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New driver of wacom

Journal Entry: Thu Dec 6, 2018, 1:03 PM
Been testing it for a day, and i must say that this one finally is a good one, all this years the drivers of wacom were broken with painter but not anymore.

You should try it out.…

Hombre diablo kickstarter

Journal Entry: Tue Oct 9, 2018, 8:40 AM
I just wanted to say thank you to the people that participated in the kickstarter, i was lucky to get invited to do a piece for the book, only two more days and it will close, in case you are interested in the book too i will leave a link below. Thank you for reading and a  great week.…

Life without a cintiq

Journal Entry: Sat Aug 11, 2018, 5:21 PM
Past week my Cintiq pro 16 was filled with tiny green dots, talk to Wacom they say help was coming and nothing yet. Anyway, so I had to open my closet and pull out the one small Intuos 5 touch tablet I bought because if I remember I had problems with my Cintiq 22hd too for over 8 months to get it repaired. Its really weird to return to not looking directly at the screen, my eyes got super tired from looking at far distance, I mean, when you are in a Cintiq you have the screen like a few inches from your face, almost grabbing the pen with the eye, that gives you lots of back pain if you don't have an ergotron arm that is.

Then i started noticing my Dell monitor I had for the second screen, the colors even if it was an ips, wasn't that good. So I had to calibrate it like ten times and nothing.

So i had to look online for a super quality monitor, with better contrast then I bought a 27 inch Benq monitor that I love so much. I've noticed in my gallery how my images look so burn, no wonder why other professionals complained about Cintiq screens before. I mean, it's like a day and night comparison, I didn't notice this because my screens were not as good as my previous cintiqs.

The cool thing is that I have better control over colors, but you can't draw faster anymore, only tiny dabs, this is good if you have a painted style like me, but if you are into precise ink line art, well Cintiq is way better. I probably won't return to cintiq anymore, love the new screen, I need to get used to working this way again. I can control better my lines with 2k pressure instead of 8k levels of pressure.

Let's see how the colors start looking on this monitor.

A big update guys, im making a Comic

Journal Entry: Fri Jul 6, 2018, 8:46 PM
Its been literally ten years since I made a comic book, doing a  Webcomic is different and exciting for me. I have so much to learn, thank you for your suggestions guys, decided to make it for Webtoons line, i dont know if i still got the touch or i don't anymore. There is always this fear of perfectionist that keep me away from doing it. First pages probably wont have the best quality because im a dull blade right now.

Yeah im dull and rusty.

So to share the process ive been adapting, was a mess to start the book in Clipstudio then to import it to painter then back to Clipstudio. So i was like ummmmmmm why i dont do all the process in Painter, and i was like yeahhhhh, besides clipstudio dont do web comic format(for templates), so i have to create some images for word balloons and adjust other things like manga lines.  Im having a lot of fun, because when you draw fan art or client commissions, you just cant dream, you are making other peoples dreams, that means still fun but sometimes i pause and look at the sky.

Been feeling like frog in a well for the past ten years. I was at the bottom of the well looking at the sky all day, wondering what it would be to go back out there. But the fear of failure sometimes keeps ups down in a safe place. Doing web comic is not an easy task, it demands hours hand days of hard work each week, Its going to be hard to adapt, going to fall many times inside the well. Even if i fail, i have to try this guys, i dont wanna get old and said ive never tried web comic. So please be patient in my creator development, probably will feel at the beginning rusty and not as fluid, maybe stiff in story and some characters, but i hope i get used to the deadines and start making it better. I have 7 pages done, i still need more pages to finish the first episode.

I don't know, will be hard to not have a solid income from commissions for a bit, i mean cutting in more than a half my time, so i will probably open a patreon even if i hate it for the sake of making this comic.

So finally......Bonnie is coming people.

Painter 2019 is out, the king from all painters.

Journal Entry: Tue Jun 26, 2018, 10:29 AM
Im really loving this new version of painter, better interface, a pinned floating color wheel, and god the performance is incredible, faster than before. The performance in 4k its better  and the touch for tablets that dont use wacom is awsome, no more lag when rotating with two fingers or zooming. If you wanna try the trial here is the link below.…

Wanna make a comic, any tips for me?

