept growing. She could feel the rock above her move a bit. It was working! She pushed harder. Her biceps became so big that they almost touched her head.

But then, her legs sank into the rock beneath her. When her arms were completely outstretched, she only pushed herself deeper into the rocky bottom. She was clearly strong enough to lift that enormous piece of mountain, but the mountain itself wasn’t strong enough to support her.

A bit disappointed, she walked through the mountain until she was on the outside again. The Old Protector was already waiting for her. “I had my doubts if this would work,” she said. “But it was a nice try.” They thought about a way to make the bottom more dense, so it could support them when they were lifting the immense weight. They couldn’t come up with a solution. “Let’s just push this whole thing away,” the Young Protector said. “That is probably the simplest solution.”

They moved a bit apart and started pushing. They didn’t move objects of this immense size very often, so they had to use all the power in their incredible bodies. The mountain top moved slowly in the beginning, but then they started pushing harder. Their huge muscles swelled even bigger as they unleashed their immense power. After a while, they had pushed the mountain top so far, that a large volume was supported by nothing but air. Several big parts broke off, just because of the gravity. They pushed the remaining part down the mountain. It crashed down with enormous force, broke into smaller pieces, and the whole surrounding area shook. They ran after the falling mountain top, and pushed it every now and then, to make sure it kept going down.

“I’ll stay down here to clean this up,” the Old Protector said. “While you can demolish the rest of the mountain.” She picked up some huge rocks, one in each hand. Her arms were bulging. Then she tossed the rocks across the mountains like they were small pebbles.

The Young Protector flexed her enormous thighs and jumped back onto what was left of the mountain. She remembered what she had done earlier that day, and jumped very high into the air. She had miscalculated a bit, and she was going down into the direction of the village. She used her powerful breath to correct her trajectory and she slammed down in the middle of the mountain. Large cracks appeared everywhere in the surface. She repeated this several times, until huge chunks of rock started to break off the mountain and fall down.

She sank her hands into the cracks and tore off enormous slabs of rock. She tossed them down the mountain. She knew she didn’t have to be careful. The Old Protector would be amused when such a slab of rock would hit her, and break against her far harder body.

The Young Protector increased her speed. To the people in the village, who were watching her, it was an unbelievable sight. Huge rocks were flying through the air, hundreds at a time, and crashing down below, where the Old Protector was crushing the rocks down to smaller sizes, and tossing them far away.

One time, the Young Protector tore off an extremely large piece of rock. She lifted it above her head and found that it wasn’t so heavy that she completely sank away in the rocky bottom beneath her. She walked over to the rim of the mountain. She had to raise her feet very high, because she sank into the rock down to her knees with every step. When she was at the rim, she saw all the people down below her. She wasn’t sure if they could see her, because her sight was much better than theirs. But she knew that they could see the rock.

She loved to demonstrate her inhuman strength to them. “They must feel very weak and insignificant when they see us do all these things that are completely impossible for their frail, skinny bodies. And this is all so easy to do for me!” She balanced the rock on one hand and grinned when she saw how big her upper arm grew. “I think my arm was never bigger than it was now,” she said to herself, while she caressed her incredible bicep. “I simply love being big and strong!”

She also put her other hand against the rock and turned around. She arched her back and tossed the enormous rock across the whole length of the mountain. It crashed down on the mountain of smaller rocks that was already there.

“Thank you!” the Old Protector shouted. “I love it when you throw rocks at me!”

“I know!”

When the Young Protector ripped a large rock out of the ground, she saw a small spark below her. At first, she thought she had found some kind of metal ore. But it looked different. She tossed the rock away and jumped down.

It was strange. She had never seen something like that before in her long life. So she called the Old Protector. Together, they carefully removed the rock around the object until they could lift it. The Young Protector carried it towards the village and put it down on fallow land. The object had the shape of a cylinder and was about as long as the field. It was made of metal, but it was harder than the iron the people in the village used. There were many scratches on the surface.

“What is it?” the Young Protector asked. “It was apparently buried under the mountain. I am not sure it was near the surface or deeper inside. We have moved so much of the mountain that it could have been everywhere. But it could have been there for ages.” She lifted the object with one hand, to take a look at the bottom.

“Our stories do not mention this thing,” one of the older women said. “We have never seen something like that before.”

“Could it be a Terran spaceship?” Eon’whyn asked.

“It could be,” the Old Protector replied. “But we don’t know what these spaceships look like, so it might as well be something completely different.”

“But how could such a heavy object fly through space? Isn’t it much too heavy for that?”

“Terrans were capable of things we simply cannot comprehend.” The Old Protector shrugged. “I am afraid we will never know what this thing was used for. Let’s continue our work.”

Soon after that, the whole mountain had disappeared. All that remained where rocks in all kinds of sizes. The Protectors worked at high speed to crush the bigger parts to smaller boulders, and to remove these smaller rocks. The people from the village couldn’t see them move, they were going much too fast. But they could see the pile of rocks becoming smaller, as if it was melting. Of course, the Protectors were tossing rocks away, or carrying them to other places.

When they were finished with the mountain, they fertilized a large area, so that it could be used for food production.

They went back to the metal object. A large crowd was still gathered around it. The Protectors told them what they had done, and showed the people there was room for more houses in the valley.

The Young Protector ripped several sheets off the object and used the metal to make new weights and tools. Eon’whyn tried several tools, and concluded that they were better than the iron ones they used. But they couldn’t find out what kind of metal it was.

She moved the object to a mountain side, so it wasn’t in the way anymore.

Soon, the Protectors left. The Young Protector felt sad again, because she was afraid that it would take some time before they could return. And Eon’whyn might have been gone by then.
The Young Protector, part 3: Ara'whyn
The barren world of the two immensely powerful Protectors doesn't seem to change over time. But then, suddenly, things get out of hand. The Young Protector still tries to visit the village of her much weaker friends as often as possible. Still, there are many years in between. This means nothing to her, but the changes in the village are clearly visible.

Other parts:
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Nickie was sitting on a log on her own, far away from the fire. She looked at the other lifeguards, who all seemed to have lots of fun. “What am I doing here?” she asked herself. She was so different from all the others. She was the youngest of the group She had just turned 18, but some thought she was only 13, because Nickie was tiny: small and skinny. “Everybody else probably weighs at least twice as much as I do,” she thought. She looked at the fit bodies on the other logs. And of course, her eyes stopped at Mette. The Danish student had everything that Nickie hadn’t. Long blonde hair, a beautiful face, muscles, a perfect tan, and on top of that, big breasts.

Mette was dressed in just a bikini, and a big group of male lifeguards had gathered around her. They all drooled as Mette made her breasts bounce by flexing her powerful pecs. At least one of the men instantly came, Nickie noticed.

After a while, Mette saw the small girl staring, stood up, and walked over to her, a smile on her face. “Hi Nickie,” she said, with her cute accent. “Are you having fun?”

Nickie shrugged. It was hard not to like Mette. She had a perfect body, boys flocked around her, but she was also the nicest person Nickie knew. In fact, Mette was the only one who talked to her every now and then. Seeing Nickie’s face, Mette quickly changed the subject. “Do you know how that man is doing?”

Earlier that day, Nickie had seen unusual movement in the water, so she had dived in. It appeared to be a man who was moving uncontrollably. She had tried to stabilize him, but he was tall and very fat; he was probably more than four times Nickie’s weight. Using the floating capabilities of the ocean water, she had managed to drag him closer to the shore, but it had been very hard for her. He had kept moving. Nickie had felt relief when Mette appeared beside her, who had helped her getting the man out of the water. Very soon, an ambulance had arrived.

“Yes,” Nickie said. “I got a call that he has diabetes, so it was very probably a hypoglycemic attack. He is fine now.”

“Good job!” Mette said.

“Well, I couldn’t have done it without you.”

“But you saw him first. I only came into the water because I saw you struggle.”

“Yes, but what if you hadn’t been there? I know you were off duty.” Nickie sighed. “I wish I was big and strong like you!”

Mette put her hand on Nickie’s small arm. “Don’t worry. When I came to the USA, I was very skinny. But in the past three years, I have trained very hard, and this is the result.” She briefly flexed her bicep and giggled.

Nickie could just stare. Mette’s upper arm was two, maybe even three times bigger around than hers!

The two girls got distracted because something was happening. Everyone was looking at the sea, so they turned around. “Oh!” The sky was completely dark, but part of the ocean had a green shine.

“Wow…” Mette whispered. “This is magical. What is it?”

“It looks like one of those stories that the lifeguards tell each other. I’ve heard about it, but I thought it was just a fairytale. It’s probably a group of a very rare kind of jellyfish, which appear at this coast only once or twice in a lifetime. The green shine you are seeing is a kind of bioluminescence.”

“Isn’t it wonderful? I usually hate jellyfish, but this is awesome!”

They both looked in silence how the green lights approached the shore. Behind them they could hear other lifeguards talking about the jellyfish.

“They even say they have special powers. They can make other creatures grow. That is how some white sharks have become so big. And the giant squids that live deep down.”

“You’re kidding!”

“No, no, that’s what my granddad told me. Honestly!”

“Hey, we should test this! Let’s throw something small in the water and see if it becomes bigger!”

“Great. But what can we use?”

“Well, I can see something small…”

They stopped talking. Nickie felt a shiver down her spine and turned around. Everybody was looking at her. Some stood up and approached her.

“What, me? No!”

But it was too late. Several hands grabbed her. Someone pulled a lifejacket over her head, and several lifeguards carried her into the ocean.

“Stop it! Let her go, you morons!” Mette screamed, but no one listened to her. After a while, Nickie didn’t hear Mette anymore. When she looked down, she saw that they were now close to the green glow.

“One, two, three!” they shouted, and tossed her away several feet. Nickie crawled with her arms, and she felt the soft, slithery touch of the jellyfish. She could feel numerous tentacles wrapping themselves around her arms, her legs, her torso, her head. She panicked. She screamed. She moved wildly. But there were so many jellyfish around her, she couldn’t get away from them. Her head went underwater several times, but the lifejacket got her back every time.

After some time, she felt two strong hands in her armpits, that dragged her away. Nickie kept kicking and screaming, until she felt just water around her. She started to calm down, but the tears kept streaming down her face.

“Those assholes!” Mette’s voice said, close to her. “Are you okay?”

“I… I don’t know,” Nickie sobbed. “I feel strange. It hurts.”

“Of course it hurts! They tossed you between the jellyfish! Those are poisonous!” She put her strong arm around Nickie’s shoulders.

They sat in the surf for several minutes, until Nickie was calm again. They stood up, and walked to their cars. They avoided the fire, where the other lifeguards were still drinking and talking. Nobody paid attention to the two young women.

“So…” Mette said. “Both our duties start tomorrow at 3. Give me a call if you don’t feel like working, okay? And put some vinegar on your skin. It soothes the pain.”

“I will,” Nickie said. “Thanks for your help, Mette.” Then she noticed the red stripes on Mette’s legs. “O… They got you too!”

Mette shrugged. “It’s just my legs. It’s nothing compared to you. It itches a bit, that’s all.”


She woke up late the next morning. Nickie still felt strange. With her eyes closed, she tried to find out what was strange. It wasn’t really pain. It was as if… she was bigger.

She opened her eyes. “What?!” she yelled. In front of her were two big hills. “No way! Are those tits?” She moved her hands towards the hills and screamed again. Her arms were much bigger than the day before. She sat up with a start. She removed the blankets and examined her body. She was shocked. She rushed to the bathroom. She watched herself in the mirror, her mouth wide open.

“I am big,” she muttered under her breath. There was no denying it. It was hard to imagine that the beautiful girl in the mirror had been plain and tiny just twelve hours ago. Everything on Nickie’s body was now big, tall, thick, long and broad. “I guess my weight has doubled,” she said to her reflection. She flexed her arm, and her bicep popped up. It was almost as big as Mette’s. Nickie felt her knees grow weak. “Am I still dreaming?”

She cupped her breasts with her hands. “These two feel very real, so I guess I’m awake. I love it!” She tried flexing her pecs. It was a bit hard in the beginning, because she had never had chest muscles and breasts before. After a while, her breasts bounced a little. “I have to ask Mette how she does it, she can do this much better.” She giggled.

Nickie stood in front of the mirror for at least an hour, admiring her muscles, her C cup, her long hair, her beautiful face. Then, she remembered she was on duty that afternoon. She jumped into her car. She had to adjust her seat, because she had grown taller.

In the locker room, she tried on her bathing suit, but it was much too small, so she tried on another, two sizes bigger. She loved how it clung to her improved physique, especially how it was tight around her firm breasts. She pressed her breasts together, and was happy to see lots of cleavage. “Hello tits! You are my new best friends!” She laughed out loud.

Heads turned when she stepped onto the beach. She walked with confidence, her breasts pushed forward, her hips swaying. She smiled when she heard the whispers. “Look at that babe!” “I would like to kiss those perfect lips.” “Who is that?” “She has world-class tits!” “OMG! Those legs!” “I wish I had muscles like her…” “Wait – is that...”

“Nickie!” Mette shouted. She ran up to her, and stopped when she was in front of her. She looked Nickie up and down. “Wow… It happened to you as well. But you have improved so much more. You look gorgeous, girl!”

“Thanks,” Nickie said. “I love it! But do you mean you have grown too?”

“Just my legs,” Mette replied. “It makes sense: the jellyfish touched my legs, but they were all over your body.”

Nickie admired Mette’s legs for a minute. They had already been big, but they had grown even bigger now. Mette briefly flexed her thighs, and her thick quads jumped up. She proudly smiled.

When Nickie looked up, she saw that a big crowd had gathered around them. She blushed, because she wasn’t used to getting that much attention. But it was daily routine for Mette. “Hey!” she said. “What do you think this is? Babewatch?” Everybody laughed, and the two muscle girls moved on.

It went on the whole day. Everybody wanted to be near to Nickie and Mette. Nickie quickly got used to it, and appreciated all the attention for her beautiful body. Every now and then, she would flex a bit, or ran her hands over her perfect curves. She practiced bouncing her breasts and discovered it drove the men crazy.

She had the impression that she had to rescue many more people than usual, especially men. “I have never had to use so much mouth to mouth,” she told Mette during one of their breaks.

“Of course! Who wouldn’t want to be touched by those sensuous lips?” Mette laughed. ”Get used to it, Nickie! You are the most beautiful girl on this beach now!”

Nickie blushed. “Well, the second most beautiful… You are still the number one beach babe! Your legs are so much bigger than mine.”

“Oh, I don’t mind sharing the first place with you!”

It was a day full of new impressions, so at the end of her shift, Nickie was exhausted. When the sun set, she sat on the beach with Mette. “This was the best day of my life,” Nickie sighed.

“I’m sure there are many more of these days to come.” They stared across the water as it was becoming darker. Far away on the ocean, they noticed the green glow, and they looked at each other. “Do you…?”

Without another word, they jumped into the water. Even though the jellyfish were more than a mile from the shore, Nickie found that her strong muscles enabled her to quickly cover the distance, without growing tired.

Mette was a bit reluctant, but Nickie dove between the jellyfish without hesitation. She floated on her back as hundreds of tentacles wrapped around her body. “Yes!” she shouted. “Do your magic once more. Make me bigger! I love being big! Give me biceps as big as boulders! I want the biggest tits in the world! Give me huge muscles! Come on! Make me big and strong! Make me super strong! Much stronger than anyone else! I love to be powerful. Yes! I want a body that no one can ignore! I want to be huge!”

She felt the venom in her body once more, giving her a strange mix of pain and pleasure. This time, she didn’t fight it. She calmly accepted the gift of the jellyfish, as more and more venom entered her body, changing it on a cellular level.

She didn’t know how long she had been floating there. She blinked her eyes and found that the jellyfish were gone. Her whole body was tingling. Close to her, she saw Mette’s head above the water.

“Finally! You are out of your trance. Let’s get back to the shore.” Mette started swimming.

Nickie quickly caught up with her. “That was indescribable! Wasn’t it?”

Mette turned her head, with a little smile. “Yes, I could see you enjoyed it. I didn’t. It was very painful, so I swam away after some minutes.”

“Painful, yes. But very pleasant at the same time. It was weird. How long have I been in there?”

“I don’t know. Much longer than I was. Half an hour? An hour?”

Nickie turned around and saw the green glow had disappeared completely. She sighed.

When they were back on the beach, she asked: “Would you like to sleep on the sand tonight? If we wake up in the morning, we can see if we have grown.”

“I can’t wait!” Mette replied. “Let’s do that!”


“Nickie! Wake up!”

She opened her eyes. “OMG!” Mette was sitting next to her in the sand. The body of the Danish girl was huge! She blocked most of Nickie’s view. Mette’s tits were now bigger than beach balls, and they almost pushed into Nickie’s face, even though Mette was a couple of feet away from her. Mette’s arms were thick with muscle. Even unflexed, it looked like her upper arms were at least 30 inches around. Her shoulders were incredibly wide and packed with enormous layers of muscle. Her neck was solid as a tree trunk, and her face was even more beautiful than ever.

And her legs… her legs were out of this world. Each thigh was as big as a barrel. There were thick slabs of muscle everywhere. Her calves were bigger than most men’s thighs. Her legs looked strong enough to shatter coconuts.

“Nickie,” Mette whispered. “You probably think that I am big… But you should take a look at yourself. I look tiny next to you.”

“What?” She didn’t understand it at first. But then, she managed to take her eyes off of her friend’s incredible body, and looked down at herself. Nickie almost swooned.

She made Mette’s monster tits look small. Her boobs were enormous, and stood out several feet from her chest. She estimated that each of her tits weighed more than her whole body had weighed two days ago! Still, she could hardly feel the weight when she sat up. That was because the giant breasts were supported by the biggest and strongest muscles in the world. Her pecs were so big, that just her chest muscles would easily fill an E cup bra. She was still wearing her bathing suit, but it looked ridiculously small on her, and titflesh and muscles were spilling out of it everywhere.

Her chest was wider than a doorframe and loaded with gigantic muscles. Her shoulders were huge balls of muscles, that rose up higher than her ears. And still, her upper arms managed to make her shoulders look small. They were easily 40 inches around, and she wasn’t even flexing. Her forearms were bigger than most people’s thighs.

She had to twist her head a bit, and part her monster breasts to get a view on her legs. She was shocked. She had thought that Mette had the strongest legs in the world, but they looked like twigs next to Nickie’s tree trunks. She quickly flexed her thighs, and they instantly grew twice as big.

Nickie jumped up, and discovered that she had propelled herself about 10 feet into the air. She landed with a loud THUD. “Wow!” she yelled. “I feel amazing!”

“That’s because you ARE amazing, Nickie.”

“Thanks, but you are looking great yourself too.”

“Ah, come on. You don’t need to be modest anymore. You are much bigger than anyone else. Flex your bicep!”

Nickie did so. The muscle on her upper arm kept rising and rising. It was frighteningly big, and rose higher than her head. Mette flexed her bicep as well. She would easily have won every bodybuilding competition with it, but it looked small compared to Nickie’s ultimate gun. Mette tried to get closer to Nickie for a better comparison, but she had to stop when she was several feet away because their huge tits already bumped into each other.

Nickie giggled and flexed her pecs. Her breasts bounced up at least 10 inches, and pushed Mette backwards. “I have tits of steel!” Nickie boasted.

Mette looked at her in amazement. “I wonder how strong we are now?”

“Let’s find out!” Nickie said. She looked around her. The first thing she saw was their lifeguard boat. It was about 25 feet long. Nickie ran towards it, and arrived there much faster than she had expected. She waited until Mette was on the other side. The muscle babes crouched down, and lifted the boat out of the water without much effort.

“This is easy!” Nickie said. “How much do you think this boat weighs?”

“5,000 pounds? I don’t know, really.”

“Wow, we have become super girls!” Nickie thought for a minute. “Do you want to try something? Step closer.”

They approached each other until their breasts touched. Then, they carefully lowered the boat. They removed their hands until the boat was resting on nothing else but their super tits. They could hardly believe what they were doing. Mette bounced her breasts, making the boat rock. They laughed. “This is really awesome!”

When they saw the first people enter the beach, they put the boat back into the water and got ready to save lives. They climbed onto their chairs, which groaned because of their enormous weight. Nickie giggled. “I must weigh over 500 pounds now! Most of it is solid muscle, and the rest is titflesh.” When she was sitting in her chair, she took a deep breath that made her massive chest expand even more. Her suit couldn’t take it anymore and burst apart. Her tits were in the open air now, but she didn’t mind. She loved to show off her big body! She could also see that the people loved her showing off, because many couldn’t hide their excitement.

That day, nobody seemed to go into the water. Everybody wanted to see the super muscular and busty lifeguards. So they did some posing, and played tug of war against twenty opponents. They easily won.

They also played beach volleyball. The two men at the other side of the net complained it wasn’t fair. “Your tits are so big, they cover almost the whole field.”

“You are just jealous,” Mette said, and jumped extremely high into the air for her service. She launched the ball with the speed of a cannonball, and the men had no chance to return it. In fact, they didn’t even see it coming. They only made points because the power babes weren’t used to their strength, and they smashed several balls out of the field. When the men served to their field, they bounced the balls on their breasts, before delivering a devastating smash. They had much fun. The men mostly enjoyed watching the big, bouncing breasts and the display of huge muscles. They didn’t mind being humiliated by the two sexy beach babes.

Nickie challenged five men and a woman from the audience to put their arms into her cleavage. “I’m sure you won’t be able to reach the bottom, just stick them in as far as you can,” she encouraged them. Then, she flexed her chest muscles and challenged them to pull their arms out. They tried with all their strength, but they couldn’t. They were overpowered by Nickie’s magnificent tits.

“It’s so easy for me to hold you there,” she bragged. “I love being so much stronger than anyone else!” To emphasize her point, she flexed her biceps. She clenched her fists until her upper arms had grown to 50 inches. One of the men fainted. “I am the strongest woman in the world!” she said. Nickie bounced her breasts, and all six were lifted off their feet. There was no way they could resist her. “I love to dominate you,” she told them, as she released them.

Every now and then Nickie glanced at the water, but nothing was happening there. Until late in the afternoon, when she saw a big rowing boat capsizing. With a few big steps, she ran across the beach. When she was in the surf, she took a big jump, which took her at least 40 feet further. She dove into the water, and with powerful strokes she soon approached the boat. She saw four men in the water, trying to hold on to the boat. But because of the outgoing tide, there was a strong current towards the ocean.

Nickie dove under the boat and lifted it out of the water with her strong arms. She turned on her back. “Hold on to my breasts!” she shouted. The men first hesitated, but they soon discovered the current was much too strong for them, so they obeyed her. Her breasts were so big, there was plenty of room for the four of them.

Nickie swam back with powerful strokes of her incredible legs, still holding the boat above her head, and dragging the four men with her. She hardly felt the current. What she did feel, was the excitement of the men that were pressed against her naked breasts. She smiled to herself, and with her perfect body control, she further increased their excitement until they couldn’t take it anymore. She laughed when she saw they were blushing. “No problem, guys! It’s good to see that you appreciate my wonderful body!”

At the end of the day, the two muscle babes sat on the beach and caressed their overdeveloped bodies. “Do you think the jellyfish will show up tonight?”

“I don’t think so. They appear only once or twice in a lifetime, remember?”

“Yes, that’s too bad. But if they would appear, would you let them make you grow once more?”

“Sure! And you?”

“Of course! I want to become even bigger and stronger!”

“But they have to get us new bathing suits and chairs.”

“Oh, we don’t need those.” They both giggled. The sun set into the ocean.
This is my contribution to the :iconfemalemuscle: monthly theme. As you might expect, it contains beach babes, muscles, the ocean, sun, big breasts, lifeguards and boats. Oh, and it also contains jellyfish. You might not have expected that ;)
When the white sun had set, the Old Protector arrived. They woke the children and led them back to their village. The people there were very happy that their children were back, and they paid tribute to the mighty women. After that, the people split up. Most of them went to work in the fields.

A smaller group of men and women went up to the mountain and the Protectors followed them. The people were mining for metals. The Old Protector followed a group that went to the gold mine, while the Young Protector was taken to the iron mine.

It was a strange group: everyone else was taller than the Young Protector, but they all looked like sticks, compared to her massive body. They all made sure they didn’t come close to the almighty woman.

After a while, the people stopped and made room. One of them pointed to the mountain side. “Look here, mighty Protector! We have been mining here during the last year.”

The Young Protector was a bit amazed. There was a small hole in the mountain. “A year??” she thought. “I could have done that in just a few moments.” But she didn’t say that. She knew how pathetically weak these people were. She took a closer look and she saw some iron ore sparkling in the rock.

One of the men saw what she was looking at. “We have mined some iron ore here already.”

“I see. Good work,” she spoke. “I think I can speed up your work a bit. With my strength and my muscles, I can do things far beyond your abilities.” With that, she approached the mountain side. She kept on walking, even when her body touched the rock. The rock gave in to her much stronger body; it didn’t slow her down in the least. When she disappeared into the mountain, she heard astounded gasps behind her and she smiled to herself. “Walking through rock is probably something they hadn’t even imagined before. And still, this is so easy for me!”

She stretched out her muscular arms. It didn’t make any difference. She just kept on walking. After a while, she made a turn. She exited the rock at another place. While she carelessly dusted off her muscles, she said: “I have found a rich vein of iron, a bit deeper in the mountain.”

Everyone cheered and they bowed for her. Several men and women went inside the mountain, through the hole she had just created. Because they were taller than the Young Protector, they had to duck down a bit. But she saw with satisfaction that the hole was wide enough for two persons to walk next to each other. “My body is so much broader than theirs! I love that!”

The people came out with happy faces. “There is a lot of iron ore in there. It is enough to keep us busy for many years. Thank you, mighty Protector!”

She smiled. “I am sure I can save you some more time. Please go down to that valley. It is going to get a little rough here!”

When the people were at a safe distance, she went back into the mountain, to the vein of iron. She clenched her fists and hit the rocky wall in front of her with tremendous force, time after time. Huge chunks of rock flew everywhere, as the Young Protector quickly reduced the solid rock to much smaller pieces. The whole mountain was shaking because of her mighty blows.

Very soon, she was standing in a large cave, full of bigger and smaller rocks. She spread out her arms and pushed the debris out of the mountain. She did this several times, until most of the rocks were removed from the cave she had just created.

She stood in the middle of the cave and looked around her. “There’s plenty of room for more,” she said. She crushed the wall a couple of times more, until there was a high hill of rocks outside. She put her hands on her hips and surveyed it with satisfaction. “This is probably more than what these weak people could have done in ten years,” she said. She had to put her head in her neck to see the top of the hill. It was about ten times the height of an average person.

Several people walked towards her, with astonishment in their eyes. “That was amazing, Young Protector,” they said, and they bowed their heads. “Let us help you carry these rocks down the mountain.”

The powerful woman frowned. “Had I given you permission to come up here?”

The people dropped to the ground. “Forgive us, powerful Protector! We thought you were finished.”

“No. I’m not finished. Get back down there, or I will burn you!” There was a little smile on her face when they hurried away. Then, she turned to the big hill. She pouted her lips and blew in the direction of it. She rapidly increased the temperature of her breath, until it was extremely hot. Because of the intense heat, the bigger and smaller rocks instantly melted together to one big lump of rock.

Even though it was still radiating heat, she picked up the enormous lump and carried it down the mountain. Because of the enormous weight, she sank into the ground up to her bulging calves with each step. But that didn’t slow her down. When she passed the people, their eyes almost popped out. She looked so tiny under that enormous rock! And still she carried it without a strain. Several dropped to their knees, seeing her incredible display of strength.

She smiled at them. “There are some tiny rocks left up there. You can carry those, if you want to.”

It was a strange group that returned to the village. The super muscular Protector was in the front, effortlessly carrying a ridiculously big lump of rock. She was followed by a large group of people, who all struggled to lift rocks that looked like tiny pebbles in comparison.

Yr’whyn was one of the first to meet the group. “Wow, Young Protector!” she yelled. “I just can’t believe how strong you are. Every time I think I’ve seen you at your very best, you manage to perform an even more incredible feat of strength!”

“O, this is nothing,” the powerful woman spoke. She waved the huge lump of rock around like it was a piece of cloth. She flexed the muscles in her arms, making them bulge. “This may seem heavy to you, but it weighs nothing to me.”

