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We are killing our muses

This is what think bout digital, sometimes we do many pictures in short time, that we started to hurt our muses.

But who cares, we are humans.
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Very nice concept. Love it. :heart:
Antelium's avatar
Hi, I have used it here :


If I'm not allowed to make it, I can delete that. ^^

fairytailhappy's avatar
loooks increible!!^^
dark miku XD
jajjjajaj e sgenial! O-o!! n-n el mecha y todo... hacen un gran conjunto!!!
doka248's avatar
what could i say?
cool topic and epic picture, that could i say ^^
Shnarph's avatar
Me encanta esta androide me hacen fantasear esos colores, me gusto :D
NinjAPixiEX3's avatar
I like how it's just a simple topic, but you made it so hardcore :) Well done.
ViewerDiscretion's avatar
very cooool :) and i agreeee sore hands are the worst haha
K1llerteddybear's avatar
I love this concept and the method in which you delivered it. We do hold our muses captive and mistreat the very things that inspire us. fantastic job.
ColorMeltdown's avatar
Man you rock ! I think this is one of my favorites amongst your work, but all your art is ashtonishing ! ~~
strange-fiction's avatar
Totally amazing!!! Damn, this looks great, I love it! :)
RookinherRookery's avatar
kyphoscoliosis's avatar
Very beautiful. Great mix of mechanical and organic. I like how the bondage theme makes it seem as though you're trapped within your art program like a slave. Great, great work.
hitsugayahinamori's avatar
the face is so amazingly done!
Kairimun1988's avatar
It's why I stick to traditional, lol
TormentorKreator's avatar
=/ after the 4th page of your art gallery I almost stopped looking, literally, It was too much coolness to handle and envy was there.. you know. By far I saw some of the sickest drawings ever there's just so much detail it's crazy! They'r awesome and they are true inspiration =] I admire your drawings. Wanna do art like that some day.
EmeyTroi's avatar
Wacum - wacom tablet, right? :)
It is kind of true though....... I'll try to work harder on my pieces or art from now on and let my muses go for a while~
Acarios's avatar
estas bien yeaaaaa super chido
Acarios's avatar
estas bien yeaaaaa super chido
ayuICHI's avatar
Gorgeous and crazy awesome *o* <333
imric1251's avatar
she needs a bunch more logos on her maybe some adobe, corel, etc
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