Journal Entry: Thu Jun 7, 2018, 12:31 PM
Lately ive had been having the bug to do acomicbook once more, im not sure if you are interested to see me again as a creator, doing a comic book is really hard work, like almost zero life and probably hard to be economical healthy. so can you give me any advise of what can i do to lauch it? Or a cool print editor online or paper i should look for?

Digital comics is something im not aware off. So i dont know maybe it would be fun to start working Hmadryad but now  finishing it as a proyect.

Well thank you for reading.

Commission open again

Journal Entry: Thu Apr 12, 2018, 9:11 AM
First i have to say thank you, for all the kind notes about my dog, ive started to be more positive. Okay i am free for new commissions, if you want to know more send me a note.

Commission details

Pencil sketch $60 ( if you pay shipment i can send you the drawing  to your home)

Simple portrait Digital colored $90

Simple Background more characters, it depends, but price go up a bit, some tiems go all way up.

also i dont draw porn(nudes erotic sexual content, futanari, yaoih, lolicon, etc.)

My dog died last saturday

Journal Entry: Fri Apr 6, 2018, 7:36 PM
My 16 year old female chihuahua companion had to put her to sleep because of her pain, she feel from stairs once more, so i had to stay up some nights and take care of her, give her medicine and clean her up. She was so old, and because she had a tumor, she became blind not completely, but with time each time she couldnt see less in less over the months, and to make it worse she was deaf in late years. She only liked to eat, she didnt recognize us anymore or moved her tail, she was a shadow of her former version. The cool thing is that the vet came to our home, so we put her to sleep there, she was in a lot of pain, but her death was fast and peaceful.

She couldnt walk properly  and eat properly i had to give her food by hand  also to take her to toilet and clean her, she was literally a  baby. I was so depressed for two days after she rested.

Im really grateful for all the years she shared with my family, so i wanted to apologize for my slow production, its been hard weeks.

But im a bit better know. im surprised how the home feels different, nobody will come to greet me at my home anymore, man that makes me think, maybe i need a girl, i think is time.

But hey, today Mark Hamill gave me a like on a tweet, life can give you special gifts, if you put attention in the right direction.

New animes that caught my eye list.

Journal Entry: Sun Apr 1, 2018, 5:09 PM
Im not counting regular series like food wars or tokyo ghoul new seasons, so i tried to separate the generic ones and this is my list so far.

And the coolest one for the last

Saw first episode of FLCL ALTERNATIVE and...

Journal Entry: Sun Apr 1, 2018, 4:36 PM
I died. yeah is official season 2 and three are going to be crap if they remain like the first one. Doesnt have the soul of FLCL, doesnt feel alternative or punk like Gorillaz, characters has no charisma, compositions are really bad and plain, same for character gestures, color palette feels like they grabbed an eye dropper and copy it, it has no life.

Animations are boring and linear. Music is not good and spicy, its long and boring. The cool vespa is not there. Haruka is not wacky at all, just a regular adult.

Man they killed the show before it even aired.

Sadly this is not an aprils fools joke, had anyone else saw it? What are your thoughts?

Im in Vero, Do you like it?

Journal Entry: Wed Mar 7, 2018, 1:33 PM
Decided to win my name before somebody takes it away like twitter or instagram. I tried it a couple of times, im surprised how simple is to upload images from the web, specially digital. I dont have to drop them on drop box compared to instagram, i just click copy the url and paste it, this makes uploading art super simple. Still in beta but won me because of that.

anyone had tried it here guys? do you like it? im guessing is still some bugs and server crashes because its a beta, but i find it really interesting. specially the colrs, they look good there.

The Beginning on netflix

Journal Entry: Mon Mar 5, 2018, 12:06 PM
Saw it this in the end of weekend, man that anime iiiiisss sooooo goooood. This would probably fail if its aired in  Japan, because it has a more mature theme, and right now in japan they only want popular cute boys and girls. When i saw a beared man i was like wowww, they have grown ups characters that actually do cool things.