She put the rock down on a rocky plain at some distance from the village. She ordered everybody to back up. Once again, she heated the rock with her super-hot breath. But this time, she increased the heat gradually. Yr’whyn clapped her hands when she saw that red hot iron started streaming out of the rocky hill. The Young Protector kept the temperature of her breath steady for some time. When the metal stopped streaming, she closed her mouth. She looked with satisfaction at what she had done.

Around the glowing hot hill of rocks, there was now a large pool of molten iron. She waded through the liquid iron, unaffected by the extreme heat. She picked up the red hot rock and with a simple flick of her wrist, tossed it high over the mountains. It left a trail of red sparks. She felt just great!

“Get on your knees for me, you worms!” she thundered. “I hope you understand now that I can crush all of you with just my little finger, without even trying. I am the Young Protector!”

Everybody dropped to the ground, shaking with fear. The powerful young woman had been doing things they had never thought possible, and they didn’t know what she was up to next. They couldn’t do anything else but worship and obey her. No one even thought about resisting her. They knew they didn’t stand a chance against her muscle-packed body.

Meanwhile, the muscle woman breathed on the molten iron. This time, her breath was colder than ice, so the metal rapidly returned to its solid state. She picked it up with one hand and kneaded it together into one big lump of metal, about as big as herself.

“You may stand up,” she said. She pressed the metal ball against her stomach for a moment, and then turned the ball around to show them the deep imprints of her sensational abs. “Because you were all very obedient, I will give this iron ball to you.”

“Thank you, Young Protector. It is just incredible how you can do things that would take us all years of our lives. We are very grateful, and our smith will turn your ball into many useful tools.”

She laughed. “O, come on! I can save you even more time with that. Just tell me what tools you need.”

They asked for pickaxes, knives, forks, spoons, pans, scoops, scissors and shovels. Most people left to work on the fields, but Yr’whyn sat down at some distance from the Young Protector. She looked with amazement how the powerful woman ripped a lump of metal off the ball, moved her hands so fast that they became a blur, and a moment later held a complete pickaxe in her hands. She could almost see the ball of metal becoming smaller, and the pile of tools becoming higher.

Yr’whyn picked up a rock and lifted it a couple of times. “Look, Young Protector! If I to do this every day, do you think I will become stronger and more muscular?”

The Protector looked at her while her hands kept working at incredible speed. “That might work, yes. But I can already tell you that you will never come even near my level of muscularity. During my travels around this planet, I have seen several men and women who were somewhat more muscular than the others. But I could eclipse them all with ease, even when I was much younger, and not nearly as big as I am now.” She looked at the small girl with a bit of compassion. “I hope you aren’t disappointed.”

The girl bowed her head. “Of course not. I know how exceptional the Protectors are. That your muscles are inhuman. But I hope I will become a bit more muscular than this.” She flexed her arms, but nothing happened.

The Young Protector briefly interrupted her activities to flex her bicep as well. She grinned as she looked from her own humongous muscle to Yr’whyn’s tiny little arms. She enjoyed the look of adoration on the face of the puny girl. Then, she continued her work. Very soon, there was little left of the metal ball. She ended up with some things that Yr’whyn didn’t recognize. “Here,” the Protector said. “You can use these to exercise your muscles. The small ones are for one hand, the larger ones for two hands. You start out with the lighter ones, and when you can lift those, you move on to the heavier ones.”

The young girl had a broad smile on her face when she bowed her head. “Thank you, Young Protector. I will use these tools every day. And every time I do, I will think of you and the wonderful things you have done.”

The Protector carried a whole pile of tools towards the village when the Old Protector arrived carrying a large lump of gold. She was followed by another group of people.

“Well,” the bigger woman said, “I can see you have been very productive. Well done, Young Protector! We will take a small part of these tools to the next village. They do not have access to metals there.”

Later that day, the two Protectors laid down next to each other on a mountain, overviewing the little village. They soaked in the sunlight and the Young Protector drank. She admired the Old Protector’s much bigger body, and wondered if she would ever look like her. Her muscles were probably twice as big as the Young Protector’s muscles.

She sat up when she heard that in the village, deep down below, a storyteller was announced. Everybody became quiet.

“A long, long time ago, and far away, the Terrans lived on their little planet under a small yellow sun. Yes, they had just one sun! Their planet was covered with seas and oceans, forests, mountains, fields and deserts. You could travel your whole life and see different landscapes every day.”

The Young Protector sighed. She loved listening to these old stories, but she found it hard to imagine a world like that. What did forests look like? And fields and deserts?

“But the Terrans were haughty, and they destroyed the planet they were living on.”

“They must have been very strong,” the Young Protector thought. She couldn’t think of a way to destroy a complete planet.

“So the Terrans left their planet and flied to other planets. And later on, even to other suns! During many lifespans, they swarmed the skies with their spaceships, discovering every outskirt of the universe. And one happy day, they set foot on our own little rocky planet.

This is our history. This is where we come from! We...”

A small voice interrupted the storyteller. The Young Protector smiled when she recognized Yr’whyn’s voice. “But how is it possible we have never seen one of those Terrans? How can you travel between the stars? And what is flying, anyway?”

“Hush, child. These are the stories every generation passes on to the next one. They contain things we cannot understand, but we have to accept that and never forget the stories!” He continued telling about the lives of previous generations, but to the Young Protector, these stories were rather boring, so she stopped listening. She drank some more.

After a while, the Old Protector rose. “Come. We have to move on.”

“You start walking, I’ll catch up with you.” The Young Protector descended the mountain, and headed for the crowd that was still listening to the storyteller. He stopped talking and dropped to his knees when he saw her. The others turned their heads, and worshipped her too. But she didn’t notice. She found Yr’whyn and waved at her. The young girl stood up and followed the muscle-packed female, out of the village.

“I am leaving,” she announced.

“What? No! Why do you have to go?” She became scared when she realized what she just said. She took a step back and bowed her head. “I am sorry, Young Protector, I shouldn’t talk to you like this.”

“It is okay. This is what the life of Protectors looks like. We travel around this planet, to help and protect the people everywhere. I am really sorry, but I can’t stay here. But we will be back here, some day.”

“I’ll wait for you. And I’ll exercise my muscles while you are away. I’m sure you won’t recognize me when you come back.” The young girl wiped the tears from her cheeks. “I wish I could hug you!”

“You know that’s not possible.”

Yr’whyn looked around her. “Maybe we can hug each other without touching.” She walked over to a large rock. It was twice as high as she was. She wrapped her arms around it. “I’ll just pretend this is you. Goodbye, Young Protector!”

After a while, she stepped back. The tears were still running down her face. “Now it’s your turn.”

The Protector also hugged the rock. “Goodbye, Yr’whyn!”

When she let go of the rock, Yr’whyn smiled. “You are not very good at hugging, aren’t you? I can see the imprints of your biceps in the rock. If you had done that to me, you would have squashed me!”

The Young Protector looked a bit confused. “Oh… No, I did that on purpose, of course. If your big brothers are bothering you again, just show them this rock and tell them they should behave. Because if they don’t, they’ll have to face my wrath when I return!”

Yr’whyn shivered. “Really? Will you punish them?”

The Protector smiled. “We’ll see.” Then, she turned around and ran off at high speed. Yr’whyn followed her with her eyes, but the Young Protector disappeared very soon. The girl looked at the sky, and quickly returned to the village, as she saw that the white sun was about to rise.

The Young Protector felt a bit strange, for some time after that. But then she picked up her old life. They helped out where they could, they showed off their strength and muscles every now and then, they were part of several worshipping ceremonies, they took goods from one village to the other.

But while they had remained silent most of the times in the past, they now talked more. Or rather: the Young Protector asked questions. The Old Protector tried hard to remain patient and answer her, but many times she didn’t have the answers.

“Is it true that all the stars in the night sky are suns like ours? And do all those suns have planets too? And are those planets inhabited by Terrans?”

The Old Protector sighed. “Yes. At least, that is what the old stories say. And I’m not sure if all suns have planets, and if all planets are inhabited. But some suns have planets where Terrans live. That’s what they say.”

“But how can those Terrans travel to other suns?”

“It is something we don’t know. The Terrans have knowledge and tools that we have never heard about. They must be incredibly powerful. But we, we can just guess.”

“How far away are the stars? If I jump up with all the strength in my legs, would I be able to reach them.”

For one brief moment, the Old Protector lost her composure. “No! You should never try that! There is an old story about a Young Protector who tried. She jumped so high that she never came back. The Old Protector had to find a new one.”

The Young Protector looked puzzled. “But how could that happen? Has that Young Protector ever reached the stars? What happened to her?”

“Why are you asking all these questions? I don’t know!”

“But why have you never told me this story before?”

“Because I forgot. When you talked about jumping to the stars, I remembered.”

The Young Protector thought about this for some time. She saw some flashes and looked up to the sky for a moment. “But how can we be sure that you tell me everything you know?”

The Old Protector was also silent. “We can’t. We just can’t. I try to raise you in exactly the same way that my own Old Protector did, but there is always a chance that I will forget something. But if that happens, I am sure it will not be something that is very important.”

There was more silence. Then the younger Protector said: “It could be that generations ago, the Old Protector told much more to the Young Protector. It could be that over time, things have been forgotten.”

“Yes. That could be. But believe me: I’m doing my very best. I’m not holding back information on purpose. Believe me!”

“I believe you.” She rested her head on the Old Protector’s big chest, and drank.

The cooler season started. The white sun had become smaller and smaller. It had become just a small dot in the sky, much smaller than the red sun. The heat and radiation of the white sun had diminished so much, that people could stay outside without any risk. Some travelled to other villages, to trade tools and food, or to find a partner.

The Old Protector studied the sky more often than she usually did, and the Young Protector knew it was almost time again. She didn’t look forward to it.

Then, one day, the red sun eclipsed the white sun. At that time, they were in a village near a river. They were in a ceremony where they had to lift rocks and accept offerings. After the ceremony, they went to a plain, far away from any village.

“Are you ready?” the Old Protector asked. “Which test would you like to take first?”

The Young Protector sighed. “Can’t we just skip this? We both know…”

“Be silent! This is what the Protectors have done for ages. When there are two Protectors, they have to take the three tests when the red sun covers the white sun. It is as simple as that. So. Which test would you like to take first?”

She sighed again. “Armwrestling.”

They both laid down on their stomachs. The Old Protector had some trouble because of her enormous chest. So she made a hole in the ground. Then, she extended her hand, and the Young Protector gripped it. “Ready? One, two, three!”

Immediately, the muscles in the arms and shoulders of both women started bulging. The Young Protector was huge, but it was very clear that she was no match for the Old Protector. Her arm muscles kept rising. “Ha! I’m still much bigger than you are. Your muscles are pathetically small and weak compared to mine! I am by far the strongest woman on this planet!” With that, she slammed the Young Protector’s hand against the ground. She did it with such force that it caused a small earthquake. “That was so easy! What test do you want to take next?”

“Pushing,” the Young Protector grunted. They both stood up. The Old Protector drew a large circle in the rocky ground with her heel. Then, they stood in the middle.

“Ready? One, two, three!” The Young Protector put her hands against the Old Protector’s huge shoulder muscles and started pushing. The bigger woman just stood there and smiled. “Have you started already?” The Young Protector poured in all her strength. It was enough strength to crush mountains to dust. Enough strength to lift huge amounts of rock, but it meant nothing to the Old Protector. “Are you done?” She put one hand on her opponent’s chest and started walking. The Young Protector tried to resist her. She sank her feet into the rocky ground and flexed her mighty thigh muscles. That was sufficient to easily resist anything that came in her way on her travels around the planet.

But the Old Protector just kept pushing. She brought up her free arm and flexed her bicep. It rose high above her head and she looked at the humongous muscle with a smile. “It feels so great being the Old Protector! I know there is no one or nothing on this planet that can resist you. And still, I am just toying with you. My muscles are far superior to yours. I am so much stronger than you are!” Just before the Young Protector crossed the line, the Old Protector pushed her. She flew through the air and crashed into a mountain, far away.

The Young Protector gritted her teeth and ran back to the place where the Old Protector was waiting for her. “Just one test to go! I won’t waste your time on this one.” She simply put her hands on the Young Protector’s shoulders and pushed her into the rocky ground. When she was buried up to her shoulders, the far stronger woman let her go. “That wasn’t so bad, wasn’t it?”

The Young Protector climbed out of the hole in the ground. “I really don’t understand why we have to do this every time. We both know you are far stronger than I am. Do you really have to humiliate me every time?”

The Old Protector grinned. “Yes. I enjoy this very much. This is the only time when I can use my full strength.” The smile disappeared from her face. “But believe me: this is necessary. My Old Protector did the same thing to me when I was the Young Protector. And it may be hard to believe, but one day, you will be stronger than I am. But before that day, there will be many days that I will defeat you.”

Some time after that, they returned to Yr’whyn’s village. When they were almost there, the Young Protector rushed ahead. She looked around and saw a girl who was practicing with the weights she had made the last time she had been there. The girl looked like Yr’whyn, but a bit younger. Maybe it was her younger sister?

“Do you know where I can find Yr’whyn?”

The eyes of the girl widened, and she dropped the weights. She stared at the muscle woman for some time, but then she bowed. “Welcome, Young Protector! Mom has told me that you would visit us some day. I am so happy you are here!”

“Your mom?”

“Yes. Follow me. Please.” The girl tried to walk for some time, but she soon started frolicking. “My name is Eon’whyn and I’m seven years old. I have a little brother and I’ll soon have a baby brother or sister. My mom and dad are both taller than you, but you are much bigger. You have bigger muscles, I mean. Much bigger.” She stopped and put her hand to her mouth. “Oh! Mom said that when you visit us, I should be quiet and treat you with respect. But I just can’t stop talking!”

The Young Protector felt herself getting warm inside. “I wonder who you got that from?” she said, and smiled at the little girl.

When she looked up, she saw two persons approach her. It was a woman with a large belly, holding the hand of a little boy. It was clear the woman and the little girl were related.


The woman bowed. “Young Protector. I can’t say how pleased I am to see you again.” She made the boy bow as well.

“Oh come on! Don’t be so formal! It is just me!”

“O yes. One of the two most powerful beings on this planet. A woman who doesn’t look a day older, even though more than twenty years have passed.”

They both laughed, but there were also tears in Yr’whyn’s eyes. “You know, I’ve waited so long for you to return. At first, I stood in the fields every day, looking if I could see you coming. Even though my mom told me that the Protectors visit us only once in many years. After a while, I stopped hoping. I thought I’d never see you again. But now you’re here!”

“Yes. And I am sorry you had to wait so long. But we have to visit every village on the whole planet. It takes time. And I asked the Old Protector several times if I could go and visit you. I can run extremely fast, so it wouldn’t have taken me much time to get here. But she didn’t allow me to.”

They looked at each other for some time, still keeping their distance. Yr’whyn put her hand on her belly. Then her daughter appeared, dragging another girl with her. The other girl stared at the Protector with her mouth open, but Eon’whyn was less intimidated by the amount of muscles in front of her.

“Look, Young Protector! I have been lifting the weights every day since I was five! I can lift much heavier weights now. My arms have become really big and strong! I am much stronger than Pri’cah, who is one year older than I am. Look!” She poked the other girl in her side, to get her attention. The little girls both flexed their biceps. It was clear that Eon’whyn’s arms were bigger. And on the top of her upper arm appeared a small bump. “See? Mine are much bigger! Will you show us your biceps now, Young Protector? Please?”

She grinned, and slowly brought up her arms. She squeezed her fists and she enjoyed the looks on the faces of the young girls as her biceps started growing. They were soon higher than her head, but she kept on flexing until they had reached their maximum size.

“Wow…” Eon’whyn whispered. “My mom has told me your muscles are really really big, and I thought she was just telling me tales. But they are even bigger than I thought!”

“They are really strong, too!” The Young Protector picked up a small rock and wrapped her fingers around it. The rock turned into dust when she squeezed it a bit. She opened her hand and blew away the dust.

“Wow… If I practice with my weights every day, will I be able to crush rocks someday, like you?”

“I am sorry, but I don’t think you will ever be able to do that. Only Protectors are that strong. But I am sure you will become stronger and more muscular than other girls your age!”

“I already am!” She wrapped her arms around the other girls’ waist and lifted her off the ground. “See? Easy! I could probably carry her all the way to our house!”

“I don’t think the Young Protector has time for that,” Yr’whyn said to her daughter. “She probably has to be part of lots of ceremonies.”

“O, the Old Protector can do that. I’m sure she won’t mind. After all, we haven’t seen each other for so long!” So they walked through the village together.

After some time, Eon’whyn had to drop the other girl. “I think you’ll have to exercise a bit more,” the Young Protector told her.

“Will we see the Old Protector as well?” the young girl asked. “Is she a grumpy old lady? Mom says that my grandma is one.”

Yr’whyn told her daughter to be quiet, and bowed her head. “Please don’t punish her. She just says everything she thinks. She even told that to my mother in law.”

But the mighty woman just laughed. “It’s okay. Just don’t tell the Old Protector you said that. She’s not a grumpy old lady, but I don’t think she’ll like it when you talk to her like that.”

When they arrived at their little house, the Young Protector looked around. “There are lots of young children around here, right?”

“Yes. We have been blessed. The tools that you made for us made us more productive, and we had enough supplies to survive a bad harvest, fifteen years ago. So, yes. A lot of children were born in the past ten years. Most of them are still alive.”

“I am glad I could help. That’s what I’m here for.”

“Well, because of all those children, we could use more farming land. But I’m sure our village leaders will discuss that with you.”

Eon’whyn interrupted them. “Mom talks about you a lot. She has taken us to that cave where you stayed. We were there three times! And she promised us we will soon go again! You have made a drawing there. And she showed me the hole in the wall that you made. She said you made it with just your leg, and I couldn’t believe that. But now that I’ve seen you, I believe it! Isn’t it difficult for you to walk, or sit? Your muscles are so big!”

Yr’whyn blushed and apologized for her daughter once more, but the Young Protector laughed. “No, it isn’t hard at all. In fact, nothing is difficult for me. I am extremely strong, so I can do whatever I want to. I can lift huge amounts of rock, but I hardly feel the weight. I can even walk straight through a mountain, because rock hardly offers me any resistance.” She laughed as she saw the astounded face of the girl. “Maybe I will show you.”

“When? Today?”

“Yes, maybe today. Would you like me to?”

The girl cheered, and everybody laughed.

“Let’s go then. We have to find the Old Protector.”

“I am sure I can find her. I have found you too. What does she look like? Is she old?”

“Well, she is old, yes. But she doesn’t look old. The best way to recognize her is by her enormous muscles. She is even bigger than I am.”

“Bigger?? She can’t be bigger than you are!”

“She is. And stronger too. Much stronger. We sometimes wrestle, and I don’t stand a chance against her.”

“Why do you wrestle? Does she punish you?”

The Young Protector shrugged her huge shoulders. “That’s what Protectors do.”

It was indeed easy to find the Old Protector. They saw a big crowd, all down on the ground and worshipping the huge woman before them. The Young Protector walked to her side, while the other people also dropped to the ground. Except for Yr’whyn, who couldn’t because of her belly.

“It is good to see there are so many of you,” the Old Protector spoke. “I already talked to your leaders and we will make new farming land for you.”

“Thank you, Protectors!” the whole crowd said. They told them to stand up and to follow them. They left the village and the leaders showed them a large area which could be turned into farming land. It was a rocky plain at the foot of the mountains, covered with smaller and bigger boulders. It didn’t resemble the green fields on the other side of the village at all.

“Oh, that’s a big field,” the Young Protector softly complained. “Turning it into farming land is so boring!”

“Hush. You know very well this is one of our duties. No one else can do this. Maybe you should try to make it fun.”

“Okay. I’ll try.” The younger woman sighed.

“Can I leave this up to you? Then I’ll go into the mountains, to mine for iron. It seems they got just a little bit out of the mountain since the last time we were here.”

“I mined a huge amount of iron in less than one day. It must be frustrating for these people to be so slow and weak!”

“I guess they are used to it. But is it okay with you that you do this alone?”

“Sure. I’ll have this finished when you return.”

The Old Protector left, accompanied by several people. The other people stayed to watch the Young Protector. She started with removing the boulders. The biggest ones were as big as a house, but she picked those up with one hand and tossed them far away. She could hear the astonished cries of some of the people, and when she was finished she stood in front of them and flexed all the muscles in her body, making them frighteningly big. She waited until everybody was on the ground, worshipping her. She told them to stand up, and she continued with the smaller boulders.

Some of those she tossed away as well. Others she turned to dust by rubbing them over her abs, or crushing them between her thighs. Sometimes she slammed the boulders against her body, or simply held them between her hands and pushed her hands together. Very soon, there were no boulders left, just some small pebbles and sand.

The insanely strong woman walked over to Eon’whyn, who had been watching her feats of strength with open mouth. “You are so strong! I couldn’t believe what you did there. You lifted those huge rocks like they were pebbles and you tossed them so far away that I couldn’t even see them land!” The little girl was almost dancing.

“I told you: this is all very easy for me. I used just a tiny little bit of all the strength I have in my huge muscles.” She briefly flexed her bicep. “Now. For the next part, I could use your assistance. Do you want to help me?”

“Of course!” the girl yelled. “What do you want me to do?”

The Young Protector grinned. “Good. First of all: there are some rules.” She poked a finger into the ground and ran backward at high speed. In a flash, she was back. “Whatever you do: never cross this line! I am the only one who is allowed in this field. Everybody else has to stay behind the line. Understood?”

The girl nodded, her eyes wide.

“Good. I want to make this a match. I bet you can run really fast, faster than your friends.”

“I can! But I am much slower than you. You were super-fast when you drew that line in the ground!”

“I am. That is why we are going to make it harder for me. I have to run backwards. And I have to run through the rocky ground!”

“Can you do that?”

“Of course. Protectors can do anything they want.” She walked into the field, sank her arm into the ground and effortlessly pulled out a rock about her own size. She tossed it far away and jumped into the hole she had just created. She had to turn around a bit, to make room for her massive upper body. But very soon, she was standing in the hole, and only her head could be seen. She looked at Eon’whyn. “Are you ready? I count to three and then you run to the end of the field. Remember you should not cross the line. Okay? One, two, three, go!”

The little girl started running. She was going pretty fast for a girl her age. Every now and then she looked to her side, to see how the Young Protector was doing. She seemed to run as fast as the little girl, even though she was running backwards, and plowing through the ground. They reached the end of the field almost at the same time. The Young Protector climbed out of the ditch she had created and made a small jump towards the young girl.

“Wow! You were really fast there!”

“You held back, didn’t you? I am sure you could go much faster. You are a Protector, after all.”

“Ah, you got me there. Yes, I could go faster. Much faster. Do you want to see me do that?”

“I’d love to!”

The Young Protector stepped back into the ditch. She pressed her back against the rocky ground. Even though she was applying just a bit of pressure, she could already feel the rocks crumble against her wide and muscular back. She rubbed her thighs together and then she pumped her feet up and down. Her back cut through the rock like it wasn’t there. Some rocks got stuck between her mighty thighs and were crushed to dust without the muscle woman even noticing it. Her feet stomped down on the rocks that hadn’t been crushed yet. She moved her legs faster and faster. She turned into a being with the sole purpose to crush every rock she encountered.

To the people, she became a blur. She flashed to one end of the field, made a turn, and was back at the beginning before they could blink an eye. After a while, she was moving so fast that they didn’t see her anymore. Then she stopped and jumped up, landing in front of the crowd. They looked behind her, and saw that the rocky field had turned into a large area with just sand and small pebbles.

“Isn’t it wonderful what these thighs can do?” She flexed her quads, which made her legs look even bigger. “But now, the nasty part starts. You can’t grow your vegetables on this dry sand. You need something to fertilize the ground. Well, it appears that the saliva of a Protector is an excellent fertilizer. So I’ll chew some sand here and there, and spit it out again. I’ll do it really quick, because it isn’t very pleasant.”

She disappeared. Once more, she was moving so fast that they couldn’t see her with their inadequate eyes. They just saw the sand move at several places. After a few moment, she reappeared. “And now I have to mix it, so my saliva gets evenly distributed. I’ll just run through the sand, and move with my arms. You may want to back up a bit, because it may become a bit dusty here.”

Everyone quickly obeyed her. They were all dumbfounded by her strength, and especially her speed. It would probably take a whole group of people many days to work this big field, but the Protector was doing it in only a few moments! Before they knew it, she was back again. “I am almost finished. The ground is ready for your seeds, but I think it is wise that I prepare you for the dry years. I’ll go to the river and get you some water.”

She ran away. She knew it took the people a long time to reach the river, but of course she could run many times faster, so she arrived there in an instant. She stood at the river side and thought for a moment. Then, she breathed on the river with her icy breath. The water instantly froze. She moved her head from left to right, freezing an even bigger part of the river. In just a few moments, the wild river had completely stopped and turned into ice.

She jumped high into the air, and hit the ice in the middle of the river. She hit it with so much force that she immediately sank to the bottom of the river. She raised her mighty arms and lifted an incredibly big chunk of ice into the air.

She ran back just as fast as she had run before. The enormous weight of the ice didn’t slow her down. The people couldn’t believe their eyes. They saw an enormous white mass moving towards them at very high speed. Only after some moments, they noticed that the mass was carried by a figure that looked tiny in comparison.

When she was close to the field, the incredible muscle woman held the ice above her head with one hand. With the other hand, she reached down. She tore a rock out of the bottom which was about the same size as the ice chunk. She held both huge masses above her head. “Maybe you think this is a bit heavy to me, but it is not. Not at all! It is no problem for my muscular arms to hold them. I could easily hold them there for a whole year! I love being a powerful Protector!”

She placed the ice in the large hole in the ground she had just created. She tossed the huge rock straight into the sky. It disappeared with enormous speed, and never came back down.

For many people, it was too much. Seeing the Young Protector perform all those feats of strength was more than they could handle. Those who had remained conscious, once more dropped to their knees and worshipped her. She loved it. She flexed her bicep and rubbed the big muscle with her free hand. Then, she walked over to the small girl who, for once, was also dumbfounded.

“I enjoyed this!” the Young Protector said. “What about you?”

The young girl beamed at her. “You are fantastic! When I grow up, I want to be like you! From now on, I will practice even harder with the weights!”

“I am sure you will become much stronger than you are now, if you do so. And you might become one of the strongest persons in this village. But I can assure you that you will never be nearly as strong as I am. It is no use comparing yourself to the Young Protector.”

“I know that. And I also know that the Old Protector is even stronger than you are. But I think it is wonderful to be stronger than most other people here.”

“It sure is!” The Young Protector flexed her enormous bicep once more. She smiled as Eon’whyn’s jaw dropped. She hadn’t seen the incredible muscle from this close yet.
The Young Protector, part 2: Eon'whyn
The second part of this series further explores the barren world of the two Protectors. Time passes, but the two muscular women hardly notice. They have to use their incredible powers in various situations.

Other parts:
The Young Protector, part 1: Yr'whyn
The Young Protector, part 3: Ara'whyn
Live Writing!
I am writing, and you can be my audience, and maybe even participate! You can give me feedback while I am writing, provide me with ideas and suggestions. Well, at least I hope you can, because the last time I tried it wasn't possible to chat.

I was live on Sunday 20 May and Monday 21 May. Please watch me to get a notification when I am live again!

I commissioned the amazing image from :iconthe-muscle-girl-fan: 
The two immensely muscular females approached the volcano with incredible speed. They quickly surveyed the scene. Even though they were far away, their superior hearing enabled them to pick up the desperate cries of the people in the village at the foot of the volcano. They could see a stream of lava, moving quickly towards the village. The biggest female raised her massive arm and pointed. “Look! That boulder is about to move because of the quakes.” They ran on. “You stop it. I’ll take care of the lava!” The larger muscle woman rushed away.

“Yes Old Protector,” the smaller one said. She ran up the mountain, not caring about the drops of boiling hot lava that rained down on her dark skin. She looked up, and saw that the boulder was rocking forward and backward. She was sure it would roll down in just a few moments. It was many times bigger than her, and it could destroy a large part of the village and kill many people. But she knew she could stop it, and she smiled in anticipation.

