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Im really happy for the oportunity to have my little store, you know the imposter syndrome we all suffer, images looks not bad printed, so if you ever wanted something printed for me...but there wasnt anything printed now is the time lol. Thank you for reading tyhe spam, have an exceelent week, stay safe people.

Here is the link below


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Still im not at 100% health, but its really cool to be able to sit ad draw a bit, im liking my new chair so far, lets see how it behaves with more weeks of work. Anyway i want to give you more info in case you are interested in getting into the seminar im going to do if God wants to so. If you want more information, you can click on the link below.


I hope everyone its safe in thius Holiday weeks to come, thank you for reading it. :)

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This time i was just pluging my printer cable and my back snapped, i was standing i couldnt move i have to ask my parents for help, then i was on the bed i just coucldnt move the pain was so big i couldnt even do the right position on bed i was laying on a side with my legs hanging on the ledge of the bed.

I coldnt think of anythign just in pain, i couldnt even lift a feet, took some medicines and a shot of doloneurobion(it helps with inflamation). And waited for the medicine to kick in. Only to realize the pain gotten worse, i was literally crying in pain, felt like if i had some burning branches inside my spine and twisting.

My mom got scared and called a friends doctor, she bought some new shots this time Cortizone. But i was screaming begging to not made me move to inyection position. But after lifting my butt for the shot, that took me like an hour to get in that position. Never felt so much pain in my life before.

Cortizone worked like a charm, the next day the pain was gone, but i barely moved. So stayed in bed for 3 days, then started to sit for a while and walk across the room.

My back havent been good since i lifted a heavy gym machine while doing the installation past year, so i think a disk its out of place.

I got friends that draw they got really worse medical conditions than me, and they are braver. But my advice, its to invest in a good chair, sometimes we just want the most fancy tablet or tools, and sit on a wooden chair, my chair was smaller than my body, had to buy a new one called madagascar. Is this one.


I thinkm i made a good investment, this is my second day trying it, still painful to sit, but my back rest really well, lets see if im able to draw today after almost two weeks.

Remember to do breaks when drawing and sit in the right position, because later with years, your body its going to charge you with the bill.

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You should check this link, i need to get 200 people interested so this can move forward. So if you are interested in the tips i could give click here.


For reading this thank you.

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I'm really loving this anime, haven't seen an anime in a while with clever dialogues, the surreal experience and psychology they use are breathtaking. What I really love the most is how the ending of each chapter matches the ending song and leaves you with a great cliff hanger. I was lucky enough to see this anime with no clue idea what's the story about.

So I recommend you to see it without reading any review.

Here is the cool ending song.

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