The design of characters is top quality, the director is a geniuos with pacing, storytelkling is really good, man there are some action sequences that are jaw dropping. Music was okay, it fit. 

This is a must watch if you like animes that look like from the 90s, remidnded me of the ova Blood or cowboy bebop.

Pretty solid.

Billboarding disease

Journal Entry: Sat Mar 3, 2018, 9:04 AM
Ohhh man i hate this topic, this is something that i noticed that been increasing lately, people want to become famous so fast that they dont put pride in their work anymore, they just sees numbers and wants to get results "pronto". What am im talking about?, well i dont know what age they are so i cant tell if its new generation, because i had seen really talented new young new kids with hard work on their hands and eyes.

I call it billboarding, the people that only cares about numbers, for some reason i think this is worse than spam, is the people that look into some artist numbers and they want instant gratification. Ive feel they are like those ugly moms who got a precious child(art) that wants to speak for them, but they shout them(art) and dont hear them at all wanting to do all the talking.

Art should have a voice  on their own, they dont need ugly moms(artist) to speak for them. The artists should remain silent.

Just to give an example, these people dont care in your work, dont care in beeing polite, they dont care anything about you, they only care in what can you do for them, they only care about numbers. The easy way to recognize them , is to see a note from them, they are sooo lazy, sooo freaking lazy that they dont even add a subject. Another characteristic is that the note is not personal, feels like a copy and paste that they send to all artists, sometimes they had even called me with other names, facepalm.

They write something like this, " hey im blah blah blah, i do blah blah blah, share my works in  your journal, follow me........ and by the way love your work". then i go to their profile, the art is crappy, is really lazy and i mean lazyyy, they dont have a single fav of your work, god... they dont even follow you.

Another one was like " Hi im a friend of this artist and it will mean a lot for him if you go there and give him advices, tips and help him improve, he is a super fan" Then you go there, same lies, the kid draws different stuff from what you do, the two of them dont follow you, they dont have favs any of them from you. God i bet the kid doesnt even know you even exist.

They are artists with no pride at all, when  i was a kid, my works sucked more and i mean really bad, bad bad bad art, but i had pride, they can tear down my drawings, they can put my head on the ground, they can mock my skills, but they cant never take my pride out. I was like my stuff should speak for me. If the art is crappy, well ...take all the critics, if the piece is good, then take all the good comments, if the piece is dull, stop wasting your time and do another piece.

With time and hard work, people will start noticing you out, screw those ideas that some people give, like you should upload this work at this  hour for more traffic, or you should do the trending image of this new character show you dont even watch or are a true fan of their design, they just do it for the numbers.

My advice is that if you love what you do, if you put heart and work to a piece, people will notice it online, and if you are lazy they will notice too. So work hard guys, stop wasting time sending notes, put that extra effort in reading books improve yourself, never get satisfied with your skills, dont skip the ladder part, is more fun going up that been up there all the time.

Enjoy the road trip.


Cintiqs pro are made to work with thunderbolt 3

Journal Entry: Tue Feb 27, 2018, 7:46 PM

After months of using the cintiq pro 16, ive always thought something was off in pressure besides resolution problems with windows, because you will have to turn on and them off each time you tuirn on the computer, because the wacom link tells the computer the resolution is in 2k, so you get blurry images, but if you buy a special cable you can see it in 4k by a glitch, but then windows get confused about scaling, so you have to close session and open it again.

But the pressure is terrible in the wacoms link, so i highly recomend not using it, if you are thinking in gettting any new cintiq pro just go with thunderbolt 3 directly(too bad the cable by wacom is less than 2.5 feet super short).

Computers with thunderbolt 3 can be really expensive. so i bought a gigabyte computer motherboard compatible with this special card: GC-ALPINE RIDGE (rev. 1.0) that is compatible with some old gigabyte motherboards the list below of this link.…

Maybe you already have this motherboard card, and adding this slot will make life suepr easier, after three days using it, i can say 100% that solved the resolution issue, no matter if i turn the monitor first or in the middle of windows it will always be in 4k, and the pressure feels sooo good now, in the beggining of the stroke i can control it soo nicely.