The muscle girl wasn’t paying attention to where she was running, and suddenly the ground under her feet disappeared. She dropped into a deep, narrow gorge. When she realized what was happening, she quickly extended her arms and legs. Her hands and feet dug into the solid rock and stopped her fall. She looked up, and saw nothing but rock. She concluded that she had got stuck in a narrow part of the gorge.

She moved a bit so that her feet were against one side of the gorge, and her back against the other. Then, she flexed her legs and pushed. Her mighty thighs almost doubled in size as the gorge became wider. She ran her hands over her legs and laughed. “I am pushing this mountain apart. I love using my strength!” she shouted.

She looked up and noticed that she could see the sky again. She pushed back with her hands, and her body slammed against the other side of the gorge. She quickly embedded her hands into the rock, so she was standing straight up. She flexed her thick thighs and jumped. She almost made it to the opening of the gorge. At the top of her jump, she smashed one hand into the rock. Her whole muscle-packed body was now supported by just her fingertips, but she knew she could hang on for days, if she wanted to.

“But I have to hurry,” she said to herself. She slammed her feet into the rock and jumped again. She sailed out of the gorge The ground shook when she landed. She quickly noticed that the boulder had disappeared. It was already rolling down the volcano, picking up more speed every moment.

“Oh no!” she yelled. She ran after the rolling rock. She was extremely fast. With every step, she made a deep imprint into the rocky ground. Very soon, she was going faster than the boulder, and she kept accelerating. When she was close behind it, she flexed her mighty thighs and jumped high into the air. She sailed over the moving boulder and turned around in mid-air. When she landed, she sank to her knees into the ground. She extended her huge arms and a moment later, the enormous boulder slammed against her body.

The muscular girl moved back just a bit, but stood her ground. She grinned. She had stopped the boulder! She crouched down. She reached down with her hand and sank it into the boulder. She stood up straight again, supporting the immense rock with just one arm. She waved it around a bit, with a big smile on her face. “I love using my strength like this! This is what I’m here for,” she said. “I just love how my bicep bulges when I am exerting my power. It is much bigger than the Old Protector’s head now, and I can see every striation in my muscle. It is so great, being a Protector!”

She looked around and soon spotted the other muscle woman, further down the mountain. She ran towards her. She still carried the boulder and it did not slow her down a bit.

The bigger woman had also picked up a large piece of rock. She used it to dig a ditch to lead the lava into another direction. That seemed to be successful, but the smaller woman noticed that a small stream of lava was still flowing down, aiming directly at the village. She jumped into the stream, not caring about the boiling liquid around her legs. She slammed down the boulder in front of her, making the whole volcano shake. When the larger woman jumped down next to her, there was another quake.

“Well done, Young Protector,” she said. “I was about to stop this smaller stream, but I’m glad you already took care of it.”

“It was very easy for me, Old Protector. I just had to use a fraction of my strength.”

The older woman smiled, and looked with satisfaction at the lava, which was now streaming down the mountain into a completely different direction. “Everything seems to be under control here. Are you sure this boulder here won’t move again?”

“I am. But I can stomp it down deeper into the ground, just to be sure.” She ran her hands over her tremendous thighs. With a quick flex, she jumped high into the air and she came down with enormous speed. The force of her impact shattered the top half of the boulder. Bigger and smaller pieces of rock flew all around, and several hit the taller woman. But she didn’t even notice. She just smiled at the other girl.

“A bit over-enthusiastic, as always!” She checked once more if everything was safe. “Good. Let’s go down to the village. I think we’ve saved them from a big disaster.”

When they reached the foot of the mountain, a large crowd had gathered outside the village, between the green fields. “Hail our mighty Protectors!” a woman shouted. “Once again, they saved numerous lives!”

“HAIL!” the whole crowd shouted, and they all dropped to their knees and bowed for the two immensely superior women. Their heads touched the ground, and remained there.

“You can rise,” the larger woman spoke. Even though she didn’t talk very loud, everyone could hear her. “We are glad we were near and that we could help you. We will stay close to your village for one more day, just to be sure. If necessary, we can move the whole volcano.”

“Can you really do that?” a voice asked in disbelief. It was immediately followed by a lot of hisses and other disapproving sounds.

“Silence!” the tall muscle woman said angrily, and it immediately became quiet. “Shame on you! How dare you doubt our powers! Our bodies are immeasurably superior to yours. We can do things you can’t even think about!” Both women flexed their biceps. The muscles rose high above their heads. The crowd cowered backwards, scared by this awesome display of strength.

“I don’t know why I said it, Protectors,” the voice whispered. “This was unforgivable. You can do with me what you want.” In the back of the crowd, a man dropped to his knees again. Around him, everyone shuffled away, not sure how the mighty woman might react.

“Stand up. You can’t help it that your mind is so limited. But don’t ever doubt us again. The next time we will be less forgiving!”

“I thank you, almighty Protector.”

“Right. Now, we want you to celebrate life. And don’t forget that you never know when your life will be over. So you should enjoy every moment of it.”

While the crowd cheered and prepared for a celebration, the two Protectors turned around and climbed the mountain again, showing the crowd their powerful backsides.

“O! I loved showing my biceps to them!” the smaller woman gushed. “My muscles are at least ten times bigger than theirs, my absolute superiority feels so good! Do you think they are impressed by the feats of strength I showed them?”

The other woman smiled at her. “Their eyes aren’t as good as ours, so I don’t think they could see the things you did up there. But if they would have seen it, I’m sure they would be awestruck. You can do things they will never even come near, Young Protector. And I saw their faces when you flexed your biceps. They couldn’t believe their eyes!”

“Yes. But most of them looked at you. You are so much bigger than I am!”

When they reached the top of the volcano, they jumped into the crater. The smaller girl dove down in the boiling lava. She reappeared after some time. “What you said down there, that lives could be over any moment – is that also true for us?”

“No. It is different for Protectors. Our lifespans are much longer, and we have much more certainties. Being born, growing up, raising the Young Protector, and finally, after a very long life, the Farewell – it is all part of the Cycle of the Protectors.”

“We are very different from the other people, aren’t we, Old Protector?”

“Yes. When one of them is born, no one knows what will happen in their life. We know what we are from the start. Protectors have but one goal.”

“Isn’t it boring sometimes?”

The older woman stared in the distance. “No. Even though I can only do what is expected from me, I love my life.” She smiled. “Just look at yourself, today! You enjoyed using your powers a lot! And the admiration of the people is intoxicating. No matter how old you are, and no matter how many times it has happened before; that will never cease.”

As the red sun set and the white sun appeared above the horizon, they jumped out of the pool of lava. Next to each other, they watched how the people in the village hid in their small houses, while the smaller girl drank. She looked at the sky and saw a bright flash. And another one.

She pointed. “What are those?”

The Old Protector had seen it too. “I don’t know. I’ve seen those flashes several times before, but I have no idea what they are. The sky has many secrets.”

When the white sun was setting again, and they were sure that the lava wouldn’t threaten the village anymore, they left, without saying goodbye.

The muscular women headed for the next village. They ran at a slow pace, but still much faster than other people could go, and they didn’t meet anyone else. In this period, while the white sun was still big in the sky, the people remained near their villages. The villages were so far apart that their slow travel would last longer than one white night.

More and more high mountains rose up around them. Just before the white sunrise, they encountered a group of children who were apparently far away from their village. The children panicked, because they realized they couldn’t be back in the village on time.

“I could rip a large rock out of the ground and carry that above their heads, so they are protected against the sun,” the smaller woman proposed.

“That’s too dangerous,” the other responded. “There is a small risk they will touch you.”

“I’ll rip out an even bigger rock. I’m sure I can do that!” She crouched down, eager to perform her feat of strength.

“I know you can, Young Protector. But believe me: there are too many dangers. I remember there is a large cave in that mountain over there. You take them there. I will go to the village to tell them that their children will stay with us during the white daylight.”

The children were a bit hesitant to follow the muscle woman. They were whispering behind her back, unaware that the woman could hear them perfectly well. “It is the Young Protector. I’ve heard stories about her. They say she is awfully strong.”

“Of course she is! Haven’t you seen those muscles? She is huge!”

“Should we worship her? Will she become angry if we don’t? Will she punish us? I wish my mom was here, so she could tell me what to do.”

When some of the children started crying, the young muscle woman turned around and smiled. "Don't worry. I am a Protector. You are safe with me. The Old Protector and I will take you home after the white day.” That reassured them a bit.

Even with her far better sight, the young Protector couldn’t find the cave. After a while, she discovered a small crevice. Only the two smallest children could pass through. They shouted there was a big cave there. She told them to get out again. Then, the muscular girl used her hands to remove some rock. She tore out a larger piece of rock, stepped back and crushed it by simply moving her hands together. She saw that the children were watching her with their mouths open.

“You are super strong,” a young girl gushed. “Breaking that rock between your hands looked so easy.”

She smiled. “It is very easy to me. I have really big muscles, you see?” She flexed the bicep on one of her arms, and the children gasped as her muscle kept rising. She picked up a rock the size of her head and crushed it to dust between her forearm and her expanding bicep. She loved showing off her strength!

Then, she continued making the crevice wider. After some time, she told the children to keep some distance, while she stepped inside. It was still a bit narrow to her. She put her hands on her hips and flared out her lats. There was a low rumble as her thick shoulders pushed the crevice apart. Bigger and smaller pieces of rock rained down on her, but they bounced off her powerful body without scratching her. She kept expanding her back. It took her a while to reach her maximum width. She stepped outside and told the children that they could go in. They were amazed how wide the crevice had become. Four of them could walk next to each other.

When she was sure they were all inside, she followed them. It was a big cave indeed. Because there were some holes high above them, it wasn’t very dark. And it became even lighter when the white sun rose in the sky.

She sat down in a corner of the cave, far away from the children. But she kept an eye on them. One of the bigger girls took some things out of her clothes. The other children gathered around her, and they started making drawings on the wall of the cave. They used red powder, and pieces of black coal and white chalk.

After a while, the girl approached the Protector. She bowed her head. “My name is Yr’whyn. Can I talk to you?” After a while, she added: “Please, mighty Protector?”

“Yes. Why not?” She felt a bit uneasy, because she never talked directly to the people. She stood up.

Yr’whyn watched her muscle-packed body. “You look so powerful! You and I are about the same height, but I think you are many times my weight.”

“That is right. I think I weigh almost ten times as much as you do. Most of my body consists of dense muscle.”

“Wow… I am nine years old. How old are you?”

She shrugged her broad shoulders. “Protectors don’t count the years. But I’m much older than you are. We live much longer than you do, and we age much slower.”

“Why is your skin so dark?”

“You are very curious, aren’t you?” Yr’whyn stepped back, fear in her eyes. She bowed her head. “No, it’s okay,” the Young Protector told her. “I’m just not used to people asking so many questions. It is true, our skin is much darker than yours. We can stay in the white sun as long as we want. There is nothing that can harm us. We aren’t as fragile as you.”

“My mom says I have to be careful. The white sun can burn our skin, even when we are wearing our clothes. My skin will turn red instead of white, and then I’ll have blisters. It will be really painful.”

The Protector smiled. “Yes, you should listen to your mom. But I don’t know pain. My strong body can withstand everything, the Old Protector says.”

“Can I touch you?”

She raised her hand. “No! Don’t come any closer. It is forbidden to touch a Protector. If you do, I will have to kill you.”

Yr’whyn took two steps back and looked at the muscle girl with wide eyes. “Really? How many people have you killed?”

“None. Everybody always stays out of our way. But some time ago, an old man tripped and fell against the Old Protector’s back. It was an accident, but that doesn’t matter. She wrapped her strong arms around him and pressed him against her chest. It was over very quickly. She was sad for a long time after that.”

The girl swallowed. It was quiet for some time. “The Old Protector has a very big chest! She is even bigger than you are!”

“Yes. Her muscles are about twice the size of mine.”

“I still think you are very big… I wish I had just a bit of your muscles. My big brothers tease me because I am so weak. They say my arms look like twigs, and then they lift me into the air.”

“Well, your arms are kind of small. But I’m sure your brothers’ arms look like wires compared to mine.” Once more, she slowly brought up her arms and flexed her biceps. She grinned as she looked at the other girl’s face. “See? My muscles are very big! They are easily ten times bigger than yours.”

“It is such a pity I can’t touch them!”

“Don’t worry, I can tell you what they feel like!” She reached high with one hand and put it on the top of her other bicep. She moved her hand around. “When you put your weak hand on my super bicep, it feels really hard, much harder than rock. And when your hand is on one of these big veins, you can feel the blood flow under your hand. When I turn my fist around, the big bicep moves under your hand. You can probably feel the immeasurable power it contains!”


She lowered her arms and saw that some other children had gathered around her. They all stared at her unbelievable body. She decided to show them some more of her power. She pressed one thigh against the rocky wall and flexed her quads. She felt the rock pulverizing under the immense pressure of her thigh muscles. She kept on flexing, pouring more and more strength into her incredibly thick and strong leg. When she finally reached her maximum size, she let out a little sigh. She relaxed and stepped back, and showed the hole in the rock that her muscle had created. It was so big that the smallest child would almost fit into it.

She posed some more, enjoying the astounded looks on their faces as each of her muscles became much bigger than they had ever thought possible. Then she led them to a big rock that was lying around. She told them to all stand on one side and try to move it. They all pushed with all their strength, but the rock didn’t move at all.

The Young Protector smiled and told them to step back. She crouched down and lifted it. She balanced the rock on the tips of the fingers of one hand. “To you, this rock is so heavy that all of you combined aren’t even able to move it a bit. But this is very easy for me,” she told them. She flexed the bicep on her free arm. It grew so big that it touched the bottom of the rock, and tipped it over.

The children cried and tried to run away. But the Young Protector moved very fast and managed to keep it in balance. When everyone had calmed down, she pressed the rock against her belly and turned it into smaller stones. She wiped the dust off her abs and showed them that she didn’t have a scratch on her impenetrable skin.

One of the smaller children wanted to show them what they had drawn, so she followed the group, at some distance. She admired the paintings in red, white and black.

“Will you make a drawing for us too?” the small child asked.

She smiled. “Sure!” They wanted to give her their coloring powder. “I don’t need that.” She pressed her index finger into the rock and drew a line. It was like her finger was moving through water, and encountered no resistance at all. She drew a group of stick figures. “This is you,” she announced. A bit lower, she drew a person with a very big body and bulging limbs. One of the arms pointed upwards. “And this is me, of course. I am sure you all recognize my mighty, muscular body.” Then she drew some more lines. “And this is a mountain. I’m lifting it with all of you on it.”

“Can you really do that? Are you really that strong?”

She considered an angry reply. The Old Protector would react like that. But she smiled instead. “Of course I can! And it isn’t difficult for me at all, you see? I’m lifting it with just one arm. My arms are very, very strong. Much stronger than you can imagine. All the things I have shown you today were ridiculously easy for me to do.”

The children were quiet for some time, while they looked from her muscular body to the drawing, and back.

“Now you all have to worship me,” she announced. “If you do, I will protect you while you go to sleep.”

Everybody dropped down on the rocky ground, their arms and heads in her direction. She waited some time. She knew it was an uncomfortable position for them, but they had to learn to respect their Protectors.

After a while she said: “That’s enough. I am satisfied. You can all stand up now.” She picked up a piece of coal they had used for their drawings and she wrapped her fingers around it. She applied a bit of pressure. When she opened her hand again, she was holding a diamond.

“Wow. How did you do that?”

“It’s simple when you are as strong as I am. I just have to use a tiny bit of my strength. Of course, it is more strength than all of you combined will ever possess.” She pushed the diamond into the rock, above her drawing.

Some children were yawning, so they started looking for a place to sleep. They complained that the rocky ground was too hard, that they couldn’t sleep on it. While they once again watched her in awe, the strong girl sank her fingers into the rocky ground and crushed the rock into sand with her hands. This way, she made a bed for every child. She gently breathed on the sand, so it would stay warm during their sleep.

She herself sat down against a wall. Despite the distance, she could hear that everyone was asleep after a while. Everyone, except one. She saw that Yr’whyn stood up. She quietly moved in her direction and sat down, with quite some distance between them.

“Aren’t you going to sleep?”

“Protectors don’t need to sleep. Sometimes the Old Protector and I close our eyes for some time, but basically, we are awake all the time.”

“I am very tired, but I can’t sleep. So much has happened today! I was scared at first, when we understood we couldn’t return home. And then you and the Old Protector appeared. And then you showed us all those wonderful things you can do. I never had a day like this!”

The Young Protector just smiled. After a while, the other girl continued: “I guess it must be wonderful to be you. To be so muscular and so powerful. To be able to do things that we can’t do.”

She nodded. “It is. It is probably the most wonderful thing of being a Protector.”

“You were moving really fast when that rock was tipping over. I didn’t know you could do that.”

She smiled at Yr’whyn. “Watch me.”

She stood up very quickly and ran to the opposite side of the cave. To Yr’whyn, it was as if she had disappeared and materialized in another place. After a while, the Protector flashed back to the place she was before.

“Wow… You are so amazing!”

After some more talking, the girl yawned several times and returned to her improvised bed. When she was sure that everybody was asleep, the Young Protector went outside and basked in the light of the white sun.
The Young Protector, part 1: Yr'whyn
This is the first part of four. It is a bit of a scifi story, which takes place on a barren planet with nothing more than rocks. And two incredibly powerful women. I was amazed that I could write so much about a planet where there is so little to do. I have plans for a sequel, but you know how I write: there are many other plans that want to be turned into a story.

Other parts:
The Young Protector, part 2: Eon'whyn
The Young Protector, part 3: Ara'whyn

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“Come on! Grow bigger! Bigger! Just one more! Oooh! I can do this! I’m so fucking strong! YES!”

Maybe you think I’m weird, yelling to myself like that, but I don’t give a shit. I had discovered that yelling made me push my limits. I had just finished my set of fifteen bicep lat pulldowns. I rubbed my upper arm in ecstasy. That night, I had pulled more weight than I had ever done before, and I could feel the power rushing through my arms. The engorged muscle was warm and strong under my hand. I clenched my fist and saw the bicep swell. It was bigger than ever! I moaned, and thought about masturbating in front of the mirrors.

I was in the college gym, so maybe you think that’s weird too. But at 3:45 am, it was completely deserted most of the times, and I had done it a couple of times before. Touching myself with the risk of someone coming in made it even more exciting. I was always hoping someone would enter and see me working myself up towards a thundering climax while I was admiring my own big muscles.

I held my flex for several moments and I could feel myself getting wet in anticipation. I was about to stand up and walk to the mirror wall, when I heard footsteps behind me, and a soft voice that whispered ‘Wow…’

I smiled to myself. I was getting used to that. I was one of the most muscular women who frequented this gym, and I had seen the envy and admiration in their eyes so many times. From men, but especially from women. I loved that. I encouraged them to feel my muscles, and I had had several one-night stands in the past months. But those women bored me. They were so submissive, and completely overwhelmed by my strong body. A body that was superior to theirs in every way. In the heat of the action, I sometimes used too much strength, bruising their feeble bodies.

But when I turned around, I saw that the young woman wasn’t looking at me. She was examining the gym. There was bewilderment in her eyes. “It is so big,” she said to herself. “It is even bigger than our barn!”

Then she noticed me. She openly stared at me. Then she said: “You are black!” and that was not what I had expected.

“I prefer ‘African American’, whitey. I am much more than the color of my skin. And besides, my skin isn’t really black. It is dark brown.”

“I am sorry. I didn’t know that. I…” She put one of her double braids into her mouth and sucked on it. She slowly approached me. “Can… Can I touch you?”

I smiled at her. “Sure!” I flexed my bicep for her, but to my astonishment, she touched my face. What was wrong with her?

I gave her a good look. She looked weird. I estimated that she was a bit younger than me, about 20. She might have looked pretty, but there wasn’t a trace of makeup on her face. Without it, her face looked like that of a child, with freckles, red cheeks and her blonde hair in double Dutch braids. She wore a knitted sweater, which was obviously made by someone who had just learned to knit. It was lopsided, too wide, there were small holes here and there, and it seemed to be made of ten different kinds of wool, without any pattern. She wore a long skirt that was probably hundred years old. And she was bare-footed.

I didn’t know what to think. “I am Sh’quanna. And who are you?”

“What a strange name,” she said. “I’m Gretel. I’m from North Dakota.” She hesitated, and then did something with her legs.

I stood up, and noticed that she was a couple of inches taller than me, which made her 6’3” or 6’4”. “Was that supposed to be a curtsy?”

“Yes. Did I do it wrong?” Her red cheeks became even redder. “I’m not used to doing this.”

“I think you did it perfectly well, whitey. The only thing is that the last time someone did a curtsy was about two hundred years ago.”

“I didn’t know that. And my name is Gretel, not Whitey.” Once again, she chewed on her braid.

“I heard you. But you called me black first.”

“I am sorry. But I have never seen someone like you before. Sorry.”

Okay. She wasn’t just weird. She was very weird. “Do you mean there are no African Americans in North Dakota? And you’ve never seen them on television?”

“We don’t have television. I live on a farm, about 50 miles away from anyone else. I hardly saw any other people there.”

I didn’t know what to say for a moment. And that doesn’t happen to me very often. Then I thought of something. “And no internet?”

She shook her head. “No. But I’ve heard of it! It sounds like a very interesting invention!”

I looked around, expecting my friends to rush in and laugh at me and yell “Surprise!” But that didn’t happen.

“What is this room? It is very big!”

“It’s a gym.” She stared at me. “You can work out here.”

“Work out what?”

“You know. Pump iron. Get in shape. Exercise.”

She frowned. “Exercise? Is it a school?”

I rolled my eyes. Okay. Even worse than very weird. Completely nuts. “Come on. I’ll show you.” I walked into the direction of the horizontal bars. I looked over my shoulder. She had picked up a big bag and followed me. “So you have no idea what a gym is. But why did you enter in the first place?”

“There was a sign outside. It said ‘We are open. Please come in.’ So that’s what I did.”

“I think you shouldn’t always do what signs tell you.” She looked at me with her big blue eyes, and it was only then that I started to realize how far apart our worlds were. I tried to imagine being raised on a farm, far away from everything, without internet and television, and knowing just a few other people. It was almost impossible to do so, but I was sure that without someone to help her, she would be completely lost in my world.

Well. I was wrong, okay? I was about to learn that Gretel wasn’t as helpless as she seemed.

We had arrived at the bars. I jumped up, grasped the bar with both hands and pulled myself up. I slowly lowered myself, and enjoyed the sight of my bulging biceps. I did another one. Then I thought of something. I jumped back on the ground. “See? That was an exercise. Do you want to join me?”

Once more, she stared at me. “Sure. But why?”

“It’s arm day.”

“Excuse me? What arm?”

I sighed. If I wanted to help this girl, I could use a lot of patience. “Look. Maybe you should change to some more practical clothes. Do you have some in that bag?”

“No. These are the only clothes I’ve taken with me.”

Patience. Yes. “Look. You could work out in your underwear. I don’t mind, and there’s nobody else here.”

The moment I said it, I regretted it. A farm girl from North Dakota, that probably meant that she was very religious. And I had just proposed to strip. Well done Sh’quanna!

But to my amazement, she replied: “Great! I think it is very hot in here!”

I was about to explain that it was always 65 degrees here, as this was supposed to be the ideal temperature to work out. But then my amazement went through the roof. In one swift motion, Gretel had pulled her sweater over her head. I understood why she hadn’t been impressed by my muscles.

Gretel’s muscles were insane. She made the Hulk look small. I’m not kidding! Her shoulders were incredibly wide, probably twice as wide as mine. Her shoulders were covered by thick layers of muscle, which made her delts bigger than watermelons. Her traps were thicker than most people’s upper arms. And her upper arms were… Out of this world. I used to be proud of my 15 inch upper arms, but that was before I saw Gretel. Her upper arms were easily twice as big as mine. Her biceps were huge balls of muscle, and her triceps were just as intimidating. And she wasn’t even flexing!

She didn’t have breasts. But that didn’t matter, because her pecs were big enough to fill at least a C cup with tit muscle. And under those monstrous pectoral muscles she showed an incredible, ultra-defined eight pack.

Across her nipples, she wore a weird piece of cloth. It was probably a bra she had knitted herself. It almost disappeared between the enormous mountains of muscle.

She didn’t notice that I was staring, or she didn’t mind, because she continued with taking off her skirt.

Her legs were just as unbelievable as her upper body. They were so big that I couldn’t imagine there were pants big enough to contain those monster thighs. Her calves were bigger than most people’s thighs.

Once again, I noticed her underwear last. Her panties seemed to be knitted as well.

“What?” she asked, and I found that I had been staring at her mighty body for at least a minute. I had had stares myself, many times before. This was the first time I did it myself.

I could just stammer. “I… Where… How…”

She looked at me like I was a babbling little girl. “You wanted me to join you, didn’t you?”

I could just nod. She stepped under the bar, and jumped. The bar bent significantly under her weight. I estimated that she weighed 300 pounds. Maybe even more.

I got out of whatever I had been in to, and grasped the bar next to Gretel myself. “Okay. The idea is that you use your arms to pull yourself up, so you are looking over the bar. Ready? Go!”

I concentrated on my pull-ups. I did the first fifteen at a steady pace. I knew that with some effort, I could do twenty. Twenty-five if I tried real hard. Then I saw a quick movement from the corner of my eye. I turned my head and I saw that Gretel was doing her pull-ups at an incredible speed. She was moving up and down three or four times faster than I could ever manage.

I let go of the bar. Once again, I stared at this muscle-packed woman. I looked at her from the side, and I was amazed that her arm was so big that with each pull-up, her head completely disappeared behind it. I could only see her head at the beginning and end of each rep. I also noticed something else. I walked around the bar, so I was facing her.

“Don’t you shave?” I asked.

Gretel giggled. “Of course not! I’m not a man. I don’t have a beard!” Even though she kept cranking out her reps at enormous speed, she had no trouble at all talking to me. Her voice was quiet and steady, like she was lying on a couch.

“I didn’t mean that. I meant your legs, and your armpits, and…you know…”

She stopped in mid-air, to look at me. She frowned. “Why should I?”

“Well… Everybody does.”

“Yes, I see. That’s a perfectly good reason.” The tone of her voice told me that she thought that wasn’t a reason at all. “And why have you stopped? Why am I doing this?”

“It is supposed to be good for your arm muscles. But your arms are so overdeveloped, that it’s probably different for you. Maybe you’ll start feeling something after 500 reps.”

She continued, but let go one arm to examine it. It didn’t slow her down. “Why do you think I’m overdeveloped?”

I rolled my eyes. “Gretel. Honestly, I have never seen anyone – male of female – with bigger muscles than you. Not even close. How did you get those fucking huge muscles?”

“Just hard work, I suppose.”

“But when I talked about working out or pumping iron you didn’t seem to know what I meant.”

“That’s because I really didn’t know. But I had to work hard on our farm, that’s why. Long days.”

“What did you do?”

She kept talking while she was doing her one-arm pull-ups. Every now and then, she changed her arm, but she didn’t seem to get tired.

“I woke up at three, and started with a swim in the lake. At four, I milked the cows and I collected the eggs. After breakfast I ran an hour, and then I did some chores.”

“What chores?”

“You know, farm chores. Plowing the land, repairing the fence, harvesting hay, gathering cattle.”

In my mind, I had images of Gretel lifting cows in the air with one hand. I felt myself getting wet, so I tried to distract myself. I told Gretel to come down.

Was it my imagination, or was the floor really shaking when she landed?

“Wow. How much do you weigh?”

“The last time I weighed myself, I was 360 pounds, but that was some time ago. Why do you ask?”

“Never mind.” I had found a thick leather belt and several weight plates. I tied the plates to the belt until there was about 70 pounds of weight on it. I tied the belt around Gretel’s waist and told her to do the exercise again.

The additional weight apparently slowed her down a bit, although she was still doing the exercise much faster than I could. “Yes, this is harder to do,” she said. “But I think I could use some more weight.

So I collected more weights, until it was 105 pounds. Still, when she was doing the pull-ups, she moved the weights with ease, like they were made of Styrofoam.

“So you were swimming in the lake every day?”


“Even in the winter?”

“Of course. Although I don’t swim for an hour then, but just half an hour.” She kept talking in a normal voice.

“But isn’t it freezing cold in the winter, up there in North Dakota?”

“Yes. But I make an ice hole, so I can swim anyway.”

“Huh? Are you swimming in that hole?”

“Of course not! I am swimming under the ice.”

“What? Isn’t that dangerous?”

“Not if you know what you are doing. I can be under water for about ten minutes. One time, when I was thirteen, I couldn’t find the hole back. So I looked for a spot where the ice was thinner and then pushed with my shoulders until it broke. Since then, I have been more careful.”

“You are amazing,” I said, and then I realized I was acting just like those women who shared my bed every now and then. I looked down, and saw liquid streaming down my leg.

“Why? Don’t you swim around here? I’ve seen lots of water.” I noticed that her breathing became a bit heavier.

But before I could answer, two guys came in. I recognized them. I had seen them in the gym before. They were two annoying types with mouths bigger than their brains. They looked at Gretel and were obviously so drunk that they didn’t realize she was doing something next to impossible.

“Hey Chuck. Check her out! That’s a new girl! We should get her laid!”

“Lol! I am so drunk that it looks like she has muscles bigger than bowling balls!”

“Maybe we should let her lick our bowling balls!” He made an obscene gesture.

They were rolling on the ground laughing. Gretel calmly came down from the bar and untied the belt. “What were you saying?” she said in a low voice.

One of the guys kept on laughing, but the other sensed something was wrong and sat up. He rubbed his eyes and looked at Gretel. “Holy fuck, what…”

Gretel’s arm flashed out and she grabbed the laughing guy at his throat. In one movement, she lifted him off the ground, high into the air. He gargled and clawed at her beefy forearm, but Gretel didn’t even seem to notice.

The other guy came to his senses and rushed up to her, but she stopped him with her free hand. She wrapped her arm around his head and slowly increased the pressure. I watched in amazement as her shoulder and bicep kept growing. His head looked tiny, as it was surrounded by the biggest delt and bicep I had ever seen. Her muscles continued growing and his head almost disappeared. It started to turn blue, and his eyes looked like they were about to pop out of his head. The other guy didn’t look any better. He had stopped struggling, and was just trying to get some air.

“Gretel! Stop! You are killing them!” I yelled.

She looked at me for a moment and then released her grip on both of them. They dropped to the ground, gasping for air and holding their necks, which showed severe bruises. Gretel looked down at them in disgust.

“Well,” she growled. “You will leave this building immediately, and I don’t ever want to hear you talk disrespectfully about a lady again. Do you understand? Because if I notice that you do, I won’t be as friendly as I am now. Now go!”

The men hurried away as fast as they could. I was staring again. Gretel looked at me and grinned. “They are just like aggressive dogs. You have to show them who is the boss, and they will obey you.”

“That’s… That’s good advice,” I stammered. “O my God, Gretel, you are so fucking strong! I can’t believe what you just did!”

She looked genuinely surprised. “No?”

“Fuck Gretel! You dominated those guys like they were toddlers! Wasn’t it hard for you at all?”

She shrugged. “No, why? When I work on the farm, I lift much heavier weights.”

Once more, I was quiet for some moments. “And your muscles! They are fucking inhuman! How big are they?”

“I don’t know. Is it important?”

“What? No. Of course not.” I stared at her body. “Will you flex your bicep for me?” After a moment, I added: “Please?”


“Yes. Like this.” I brought up my arm.

“Like that?” Gretel imitated my pose. Even though I had the idea that she hardly strained, her upper arm grew. I gasped, and looked from her arm to my own arm, and back. My arm had attracted a lot of attention and admiration, but it looked puny next to Gretel’s humongous arm. A huge ball had erupted on top of her upper arm. It was thick and swollen. The massive triceps was hanging down at the bottom, looking almost like a half circle.

“It looks better when you clench your fist,” I said with a hoarse voice. “Clench it real hard.”

“Like this?”

“Holy fuck!” Her bicep seemed to explode. It now looked even bigger than the arm beneath it. On top of it, another muscle popped up. It kept growing as Gretel poured in more strength. I had the feeling it could grow forever, but it finally stopped. Her arm had to be three times bigger than mine! I realized that my panties were soaking wet.

Suddenly, my trembling hand approached the monster bicep. I hadn’t even noticed it had been going there. It looked very small in comparison with Gretel’s unbelievable upper arm.

“Sh’quanna? Is something wrong?”

I couldn’t speak anymore. I could do nothing else but touch Gretel’s enormous arm. Her muscles were rock hard. I squeezed with all my strength, but her bicep didn’t give a fraction of an inch. She was fucking incredible. My knees were weak. I wanted to stay there forever, and worship Gretel’s far superior muscles. I felt pathetically weak next to that muscle goddess. I wanted to…

“Are you okay?”

I looked Gretel in the eye. She looked worried, but there was something else in her blue eyes too. I moved my face towards hers…

I pulled back my hand, and took two steps backwards. I was panting. What was I doing? What was happening to me? With a bit of regret, I saw that Gretel relaxed her arm.

“Maybe… Do you want to go? We could go to my place?”

She frowned, and I quickly continued: “Or I could show you around in the city?”

Her eyes widened. “Do you really want to show me around?”

“Sure! We could have fun together! But first, I have to change. Shall we go to the locker room?” I licked my lips.

“That would be nice,” she said. I took her arm, and showed her the way.
Gretel the farm girl
It's a problem. I have lots of story ideas, and I start out writing stories. But when I'm half way through, a new idea comes up and I start writing that new story. So I don't finish stories properly, and I have a whole bunch of half-finished stories. But as I like to publish something every now and then, here's a little story.

I like these two characters, so I might write a sequel... But you know: other ideas keep popping up...

Anyway. Enjoy!

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Luna lifted the battleship with one hand. She watched the huge ship tower above her and giggled. “This is so easy! I don’t even feel the weight of this thing,” she told the audience of 150,000 in the stadium, and the billions at home. “It’s a pity your minds are simply too small to comprehend how powerful I really am.”

She loved to talk like that, and to show off her incredible strength to those puny beings, who had trouble lifting even a minuscule weight like 50 kilograms. She waved the ship around a bit and then she flexed her arm muscles. Her biceps shot up, one on each side of the ship. They soon were big enough to support the ship. She had to be careful not to crush it between her enormous muscles. “Maybe you think this is pretty impressive,” she said. “But you ain’t seen nothing yet!”

Luna made her biceps grow even more, until they were several kilometers high. The battleship vanished between the clouds. “My biceps are now so big that they can be seen from the moon,” she boasted. “They can of course become much bigger. I could even make them touch Mars, but I don’t want to run the risk of pushing the earth out of orbit with all that weight.”

She relaxed her arms and they shrunk to a more human size. She looked up. The battleship came down at high speed, and some people in the audience panicked. “Don’t worry,” she said, calmly. She pouted her lips and gently blew at the ship. It floated down slowly, supported by her super breath. “See? Everything is under control.” She made the ship land on a nearby lake.

She floated into the air and transformed her body. She grew bigger, until she was about twenty meters tall. She looked down at her body and gasped. “I am so gorgeous! Can I become more perfect than this?” She decided to give it a try. She inflated her breasts until they protruded two meters from her chest. She doubled the size of her buttocks. She also made her waist incredibly narrow. “I can tell by your erections and wet crotches that you appreciate my hourglass figure!”

With her mind power, she made the battleship aim one of its turrets at her. The three guns fired their 16” shells at her. Several people in the audience cried, but Luna wasn’t bothered at all. A fraction of a second later, there was a large explosion. The smoke quickly cleared. Luna was still floating into the air. She waved at the audience.

The big screens in the stadium showed what had happened in super slomo. Everyone saw the three large shells approaching Luna. Just before the shells hit her, her breasts parted and enveloped them completely. Despite the explosion, her breasts didn’t move a single millimeter. When some smoke escaped, she sucked in her breath and the smoke quickly disappeared.

“I hope you all like my invulnerability as much as I do,” she said. “And my perfect body control, of course.” She made all the muscles in her body grow twice as big.

“And now it is time to play with Rhea,” she announced, as she pointed to the moon that had appeared in the sky after her performance the day before. She had moved Saturn’s moon into an orbit around the earth. Millions of people all around the world had fainted after that incredible feat of strength. But it had been incredibly easy for her. She had just used one finger to push the whole moon, and she had done it in less than ten seconds.

Rhea was now rising in the west. Luna moved a bit so that, to the people in the stadium, it looked like her body covered most part of the moon. She spread out her arms and legs. “I’ll be right back!” she said. She became smaller first, but then it seemed like she was growing.

“I am not coming back, I am just growing bigger,” her voice said. “I am now almost as big as Rhea!”

Several people in the audience put their hands to their mouths. But soon, it became clear that Luna hadn’t been exaggerating. Everybody could clearly see the clouds on the surface of Rhea as Luna touched the surface. Her body covered about half of the visible surface of the moon.

“You all know how to make a snow angel, right?” she asked. She moved her arms and legs a couple of times, creating even bigger clouds on the surface of Rhea. The dust disappeared so quickly that she was probably using the insane power of her lungs again.

In a flash, Luna disappeared from the surface of the moon, and materialized above the stadium. She was still about twenty meters tall. “Ladies and gentlemen, I am proud to present you the first known moon angel in the universe!” She pointed at Rhea, where a clear imprint of her body was visible. Everybody went wild.

She slowly floated down to the ground, a kilometer away from the stadium. Cameras and the big screens made sure that everybody could see what she was doing. She sank her hands into the ground and tore the earth apart, creating a ravine, several kilometers deep. She landed on one of the sides and moved one hand up. The ravine filled itself with red hot glowing lava.

Luna jumped up and made a perfect dive into the boiling liquid. “This is nice and warm,” she told the audience. “I would like to invite all of you to join me, but I am sure that your puny bodies would vaporize as soon as you touched the lava.” She drunk some lava and made a fountain. She drank some more, until all the lava had disappeared. “This tastes better than coffee!” she declared. She jumped out of the ravine and closed it with the simple gesture of a finger.

“I just repaired all the trillions and trillions of connections between all the atoms on both sides of the ravine, so there is no proof whatsoever of what I just did. Of course, it took me just an infinite fraction of my brain power to do so.” She grinned and floated into the air. Moments later, she landed in the middle of the stadium. She was fully aware how impressive her enormous body was to the audience in the stadium.

“And now, it I will demonstrate some more of my awesome powers and perfect body control. I know this is one of your favorite parts of my show,” she announced. Her hair started growing and spread out around her head. Every single hair moved into the direction of one person in the audience and wrapped itself around their body. They were lifted off their seats like they weighed nothing.

“Even every single strand of hair is incredibly strong! I once wrapped one of my hairs around a sun to pull it out of orbit. It was completely effortless. Can you imagine that? No, I guess you can’t.”

All 150,000 people were now floating through the air, supported by nothing but a tiny hair. Luna started posing, showing off her dazzling muscles. Every second, she moved hundreds of people towards her body, so they could touch and caress her unbelievable muscles and breasts. She made her skin very sensitive, so she tremendously enjoyed every touch.

“Are there any vascularity lovers here?” she asked. When she heard several appreciative cheers, she made her veins grow. On top of her gigantic bicep appeared a vein as big as a sewage pipe.

Some minutes later, everybody had touched Luna. “It’s time for the grande finale!” The ends of the hairs moved into the pants of the audience. The people collectively moaned as the hair touched their sensitive parts. She stimulated them for half a minute.

“Is everybody having a good time?” she asked, although she already knew the answer. “It is time for a climax… Wait for my mark… NOW!”

Everybody in the stadium orgasmed simulaneously. And so did everybody who was watching at home.

“Well done!” Luna purred. She put everyone down on their seat again. Everyone was still panting and recovering from their incredibly intense orgasm.

Then, Luna sensed that something was wrong. One person was still hanging in the air. The cute woman looked like she was about Luna’s age. Her huge muscles were clearly visible. The woman slowly landed, in front of Luna. She looked small in comparison to the enormous muscle woman in front of her. Still, she looked unimpressed. The woman folded her arms under her breasts, emphasizing the size of her breasts and her arm muscles.

“So you think you are pretty powerful, aren’t you?” she asked. She had to tilt her head to look Luna into the eyes.

“Who are you?” Luna asked.

“Oh, I’m sure you know me.” As she spoke, the woman started growing, until she was as tall, muscular and busty as Luna.

“Hyper Girl?”

“Who else?” Her clothes disappeared, revealing her tiny bikini with the characteristic H. “Do you enjoy being omnipotent? It seems you were quite busy the last couple of months. I hope the humans haven’t forgotten me. I’ll give them just a quick reminder of what I’m capable of!” Hyper Girl pointed at Rhea. Her arm grew with enormous speed. It pierced the moon like it wasn’t there. Hyper Girl flexed the muscles in her forearm, and the moon exploded with a loud bang. People in the audience screamed with fear.

“Hey, I liked that moon!” Luna said. She also pointed, and Rhea was back again.

“I suppose you misplaced that small rock on the southern hemisphere on purpose, to see if I would notice that?” Hyper Girl asked with a little smile. Her arm shrunk until it was the size of her other arm.

“Of course!”

“Those fifty gold atoms in that small rock that spell out the letter L are a nice touch,” Hyper Girl admitted. “Not bad for a beginner.”

“What?” Faster than lightning, Luna swung her fist and hit Hyper Girl right in her perfect abs. The whole stadium shook violently, but Hyper Girl didn’t even seem to notice.

“Oh, I hope that didn’t hurt,” Hyper Girl said, as she took Luna’s hand.

“Of course not!” Luna growled. She pulled back her hand. “I didn’t feel that. I used only a tiny fraction of my real strength.”

“Sure,” said Hyper Girl. “But maybe we should move to another place? We don’t want these puny humans to get hurt, don’t we? It’s no problem for me to give them a bit of my attention to protect them, but I guess you’d like to have my full attention.”

“Where do you want to go?” Luna made her muscles grow bigger.

“Did you see that donut-shaped star that appeared about six million light years from here, just a second ago?”

Luna looked up. “Of course I did.”

“I know. Let’s meet there. I’ll make sure there will be a direct link to the screens here on earth, so everybody can keep watching us.”

Both omnipotent girls disappeared from the stadium, but they immediately appeared on the screens, floating in space.

“This is a nice place,” Luna said, while she looked around. “What shall we do here?”

“Do you know how to play pool?” Hyper Girl asked.

“Of course. I used to play that a lot. It became boring when I got my powers. I could end each game with just one shot. Blindfolded.”

“Wow,” Hyper Girl said, but she didn’t look very impressed. “How about a game of space pool? That black hole over there is the pocket.”

“Easy,” Luna said. She grew until she was big enough to hold a planet about twice the size of the earth in her hand. She looked around her for a second and then tossed the planet towards another one with incredible speed. The other planet flew into the direction of the black hole. Meanwhile, the first planet bounced into the direction of a planet in a completely different solar system, and knocked five more planets into the black hole.

Luna smiled. “How about that?”

“Well, to be honest, I had something different in mind.” Hyper Girl grew until she was hundred times bigger than Luna. She picked up the sun that the planet had been circling around and tossed it at a yellow star, several light years further. It bounced against several dozens of other stars and they all disappeared into the black hole.

Luna gnashed her teeth. “My turn.” She grew until she was fifty times bigger than Hyper Girl. She picked up two red giants and spun them on her index fingers. Then, she tossed them into two different directions and watched with glee how they kicked more than hundred suns and planets into the black hole.

“Not bad,” Hyper Girl admitted. “I guess I’ll have to clean up.” She floated into the direction of the black hole and put her hand into it. She scooped the suns and planets out. She giggled. “You know that those humans think that nothing can escape from a black hole?” She put the objects back where they had found them.

“Yes, I know. They are so silly. Even though you have told them that everything is possible!”

Hyper Girl waved her hand. “Their minds just aren’t big enough.” She looked at the red giant that Luna had played with. “You know that you can have fun with a sun in another way too?” She grew until she was five times bigger than the sun. She held the red giant in both hands and pressed it against her chest. The sun was almost as big as her breasts. “This is a nice way to get a bit of a suntan. You have to open your skin a bit for the UV radiation, of course.”

Luna nodded. “Of course I could also adapt my skin so it would tan all by itself.” To demonstrate her powers, she changed the color of her skin a bit.

“Oh come on! Why don’t you come here and try it?”

Luna sighed and a dozen of planets were blown away. “Okay.” She floated up to Hyper Girl. “Now what?”

The other omnipotent woman wrapped her arms around Luna, so the red giant was trapped between the two women’s huge breasts. Their breasts were infinitely stronger, so the star was torn apart like it was a soap bubble. Luna regretted it was over so soon. She had really enjoyed the feeling of Hyper Girl’s indestructible breasts against her own!

Hyper Girl bent her head a bit and sucked the remains of the star into her mouth. “You should try this, it tastes really good. Even better than hot lava!”

Luna did, and she had to admit Hyper Girl was right. She scooped some of the remains off Hyper Girl’s breasts. They had very soon finished the whole star and both took some white dwarfs for snack.

“You finished that fast,” Hyper Girl said. “You must have been really hungry!”

Luna grinned. “Of course not. Just like you, I don’t need to eat. But I can also eat unlimited amounts of food. But by the way, if you think that was fast, what do you think about this?” She disappeared, but she was back in a fraction of a second, with a broad smile on her face. “Did you see what I did?”

Hyper Girl yawned. “Of course. You visited every planet in our universe. But why did it take you so long? I followed you, and I ran circles around each and every planet you visited.”

Luna looked a bit disappointed. “Oh.” She soon cheered up. “But I found this beautiful planet just two million light years away. Let’s go there!” She took Hyper Girl’s hand. Even though they were floating in space, Hyper Girl didn’t move, and giggled. Luna sighed. “Oh, come on!” Hyper Girl shrugged her shoulders and followed Luna. On their way, they shrunk to a more human size.

Just a second later, they were both lying on a white beach, next to crystal-clear water, under a yellow and an orange sun. “This is a perfect place,” Luna declared.

Suddenly, Hyper Girl wrapped one of her hands around Luna’s breast. “Hey! What are you doing?”

“I am caressing your breast. It is nice to hold someone else’s breast, without having to be careful. You wouldn’t believe how often I almost squashed a body part to pulp with just two fingers. All these living beings in the universe break so quickly!”

“I know. They almost fall apart when I look at them.”

“Don’t forget to turn off your laser eyes, honey.” While they were talking, Hyper Girl kept on fondling Luna’s breast. After a while, her hand moved down to Luna’s chiseled abs. And further down…

“Oh, I’m feeling hot!” Luna moaned.

“This is hot,” Hyper Girl replied, and they were in a burning chaos. “This is the centre of the orange sun. Do you like it?” Her fingers were now stimulating Luna with incredible speed. Luna yelled so loud that the whole star was torn into pieces.

“I’ll take that as a yes. Oh, and you don’t have to worry. The people on earth are watching a scene where we are playing with cute furry creatures.”

Luna licked her lips. “Hmm, furry creatures!”

Hyper Girl smiled at her. “Come, let’s go somewhere else.”

Luna frowned. “Somewhere else? But I’ve already been to every planet in the universe.”

“Exactly.” They disappeared and reappeared… well… somewhere else.

Luna scanned her surroundings. “Interesting. A completely different universe. About hundred times bigger than ours. And no sign of intelligent life.”

“Indeed. There’s an infinite number of parallel universes out there. I’ll show you how to travel between them. And an infinite number of those universes is completely uninhabited, of course. I like to play with those every now and then.”

“How do you play?”

“Oh, I crush stars between my toes sometimes. Or I collect all the stars in a galaxy and shove them…” She pointed. “... down there. You know, things that only an omnipotent girl like me can do.”

Luna nodded. “That sounds like big fun. How about this?” She opened her mouth and inhaled. All nearby solar systems flew towards them and disappeared into her mouth. She inhaled stronger and even more suns and planet were swallowed. “I’m just getting started,” she said, while she kept inhaling. Complete galaxies moved towards her, faster and faster. Very soon, she had emptied the whole universe.

“I must admit that I’m a bit impressed,” Hyper Girl said.

“Oh, you ain’t seen nothing yet.”

“It is interesting that you say ‘seen’ when there is no light left in this universe.”

“We are just privileged we don’t need light to see.” Luna picked up Hyper Girl and tossed her across the universe. She flew after her, until they were at the end of the universe. “Spread your legs,” Luna demanded.

“I like this already,” Hyper Girl purred.

“I have compressed all the matter in this universe to a singularity on the tip of my tongue.” Luna moved her head until she was in between Hyper Girl’s powerful thighs. She stuck out her tongue and moved inside Hyper Girl.

As a Big Bang took place inside Hyper Girl’s body, she screamed so loud that the whole universe was torn apart.

“Oh, that was good! I am so glad I left that artifact on the moon two billion years ago. I knew that someday it would create someone so powerful that she would be able to satisfy me.”

“I knew that.” Luna didn’t blink. “Now, let’s go back to earth. Some humans are getting tired watching us play with furry animals.”

“I don’t think they’ll ever grow tired watching us. We are wonderful and splendid and unique.”

“Yes, that’s us.”

When they were back in the stadium, they bowed for the audience while they made their muscles grow to a ridiculous size.

“Will you be back here tomorrow?” Luna asked.

“Of course! I don’t want to miss your show! I had a lot of fun today. Again.”
Luna vs Hyper Girl
Okay, you asked for it ;) This story was one of the requests I picked because of my 500th watcher (details here: 500 watchers: request a female muscle story!).

I've written two stories about Hyper Girl: Hyper Girl vs the monsters and Hyper Girl's Law. And I've written another story about Luna: Luna's revenge. Some people were wondering what would happen if these two omnipotent girls would meet.

Now you know!
2 June
Happy birthday to me! I turned twelve today, and the Old Prince (granddad) gave me this diary. I suppose he doesn’t know NOBODY writes in a diary anymore!! If you want to record what you are doing, you start a vlog, a blog or a social media account. I suppose granddad doesn’t know that. After all, he was born in another century. They used to exchange letters through carrier pigeons then.

But the Queen insisted that I should write in my diary. At least ten times, so I can say I tried. I rolled my eyes.

4 June
I don’t know what to write about. This diary is sooo boring!

24 August
We met with the Olympic team today. I talked to the gymnastics girls. They are a couple years older than me, but I am taller than most of them. In spite of that, their bodies look fantastic!! They have muscles everywhere, and they are really strong. They did some summersaults for me. I want to be as strong and muscular as they are!

27 August
I decided to go to the gym every day. We have one in the palace. The Queen uses it the most. The King obviously doesn’t, even though our doctor says he should work out more and eat less.

The Crown Prince laughed at me and reminded me that when I was seven, I wanted to be Beyoncé. I took three singing lessons and then I quit.

Ha! I’ll show him I’m determined. I’m twelve now! Nothing can stop me from becoming a muscle princess!!

28 August
Holy crown! My arms are hurting like hell! I can hardly write. I think they will break if someone touches them!!

30 August
The pain has become a little less. I have to take some rest before I go to the gym again, to recover. School starts tomorrow, I must be able to use my arms.

1 September
School is boooring!!

13 February
A photo shoot before we go skiing. Why?? We have to do this every year. Nothing new, nothing special. It’s the curse of being a princess, I suppose.

19 February
Holy see, I’ve broken my leg! I don’t remember, but they told me I fell during skiing. I was taken to the hospital, where my leg has been operated. It hurts like hell.

1 April
My leg is out of the cast. The King hopes I will recover quickly, so I can accompany him during King’s Day. He gave me a personal trainer for four weeks. I’ll meet Martin tomorrow.

14 April
Martin is very satisfied about my progress! And my legs aren’t hurting like my arms did when I first tried the gym. I suppose I did something wrong then. Or Martin is doing something right :)

20 April
My right leg is as strong as my left leg again. It is just like nothing happened. Except that my leg grows tired rather soon. One more week to go!

22 April
The Crown Prince came to watch my workout this afternoon. I think he came to make fun of me. But I am training very seriously. So he left after a couple of minutes. Ha!

25 April
It is kind of amazing that my legs keep growing stronger. Every time Martin tells me to press heavier weights, I think I can’t do it… and then I find out I can! This is so great!

29 April
Whoever invented King’s Day: they should chop their head off! My legs were okay, but all I have to do is wave and smile and shake hands and pose for selfies. The whole day! Martin hasn’t trained my arm and smiling muscles, so I am dead right now!

30 April
Even though I didn’t have to, I was back in the gym today. On my own, because Martin’s job is done. I could remember most of his exercises. I added a bit of weight sometimes. Too bad he has only shown me exercises for my legs.

2 May
I waited for the Queen to go to the gym and accompanied her. I watched her do exercises for her arms, shoulders, back, chest and stomach. I’ll try to remember those. I’ll have to find out which weights I can use.

10 May
I started out curling dumbbells of 5 kg, but I’m already up to 6. Yay!

30 May
Doing all these exercises is really addictive. I can almost feel myself becoming stronger. I am lifting more weight almost every week. This is so cool!!

2 June
It’s my birthday again, and I’ve written more than ten times in it. But I think everyone has forgotten about my diary. Even the Old Prince. But well… He’s old.

For my birthday, I asked Martin to return. The King and Queen would rather have me doing a team sport (the Crown Prince is playing hockey). But I insisted and told them I had been going to the gym 3 or 4 times a week in the past months. So I really want to do this!

I convinced the Queen first. She told the King that he should follow my example. Finally, they agreed to have Martin train me once a week, and twice during holidays. This is the best birthday I’ve ever had!! :)

11 July
Holy mole, I’m really improving! Martin is the best trainer in the world! I am now curling 9 kg, which is almost twice the weight I curled just two months ago. I just LOVE how my muscles are burning after a good workout!

17 July
Holidays started, and I am in the gym almost every day now.

1 August
We’re in Greece. At first, I refused to go, but the King and the Queen told me there is a gym nearby. I have to train on my own, because they refused to take Martin with us. I didn’t talk to them for two days.

Another royal family is here too. The four children are about as old as we are. They are bullying us the whole time! They say that the Crown Prince is fat and the Little Princess is a gnome. They used to make fun of my braces, but it’s different this year. They were calling me a boy. I didn’t understand it at first, but then they said I have these muscles all over, I am not a girl anymore.

So I rushed back to our house, to check the mirror. They are fools. Well, it is true that my arms and legs are maybe a little bit bigger around than they used to be. But you can hardly see it. In fact, I hadn’t noticed until now. And you know what? I like what I see!

3 September
Back at school. Everybody says my body has changed in those seven weeks. They don’t know that I have just started!

15 October
Martin talked to me about nutrition. I had told him I was hungry most of the time. He said that’s because I’m going through a growth spurt. But aside from that, my muscles are growing as well, so they need more fuel.

He will talk to the cook, to have her prepare some high-protein snacks for me, so I can eat those in between meals.

14 December
I am now curling 12 kg! I am so much stronger than I was half a year ago, I can hardly believe it!

There are thin layers of muscle all over my body. When I flex my upper arm, I can see a small arc appear above and below. I want to train harder to become bigger, but Martin says I have to be careful. I am only thirteen, and still growing, so I can’t rush things. I have lots of time to grow, he says. But it’s so hard to wait!!

2 February
I opened an Instagram account, real_muscle_princess. I haven’t told anyone about it. I don’t think the Queen and the King would approve… But I am going to use it anyway. What could possibly go wrong?

10 February
I haven’t posted anything yet on my Insta, and still I already have 10 followers. Weird…

2 April
The King and the Queen had a talk with me. My Easter report has arrived and all my marks have gone down. They said I am spending too much time in the gym. They don’t allow me to go anymore, except in weekends. It’s torture! I won’t talk to them for at least a week!!

5 April
Martin is an angel! He is drawing up a more intense training schedule. I’ll reach the same results with less hours in the gym, he promised. Well... He also said ‘almost’ and ‘probably’, but I didn’t hear that :)

14 April
Holy sceptre! I’ve posted my first pic on Instagram!! Nothing special or royal… Just a pic of my arm flexing. I can clearly see my bicep muscle now, I love it! I hope my 27 followers will love it too. I’m sooo nervous!