So if you already have the cintiq 13 pro or the 16 (24 and 32 are coming out too), you probably aint getting the real pressure by not using the usbc and using the bad port from wacoms link in usb a.

Thatswhy the wacom pen feel so good in the conventions when you try it, and soo bad at home when you use regular usb.

Ohhh forgot to mention, you will still need a video card capable of 4k, you see.... the alpine ridge has an out put of mini port to display port, it even comes with the cable, so you plug it in a display port slot in the nvidia card, and it totally works im using the nvidia card 1050ti, and i have no problem at all.

Hope this information can help users with cintiq pros, and people that just want to buy one. 

Skip the cables problems, just go directly to thunderbolt 3(needs to be display port compatible too)

A thought i wanna share with you beautiful people

Journal Entry: Mon Feb 19, 2018, 8:57 AM
Read this on the calendar the other day:

" They told me and i forgotten. I saw it and i get it. I did it and then i learn." Chinese proverb

That got me thinking for a while, i still have this piece of paper on my desk, is really powerful thought, this can also be applied to learning to draw. Reminded me one day when a guy told me, "hey you should learn composition!", instead of getting mad like a diva, i was intrigued by the word composition, it was a topic ive never heard about ,not even in a school and i studied design( yeah bad teachers). So is an advice that you can easily forget, so if if someone tells you that you have something wrong, you just cant learn... till you actually see it.

That means i had to go and buy books, read and read a lot, till i get it. But the only way to learn it is by doing practices and learn from mistakes. The more mistakes you do the more it gets tattoed in your brain.

This chinese phrase sumarizes why they call  learning to draw a "muscle memory", which means only till you make it and fall you will learn.

Reminds me when my friend Simon Bork said to me hey, duude, take care of your contrast in your images, took me 5 years to realize what he meant, i was like thank you dude ive finally get it. Yeah i know im slow, but sometimes they give you the best advices and only tru experience you will learn. so people wanting to use other artists brushes you probably wont know how to use them, i mean its like giving a kid a shotgun, because the artists had been using those brushes for years, and he knows the flaws and advantages of each one, but you have the wrong idea that if you have same pen, same pencil, same paper he uses you could skip those steps.

So each time you use a new tool, your muscle memory starts from zero, even if you had a similar tool, but the speed of how fast you learn depends on people, some are fast, some are slow like me.

So to stay positive, ditch the mentallity of a race, its a marathon, so dont lose your breath guys. And train those muscles.

(Ps. I was really happy to see the participation from you guys on past journals, thank you.)

I really miss old journals

Journal Entry: Sat Feb 17, 2018, 9:18 AM
Some years ago, people shared their life here on deviant, but lately people have fear to have an opinion, because users crucifty them, because they get offended by everything. So people stopped writting, whats the point of sharing something if half of the people will hate it.

I remember when i was playing zelda sky sword and tell in a journal the game was great but controls were not calibrated right and was hard to control, then a user replied me ...."PLEASE DIE", THATS WHEN I REALIZED THE ERA OF JOURNALS HAD ENDED.        

Journals of artists i have follow just became, patreon here patreon there, feels like commercials and no content of daily life, like "my cat is sick, today something incredible just  happen". Not only on deviant art, i had seen this pattern all over the place in many sites.

People get offended by everything lately, if i tell people i like black, there will always be a dude that tells me im wrong and post like one sheet of text explaining why. Geez how do they find the time.`

So anyways i will try to be more activ eon journals and not just spams, having an opinion might offend someone, so i apologize for not thinking sometimes like you. I wanna make personals and interesting journals for people to read. Rather than im selling this here and there. The only thing i will not do, like old days is debating, im really too old for that, my butt hurts on the desk, my eyes get tired, and mannnn my tinnitus, makes me super grumpier.

Yeah i for got to tell you, ive been dealing with tinnitus for the past 5 years, sometimes i miss silence, i dont know what that is anymore. so Please do this for me, turn of the radio, put your phone down for 5 minutes, close your eyes, deep breath, relax and enjoy silence.