15 April
22 likes and 20 new followers! There are people out there who like my bicep. That’s so weird!

29 April
Another King’s Day. But I had some fun today. I shook about a million hands. And whenever it was a boy about my age, or a bit older, I used all my strength to squeeze. Some winced in pain, others looked very surprised. I just smiled at them :)

3 May
I am following several fitness models on Instagram. I like Emily, Tessa, Danielle, Cass and Nadia very much! They are all beautiful, and they have impressive muscles. I hope that one day I will be looking as good as they do. And have more than 100,000 followers, just like some of them.

10 May
I am curling 15 kg. Holy crab, that’s three times more than exactly a year ago! I told Martin that I hoped that I could curl 45 kg next year! But he laughed and said that’s not how it works. You make rapid gains at the start, and then it becomes harder and harder to improve. He also said that even without exercising, I would have been able to lift more than a year ago, because I am a growing girl.

I wish he had been more impressed…

13 May
I posted my second pic. It’s a pic of my stomach. I noticed that small lines become visible when I flex my abdominal muscles. I like it. All these abs exercises are paying off!

13 May, later
Holy cow! More than 50 likes and more than 100 followers! It’s a shame I can’t talk to anyone about this. The King would probably chop my head off, if he found out…

31 May
Emily uploaded a video in which she measures her upper arm. It is 36 cm around!! Holy peacock! I found a measuring tape and mine is just 26 cm. I feel like a little girl compared to her. If I want to become as big as she is, I have to train harder. But the King and the Queen won’t allow me…

I decided to measure myself regularly, to see if I’m improving.

4 July
Another silly photo session for the press. It was a sunny day, but I said I was a bit cold and wore long sleeves. How long will I be able to hide my muscles? They are growing bigger and bigger every month!

12 July
It’s summer holiday again, so I can work out as much as I want to again. My summer report was better than the Easter report, so the King and the Queen are satisfied. For now…

28 July
It is steaming hot today. I was at the pool with the Crown Prince and the Little Princess. The Crown Prince tried to push me into the water. I struggled and managed to resist him. I could feel the power flowing through my legs. It was so cool! He could hardly believe it. He is three years older than I am, and still I have the feeling that I am stronger than he is! He is much heavier than I am, but it was fat against muscles, and muscles won. MY muscles! Yay!

27 August
Holiday is over, and I gained a lot. My upper arm is now 29 cm, and I can curl 17 kg. When I flex my upper arm, a significant bump appears. It swells when I squeeze my fist. That is so cool, I could watch my bicep for hours. I want it to become bigger!

I posted a bicep pic on Instagram and it got 150 likes!

8 September
The Little Princess made a remark about my bicep. I think that the Queen and the King didn’t hear it. I have to wear long sleeves again, even though it is still warm outside.

23 October
To celebrate that my upper arms are now 30 cm around, I posted at double bicep pic. It got over 300 likes!

10 November
Holy elephants, what is happening? My Insta exploded today, with thousands of new followers in just one hour!

Holy throne! A gossip magazine has found out the real_muscle_princess account is mine! The Prime Minister visited us and he, the King and Queen and me had a long talk. They were really mad that I hadn’t told them anything. But I haven’t done anything wrong, or illegal, or dangerous!! Why can’t they understand??

I’m not allowed to use Instagram anymore. And they want me to stop working out. I rushed out of the room, crying. I hope the PM will tell the Secret Service to hack the website of the gossip magazine.

Later than later
I opened my Instagram account (just to look) and saw that I have over 30,000 followers. Holy hipsters!

15 November
Things have settled down a bit. The Prime Minister has been here every day. I have the feeling he is on my side. He wants me to become a role model, someone to convince children my age to have a healthy life style, to exercise and eat healthy food. It would be a good way to fight obesity, he argued. I REALLY hope he can convince the Queen and the King!

Everybody at school as staring at me, and I’m sure they are talking about me behind my back.

28 November
YES! I can go back to the gym again. It took us almost three weeks to convince the King and the Queen that I’m actually doing something good. (Maybe they were already convinced about that. I think they were mad because I had kept everything secret). And I can post pictures again, but the Government Information Service has to approve every single pic before I do so. They will also read every comment and block users if necessary.

When I opened Instagram again, I had more than 100,000 followers. Holy chips! It appears that gossip magazines abroad have also written articles about me.

6 December
My first pic as the official royal role model got me 15,000 likes!! Holy fudge!

22 December
Upper arms: 32 cm. I love this!

10 January
150,000 followers. I still can’t believe all this is happening. I always thought I’d always be a princess, and nothing else. But now I’m a fitness model, and a role model, and I LOVE it!

1 February
The Queen is complaining again. My dresses are all becoming too narrow. She doesn’t want me to wear anything which shows my shoulders. There’s a nice layer of muscle around my shoulders now, and my back is becoming wider, and she thinks that is inappropriate. But I want to show off my muscles. What’s the use of being a role model if you can’t show the results?? I think I’ll send a message to the PM, he has to talk to the Queen!

10 March
When I flex my upper legs, I can clearly see muscles popping up at the sides. That is so awesome!

12 March
I have to post pictures of healthy food every now and then, but those get less likes than my muscle pics. The pic I posted today, about drinking water instead of soda, only got 7,000 likes. The previous pic of my bulging thigh muscles got more than 25,000!

3 April
We went to our royal neighbors because they are married 25 years. I wrapped my arms around the prince who used to make fun of my braces and lifted him clear off the ground! He is a couple of years older than I am, but he didn’t feel heavy at all! Some other princes and princesses seemed to be in shock.

Later that evening, that prince wanted to armwrestle me. So I sat down, rolled up my sleeve and grabbed his hand. His eyes almost popped out when he saw my bicep swell! My upper arm is 34 cm now, and my bicep is clearly visible. I defeated him in about 5 seconds. I proposed a rematch, but he backed off. I don’t think he’ll ever make fun of me again!

26 April
The Queen is acting up again. I want to wear a sleeveless dress on King’s day, but she won’t allow me.

29 April
This was probably THE BEST DAY OF MY LIFE!! I wore my sleeveless dress, but I had to wear a jacket to cover my arms. But after a while, it became really hot, so I took it off. I could see that the Queen was mad at me, but she couldn’t show it in public. Suddenly, everyone wanted to take a selfie with me. I flexed my biceps and smiled a zillion times. I saw some of those pics on Insta, and I look really amazing! My shoulders have been really growing the past months, and they are now covered with a nice layer of muscle. And they look really broad, too. On some selfies, other girls flexed too. Their arms look like toothpicks next to my 34 cm guns. I love being bigger!

We also had to play silly games, as we have to every year. But there were same games where I could show off my strength. I carried several cheeses to the other side of the field. Boys of my age were struggling to do so, but it was sooo easy for me. I LOVE being stronger than everyone else!!

At the end of the day, everyone was mad at me. The Queen, of course. But the Crown Prince and the Little Princess as well, because nobody wanted a selfie with them. Well, that’s not my fault. They would be much more popular if they worked out like me. They’re just too lazy.

I don’t care that they are mad at me. At the end of the day, I had 10,000 extra followers. There are so many people who like me out there!

7 May
When I was working out in the gym, the door opened and the Little Princess came in. She watched me exercising. At the end of my work out, she asked me to show her some exercises she could do. I did so, but I hugged her first. (Carefully, because I didn’t want to hurt her). I told her to talk to Martin, who will be here in the weekend.

2 June
For my fifteenth birthday, I asked a photoshoot. I posed in official dresses, and in more casual clothes. But the photographer also took pictures while I was working out, and posing. Those posing pictures are SO cool! You can see very well how muscular I have become. I posted one of the pictures and it got 40,000 likes!

I should be in bed right now, but I can’t sleep, so I’m writing in my diary again. So much has changed in my life in the past two years. I love how my body is changing, how my muscles are growing. I sometimes stand in front of the mirror and flex, to see my muscles bulge. I don’t think I’ll ever grow tired of that! But I need to be bigger. There are other girls on Instagram with much bigger muscles, and I really want to look like them.

I want to become the ultimate muscle princess!!
The Muscle Princess Diaries
This is my contribution to :iconfemalemuscle:'s monthly theme Girls of Royalty. I had the idea for a story about a princess who wants to be a muscle girl for some time, so now I had a perfect reason to write it.

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“Happy belated birthday, honey!” Pieter handed Fiene a box. She tried not to show it, but she was a bit disappointed. She had hoped for a smaller box.

Fiene and Pieter had been together for more than eight years. They had met in the gym where she still worked as a fitness instructor. She soon had moved into his house. Their relationship was fine, but Fiene regretted that Pieter was working as a development worker for an international NGO. He had been working on more than twenty projects all over the world in the past years, and he was sometimes away for a month. He had just returned from Bangladesh. She had celebrated her birthday without him, a week ago.

Fiene unwrapped the present. She had no idea what it could be. She opened the box and saw something… purple? “Thanks honey… But what is it?” She took the purple thing out.

Pieter was beaming. “It’s a sports bra!”


“I bought it in a local shop in the middle of nowhere, about 200 kilometers from Dhaka. According to the shop owner, this bra once belonged to She-Hulk. When she was with the Fantastic Four!”

“Wow,” Fiene said. “I really don’t know what to say.” She examined the bra. It had the characteristic 4 on it, in a white circle. ”Is it real?”

“At least it looks like the thing in the comics. Also, it was rather expensive.”

“Expensive enough to buy a wedding ring?” Fiene wondered to herself. But she also felt her heart melt, because Pieter was so naive sometimes. She hugged her boyfriend. “Thanks honey. I really like it!”

“Will you try it on?”

Fiene laughed. “I could, but we both know that She-Hulk is much taller than I am. And she is well-endowed, while I… well…” She looked down at her small breasts. “I am not.”

“Well, it seems to be made of spandex or something, so it might adjust a bit to the one who wears it.” Pieter gave her his puppy eyes look. “Please Fiene? Will you try it on? I would really appreciate that!”

She smiled at him. “O, you know I can’t resist you when you look at me like that. I’ll do it!” She headed for the bathroom.

“Yes! I’ll wait for you in the bedroom.” He winked at her. “My own little She-Hulk!”

Fiene sighed. She wasn’t complaining about their sex life. Her sexual appetite was always building up when he was away, and so did his. So they had explosive sex during the first days after he had returned from his international projects. Still, she had the impression that secretly, he preferred women with great strength and big muscles. But he always denied that.

Also, he sometimes asked her why she didn’t want to become more muscular. She replied that she didn’t want to become too masculine, that she liked her body as it was. He always agreed, but still...

To her amazement, the bra fitted perfectly. It was neither too tight nor too loose. She checked the image in the mirror and saw that it nicely emphasized the shape of her breasts.

She headed for the bedroom. She kept thinking. They roleplayed every now and then, because Pieter liked that. She always had to play the role of a superhero. She liked to play, but it worried her at the same time.

She opened the door and saw that it was dark in the room. “Who is there?” Pieter asked.

She smiled, as she took a second to prepare for her role. “It’s me. She-Hulk.”

“Savage She-Hulk?”

“Oh yes!” she growled. “I am very savage tonight, and I am looking for some weak male flesh!” She used her hands to find her way to the bed. She laid down next to Pieter.

“Oh no! What are you going to do with me, She-Hulk? Are you going to use your big muscles to overpower me? Are you going to smother me with your huge tits?” She could feel he was getting excited.

“Of course I will do that. And there is nothing you can do to stop me! Haha!”

“That’s right, She-Hulk. I am pathetically weak compared to you.”

“I am capable of tearing metal apart with my bare hands, but I’ll try to be careful with you.”

“You are so amazing. Can I feel your big muscles?”

“Sure, I love that.” Fiene took his hand and led it to her abs. She tensed her muscles. Her stomach was the bodypart she was most proud of. Millions of crunches had made it perfectly flat, with visible outlines of the separate muscles, even unflexed.

She shivered as his hand touched her. His fingers followed the small ridges, and then moved further down.

“Do you like what I’m doing to your muscle-packed body?”

“Oh yes… go on!” She screamed as his hand wandered down.

Half an hour later, Fiene still wore the sports bra. “It is so amazing that my second orgasm after such a long time feels even better than the first one.”

Pieter grinned. “True. That’s because we take just a bit more time for the second one.”

She kissed him on the cheek. “I’m so glad you are back. I love you.”

“Love you too,” he replied, but he sounded a bit absent-minded. “Did you catch a cold, sweetheart? Your voice sounds a bit different. I like it. It’s sexy.”

“No, I’m okay. In fact, I’m feeling better than ever!”

“That’s because I’m back, right?”

She chuckled. “Of course, my weak man.”

“Ah, my sexy savage muscle woman. Now, let’s take off this bra. I’d like to feel every part of you.”

Ten days later, Pieter had left for a new project in East Africa. Fiene hadn’t worn the sports bra after that first night. She stumbled upon it when she was looking for something to wear during the bodypump lessons. “Why not?” she said to herself. “It provides an excellent view on my abs.”

She knew that several people in her classes liked to watch her abdominal muscles. Seeing someone’s eyes wander down always made her feel proud.

She also liked that she was very fit. She could lift heavier weights than most others. She always had to smile to herself when she saw someone struggle with lighter weights than she was using. Those people always ended up exhausted, while she could go on to her next class after a ten minutes break.

She sat down for lunch with one of her colleagues. Michel was one of the biggest persons Fiene knew. He was a former bodybuilder who had become a personal trainer. Even though he didn’t work out as much as he did a couple of years ago, his muscles were still bulging.

“Hey Fiene, did you dye your hair? It looks a bit darker today.”

Fiene ran her hands through her shoulder length hair. “No, I didn’t. Are you sure?”

Michel leaned towards her. “Yes. It’s definitely darker.”

“Maybe it’s just the light in here.” Fiene didn’t think about it anymore. After lunch, she picked up her barbell to go the next class. But something was wrong. “Hey!” she shouted. “Who took my barbell?”

Michel looked at her. “What’s the matter Fiene? That one is yours.”

“No way. It is much lighter than my barbell.” But when she changed it for another barbell, it still felt too light. “What is going on here?” she wondered.

In class, she noticed that several people weren’t really paying attention to her instructions. When she looked around her, she saw that they were staring at her. “Did I spill ketchup on my sports bra?” she wondered. After giving instructions for ten squats, she looked down.

“What the…” she said. She could only stare. After a while, she looked up and saw that everybody was looking at her. She looked back in bewilderment. “I’m big,” she said.

“You’re smoking hot,” one of the young guys replied.

Fiene stopped the music. “Sorry, class is over,” she mumbled. She rushed to one of the mirrors in the room. “Oh no,” she whispered. “Everything is… bigger!” There was no denying it. Her arms, her legs, her shoulders… They were all bigger than they had been this morning. Even the sports bra seemed to fuller. “What’s happening?”

Michel appeared next to her. He studied Fiene’s image in the mirror for some moments. Then he said: “So it is true. I heard some people talk about you, and I didn’t believe it.”

“But… how…?” Fiene stammered.

Michel shrugged. “Does it matter? Most people in this gym wouldn’t ask questions if they could develop a body like yours in just a couple of hours.”

But Fiene didn’t listen to him. She rushed to the locker room and took off her sports bra. “I don’t want to be big! I am never going to wear that again!” she shouted.

The next morning, she was relieved when she saw that she had returned to her normal size. There were more people in her classes than usual, and many looked a bit disappointed when they saw her. She felt some regret too, when she lifted her barbell. It seemed to be heavier than the previous day. She had to admit she liked it when it felt lighter.

Fiene decided not to mention all this to Pieter, when they had their Skype session in the evening.

That night, she dreamt she was wearing the sports bra again. Her muscles were unbelievably thick. She posed for an outrageous crowd and overpowered dozens of people with her super muscles. She was laughing all the time, because it was ridiculously easy. She tossed with cars and tore them apart like they were made of tin foil. She took a couple of bricks and crushed them to dust between her monster tits.

Fiene woke up, very hot and excited. After she had masturbated, she decided to put She-Hulk’s sports bra back on. “Okay, I’ll try this,” she said to herself. “I just can’t resist the feeling of unstoppable power. Let’s see how strong I can become!”

The next morning, she posed in front of the mirrors in the gym before her work day started. Her biceps were noticeably bigger than the day before. She also found that the barbells seemed to be lighter again. She loved that feeling. She started the first class with a barbell that was slightly heavier than the one she normally used. Two hours later, she realised that it had become lighter too. “Well, it isn’t really lighter; it’s just me getting stronger,” she said to herself and she smiled.

When she was having lunch with Michel, he couldn’t stop looking at her upper body. “Those bigger muscles look very sexy on you,” he said.

Fiene blushed. “Thanks,” she mumbled.

“It happens when you wear that Fantastic Four bra, right?”

She nodded and told him it could have been She-Hulk’s. He thought about this.

“Maybe it has absorbed her gamma radiation, and is now transferring it to you. I can’t think of another way to explain in.”

“Well, whatever the reason, I think it is weird. I really have to get used to my growing muscles.”

“And there is more that’s growing.” Michel turned red.

“I know.” Fiene cupped her breasts with her hands. “I have gained at least one cup size in about twelve hours. And this must be some kind of wonder bra, because it still fits perfectly!”

He studied her face. “You shouldn’t start worrying, but you may turn a bit… green.”

Fiene sighed. “Yes, I noticed. I guess that’s part of the deal.”

That afternoon, her classes were overbooked. She had to move to a bigger room, and still there were people who couldn’t attend her class. Most of the people weren’t following her instructions. They just watched her. Her muscles flexing. It was as if they were getting bigger with every rep.

She stopped five minutes before the official end of the lessons, and used that time for some posing. She tried to remember the poses she had seen on television, but her audience didn’t seem to mind she couldn’t come up with all the official poses. When she hit a double biceps pose, several people cheered. She looked at her upper arm with satisfaction. A serious bulge appeared on top of it, and she could see some veins underneath her skin.

“If you think these are big guns, you should come back tomorrow!” she said.

One week later, Fiene looked at a picture that had been taken during that first posing session. She grinned. Compared to what she looked like now, she was a skinny, weak, pale little girl back then.

She listened to the buzz of the crowd outside the locker room. Michel was posing, to get them warmed up a bit. “They haven’t seen nothing yet,” she said to herself. She thought about what she was about to do: showing off her superior strength and her amazing body. It made her horny, and she considered masturbating. But then she remembered that Pieter was coming home that night. “I’ll save myself for him,” she said.

When she heard the crowd cheer, she opened the door and walked onto the stage. The cheering became three times louder. “Thank you, Michel,” she said, when the crowd was quiet again. “But please stay with us for a few minutes more. Can you show us your famous double biceps flex one more time?”

The former bodybuilder happily obeyed, showing the crowd his huge guns. They cheered once more, because they knew what was about to happen. Fiene calmly took off her training jacket. She wore just the FF sports bra underneath. The crowd looked at her in amazement. Michel was still holding his pose, but it was perfectly clear that even unflexed, Fiene’s upper arms were much bigger than his.

Fiene smiled. “I suppose you all think that Michel’s upper arms are enormous. I suppose you all wish you had arms like his.” She slowly brought up her arms. “Well, his arms look tiny next to mine!” She turned to Michel: “Maybe you should practice a bit more, if you want to become big like me.” He walked over to a set of weights on the other end of the stage.

Fiene was truly huge: her upper arms expanded into all directions, growing bigger and bigger. On top of her enormous bicep appeared another muscle, which was topped by a thick vein. She clenched her fists, so her upper arms grew another ten centimeters. She had to look up to see the top of her bicep. “Wow, it has become even bigger than yesterday,” she said. “I just love how big I have become.”

She put her hands behind her head and flexed her abs. “I guess my abs are also more defined now.” She giggled. “It’s a bit hard for me to tell, because my big tits are in the way. But I can tell from your looks that you like what you see!”

She slowly turned around and put her hands on her hips. She flared out her lats and that seemed to go on forever. “How is this for an hourglass figure?” she teased.

She was facing the mirrors now. Fiene was still astounded by the way she looked. Her obscene muscularity, of course. But her emerald skin too. Her hair had become green, and was now much longer and wilder than a week ago. “I wonder how Pieter will react,” she thought to herself.

She looked further down. Her training pants were tight around her incredibly thick legs. “Hmm, I wonder…” She slowly flexed her thighs and she could feel the pressure build as her legs continued growing. When she heard something rip, she ended with one mighty flex, which tore the pants to shreds. She quickly removed the remains, revealing the posing bikini bottom she wore underneath.

She turned and hit a side chest pose. When she looked in the mirror, she could see that her beach ball sized tits looked perfect in her sports bra. Her thick nipples, which were at least five centimeters long, poked through the fabric. “You can tell I’m excited, can’t you? I bet you would be excited too, if you had a body like this.”

She changed to a side triceps pose. “And you know what? I am only growing bigger. Every day, I gain ten kilograms of pure muscle. Now let me hear you: who thinks I am too big?” Everybody remained silent and Fiene grinned. “Who thinks I am perfect as I am now?” She could hear some people cheering. “And who would like me to become even bigger?” The room exploded. “Well, that’s clear!”

She posed a bit more, and then walked over to Michel. He was deadlifting over 300 kilograms. His head was red from the exertion. When he saw Fiene coming, he dropped the weight and jumped off the stage.

Fiene casually picked up the barbell with one hand, and walked over to a similar barbell. She lifted it with her free hand and started doing alternating bicep curls. Her biceps bulged bigger every time. “These tiny weights were perfect for me yesterday, but I’ve grown so much today that they’ve become a bit light. I could probably do hundred reps without tiring.” The bars were bending because of the weight, but Fiene didn’t seem to notice. She put the barbells down and removed the plates from one of them. She examined the bar.

“I think I gripped this bar a bit too tight. I think I can see the imprints of my fingers. Yes people, that’s one of the problems you encounter when you are as strong as I am. You have to be careful with everything around you. I could toss all of you around this room like rag dolls, for example. But I won’t do that. I have thought of a more civilized way to show off how much stronger my mighty body is than your puny bodies.”

She held the bar in front of her, her arms outstretched. Michel and five other big males stepped on stage and also gripped the metal bar. When they all had a good hold, they started pushing. They were using all their strength and all their weight, but Fiene didn’t move. Her green thighs grew bigger as she simply resisted them. Her nipples grew even bigger when she realized how easy it was for her.

When she grew bored with their pathetic efforts, she started walking forward. It was like she was taking a stroll, like the six big men weren’t even there. Very soon, they reached the end of the stage. She walked on and they fell off. But they kept holding on to the metal bar. The six men were now dangling in the air, supported by nothing more than Fiene’s incredible arms. She lifted the bar a bit higher.

“The next time we do this, I will need nine or ten opponents,” she bragged. “This was way too easy!” She slowly lowered the bar, until the men were back on their feet again.

She posed for some minutes more. “I am really sorry, but I have to go. My Pieter is coming home this evening, and I want to prepare myself and spend some quality time with him.” She winked. “So I will be back after the weekend, even bigger and stronger!” She flexed and waved, before she jumped off the stage.

When she ran back home, she was worrying a bit. She wasn’t sure how Pieter would react. During their few Skype conversations, she had pretended her camera wasn’t functioning, so he hadn’t seen how much she had changed. She hadn’t told him about it either. “What if he thinks I am too big?” she asked herself. But she knew that taking off the sports bra would reverse the process. When she wasn’t wearing it, she slowly returned to her original form and color. “But he’ll probably love my big green muscles,” she said.

She stopped at a junkyard. She lifted several cars like they were empty shoe boxes and she thought back at her dream. She yanked a door off one car and carried it with her. She put it in her bedroom. Pieter had sent her a message he had arrived at the airport. He would be home in an hour. She told him she’d wait for him in the bedroom.

Fiene took a shower and played with her breasts. “I can’t believe how big my tits have become! I think they are even bigger than She-Hulk’s.” She squeezed her nipples, making them long and hard. “Well, I’m not complaining!”

She put the sports bra and the bikini bottom back on and returned to their bedroom. She turned off the lights and waited. After a while, she heard Pieter come on. Very soon, he could hear him at the bedroom door. “Fiene?” She kept quiet. He opened the door. She could see his silhouette and took his hand. She put it on her abs and flexed hard.

“What is this?” he stammered. “It feels like warm flesh, but it is as hard as steel!”

Fiene giggled. Once again, she took his hand. This time, she put it on a nipple. She moaned at his touch.

“Fiene, what is going on? This feels like a giant nipple, but what is it?” His hand explored the area around the nipple. His hand covered just a tiny part of her breast. She was about to explode, so she took his hand and led it to her upper arm. She slowly flexed it, and his hand moved up.

“And what is this? Something is growing!” Fiene was now laughing out loud. “What happened to your voice? Fiene? Is that you?”

She turned on the light and grabbed Pieter with one hand. She slowly lifted him into the air. She looked at him, and saw his eyes widen. He couldn’t speak at first, he just let his eyes wander over her magnificent, green body. Her muscle-packed arm now held him above her head. “I guess he can see little more than my broad shoulders and my huge tits,” she thought. “That must be a very nice view.”

“Fiene?” Pieter stammered. “What happened to you?”

“Not much. I just turned into She-Hulk.” She chuckled. “Do you like it?”

“Yes! You are amazing!”

“Amazing? That’s all?” She put him back on his feet again. “Look at this!” She hit a double biceps pose that made him instantly come. While he was recovering, she took the car door and ripped it to pieces with her bare hands. She took a small metal strip and moulded it into a ring. She offered it to him.

“We are going to get married, Pieter.”

“Y-Yes. I’d love to.” He took the ring.

“It wasn’t a question, but I’m glad you agree.” She smiled at him. “Now, let’s see what I can do with this super body in bed. I’m horny like hell, but I’ll try to be careful with you.” She lifted him off his feet and dragged him to bed. She ripped his clothes from his body like they were made of toilet paper.

She took off her own clothes, releasing her mammoth tits. Pieter stared at her. “O, Fiene… She-Hulk… Let’s spend a week in bed!”

She giggled. “I’d love to, my small weak man. But I have to wear She-Hulk’s sports bra to keep in shape.” She took his hand. “Now. Let’s see if the second orgasm is still the best.”
She-Hulk's sports bra
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The story is about a sports bra. And muscles.
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Furthermore, I have picked two ideas that I'll turn into a story. It may take some time before I will publish these stories:
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  • A super smart girl turns herself into the strongest being alive
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It didn’t take Eleni long to reach the Anatolian coast. When she reached the shore she started running at high speed. Only after a while she realized she had no idea where she should go. She stopped, and jumped into the air. She was delighted to find that she could jump very high now, about ten times her own height. When she landed, she sank into the ground up to her knees. She jumped again and looked into another direction. Far in the distance she spotted a group of houses.

She ran towards them and arrived only moments later. A man shook his head in disbelief as the muscular woman seemed to appear out of nothing. ‘Tell me where I can the nearest Persian army camp!’ she demanded.

‘You are Greek, aren’t you? I won’t tell you anything!’

‘Ah, you don’t seem to understand,’ she said with a smile. ‘Is this yours?’ She pointed to simple house with clay walls behind him. The man nodded. While she kept smiling at him, she marched right through the wall. To Eleni it felt like she just stepped through a curtain of papyrus. She kept on walking and also destroyed the wall in the back. The house collapsed. She flashed back to the front and lifted the man high into the air.

‘I hope you understand now!’ she shouted. ‘If you don’t tell me, I will destroy this whole place and believe me, it won’t be difficult for me at all!’

The man shook uncontrollably. ‘Please don’t hurt me,’ he cried. ‘Please! I will tell you anything you want!’

‘That’s better,’ Eleni said, and she put him back down.

He dropped to his knees, but she didn’t mind. He pointed into the distance. ‘Up there, in the mountains, is an army fortress.’

She rushed away. Very soon, she found herself in the hills, with bigger mountains in the distance. Several streams and rivers were in her way, but she simply jumped across them. ‘I just love how strong my legs are now. Running and jumping is completely effortless! I can’t wait to destroy those weak soldiers, and become even stronger!’

She looked down at her peplos and her arms, which were covered with the dust of the clay walls. She sighed. ‘The disadvantage of being so strong, is that I get dirty all the time.’ After some more running, she discovered a pool that was surrounded by high trees, so she stopped to clean her peplos once more. ‘Maybe I should find some other clothing which doesn’t get dirty so quickly. Then I could spend my time on more exciting things. Like showing off my strength.’

She laid the wet peplos on a big stone, so it could dry in the sun, and took a bath. Her head was the only part of her body that was above the surface. She ran her hands over her herculean muscles, and enjoyed their size and hardness. She closed her eyes and loudly moaned. ‘Oh, touching myself feels so good!’

‘Yes, I can imagine that touching a pretty woman like you could be exciting,’ a voice said.

Eleni squeaked and quickly turned around. A man was sitting beside the pool, watching her with a smile on his face. His upper body was bare, showing an impressive chest. He noticed what she was looking at, and flexed his pecs. They were big, bigger than those of any man she’d ever seen - but they were no match for the monstrous slabs of muscle Eleni owned.

‘Maybe you would like to touch something else for a change?’ He winked at her.

Eleni blushed. ‘Oh no, I can’t do that. I am married to Mikkos.’

The man looked turned his head. ‘There seems to be no one around. So why don’t we have some fun together? I promise I won’t tell anyone.’

‘No,’ she said, and she turned away from him.

‘Come on! I know you are attracted to me. I saw how you looked at me. I guess your husband isn’t nearly as handsome as I am.’

‘Yes he is!’

‘But he can’t be as strong and powerful as I am!’

She turned around again and looked at him with hungry eyes. ‘Are you? Strong and powerful, I mean?’

He stood up and flexed his biceps for her. Eleni had seen some very muscular rowers on the trireme, but this mysterious man easily surpassed them. She licked her lips at the thought of adding his strength to hers. ‘Ah, now I’ve got you!’ he said. ‘You like strong men, don’t you?’

‘I do. The stronger, the better!’

His biceps seemed to swell as his confidence increased. ‘Well, as you can see I am bigger and stronger than ordinary men. And you know what?’

She raised an eyebrow.

‘Can you keep a secret?’ he whispered. Eleni nodded.

‘I am not an ordinary man. I am a god.’

Eleni put her hands to her mouth. ‘What?’

The man beamed at her. ‘That’s right. I am Lips, the god of the southwest wind.’ He grew bigger still, his muscles bulging with unnatural strength.

‘Ooh! So you mean you have godlike powers?’

Lips thrust out his chest. His back was growing wider before her eyes. ‘Sure! I have the physical strength of about ten mortals. And I can command the winds.’ He pointed at the line of trees around the pool. ‘Do you see those trees? I can uproot them with just the power of my lungs!’ His chest kept on expanding.

Eleni thought about this for a moment. ‘Oh. Is that all?’

The god looked at her in confusion and he quickly shrank to the size of a mortal. ‘What? What do you mean?’

‘Well, uprooting trees isn’t really a big deal, isn’t it? I guess even I could do that. It doesn’t sound very difficult.’

Lips stared at her. ‘Woman, I’ll forgive you, because you obviously don’t know what you are talking about. It requires immense strength to uproot a tree. Only gods are capable of doing that!’

She looked at him with big, innocent eyes. ‘Oh really? So you mean that if a girl like me tries, nothing will happen?.’

He laughed out loud. ‘Yes, please try it. And if you fail, maybe we could do some touching? Then you can experience what an immensely strong man feels like!’

‘And if I succeed, I can have whatever I want?’

He smiled at her, his confidence restored. ‘Yes, sure.’

‘Okay. Now please turn around, I’m getting out of the water to put my peplos back on.’

The god obeyed. ‘I promise you that when we are touching each other, you will soon be so hot that you’ll take it off again!’

Eleni quickly wrapped the peplos around her massive body. She ran towards a tree and hid behind it. That was not so easy, because her upper body had become incredibly wide. She put her forehead against the tree. What had she done? Everybody always said you should never gamble with the gods. She had no idea if she was strong enough to tear a tree out of the ground. Would the strength of two hundred men be sufficient?

She took several deep breaths and calmed down. She peeked around the tree. ‘I’m ready!’

Lips turned around and came closer. ‘Why are you hiding behind that tree? I’d like to see your body. I guess it looks as gorgeous as your face does.’

She giggled. ‘Please be patient. You might be surprised!’

‘O, I just love surprises!’

‘Okay,’ Eleni said, and she wrapped her bare arms around the tree.

Lips’ jaw dropped. ‘Wh...What?’ He stared in shock as Eleni’s arms expanded to freakish dimensions. Each pumpkin-sized biceps was covered in dozens of snake-like veins, some of them thicker than his fingers. His gaze followed the thick vein that capped her biceps as it ran up to her shoulder, growing thicker and thicker before it vanished behind the tree. He returned his gaze to her powerful forearms, bulging with strength, seemingly eager to dig into the tree. Lips felt like a small boy next to Eleni’s man-shaming body. And she wasn’t even flexing yet. ‘You… How…’

Eleni didn’t pay attention to the babbling god and concentrated on the tree. She was glad her back had become so wide she could completely embrace the tree. Her chest, her biceps, her forearms and hands all pressed against the bark. She slowly increased the pressure. She could feel her upper body swell as she willed her muscles to grow bigger, harder, even more inhuman than they were a moment ago. The muscles on her forearms became incredibly defined.

Eleni’s hands looked strong enough to crush rock, but even they couldn’t prepare Lips for the onslaught of muscle he was about to witness. Her forearms were as big as an ordinary man’s thigh, only infinitely more muscular. Further up, her biceps were expanding rapidly. Each was an insane orgy of muscle and veins threatening to burst through her skin. The split between each hyper-developed head was so deep it looked like two mountain peaks. As Eleni held her flex the twin beasts rushed towards each other, the wood in between powerless to stop them. She closed her eyes and smiled. The huge tree was sliced in two like it was made of soft clay and fell down. Eleni was left standing empty-handed, flexing for all she got. Once she came out of her muscle-induced trance she found that most of her field of view was taken up by muscles and veins. Her godlike flex caused her pecs to swell up to her chin, her traps pressing against her ears. Eleni’s peplos was stretched drum-tight over her incredible upper body.

She looked up at the suddenly very small god. ‘Oops. I guess I have to be a bit more careful.’ Lips had to sit down. He was in shock.

She walked on to the next tree and bent her knees a bit. Once again, she wrapped her arms around it, but this time she was careful not to apply too much pressure. She stood up straight and pulled the tree right out of the ground. She laughed. ‘That was easy! I am even stronger than I thought I was!’ She put the tree over her thigh and it snapped like a dry twig.

She tossed the remains of the tree away and turned to the god. ‘See? That was even easier than I thought it would be.’

‘Who… who are you?’

‘Oh, I’m just an ordinary girl with tremendous muscles. And you owe me something, you know.’

‘What do you want from me?’

Eleni closed her eyes as she received his powers. ‘Aah. I think I’ve already got it. Thank you.’ She smiled at him. ‘Now, if you excuse me? I have something to do. Maybe you can find someone else to impress with your muscles.’

She continued her journey, and quickly found the Persian fortress. It was built on a plain, overseeing the land below. A single road led up to it. She slowed down and examined it. It was made of wood, its walls were about four times her height. The gate was closed, and a couple of Persian soldiers stared down from the battlements at the gigantic woman below.

Eleni didn’t pay attention to them. ‘I can break trees with my body, so a little army fortress won’t be able to offer me any resistance,’ she said. ‘Now, let me see. There are so many ways I could enter that fortress. I could jump over the wall, kick the gates open with my strong legs… But I’ll try something else.’

She pulled up her peplos and pressed her body against the gate. ‘I wonder what will be stronger. This gate, or my muscles? I’ll start with my thighs.’ She slowly tensed her leg muscles. Her thighs, already as big as tree trunks, started expanding in all directions.
They were like beasts released from their chains, and she was enjoying this way too much
to even consider stopping. Soon her thighs doubled, even tripled in size - her quads had grown so big her knees were hidden in the deep shadows they cast. A sickening network of veins appeared over her gigantic quads, struggling to feed the growing monsters. The split between each massive muscle in her thigh was deep enough to lose a drachm in. She flexed harder. The wood couldn’t resist the enormous slabs of muscle pressing against it, and caved in.

‘I just can’t believe how big my muscles have become! Every time I think they can’t get any bigger, they expand even more. I wonder how big I will be after I have defeated those puny soldiers in this fortress?’

When her thighs had reached their maximum size, she turned her attention to her chest muscles. She gave her pecs a mighty flex, causing her superhuman chest to erupt outwards. The quivering globes of pure muscle grew bigger with each passing second. Soon they were so big they started pushing against Eleni’s chin, but she didn’t, or couldn’t, stop herself from flexing. A roadmap of thick veins emerged all over her chest. The two freakish muscles soon started pushing against the gate. The wood started to creak from the strain the huge masses of muscle were subjecting it to, and gave in completely. Eleni flexed each pec separately a few times, making the holes even bigger.

She had saved her arms for last. With her head pressed against the wood, she watched in fascination how her arm started growing. It was like a volcano erupting. Layer after layer of muscle was added to her arms, but Eleni wasn’t satisfied yet. She bit her lip and directed more power to the already insanely big muscles. Their growth was unstoppable, and created more holes in the wall.

When she was finished, she stepped back. She looked with glee at the holes she had created. The holes were so big and deep, and so far apart from each other, that an unknowing passenger would never have believed those holes had been created by simply flexing muscles, let alone by a woman.

Because there was not much left of the gate, she just needed to push gently to ruin it completely.

She marched into the fortress. A group of Persian soldiers was waiting for her, on the square in the middle. She saw about fifty of them; maybe there were some more in the buildings around the square. By looking at her sheer size, they knew she was dangerous. A horseman tried to trample her down, but she simply lifted the horse with the man and tossed them away.

This awesome feat of strength caused panic. Some soldiers ran away. Another mounted a horse and escaped through the gate. ‘I’ll come back to you later!’ Eleni shouted after him. ‘I will first have some fun toying with your friends here!’

Several braver soldiers tried to attack her with their swords and spears. She just put one hand on her hip and let them try. Only when they were aiming for her head she would repel their attacks. She knew that the rest of her body had become nearly invulnerable. The soldiers were only able to scratch her skin a bit, sometimes.

She smiled at the soldiers. ‘I bet you have never encountered someone as muscular and strong as me. But I have met lots of soldiers like you in the past few days, and I know your strength is nothing compared to mine. I have become so strong that I can crush you and your little weapons between two fingers, as if you are little bugs.’

After a while they realized their uncoordinated attack was useless, and they fell back. The officers shouted orders, and they formed a perfect line. They held their shields on front of them, spears and swords were aimed at her through the small spaces between the shields.

Eleni just laughed. ‘Nice try, boys!’ In the blink of an eye, she appeared in front of the shields and grabbed one. She deformed the metal between her hands like it was made of warm wax. She ignored the stabbing and tossed the soldiers high into the air, one or two at a time. They soon broke their ranks and ran away into all directions.

She saw a big boulder. It was probably used for exercises where a whole group had to push it. It was a bit smaller than she was, and almost perfectly round. She picked it up and rested it on one hand. ‘It doesn’t seem to weigh much more than an apple!’ She balanced it on her neck. ‘Atlas!’ she giggled.

She saw a group of soldiers watching her from some distance. She smiled at them and tossed the boulder at them with enormous speed. ‘Catch!’

Of course, they couldn’t catch it. They were crushed or wounded by the enormous weight. She saw that other soldiers tried to hide in the buildings. ‘Why don’t you boys want to play with me?’ She sighed. ‘Well, at least you give me your power.’ She still felt the increases in strength, but it was much less intense than in the beginning.

She picked up the boulder again, and ran through the walls of the fortress more than a hundred times. When she was finished, little was left of it. A few men gathered in the middle of the square to witness her total destruction. Just at a few places, the walls of the fortress were still standing.

Eleni walked up to the men, tossing the boulder into the air and catching it again. Then, she jumped as high as she could and tossed the boulder down with incredible force. The impact caused a small earthquake. Everyone fell down and the remains of the fortress collapsed.

She landed on the ground herself and oversaw the ravage she had so easily caused. Between the ruins she saw a man with a bronze breastplate who seemed to be conscious. She lifted him with one mighty arm. ‘You look important, so I suppose you know where the Greek prisoners are.’

The man was shaking. ‘Yes. All war prisoners are sent to our capital, Babylon. Please don’t hurt me!’

‘How far is that?’

‘You have to travel to the east. It takes about five weeks on a horse.’

Eleni dropped him and grinned. ‘I am sure I can do it faster, as I have the strength of about three hundred men now. Okay, I need your breastplate. Give it to me!’


‘Your breastplate! Now! Do you need my help?’

She collected several other bronze armor too. She kneaded the metal together to a large lump and rushed off.

Far in the distance, in front of her, she saw the man on the horse that had escaped from the fortress. It didn’t take her long to catch up. She slowed down and jogged along the horse. ‘Hello!’ she said happily. ‘I told you I would come back to you!’

The horseman looked bewildered at the woman next to him, who seemingly had no trouble whatsoever keeping up with his galloping horse. He spurred his horse, but Eleni just kept running next to him.

‘Are you in a hurry?’ she asked him. He didn’t answer, but bent down over the neck of his horse, trying to go even faster.

‘Oh, do you want to go faster? Let me give you a hand,’ she offered. She put her hand below the horse’s belly and lifted it into the air. ‘Hold on!’ she shouted. Lifting the horse and the man didn’t seem to slow her down at the least. She even increased her pace. Soon, the man had to wrap his arms around the neck of the horse, or the wind would have blown him off. The incredible speed made him feel sick.

‘This is fun!’ Eleni shouted at him, while she was running about five times faster than any horse could. Her long black hair flew behind her and it seemed that running with a horse in one hand and a bronze lump in the other wasn’t really a problem for her.

The mountains around them became higher and higher and the road became narrow and winding. After a while, she missed a turn and they fell into a deep ravine. The man and the horse of course didn’t survive, but Eleni only had a couple of scratches. But this time, her peplos was completely ruined.

‘It’s time for other clothing,’ she said to herself. She took off the remains of the peplos. She used the lump of bronze to mould an armor for herself. She spread the metal over her body. It wasn’t difficult for her at all. The only thing that was hard, was that her muscles had become so ridiculously defined, that she couldn’t reach with her fingers into some of the deeper valleys between her muscles.

When she was finished, her whole body was covered in bronze, except for her head, her arms and her legs beneath the knees. She also made some kind of helmet, because she knew her head was the most vulnerable part of her body. Even though she was covered in metal, she could still move with ease.

When she was finished, she ran on. She didn’t get tired, so she even ran at night. In the morning, she stopped to eat a huge breakfast in a palace, not bothering about all the dumbfounded people around her. Just after noon, she stood on a hill. In the distance, she could see the Euphrates river and the city of Babylon. The fields around the city seemed to be crowded with people.

A shepherd told her that a huge army was gathering, to wipe away the Greeks once and for all. He had heard rumors that the army contained more than half a million men.

Eleni closed her eyes in bliss. ‘Ooh! Just imagine that I possess the strength of half a million!’

She walked down the hill towards the Persian army. They saw her coming: a sparkling bronze figure of unbelievable size. She stopped for a moment, so the soldiers who were nearest to her could take a good look at her obscene muscularity. ‘I am here to take your strength!’ she shouted. She immediately started harvesting.

She sped up, and sent the soldiers flying into all directions of the wind. She was like a sickle mowing down corn. The soldiers stood as much chance against her as a grain of corn would.

With every Persian man she defeated, it became even easier for Eleni to defeat the next one. ‘You might as well surrender to me immediately, because there is no way you can stop me,’ she said, as she tossed a huge boulder at a group of soldiers. She jumped high into the air and landed in the middle of another group, sending shockwaves around her at the landing. She stormed into a third group, wreaking more havoc.

Wherever she went, she brought chaos and destruction. She could feel her strength and muscle size increase every moment, and the feeling almost overwhelmed her. ‘Very soon I will be as strong as a goddess! No one can stop me!’

Eleni quickly approached the gates of the city. In front of the gates she saw a dozen granite statues, with the head of a man, the body of a lion and the wings of an eagle. They were huge, almost ten times Eleni’s height.

‘Release the Lamassu!’ she heard several soldiers shout. A line of priest appeared in the gate, and they all raised their hands.

‘Lamassu! Lamassu! Lamassu!’ she heard and she wondered what it meant. She stopped, because it was clear that something was happening. All the Persian soldiers ran away from her as fast as they could. The ‘Lamassu’ chanting continued, and she could hear a very low rumble.

Then, to her amazement, she saw one of the enormous statues move slightly. She wasn’t sure if it had moved for real, or if it was just an illusion. But then another statue slowly raised one of its legs. And another one. As she looked up to the giants, they started moving faster. The ground shook when a statue put down its leg.

Eleni looked around her, and saw that she was alone with the twelve creatures. The soldiers had gathered far away, to watch her.

The giants were now moving at the speed of a normal man, but they kept increasing their pace. ‘The Lamassu have never failed to protect the city of Babylon!’ one of the priests shouted, and the crowd roared. ‘Please destroy the Greek monster!’

‘Who are you calling a monster?’ Eleni mumbled. The Lamassu had quickly retrieved her. Some moved into her direction, while others formed a large circle around her. They were moving faster and faster. Eleni tried to run away, but it was hard to avoid the twelve Lamassu. She kicked one of the giants. Her powerful blow could have taken out one hundred soldiers at a time, but she could just cause very minor damage to the granite monster. She saw a giant foot coming down, and she could just jump to the side, before it would have crushed her.

They were coming at her from all directions now. She tried to dodge one, and bumped into another. They all tried to trample her with their enormous feet. She jumped up, she ran, she jumped away, but there were just too many of them.

She made a summersault to escape from one attacker and she bumped into the foot of another. The foot of a third one came down quickly, and she didn’t have time to escape. It rammed down on her.

It was only because of Eleni’s extreme body strength and her bronze armor that her body wasn’t shattered immediately. Her body had created a large hole in the ground, so the Lamassu stamping down on her didn’t hurt her very much.

She could turn her head a bit to the side, and she saw how the Persian soldiers were approaching the Lamassu. They all wanted to see how the protectors of Babylon finished off their Greek enemy.

She tried lifting her arms to stop the foot, but she might as well have tried to stop a storm.

‘Wait,’ she told herself, and she tried to think. Which was a bit difficult with the constant pounding of the granite giant. ‘A storm… I took Lips’ power, maybe I can use it now? But how?’

She looked at the soldiers again. They had come even closer, and it had become a huge crowd. Eleni puckered her lips and started blowing. It started as a gentle breeze, but she quickly put more strength to it. The wind became noticeable. Leaves and grass moved away from her.

It’s working! Eleni thought. She had some difficulty finding out how to blow a stronger wind. She had to use muscles she had never used before, but they had been growing as the rest of her body grew, and they had been waiting to be used for all this time.

The Persians in the front rows could now feel a sweet wind, but they didn’t know where it came from. The wind speed rapidly increased. They had trouble keeping to their feet, but Eleni was only starting to learn to use her newfound power. She took a deep breath and exhaled strongly, using her lips to aim the storm wind at a small group of soldiers. They were all completely blown away, and she felt how their strength was added to hers.

She repeated this several times. With each mighty breath, she grew stronger. And so did her lungs, so each next breath was even more powerful. After a while, she could move her head a bit, so she could blow away more soldiers.

The army was panicking now, but they couldn’t get away. The men in the back couldn’t see what was going on, and kept pushing the soldiers in front of them.

Eleni was now blowing away twenty or thirty men with every breath. She could feel her body growing, her strength increasing. The fierce pounding of the Lamassu felt weaker, and weaker, until it was nothing more than gentle taps to her. She blew a bit more, and then tried to sit up. She found she could withstand the force of the Lamassu and laughed. She simply walked away, towards the bewildered soldiers. Once more, she released the power of her lungs. This time, more than fifty Persians flew through the air.

Another Lamassu tried to pound her to the ground with his foot, but she put her incredible arms up and stopped its foot in mid-air. She sent another group of soldiers flying and when she received their strength, she found that she could even move the Lamassu foot further up.

‘I am the strongest!’ she shouted. She felt completely invincible. She didn’t pay attention to the stone giants, because she knew they couldn’t hurt her anymore. She ran towards the soldiers with incredible speed. She used her fists, legs and lungs simultaneously, and harvested the strength of one hundred soldiers every moment. The feeling of her strength increasing made her almost drunk with power. The soldiers tried to get away from the battleground, but they had become an easy prey to the mighty Greek warrior woman.

After a while, she looked down. The amount of muscle on her body shocked her. She couldn’t see the lower half of her body. Her view was blocked by an enormous mass of muscle. All the muscles in her body had probably grown one hundred times bigger than the muscles of an athletic man. The earth shook with every step she was taking, and when she turned around, she could clearly see the imprints of her feet in the rocky ground.

She saw that the group of Lamassu was still standing there. Just like earlier on, they were towering over her, but she knew they were no match for her. She ran up to the one closest to her and grabbed the bottom of one of its feet. She quickly yanked it into the air. Very slowly at first, the living statue toppled over. It crashed down with a deafening sound and crumbled into smaller pieces.

‘One down!’ Eleni said happily. She fell to the ground when a huge wave of pleasure washed over her as the huge strength of the granite giant was added to hers. This only made it easier for her to annihilate the rest of them. Just like the first one, she threw several ones to the ground. They started running away from her, but they weren’t very fast. At least not compared to Eleni, who was moving almost at lightning speed now.

She appeared below the belly of one of the monsters. She jumped high up, and sliced it completely in two. When the two halves had fallen to the ground, she picked up one. She laughed. It was an enormous slab of granite, but it felt like she was picking up a pebble. She tossed it at the four remaining Lamassu, taking them down as well. Her body shook as she gained a huge amount of strength and muscles and she sank in the rocky ground up to her knees.

She was hardly recognizable as a human anymore. Her head looked tiny, just a small circle floating in an ocean of muscles.

As there were no Lamassu left, Eleni picked up the remaining half. Laughing out loud, she tossed it high up in the air. It disappeared behind the clouds and came back down with enormous speed. Eleni patiently waited for the impact. It was just like a shower to her. But it wasn’t for everything around her. The impact caused a huge earthquake.

Even though most of the Persians were far away now, the enormous shockwaves made them all fall down. Eleni looked at the city and saw several buildings collapse. ‘Oops,’ she giggled.

‘Time to find my Mikkos!’ She marched towards the city. Because of her ridiculous weight, her legs sunk deep into the ground with each step she took. Still, it was easier for her than walking through water.

She opened the enormous gates of Babylon by just pushing against them with a single finger. Wherever she came, people dropped to their knees for the invincible, massively muscular Greek demi-goddess. No one even considered resisting her, so she had quickly found out where the Greek war prisoners were kept.

But when she got there, she saw that part of the prison had collapsed, because a neighboring building had crashed down on it. ‘Oh no!’ Eleni cried. She yanked the gates off their hinges and marched in. ‘Mikkos! Mikkos!’ she shouted, but no one answered her. The metal bars that kept the Greeks in crumpled in her hands. The war prisoners couldn’t believe their eyes, but she didn’t pay attention to them.

She was panicking now, as she couldn’t find her husband and came closer and closer to the part that was crushed. She kept calling his name, until big pieces of stone blocked her way. Of course it was no problem for her removing them, but she hesitated. She was scared. Maybe even more scared than she had been during her whole quest.

‘Did you say Mikkos?’ one of the prisoners asked. ‘There was a man from Armenoi with that name…’


‘... but he was in that part of the prison. I’m afraid he…’

Eleni didn’t listen anymore, but started removing and crushing the debris with high speed. It didn’t take long until she found the first body. And then another. And another.


It was him. She picked up his lifeless body and carried it outside, into the sun. Greek prisoners gathered around her and touched her gargantuan body. She didn’t feel it, but she heard what they said: ‘He was a good man.’ ‘He was a brave fighter.’ ‘Even when he was in prison, he hoped that one day he’d be free and could return to his wife.’

Eleni burst out in tears. She kept on crying until she had no tears left. When she looked up, just one old man was sitting next to her. All the others had left.

‘I hope you are feeling a bit better now,’ he said.

But she shook her head. ‘You don’t understand. I killed him! I wanted to show off my strength and caused an earthquake that caused this building to collapse… I was so stupid! I didn’t think of Mikkos, I just thought about how powerful I was.’ She started sobbing again.

The man sighed. ‘Well, he is with Hades now.’

Eleni looked up. ‘That’s it! I’ll go to Hades and tell him to give Mikkos back to me!’

He looked at her. ‘They say the entrance is located on the Peloponnese peninsula.’

Eleni rushed off incredibly fast. She headed for the west. Very soon, she reached the sea. She jumped in and swam at high speed, causing huge waves. Before sunset, she had found the entrance of the underworld. She swam across the Styx and insisted to see Hades.

When he didn’t show up soon, she started destroying her surroundings. That worked.

‘What is it, woman?’ the god of the underworld asked her, annoyed.

Eleni dropped to her knees. ‘Please, Hades, give me back my husband! I have travelled so far to rescue him, and I didn’t mean to kill him. Please!’

‘You know, mortal. Death is irreversible. No one ever came back from the dead. Sorry, I can’t make exceptions.’ He turned around. ‘Now please, leave.’

‘No! Please, Hades! I will do anything! I will give you anything! Please!’

Hades turned back. ‘Interesting. Did you say “anything”?’

‘Yes! Yes! Anything! If I can only have Mikkos!’

‘So you would even give up your strength? I thought you had come to like that. A lot.’

She hesitated, but only for a brief moment. ‘That is true. But I love my Mikkos more than anything else.’

‘We have an agreement then? Your strength for Mikkos?’

‘Y-Yes.’ Elena sighed.

There was a brief flash, and Eleni was back in the light of the setting sun. She felt different. She looked down, and saw that she had her old, scrawny body back.


She looked around and there he was: Mikkos. He was alive, but bewildered.

‘What happened? Where are we? Where did you come from?’

She didn’t answer, but she wrapped her arms around him. She tried to pick him up, but found that he was too heavy. So instead she jumped up, wrapped her legs around his waist and kissed him.

After some time, a voice said: ‘Oh, how sweet! I am glad the two of you are back together.’

Eleni broke the kiss. It was the woman she had met at Hera’s temple. The woman was looking at the couple with bright eyes.

Eleni suddenly realized. ‘Hera?’ She kneeled in front of the goddess.

‘Yes daughter. It is me. I am so proud of you! It was so nice to see you change from a weak, shy girl into a strong, self-confident woman. I hope you will be like that for the rest of your life.’

‘I am sure I will. Being super strong was great, but being together with Mikkos is so much better.’

‘I’m glad that is how you feel. As a little present, I’ll give you the strength of two men. And that’s all you’ll get. If you want to become stronger, you’ll have to exercise, just like the athletes do!’

‘Thank you, Hera!’

As the sun went down into the sea, Hera disappeared. Eleni turned to Mikkos. ‘Come, lover. We’ll have to find a ship back to Crete.’
Eleni's Quest (Peplum Muscle), part 3
I wanted to write a story for :iconfemalemuscle:'s Peplum Muscle monthly theme. I hoped to finish it quickly, but the story became much longer than I had expected. I am very glad this final part is finished before the end of the month :)

Once more, I would like to thank :iconrandomname4626: for his request, and for working me on this story. He wrote most of the muscle descriptions, did valuable suggestions and kept me writing. It was a pleasure working with him (and a bit exhausting too).

:iconjarhead300099: made sketches based on this story. Here is Eleni, just before the end of the story  Eleni's Quest 3 by jarhead300099.