Wish i had done that more often, but its to late for  me now.

So yeah guys, regular journals are coming back, thank you for your time guys, have a great weekend.

Are 8k levels of pressure good or bad?

Journal Entry: Fri Feb 16, 2018, 8:01 AM
The answer yes and no.

My experiences using  a Cintiq pro 16

Took me like 3  or 4 months of use to finally ditch 40% of the pens pressure capacity, that means i only use a 60%  that means i only use 4800 levels of pressure the rest is useless. What do i mean by that? I mean to get a solid 100% of pen pressure that means from thin to the widest brush size i have to press super hard almost using both hands to the screen, mannnnn, you can see how the surface starts blending and twisting the led screen, so it doesnt feels like drawing anymore, feels like carving on wood.

You can move sliders to soft , but to get that 100% sweet spot you will still have to carve the knife, i mean pen with all your hand power. For me the 1024 levels of pressure had always been the sweet spot, i mean the 2048 levels of pressure of my old cintiq 22hd, ive never got it right, didnt find the sweet spot, it was too soft or to hard at beggining or ending of the stroke.

I had same problem with my newwer cintiq, i was devastated.

In a lot of forums people recomended to use only 80% of the pen, in older version of 2048, so i tried that, but pen felt stiff, really bad, like old cintiq 22hd, so one day i got nuts, and moved the pressure threshold in painter to a 60%, then created a big curve.

At first strokes ive felt bad for not using all the capacity of the pen, the 8k. And felt the pen raised pressure super fast, but i stick stroking for ten more minutes, and like magic my hand started callibratiing to new pressure, and then it felt i had more control of the stroke. The pen started to fee like my pencil tools. It was a revelation. Also had to move a bit the threshold from the beggining. because the pen is super sensitive, you barely touch screen and pressure comes out fast. This is particular bad if you are a fast stroker, because you need more control on first touch.

So when i mention my answer was good and bad to have this amount, its because having more levels, means you can cut and twisted the curve in ways less pressure levels cant do, but at same time i dont think you need 8k levels, is just to much. so if you have a 8k tablet i recommend you to try 60% of pressure and add a big curve, it will feel better with time, It seems that the wacom pressure control software can only remove the last 25% of pressure, but in programs like clipstudio or painter you can  remove it better.

So, if you have an old tablet with no 8k levels of pressure i must say that you are okay with it, you are not missing anything, but to be honest i bought it because it heat less than the cintiq 22hd, man ive felt like i was cookign bread each time i use it, the heat was huge. But the 4k resolution is the thing i love makes it easier to draw. Anyway i just wanted to share the experiences i had so far, every person have their own callibration and own weight of their hand.

But if you find this information useful it was worth it.

Next time when i solve the thunderbolt 3 dilemma on pc, i will make a journal too, because the 4k resolution is giving windows a lot of trouble with wacoms link. I wanna get a card to connect it directly on pci express, i will get the card soon by email.

Commissions open once more

Journal Entry: Mon Jan 22, 2018, 8:28 PM
If you are interested ina commission just send me a note, from pencils sketches of 60 can go the price up in digital with details, I say this because i dont do super cheap stuff because man, im not fast a piece takes me lots of hours, i wish i could do simple stuff, till i create a fast speed style maybe maybe just then.

Also i dont draw porn or nudes, stop asking them please.

Commisssions open again

Journal Entry: Mon Dec 11, 2017, 8:34 AM
If you are interested ina commission just send me a note, from pencils sketches of 60 can go the price up in digital with details, I say this because i dont do super cheap stuff because man, im not fast a piece takes me lots of hours, i wish i could do simple stuff, till i create a fast speed style maybe maybe just then.

Okay anyways send me a note,.

also on a sie note, i added the link to my new channel in twitch on the buttons below on journal, in case you lost the link, thanxs. 

Commissions open guys

Journal Entry: Tue Nov 7, 2017, 12:39 PM
Man im still in europe. I will return home finally next week in the middle. Cant wait to do digital stuff once more. Sorry for been absent longtime. If you are interested just send me a note.