Other parts:  Eleni's Quest (Peplum Muscle), part 1'Oh mighty Hera, queen of heaven, please hear me. I travelled three days to visit your temple. I came all the way from Armenoi with our only goat. I will offer it to you, as you are the goddess of marriage. You are my only hope. Please hear my plea!'
Eleni took a deep breath, and wiped the tears from her eyes.
'A messenger from the army told me that Mikkos, my good husband, has been taken prisoner in the war against the Persians. I am desperate, powerful Hera! Please, give me strength in these times of sorrow! I am just an ordinary, weak woman and I don’t know what to do without my man. I can’t face the world without him. Please give me strength!' Eleni broke and fell to the floor, sobbing.
When she left the sanctuary, she still had tears in her eyes. A woman approached her. She was tall, voluptuous and beautiful. It was hard to estimate her age.
'Are you feeling better, daughter?' the woman asked.
'Not really… I hope Hera has heard me.'
The woman smiled at her. 'Don&
  Eleni's Quest (Peplum Muscle), part 2A ray of sunlight struck Eleni and it felt like the goddess herself touched her. She sat up and dried her eyes. ‘No,’ she said. ‘I shouldn’t be crying like a little baby. The generous goddess has given me awesome powers and I am going to use them.’ She thought for a moment. ‘Until now, it was enough to use my physical strength. I have become so strong that no one could resist me. Maybe I should explore what else I can do with my strength?’
She lifted the bottom of her peplos and examined her giant thighs. ‘Until now, I mostly used my arm strength. I wonder what these pillars can do?’ She crouched down and her thighs grew even bigger. Eleni took a deep breath and launched herself into the air. She was surprised how high she could jump. Almost three times her own height, she guessed. ‘Wow, my legs are really strong! If I can jump this high, I suppose I am also able to run very fast.’
She tucked up her peplos and ran away.

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A ray of sunlight struck Eleni and it felt like the goddess herself touched her. She sat up and dried her eyes. ‘No,’ she said. ‘I shouldn’t be crying like a little baby. The generous goddess has given me awesome powers and I am going to use them.’ She thought for a moment. ‘Until now, it was enough to use my physical strength. I have become so strong that no one could resist me. Maybe I should explore what else I can do with my strength?’

She lifted the bottom of her peplos and examined her giant thighs. ‘Until now, I mostly used my arm strength. I wonder what these pillars can do?’ She crouched down and her thighs grew even bigger. Eleni took a deep breath and launched herself into the air. She was surprised how high she could jump. Almost three times her own height, she guessed. ‘Wow, my legs are really strong! If I can jump this high, I suppose I am also able to run very fast.’

She tucked up her peplos and ran away. With each step, her muscular legs carried her further than she would have believed possible. She was running so fast that she approached a wall much quicker than she had anticipated, and she crashed into it. She saw that she had made a small dent in the wall. Eleni giggled, as she caressed her shoulder, which was a bit bruised. ‘That was fast! I could probably win every single discipline during the Olympic games - if they would allow women to participate.’

Then she thought about what had just happened. ‘That was interesting,’ Eleni said. ‘If you are going too fast, it becomes hard to react quickly. But how does this help me against the Minotaur? He is strong and fast. He is much taller than I am, and his horns are extremely dangerous. But maybe his thoughtless, fierce attacks will give me a chance.’

So she walked back to the narrow opening in the wall and waited, thinking about the upcoming battle. She didn’t have to wait long until the Minotaur stormed in her direction again. But this time, she was prepared. She waited until he almost collided with her, and then she quickly jumped aside. He completely missed her, and it took him a while to stop and turn around. He bellowed, and attacked her again. She managed to avoid him several times.

When he had missed her once more, she quickly ran after him. He slowed down and she accelerated, so she quickly caught up. When the monster almost stood still, she jumped, and wrapped her strong arms around his waist. The impact of their collision threw them both to the ground. But he quickly recovered and kicked her with one leg. This broke her grip and sent her flying through the air. She crashed against a wall, but her thick layers of muscle absorbed the shock and she quickly stood up.

The monster was already up on his feet again, and running at her, his horns aimed at her chest. She ducked away and his horns rammed into the wall at the place where just before she had been standing. Debris flew all around. She quickly stood back up, both fists above her head. She hit him in his muscle-packed stomach, and he was lifted into the air. Her powerful punch didn’t have much effect on him. He landed on his feet and swung one of his long arms at her. She could barely evade his powerful blow. She ran away and pressed herself through the small opening once more.

At the other side of the wall, she took some time to recover. She was satisfied because it hadn’t been a one-sided fight this time. The Minotaur was still extremely dangerous, but if she paid attention, his attacks were rather predictable. She just had to find a way to use her strength against him, outside the reach of his strong horns, his long arms and legs.

She carefully selected a place to wait for his next attack. After a while, he came rushing headfirst at her again. Just before he hit her, she jumped high into the air, and sailed over his head. The Minotaur slammed into the wall she had been standing in front of, and he was disoriented for a moment. She used that moment to take off her peplos. When he turned around, she threw it at his head, and it got entangled in his horns, blocking his sight.

As the enraged beast shook his head and clawed at the cloth, she rushed up to him, and rammed him in the stomach with her shoulder. He hadn’t seen her coming, and doubled over. She jumped on him, and wrapped her muscle-packed legs around his thick neck. With her hands, she gripped his horns.

The monster shook his head furiously and she had to hold on with all her strength. She squeezed her legs together. Her thighs turned into granite pillars, veins popping up across the ridges and valleys of her colossal quads, but his neck was just as strong and hardly gave in. So she locked her ankles together and squeezed even harder. She could feel her inner thighs press against the rock-hard muscles in his neck. To her excitement, she could feel him give in to her unstoppable legs. Sweat streamed all over her body. She screamed to squeeze the last drop of strength out of her thighs, seemingly willing more mass into her already gargantuan muscles. At the same time, she quickly twisted the horns with her hands. She heard a loud SNAP and suddenly, the Minotaur dropped to the ground. His huge body spasmed for several moments. After that, it didn’t move anymore.

Exhausted, Eleni released his neck and dropped to the ground beside him. She panted heavily. But then, a huge wave of strength washed over her and she felt ecstatic. To her, it was as if all the muscles in her body doubled in size. ‘Aaaaah!’ she cried. ‘This feels so good! I killed the monster!’

She lifted the lifeless body with one arm, as if it was a kitten. ‘Oh yes! I am so strong! Even monsters can’t withstand me! I can’t wait to take on the Persian army. They will tremble before my incredible might!’

She disentangled the peplos and put it back on. It was dirty, it was torn in several places, but it was all she had.

When the euphoria had faded a bit, Eleni realized she still had a problem: she didn’t know how to get out of the Labyrinth. ‘Maybe my increased strength is all I need,’ she said to herself. She made a fist and watched how thick cords of muscle moved under the skin of her arm.

At first, she hesitated. Then, she drew back her fist and hit a wall with all the power in her arm. ‘Ouch!’ Her fist hurt and her knuckles bled. She saw that a large chunk of the wall had fallen to the ground. She sighed. ‘Okay. I could probably break down a wall, but I would also break my body doing that.’

She looked up. She flexed her massive thighs and jumped into the air. She jumped maybe four or five times her own height, but she still came nowhere near the top of the wall. She looked around, but there was nothing lying around she could use to climb the wall.

‘Great,’ she said. ‘I managed to kill the Minotaur, and now I’m condemned to stay in this horrible place.’ She felt like sitting down and cry, but she said to herself: ‘Come on! Every time something goes wrong I start crying like a little child. Mikkos always came to help me if I did, but I have to stop doing that. I am the strongest person on this island, so there is nothing I can’t do, and I don’t need others to solve my problems!’

Immediately she felt better. She looked around once more and noticed the corpse of the Minotaur. ‘Ah!’

She took a few steps back, ran towards the corpse and used it as a stepping stone. This time, she almost reached the top of the wall. She tried once more, and managed to grab the edge of the wall with the tips of the fingers of her right hand. Her body slammed against the wall, but she held on. Her whole arm was shaking. ‘Come on! I can do this! I have more strength in my fingertips than a normal man has in his whole arm!’

Very slowly, she began to pull herself up, her overdeveloped lats flaring out to the side like a pair of wings. Eleni’s wet hair clung to her traps and rivulets of sweat were making their way down her back as the titanic muscles flexed. Eventually her face passed her bicep, which had grown to a gargantuan ball of muscle. She could grasp the wall with her left hand, and hoist herself on top of it.

Once on the wall she noted with some satisfaction that her fingers had left some imprints in the rock. The wall was broad enough to lay down. She laid there for some time, her right arm aching. Eleni reached out to touch her bicep, the bulging muscle spasming under her fingertips, veins pulsing with her heartbeat. It was hot to the touch, and painful - to Eleni it felt like there was a burning rock under her soft skin, but she found she enjoyed the feeling. She massaged it lovingly, her small fingers tracing the thick veins that covered it, thinking about how big it had grown - and how big it would yet become.

Then she stood up and examined her surroundings. She could oversee the Labyrinth, with the high gate far in the distance. She tried to find a way to the gate, but found it was too difficult. So she picked a place somewhere halfway the gate, and memorized the path to there.

Eleni jumped back down, her strong thighs easily absorbing the impact. She picked up the Minotaur’s body and carried it through the maze. She ran fast. She enjoyed the feeling of her strong legs carrying her so easily. She also was amazed how easy it was to carry the big corpse; it didn’t feel heavy at all.

She used the Minotaur’s body a couple of times more to get on top of the wall, one time because she ended up in a dead alley. It was almost dark when she finally reached the gate. She dropped the Minotaur. Once again, she tried to lift the gate. It was obvious she had become a lot stronger since the first time she tried. She managed to lift it until her legs were straight, but she couldn’t raise it any further.

So she shouted: ‘Is anybody out there? It’s me, Eleni! Can you please open the gate?’

She heard astounded voices from the other side and after a while, the gate opened. She waited around the corner for some moments and then she came out, carrying the body of the Minotaur above her head with one arm. Several people rushed up to her. They cheered, and touched the body, to convince themselves it was really dead. Very soon, more people gathered around her. ‘She did it!’ they said. ‘By the beard of Zeus, look how huge she has become!’ And ‘I wish my muscles were as big as hers.’

Eleni heard them and smiled. ‘Perhaps it is time to celebrate?’ she suggested. So they made a big fire next to the Labyrinth. There was food, there was wine, there was music. She was very hungry, and ate half a sheep. Eleni spent some time with every group. She revelled in the admiration of the people. She flexed her colossal arms for them, and showed them she could crush a log between her thighs. Just for fun, she wrestled several young men. They used the opportunity to feel her up a bit, but she didn’t let them go very far.

She wished the evening would last forever. Too soon for her, the people left. An old woman offered her a place in her house, just outside the town. Eleni accepted. Before they went to sleep, they talked a bit. Eleni was still full of everything she had done today, full of the people almost worshipping her body, their admiration. She kept on talking about it.

The old woman stopped her. ‘You have to watch out, daughter. Never become overconfident! The gods don’t like hubris, and they are easily offended. Don’t forget that, and praise the goddess for her gift.'

Eleni felt a bit ashamed. 'Yes. Of course, you are right.' So before she went to bed, she offered a swan to Hera.

The next morning, the old woman gave her directions to the harbor. ‘If you leave now, you could be there by noon.’

Eleni thanked her and smiled. ‘I am sure I can do that faster! Let me see how fast I can run.’ She shot away. She soon ran faster than anybody before her. She loved the feeling of her strong legs hitting the ground with incredible force, each powerful step taking her further than an athlete can leap. She leaned forward, increased her pace even more and became a blur.

She laughed when she reached the shore in what only seemed a few moments. She couldn’t stop in time, and she ran into the blue sea. She dove and swam back to the coast. A fisherman who was net mending watched her rise up from the sea and stared at her. She looked down and saw that her peplos was a mess. It was torn, there was mud and blood on it.

‘Do you have a needle and thread that I can borrow?’ she asked the man.

‘S-Sure,’ he stammered. ‘You can keep it!’

She thanked him with a dazzling smile. When she walked away, she picked up a big log that was laying on the beach and tossed it far away into sea. She looked over her shoulder and saw that the man almost fainted. She winked at him.

She found some soapwort and a shallow pool. She took off her peplos. ‘Hm, I could really use a washboard right now.’ She looked down and smiled. ‘Perfect!’ Her abs, which only yesterday looked like tiles, now more closely resembled a cobbled road, each of the ten bellies separated by a cut deep enough to lose a finger in. Eleni took a deep breath and flexed her abs, making them stand out even more. Together with some soapwort leaves, she rubbed the wet cloth over her rock-hard abdominals. She watched with interest as the soap slid lazily down her chiseled abs, guided by the deep canals between them. ‘It is nice to use my big muscles for more practical things,’ she giggled. She managed to remove most stains, and repaired the bigger tears. She didn’t bother repairing the smaller ones - people would be staring at her anyway.

She put the wet peplos back on and walked to the harbor. She saw several smaller fishing boats, and one trireme. There were hundreds of men on board, and the ship seemed to be ready to sail away. She boarded the ship and went to the upper deck, looking for the helmsman. Several men tried to stop her, but she didn’t pay attention to them.

A man marched up to her. ‘What is going on here? Who are you? What are you doing on my ship?’

‘I guess you are the commander of this ship? Good! I need you to take me to Anatolia. Can we leave now?’

His head turned red. ‘Woman! You might as well tell me to sail to the Styx. I am not listening to you.’

Eleni gave him a cold look. ‘I think you don’t understand.’ She looked around and walked over to the side of the ship. There was a big rope hanging in the water. She pulled it with ease and after a while, a big basket full of stones emerged. The men looked at her in bewilderment, as there were at least six men required to pull up the anchor. Eleni held the basket in one hand and held it straight in front of her, while she flexed the bicep on her other arm. The monstrous peak shot up almost to her wrist, the muscle stretching her skin parchment-thin and making a myriad of smaller veins visible all over it, with one thick vein throbbing angrily on top. She opened and closed her fist a few times, making her forearm explode with mass. The crewman were awestruck. ‘As you can see, I am extremely strong. I could sink your puny ship with my bare hands if I wanted to, so you better start listening to me. Do you hear me?’

The man was shaking all over. ‘Y-yes. Of course! Where in Anatolia would you like to go?’

‘That doesn’t matter. Just make it fast!’

The helmsman nodded and gave orders. Very soon, the ship left the harbor. The rowers started their work and the ship shot through the waves, heading for the northeast.

Eleni had a relaxing day. She enjoyed the sun, the wind and the looks of the men around her.

Every now and then, when she saw some of the crew struggling with freight, she offered her help. ‘I think this is a bit too heavy for you,’ she said, as she lifted a log off the shoulders of six men. ‘It is not heavy at all for me, of course!’ She held the log in the air with one hand while one of the sailors told her where she had to bring it. The others stared at her. She didn’t have to use much of her strength, but just for fun she flexed her muscles a bit, so they looked even bigger. ‘Isn’t it amazing what I can do with my huge muscles?’ she asked innocently. ‘I think I will never get used to my awesome strength. Especially while it keeps increasing all the time.’ To show off, she told the sailors to hold on to the log and showed them she could still lift it with one hand. She had to stop when one of the officers told her the crew was needed elsewhere.

‘I am sorry, officer! I can’t get enough of demonstrating my powers. And I think your men love it too!’

So she had a day full of fun. After another big meal, she fell asleep on the top deck. The night was quiet, with just a bit of wind and a clear sky.

Just before dawn, Eleni woke up because the boat rocked and because of loud noise. She was a bit disoriented by the wild movement. She sat up and looked around her. In the dim morning light, she saw a big ship next to theirs. It was too close, she realized. It had obviously rammed their ship on the starboard side, crashing part of the bow and numerous ores. She heard shouting coming from the other ship, and she saw things flying through the air.

A sailor ran past her. She stopped him with one hand. ‘What is happening?’

'Can’t you see? A Persian war ship has rammed us, and they are about to enter our ship. Let me go, they need me!’

‘Perfect! I think it is time to show the Persians what I am capable of… and to make myself even stronger!’ She licked her lips and released the man. He stared at the muscle woman for a moment, and ran off in the direction of the enemy ship.

Eleni calmly followed him. She felt a small sting in her thigh. She looked down and saw that an arrow had penetrated her peplos. She raised it and saw that the arrow had been stopped by the dense layers of thigh muscle. She pulled the arrow out; it bleeded a bit. ‘Maybe I should be a bit careful,’ she said to herself. ‘Apparently my muscles are strong enough to withstand their weapons. But an arrow straight into my eye would be very unpleasant!’

She saw that a number of grappling hooks were attached to her ship, and Persians used the ropes that were attached to the hooks to enter the ship. Several Persian soldiers were already on the ship, fighting against the Greek crew. More Persians were on their way. At the same time, archers on the Persian ship killed and wounded more of the Greeks. It was clear that the Greeks were losing the fight.

Eleni felt a tap on her back. She quickly spun around and saw a Persian soldier with a sword, who looked at her in disbelief. ‘What happened? Weren’t you able to cut through the big hard muscles on my back? Poor man!’ She grabbed his wrist and gently squeezed. Something snapped and he dropped his sword with a loud cry. She picked him up, lifted him high above her head and tossed him back to his own ship, taking out two archers.

The additional power of three men flowed through her body. ‘Aaah! I want more of this!’ she moaned. She walked over to a Greek and a Persian who were fighting. She slammed her fist against the helmet of the Persian. She hit him so hard that his helmet deformed and he was launched off the ship. His lifeless body fell into the sea, far away.

Three Persians ran up to her, waving their swords. She intercepted their sword strokes with her forearms. Their slashes were only able to cut her skin, but the bulging muscles underneath proved to be harder than their weapons. Their eyes almost popped out and she laughed at them. ‘What’s the matter boys? Have you never met a woman with huge, rock-hard muscles?’ Her hand flashed out and she snatched one of the swords out of the hand of a soldier. She placed the flat side of the sword on her enormous thigh, and used her hands to bend the weapon around her upper leg. ‘It isn’t even covering half of my leg,’ she told the dumbfounded soldiers.

The two who still had their swords started stabbing at her again, causing only small wounds. Then, she quickly spun around with an outstretched leg, sending them flying into all directions. She walked to the rail of the ship and tossed the grappling hooks back to the Persian ship. The bursts of strength in her body told her that she had taken out a few more Persians.

She looked around. While her enemies weren’t able to enter the Greek ship anymore, the Greeks started to eliminate the few Persian soldiers that were left on their ship. ‘I don’t think they need my help here,’ she said to herself. ‘So it is time to have some fun on the Persian ship!’

‘I am going to destroy that whole ship and anyone on it with my bare heads!’ she shouted. She flexed her mighty thighs and jumped to the forecastle of the Persian ship. The Persians watched with their mouths open when she jumped impossibly far. Some immediately jumped into the water, as the realized there was no way they could withstand her.

She landed on the deck with a loud crash. One of her feet crashed through the wood and she had to pull it out. She walked to the fore-mast, swinging her arms around, using her fists like hammers. She sent several Persian soldiers flying through the air. The fore-mast was the smallest of the two. Eleni crouched down and wrapped her arms around it. She ignored the soft blows she felt on her back.

She flexed her arm muscles and saw how the huge boulders pressed against the wood of the mast. They were so gigantic that they almost completely blocked her view. She could see how her unstoppable muscles pressed the wood inward. Cracks formed in the wood. She applied even more pressure and the cracks became wider.

She moved her mighty upper body from left to right. The top of the mast swung wildly, and several ropes snapped. She felt the boat rock under her feet and a smile spread across her face. She simply loved using the incredible amount of strength that her body now contained! She had the feeling that there was nothing she couldn’t do.

Eleni roared while she slowly stretched her legs. She heard loud cracking sounds beneath her. Splinters were flying around. With a final burst of power, she stood up straight. There was a deafening noise when the mast broke in two. She was now holding the weight of the whole fore-mast with her arms. She turned around to remove all remaining ropes. It was now completely loose from the rest of the ship.

She turned her body to the side and carefully put the mast down on the deck. She walked over to the middle of the mast, pushing several astounded sailors away with a simple flick of her wrist. She lifted the mast again and spun around. Every Persian soldier who was standing on the forecastle was mowed down. As their strength was added to hers, she felt the mast becoming lighter and lighter in her hands.

When no one was left standing, she pressed the mast against her chest muscles. The twin behemoths, now grown even larger with the strength she had absorbed, reached almost to her chin. Each ridiculously pumped mass of veins and striations was twitching under her skin like a caged beast. They stuck out from her torso by a hand’s breadth. ‘No one’s going to call me flat anymore,’ she said to herself and gave her pecs a quick flex, making the huge muscles jump beneath her strained peplos. Caught between her pectoral muscles and arm muscles, the wood quickly gave in. The mast broke and the two halves dropped on the deck. She lifted one of the halves with one hand and tossed it in the direction of the rear of the ship, like it was a giant javelin.

‘I can’t believe how easy this has become! And it will only become easier!’ she said, as she felt her strength increase even further. ‘I must be stronger than hundred men by now!’ She noticed that some Persians were still shooting arrows at her. A few still managed to penetrate her skin, but most now fell to the ground without even scratching her.

Smiling, she walked over to the main-mast. The Persians didn’t dare to approach her anymore. She glanced to her side and saw that all the Greeks were watching her from their own ship. There were apparently no more Persians on the trireme.

When she was standing in front of the main-mast, she flexed her arms. She heard cries of astonishment, and she was a bit surprised herself, too. She hadn’t expected them to be this big! The top of the biceps rose up to her wrists. She reached down with her fingers and found she could touch the top. The muscle was as hard as granite.

‘Yes!’ she shouted. ‘These are the biggest biceps in the world! And I am going to show what I can do with them!’ She put her hands on the sides of the mast at shoulder height and stepped back a bit. Then, she pushed with her arms. Her triceps bulged out as she did. Every muscle fiber came to prominence as Eleni strained against the mast, the taut strings reminding her of a harp. The mast groaned. She pushed harder, and the mast moved. She stopped pushing, and the mast moved back. Due to the movement of the mast, the whole ship started rocking. Eleni rhythmically pushed, and the ship rocked wildly. She was the only one who was still standing, all the Persians had fallen down.

She increased the pressure even more, and the mast moved wildly. She heard cracks and saw bigger and smaller splinters flying around. She gritted her teeth and finished with one powerful push. The mast gave in to her strength and collapsed. It snapped in two and slowly fell.

She lifted it until it was straight again and rammed it through the deck. She had to do this several times until it had penetrated all the decks, as well as the hull. She turned it around, making the hole in the hull a bit bigger. Then she turned her attention to the remaining Persians. Several sailors had already left the ship. Others had dropped to their knees to surrender to the powerful woman. The ones who were still standing she simply tossed into the sea. Some tried to get away, but she was so much faster than them, they didn’t stand a chance. Eleni was happy to add the strength of about twenty more men.

When the ship was cleared, she shouted to the Greeks that they could come on board. Eleni wanted to examine the rest of the ship. She slammed her hands through the deck and simply tore it apart. On one of the lower decks she found about fifteen rowers who were chained to the ship. They appeared to be Greek slaves. She tore their chains apart with her hands and told them to go to the other ship, as the Persian ship was slowly sinking. Some didn’t move and could only stare at her incredible body.

In the hold, she found food and other useful supplies. She transported those to the Greek ship. Some Greek sailors tried to help her, but she was so much faster and stronger than they were. She had finished the whole job when they had carried just one load to the other ship.

Eleni jumped back to the other ship. At the landing, she sunk through the deck up until her thighs. ‘Oh, all these muscles make me really heavy,’ she said. ‘I have to learn to be a bit more careful.’

As she climbed out the hole she had just created, the helmsman came over to her. ‘I… I am sorry about this,’ she told him. ‘It’s hard for me to get used to my own capabilities, while I’m getting stronger every moment!’

The man just waved his hand. ‘It doesn’t matter, we can repair that. I am very grateful, because you singlehandedly defeated our enemy. To be honest, I never believed that you could do it, but I have been watching you. All these incredible things you did… it was very exciting to watch you!’ He seemed to be blushing a bit. ‘But despite our victory, we are in trouble. The Persians managed to ruin the whole starboard side of our ship, and our sail also suffered from their attack. Which means we have no way of moving anymore, we are just going with the flow at the moment. Of course, we can partially repair the side, and we can move some of the oars from the larboard side to the starboard side. But this will take us days.’

‘Oh, but of course I’d be happy to help you. I am sure I can do anything your crew can do in only a fraction of the time.’

‘Yes, I have seen you are extremely fast too, but in this case it won’t work, I’m afraid. This is work that doesn’t require brute force and high speed. It is work for craftsmen.’

Eleni gave him an angry look and tensed her muscles. Even the slight flex caused her arm to explode with size, making it almost as thick as the man’s waist. ‘I don’t have time to wait. I have to save my husband!’

The helmsman backed up a bit and raised his hands. ‘Look, I am really sorry, but don’t blame me for bringing you the bad news.’

She sighed. ‘Yes, sorry. I am sure you are right. Make sure you repair the ship as quick as possible, and please let me know when you need my help.’

He nodded. ‘I will.’ He hurried away and started giving orders.

Eleni sighed once more. Feeling frustrated, she took a broken ore and splintered it with her hands. It made her feel a bit better.

She looked to the side and saw the Persian ship going down. A sense of pride flowed through her body. ‘Such a big ship, but it was no match for my inhuman strength!’
Then she sat down and examined her body. There were numerous scars and bruises and small wounds everywhere, but they already seemed to be healing. She repaired the bigger holes in her peplos again and was happy to find that even though her body had more than doubled in size, the cloth was still able to cover her.

Then she thought of something and she rushed towards the helmsman. ‘I have an idea. Look, why can’t I just push the ship to Anatolia?’

He gave her a doubtful look. ‘I have seen you do things that I thought were totally impossible. But do you really think you can push this whole ship and everything on it? Are you that strong?’

‘I am as strong as hundred and twenty men now, I think. I’ll give it a try!’

He shrugged his shoulders and Eleni jumped overboard. With a few strokes she was at the stern. She carefully placed her hands against the wood and kicked her legs. She kicked faster and faster, until there was a whole fountain behind the ship. But still, it hardly moved. Frustrated, she kicked the wood. A whole chunk disappeared into the sea. ‘Oops!’

She calmed down and shouted that she needed a rope. They threw one at her and she climbed up, using just her hands. She did it slowly, taking some time to admire the ridiculous size of her biceps.

When she was back on the deck, she pulled the rope towards her. She called the crew and explained that she was sure that she could push their ship. ‘I just need a bit more strength. So I need fifty of you to hold the other end of this rope. And then, I will defeat you.’

The men whispered to each other. ‘Holy Hera, is she really stronger than fifty of us combined?’ ‘Man, have you seen her muscles? I think she is even stronger than Hercules!’ ‘Let’s do this, I’d love to see her grow even bigger! I think she is more attractive than Aphrodite herself!’ ‘Ssh, don’t make the gods angry.’

It took some time before all the men were lined up along the length of the deck. It was a strange sight: all these men at one side, and Eleni on her own at the other side. Still, she smiled confidently, as she wrapped the rope around her waist. ‘You can start pulling!’ she yelled.

The whole group of men tried to step back and pulled with all their strength. Eleni laughed. ‘Come on, you can do better than that! I can hardly feel you pulling!’ She had no trouble holding her ground.

The eyes of the men widened and they doubled their effort. Still, nothing happened. Eleni watched them with amusement as the whole group of men sweated, grunted, shouted and pulled with all their might. ‘It is no use!’ she shouted. ‘You are much too weak to withstand me and my gigantic muscles!’ She calmly stepped backwards and the whole group of men couldn’t do anything else but follow her. The feeling of her superiority over these puny men was overwhelming and she loudly moaned. The feeling became even stronger when the power of the fifty men was added to hers.

‘Just to be sure, I need fifty other men for the second round. I have no doubt I will be able to push your little ship when your strength is added to mine!’

This time, she used just one hand to hold the rope. The men started pulling. ‘I doubt you realize how big the strength difference is becoming between you and me,’ she told them, while she stood completely still. ‘You are nothing more than insignificant bugs compared to me. You may think that years of rowing has given you strong muscles, but all your muscles combined are powerless against mine.’ She loved to talk like that. She flexed the bicep on her free arm. A couple of men fainted just by seeing the sheer size of it.

Eleni smiled. ‘Do you love how big it is as much as I do? I just need a fraction of all the power that is contained in this unbelievable muscle to defeat the whole group of you. Keep watching this boulder, and see what happens when I have overpowered you!’ She walked backwards until she reached the end of the deck. All the time, she kept her bicep flexed. When they dropped the rope, they could see the bicep rise up to the sky, growing higher than her wrist. Veins were coiling like angry snakes around the massive mound. Eleni didn’t see it. She had closed her eyes and basked in the feeling of even more power.

Once again, she jumped into the sea. She had underestimated her new strength level and she sailed away for several ship’s lengths. But that didn’t matter to her: just a couple of powerful strokes brought her back to the ship. This time, she had no trouble moving the ship. It was already moving faster than it had ever done before, but she increased her speed even more. Eleni laughed out loud. ‘This feels so great! I can’t wait until I am strong enough to lift whole ships out of the sea and toss them over the horizon!’

Every now and then, the helmsman gave her directions. It was just after noon when they approached an island off the Anatolian coast that was still occupied by the Greek union. It took Eleni some time to figure out how to stop the ship and for some moments, the crew was afraid they would crash into the island. Just in time, Eleni swam past the ship and stopped it with her hands. Everyone on deck tumbled forward. ‘Oops!’

Carefully, she pushed the ship to the docks, where it could be repaired. The people in the harbor couldn’t believe their eyes: a woman with gargantuan muscles was pushing a whole trireme! Very soon, a crowd had gathered to admire her.

But Eleni didn’t want to waste time. She could see the Anatolian coast in the distance. After a quick goodbye, she jumped far into the sea and swam towards the coast.
Eleni's Quest (Peplum Muscle), part 2
Part 2 of Eleni's adventures. This story is based on a request by randomname4626 and my contribution to :iconfemalemuscle:'s Peplum Muscle monthly theme. I hoped this would be a short story, but it became so long, I had to split it in three parts. I will publish part 3 later this week.

:iconjarhead300099: made sketches based on this story. Here is Eleni, fighting the minotaur Eleni's Quest 3 by jarhead300099. And this is Eleni after she defeated the men on the ship  Eleni's Quest 4 by jarhead300099.

Other parts:  Eleni's Quest (Peplum Muscle), part 1'Oh mighty Hera, queen of heaven, please hear me. I travelled three days to visit your temple. I came all the way from Armenoi with our only goat. I will offer it to you, as you are the goddess of marriage. You are my only hope. Please hear my plea!'
Eleni took a deep breath, and wiped the tears from her eyes.
'A messenger from the army told me that Mikkos, my good husband, has been taken prisoner in the war against the Persians. I am desperate, powerful Hera! Please, give me strength in these times of sorrow! I am just an ordinary, weak woman and I don’t know what to do without my man. I can’t face the world without him. Please give me strength!' Eleni broke and fell to the floor, sobbing.
When she left the sanctuary, she still had tears in her eyes. A woman approached her. She was tall, voluptuous and beautiful. It was hard to estimate her age.
'Are you feeling better, daughter?' the woman asked.
'Not really… I hope Hera has heard me.'
The woman smiled at her. 'Don&
  Eleni's Quest (Peplum Muscle), part 3It didn’t take Eleni long to reach the Anatolian coast. When she reached the shore she started running at high speed. Only after a while she realized she had no idea where she should go. She stopped, and jumped into the air. She was delighted to find that she could jump very high now, about ten times her own height. When she landed, she sank into the ground up to her knees. She jumped again and looked into another direction. Far in the distance she spotted a group of houses.
She ran towards them and arrived only moments later. A man shook his head in disbelief as the muscular woman seemed to appear out of nothing. ‘Tell me where I can the nearest Persian army camp!’ she demanded.
‘You are Greek, aren’t you? I won’t tell you anything!’
‘Ah, you don’t seem to understand,’ she said with a smile. ‘Is this yours?’ She pointed to simple house with clay walls behind him. The man nodded. While she kept smiling at him, she
'Oh mighty Hera, queen of heaven, please hear me. I travelled three days to visit your temple. I came all the way from Armenoi with our only goat. I will offer it to you, as you are the goddess of marriage. You are my only hope. Please hear my plea!'

Eleni took a deep breath, and wiped the tears from her eyes.

'A messenger from the army told me that Mikkos, my good husband, has been taken prisoner in the war against the Persians. I am desperate, powerful Hera! Please, give me strength in these times of sorrow! I am just an ordinary, weak woman and I don’t know what to do without my man. I can’t face the world without him. Please give me strength!' Eleni broke and fell to the floor, sobbing.

When she left the sanctuary, she still had tears in her eyes. A woman approached her. She was tall, voluptuous and beautiful. It was hard to estimate her age.

'Are you feeling better, daughter?' the woman asked.

'Not really… I hope Hera has heard me.'

The woman smiled at her. 'Don’t worry, Eleni, she has heard you. And she will give you what you asked for. But the goddess also wants you to act yourself. So here is the deal: you will receive your husband’s strength, so you will be as strong as you and him combined. And every time you defeat a man, the power of that man will be added to yours as well. So you can increase your strength, but that is up to you.'

'What? Defeat a man? Why? Why do I have to increase my strength?'

The woman didn’t smile anymore. 'That’s what you asked for, didn’t you?' she snapped. 'You asked for strength. If you wanted something else, you should have asked for something else!' She walked away with big strides. 'Foolish mortals,' she muttered.

'But…' Eleni stammered. She didn’t fully realize what just had happened, but she knew it was something important.

She dropped to her knees as something struck her. A wave of pleasant feelings washed through her body. It took only a few moments, it soon faded. When she stood back up, she felt a bit different. As if everything was lighter. She examined her arm. It looked a bit toned. She lifted the bottom of her peplos to examine her calves. They seemed to be a bit rounder as well.

She started the long walk home, wondering what had just happened to her. She was surprised she didn’t feel tired anymore. She hadn’t felt that good in days. 'I feel like I can walk on for hours!' she said.

And that was just what she did. She didn’t notice that it was becoming dark and that the road was deserted. There was just one other person, walking ahead of her. She passed the man. He picked up speed so he was walking alongside her.

'Well hello. A beautiful young woman, alone on this lonely road… Where are you going?'

Eleni stopped and looked around her. She cursed herself for being so inattentive. 'Please, leave me alone,' she said.

The man smiled at her. 'I think you just noticed you are completely on your own. I can do with you whatever I want.' He put his hand in her neck and pulled her head towards his. He pressed his lips on hers.

Eleni was scared to death. 'Holy Hera, please help me,' she prayed in silence. She wrapped her hand around his wrist, and pulled his arm away. ‘Please, don’t do this to me!’ she cried.

'Ah, a fighter,' the man said mercilessly. 'I always like a bit of wrestling as foreplay.' He tried to hold her neck once more, but was unable to break Eleni’s strong grip.

Despite her fear, Eleni was surprised. She saw that the man was struggling, but it wasn’t really hard for her to hold him. He was able to move his arm, but he couldn’t break free.

Eleni tried twisting his arm and was amazed to find he couldn’t resist her. He spun around and whined in pain. They stood there for some moments. Then, she kicked him between his legs and he fell on the ground.

'Please,' he sobbed. 'I didn’t mean to hurt you. I was just playing.'

She kicked him in his side. 'No, you weren’t! Now get away or I…'

Before she could finish her sentence, he was back on his feet and ran off into the other direction. He was limping a bit.

She breathed heavily while she watched him go. She dried her face and could hardly believe she was safe. She was about to turn around when the wave of pleasure hit her again. She could feel her body grow a little. Too soon, it was over. Astounded, she looked at her arm and flexed it. It was surely bigger than it had been this morning!

'So this is what that woman meant,' Eleni said to herself. 'I guess I possess my own strength now, combined with the strength of Mikkos and that pig.' She looked at the arc of her bicep and wondered: ‘Am I really stronger than two men?’

She walked on for some time. Although she still didn’t feel tired, she stopped when she passed a small tavern. There were no other buildings in sight. It was almost dark now and she didn’t want to take any risks. She opened the door and saw a dimly lit room with six men in it. One of the men approached her. ‘I am sorry, but there is no place for women in this tavern.’

Eleni stared at him. ‘What?’

The man shrugged. ‘I am really sorry. But I think that women shouldn’t travel unaccompanied.’

Once again, Eleni started to cry. ‘But it was not my choice to travel like this. My husband has been taken prisoner during the war. So you can please make an exception? Please?’ she begged.

‘I am sorry,’ the man repeated, indifferent to her tears. ‘You will have to leave.’ He closed the door and Eleni had to take a step back.

She panicked when she imagined herself spending the night in the cold outside. But then she said to herself: ‘No! You don’t have to be meek and servile anymore. The goddess has given you strength. So go back in there and use it!’

She wiped the tears away, took a deep breath and opened the door once more. The man gave her an angry look. ‘You again? I’ve told you three times already: leave!’

Eleni looked at him defiantly. ‘And what if I don’t?’

He gave her a blank look. ‘I’ll have to use force.’

‘Maybe we can settle this in a more polite way. Let’s armwrestle. If you win, I’ll leave immediately. If I win, you rent me one of your rooms for the night.’

He looked her up and down and thought about this. Then he sighed. ‘Good. If that is what you want.’

As they sat down, the other men gathered around their table. Eleni grasped the man’s hand. For a brief moment, she was scared. She had seen men armwrestling several times, but she had never tried it herself. Was there some kind of strategy for this?

Before she could think any further, one of the other men counted: ‘One, two, three, go!’ and Eleni immediately felt the man push against her hand. It was weird that it wasn’t very hard for her to resist him. She almost giggled. I have to grow used to being stronger than any man, she thought to herself. She looked at her opponent. He clearly couldn’t believe he still hadn’t beaten her.

She winked at him. ‘Is that all that you’ve got?’ She looked him in the eye as she slowly pushed down his hand. When his hand touched the table, she released him and jumped up. ‘Yes!’

Almost immediately, his strength was added to hers. She closed her eyes and softly moaned.

The man didn’t notice. ‘That wasn’t fair! I wasn’t ready yet!’

She looked down at him. ‘We both know that isn’t true.’ She shrugged her shoulders. ‘But I don’t mind if you want to try again. Or you can pick one of your friends here to be my opponent. Maybe we can raise the bet? If I win, you give me a room for free.’

The man gritted his teeth. ‘Agreed.’ He looked at the other five man and pointed at one of them. He wasn’t the tallest, but he surely was the broadest of them all. ‘He’ll take my place.’

Eleni looked at him with confidence. He looked a lot stronger than the other man, but she possessed the strength of three men now, so she expected he would be no match for her. She sat down again and put her arm on the table. ‘I am ready!’

‘Don’t you need some time to recover?’ the broad man asked.

She laughed. ‘Recover from what? Are you afraid? Scared to be defeated by a woman?’

That was enough. He sat down and grasped her hand, which looked small compared to his. She noticed he was trying to squeeze her hand, but she didn’t feel much of it. In return, he gave his hand a little squeeze. He let out a little cry and his eyes widened. But he quickly recovered and started pushing without a further announcement.

‘You aren’t really fair fighters, aren’t you? I guess you have to use dirty tricks when you are as weak as you are.'

He just increased his efforts. He pushed and grunted, his face contorted with effort, but he couldn’t move Eleni’s arm. She slammed his hand down on the table. ‘Oops. I hope I haven’t broken anything!’

She leaned back and closed her eyes. ‘Yes! Give me more strength! I am ready,’ she whispered. The feeling of her strength increasing was quite addictive.

After his strength was added to hers, she looked around. ‘Anyone else who would like to try? No? You know what? I’ll take on two of you at the same time. And if I win, I will get the best room in this tavern for free, including breakfast tomorrow morning. What do you think?’

The six men looked at each other. They felt uneasy, because they didn’t understand what was going on. They conferred in a corner of the room for some moments. They returned and two men sat down at the table.

‘How are we going to do this, boys? One arm for each of you? Or both of you against my one arm?’

They agreed on the second option. The first man grabbed Eleni’s hand and waited until the other man put his hand on top of it. Eleni counted to three and they started pushing. ‘Oh, very good! I feel a bit more resistance than I did in the first two matches. But it’s still not much though.’ She looked at them and smiled. ‘You are looking very cute when you are struggling hard.’

The two man cursed, the other four yelled at them, but they couldn’t push any harder. Eleni moved her hand from right to left and back, as if they weren’t even pushing. ‘Maybe this isn’t a fair fight. Do you boys want to use both hands?’

After her remark, it was quiet for a moment. Everybody stared at her. Then, they both added their left hand and pushed and pulled with all that they had got. It was actually the first time Eleni could feel serious resistance. She gritted her teeth and doubled her effort. Out of the corner of her eye she saw her bicep swell with power, a vein appearing on top. She followed the vein to her forearm, which was bulging with newfound muscle. The size of her muscles scared her a bit. But at the same time, it emphasized her superiority and gave her a boost. Eleni smiled through clenched teeth. With a growl, she pushed harder than ever before, her knuckles white with the grip she had on the man’s hand. The four arms started shaking, the men were intimidated by the very sight of her bulging bicep. Slowly, their hands were pushed down.

As soon as they touched the table, one of the other men shouted: ‘All together! She won’t be able to resist the six of us!’

Eleni backed up for a moment. The feeling of a double dose of strength added to hers was even more intense. She felt so strong! She quickly calculated she had the strength of six men now. So she wasn’t really concerned about the six men that rushed towards her. If she could prevent them from fighting her all at the same time, she would be fine.

Eleni reached for the man closest to her. She was surprised how light he felt. In one swift movement, she lifted him above her head and tossed him at two of the other men. The three remained laying on the ground. The other three stopped in their tracks, amazed how easily she had taken out three of them. With a big smile on her face, Eleni stepped towards them and they cowered backwards. With each step she took her shoulders became broader, her arms bigger, her legs more muscular. ‘Anyone else who wants to try?’ she asked. The three men were almost crying when their backs touched the wall.

Eleni calmly reached out and lifted two of them high into the air. ‘You are as light as babies,’ she said, while she examined her thick arms with satisfaction. ‘I could hold you up there forever. But I won’t waste my time on you.’ She banged their heads together and dropped them on the floor. She looked at the only man who was still standing. It was the man who had told her to leave. ‘I suggest you prepare my room. And don’t even think about attacking me when I am asleep, because I will break all the bones in your body if you do!'

The man swallowed hard, nodded and rushed off.

She woke up after a good sleep. She stretched out her arms above her head. When she saw the cords of muscle, she remembered what had happened the day before. ‘Oh, and this is just the beginning,’ she said to herself. ‘From now on, I will only grow stronger.’

She ran her hands over her thighs. There was thick, solid muscle everywhere. She couldn’t stop caressing herself. Her hands wandered upwards, to her stomach. Small ridges separated her abdominal muscles. She had seen those on male athletes, sometimes, but she had never realized she had abs herself! She twisted her torso, watching with delight as the muscles danced under her taut skin.

She moved her right hand to her left shoulder. She ran her hand over the ball of muscle for some time, and then moved it into the direction of her head. She was a bit surprised to find a hard slab of muscle between her shoulder and her neck. ‘I now have muscles I didn’t know that even existed!’

She kept exploring her improved body for quite a while. ‘I am massive now. It’s impossible for me to imagine what I will look like a few days from now.’

After some more touching and caressing, she forced herself to stand up. ‘If I keep on walking, I could be back home in Armenoi before the night falls,’ she thought.

She put on her sandals and her peplos. The loosely fitting cloth could easily contain her swollen body, but her sensational arms were left bare

During breakfast, she found that she had to eat much more than usual. ‘It makes sense,’ she told herself. ‘My body is so much bigger now, I need more food.’ She called for the man, who tried to stay as far away from the strong woman as he could. She ordered him to bring her more bread and cheese.

Then, she realised something was wrong. ‘Why am I thinking about going home?’ she said. ‘Am I going to sit there and wait until Mikkos returns? I am not that weak and scared woman anymore! Hera has given me all this heavenly strength; I should use it and go on free Mikkos myself. After all: who is going to stop me?’

It took her some time to get used to this whole new idea. Then, she asked the man for the nearest harbor. ‘Well, that’s Knossos, of course. It’s only a half day’s walk from here; a little less for someone as strong as you, probably.’

Eleni finished her meal and left. When she was close to Knossos, she passed a house where a lot of people had gathered. She asked a man what was going on.

‘Haven’t you heard, stranger? Tomorrow we have to feed the Minotaur. Five young boys and five young girls have been selected by fate. The youngest daughter of this house is one of them. She is only five years old.’

‘Oh no!’ Eleni exclaimed. ‘That is terrible! Is there nothing that can be done? Is there someone who can kill this Minotaur?’

‘Where do you come from, woman? Have you never heard of the Minotaur? It is a monster, half man, half bull. A combination of rage and muscles. Many brave men have tried to track it down in its Labyrinth and kill it. But the Minotaur has slaughtered them all. No one ever returned. There is simply no man strong enough to withstand the monster.’

‘Maybe you need a strong woman,’ she replied. She grabbed the man and lifted him into the air with one arm. ‘Maybe I am that strong woman.’

The other people realized something was going on outside the house. Soon a small crowd formed around Eleni. They saw the man, dangling helplessly in the air, supported by the mighty arm of a woman. ‘Is she going to take on the Minotaur?’ they whispered.

Eleni put the man back down on the ground. The crowd made her feel uncomfortable. She wasn’t used to speaking in front of a group. So she picked a woman about her own age and talked to her, which made it easier. ‘Yes, I might may able to help you. But I need more information. How strong do you the Minotaur is, compared to a normal man?’

The answers varied. Everyone agreed the monster was inhumanly strong, but they didn’t have accurate information. Some thought he was as strong as ten men, others said twenty.

‘Just to be certain, I need twenty of your best men,’ Eleni told them. ‘Do you have a palaestra here in Knossos? Yes? Please come with me and show me the way!’

She was a bit surprised that without further discussion, the whole crowd followed her to the wrestling school. She saw there were about ten wrestlers training there. ‘Perfect!’ she said. She picked ten strong looking men from the crowd and asked them to join the wrestlers. When the twenty men had gathered, she told them to line up.

‘I will wrestle each one of you separately. As I am already much stronger than you are, I am sure it will take me just a couple of moments to overpower each one of you. And because this will make my strength increase even more, it will incredibly easy for me by the time I’ve reached the last one of you. But even though you know resisting me is completely futile, please give me everything you’ve got!’

Everybody listened to her in amazement. How could this young women be so self-confident? Sure, her muscles were much bigger than those of the biggest wrestler, but she was still a woman. Eleni was surprised as well. She usually liked to disappear in a crowd, but now all these people were listening to her, and obeying her.

She started with the first wrestler. He grappled her and tried to push her to the ground, but she just stood there. When she had enough of his weak efforts, she put her hands on his shoulders and simply pushed him down. He tried to escape, but found that he couldn’t. Her grip was too strong, the strength she was exerting was way too much for him. Very soon, he found himself with his shoulders pinned to the ground. Eleni smiled at him as she felt his strength flowing through her. ‘Thank you,’ she whispered and she moved on to her next victim.

The crowd was astounded, but also excited, by the ease with which she defeated every single man. They thought these men were the strongest in town, but they were simply no match for this huge muscle woman.

It was also apparent that with each win, she grew even bigger and stronger. After ten wins, she needed just one hand to overpower a man. And when there were only five of them left, she challenged them to attack her together. They all wrapped their arms around her body and tried to pull her down. But Eleni just laughed and stood there, immovable like a granite statue.

After they had been pulling and pushing for some time, she decided to put an end to the fight. ‘Even if there were ten of you, you wouldn’t stand a chance. I am stronger than twenty men combined now,’ she boasted. One by one, she picked the men up and tossed them away like they were feathers. She let out a satisfied sigh when their strength was added to hers too.

She noticed a marble column, about her own height. She squatted in front of it and wrapped her arms around it. She grunted and stretched her legs. Slowly, the column rose from the ground. Yes! She was lifting it! She hoisted the column up and rested it on her massive thighs. She took a moment to regain her strength. Then she put one hand on the bottom of the column and her other hand on the top. She took a deep breath and lifted it above her head. She grinned and watched her arms in amazement. Her biceps were incredibly pumped. She could actually see the blood flowing through the thick veins, which pulsated with each heartbeat.

‘So, do you think I am strong enough to fight the Minotaur?’ she shouted.

The crowd roared. She dropped the column and the earth shook. Several people ran up to her. A woman dropped to her knees in front of Eleni. ‘Please save my child! You have the power to kill that monster!’

Eleni understood this was the mother of the five-year-old girl. She talked to some people to find out where she could find the entrance to the Labyrinth. She noticed that several people were caressing her muscles. It was strange. She never liked getting attention and tried to be invisible for the rest of the world. But things were different now. She loved their admiration. She could get used to this. She brought up her arm and flexed, making an intimidating mountain of muscle rise towards the sky. ‘My muscles are really big, don’t you think? Your arms look like twigs compared to these boulders. But do you think they are big enough to kill the Minotaur?’

‘I really hope so,’ an old man said, as he lightly touched her arm. ‘Now, let me show you the entrance of the Labyrinth.’ She let him lead the way, and the whole crowd followed them. After some time, they approached an impressive structure. Steep walls rose high into the air. They were more than six times Eleni’s height. The walls stretched out to the left and the right.

‘Wow. This is really big!’ she said.

‘It has to be,’ the old man replied. ‘The Minotaur is very strong, and this is the only way to keep him inside.’

‘But you will have to open it to let the children in, don’t you? How does that work?’

‘Ah, we have a solution for that. We are almost there.’

Eleni saw it from a distance. The gate was even higher than the walls. As they approached the gate, she noticed a carving. It showed a group of men - soldiers, judging by their armor - facing off against the Minotaur. The Minotaur itself was a beast as tall as two men, covered in muscle. It had the head of a bull and the body of a man. It held a man in one of its hands and swatted another soldier away with the other. A third man was impaled to one of his big horns. She looked up and saw ropes and big logs attached to the door. ‘How does it work?’ she repeated.

‘When it is time to open the gate, we first check if the Minotaur is near. You can see a small hole in there. If he is not, we use eight oxen to pull it open. The children go in and we quickly close it again.’ He peeked through the hole. ‘Everything seems to be safe... Well, as far as the Labyrinth can be safe. Are you ready to go in there?’

She sighed, as she watched the cruel scene on the carving once more. ‘I guess I am, yes.’ Despite the feeling of dread, as she looked at the Minotaur’s massive muscles she felt more than a little excited about adding all that strength to her own.

The ropes were attached to the oxen. ‘Wait!’ said Eleni. ‘Let me try to open the gate by myself first.’

‘Well, it is supposed to be heavy enough to keep the Minotaur inside,’ the man said, as he gave her a doubtful look.

‘I know, but I’m supposed to be stronger than him now,’ she said. She crouched down and put her hands under the bottom of the gate. All the muscles on her body grew bigger than ever before as she tried to stand up. But it quickly became clear she couldn’t. She collected all her strength and tried again, but to no avail. The gate moved up a bit, but she had to give up. ‘You’re right. It’s too heavy.’

She took a short break, until she was breathing normally again. Then, they opened the gate for her. She slipped through, and the gate immediately closed behind her.

Eleni looked around. The view didn’t differ much from the outside, with high walls all around her. She could see into the distance in some directions. In other directions, her view was blocked by the walls. The alleys were completely empty, except for some broken bones. She shivered. ‘Such a nice place,’ she mumbled. The sound of her own voice seemed too loud in this desolate environment.

‘Where should I go?’ she whispered. She decided it didn’t really matter, so she walked into one of the longer alleys, right in front of her. After a while, she could either go left, right or straight ahead. The view in all directions was almost identical. She shrugged her broad shoulders and turned left. ‘Straight ahead, first turn left,’ she repeated.

She didn’t know how long she had been walking through the maze. She could still remember each turn she had taken, but the list was becoming long. She had seen bigger alleys and smaller alleys, nothing else. Then, she heard a small sound. It was the first sound she heard since she had entered the Labyrinth, except for the sounds of her own voice and footsteps.

She stopped and turned around. It was hard to tell from which direction the sound came. She held her breath. Nothing. It was silent as usual. She breathed out and turned around again.

Suddenly, there were loud footsteps behind her, and heavy breathing. She quickly turned around. A monster was approaching her. His two big horns were aimed at her, his massive body moving incredibly fast. Eleni cried and spun around. She ran away from the onrushing Minotaur but knew she was far too slow. When she saw a small alley, she tried to squeeze herself through sideways. It was difficult because her body had expanded a lot in the past days. She almost got stuck - her left arm was still outside and the monster was approaching fast. She threw her body to the right and tumbled into another alley. At the same time, she felt a sharp pain in her left arm.

As she was laying on the ground, she examined her arm. There was a large scar on her upper arm, blood dripping from it. Fortunately, it wasn’t very deep. She sat up and ripped a ribbon of cloth from the bottom of her peplos and tied it around her arm. She could hear the monster raging at the other side of the small alley. His head was probably to big to fit through. She heard him kicking at the wall, but it was strong enough to withstand his powerful blows. After a while, the sounds stopped. That was even scarier. When would he find her again?

Eleni covered her face with her hands. ‘What have I done? I don’t stand a chance against this monster!’ She panicked even more when she realized she had forgotten the route back to the entrance. ‘I’m lost!’

She stood up and walked in a random direction. It didn’t really matter where she was going. She had only turned a couple of corners when she encountered the Minotaur again. And once again, she could only escape because she found an opening that was too narrow for the furious monster.

She was desperate. ‘Oh, mighty Hera, how could I ever think I was strong enough to beat this monster? I may possess enough strength to easily overpower an ordinary man, but the Minotaur has lived to kill his whole life! I am simply no match for him. And I can’t find my way out of this Labyrinth!’ She cried out loud. It didn’t matter to her anymore if he could hear her.
Eleni's Quest (Peplum Muscle), part 1
Several weeks ago, I invited everyone to send me requests for female muscle stories. One of the requests came from :iconrandomname4626:, who asked for this: Set in ancient Greece, a woman gets word that her husband was taken prisoner in war. She makes an offering to the gods and prays for them to give her strength in her time of sorrow, but her prayer is taken literally and she finds herself transformed into a massively muscular demi-goddess, and sets out to rescue her husband.

Because the deadline for sending requests was 22 November, I didn't think of this idea (or any other idea) very much. Until :iconfemalemuscle: announced that their monthly theme for November is Peplum Muscle.

As these two things seemed to go together pretty well, I decided to start working on this story. I gave randomname4626 access to the document, and he gave me valuable suggestions, improved my writing on several occasions, and added a lot of 'overly detailed muscle descriptions' (as he would say himself :) (Smile) ). We also had fun discussing all kinds of story ideas.

I hoped it would be a short story I could finish within a couple of days, but the story only kept growing, so I decided to publish the first part while working on the rest of the story. I hope I'll be able to publish the rest before the end of the month.

:iconjarhead300099: made sketches based on this story. Here is Eleni, grieving for her husband  Eleni's Quest 1 by jarhead300099. And this is Eleni after she defeated the men in the pub  Eleni's Quest 2 by jarhead300099.

By the way: you can still send me your requests! I will still pick at least one story idea to turn into a story. Check it out here: 500 watchers: request a female muscle story!

Other parts:  Eleni's Quest (Peplum Muscle), part 2A ray of sunlight struck Eleni and it felt like the goddess herself touched her. She sat up and dried her eyes. ‘No,’ she said. ‘I shouldn’t be crying like a little baby. The generous goddess has given me awesome powers and I am going to use them.’ She thought for a moment. ‘Until now, it was enough to use my physical strength. I have become so strong that no one could resist me. Maybe I should explore what else I can do with my strength?’
She lifted the bottom of her peplos and examined her giant thighs. ‘Until now, I mostly used my arm strength. I wonder what these pillars can do?’ She crouched down and her thighs grew even bigger. Eleni took a deep breath and launched herself into the air. She was surprised how high she could jump. Almost three times her own height, she guessed. ‘Wow, my legs are really strong! If I can jump this high, I suppose I am also able to run very fast.’
She tucked up her peplos and ran away.
  Eleni's Quest (Peplum Muscle), part 3It didn’t take Eleni long to reach the Anatolian coast. When she reached the shore she started running at high speed. Only after a while she realized she had no idea where she should go. She stopped, and jumped into the air. She was delighted to find that she could jump very high now, about ten times her own height. When she landed, she sank into the ground up to her knees. She jumped again and looked into another direction. Far in the distance she spotted a group of houses.
She ran towards them and arrived only moments later. A man shook his head in disbelief as the muscular woman seemed to appear out of nothing. ‘Tell me where I can the nearest Persian army camp!’ she demanded.
‘You are Greek, aren’t you? I won’t tell you anything!’
‘Ah, you don’t seem to understand,’ she said with a smile. ‘Is this yours?’ She pointed to simple house with clay walls behind him. The man nodded. While she kept smiling at him, she


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