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Tongue Skinned

By elsevilla
A tribute to one of my idols as young, Mike Turner, i was basically a bad clone of him, really really bad.  i enjoyed his Sarah Pezzini Witchblade version. Hope i had made an image that made justice to his ability to add details, thats probably where my obssesion with details come out. 

Hope you like it.
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FastPaint's avatar
Stunning artwork. Love your gallery.
AlexUdeg's avatar
también de joven seguía el estilo de Scot Campbell q de hecho tiene un estilo similar al de MIke.. pero siempre fui muy mala.. jejejeje.. ni modo
elsevilla's avatar
Es mejor que copiar fotografias. :)
AlexUdeg's avatar
Es aburrido copiar lo real.. jejejeje.. 
Laugh-Butts's avatar
Whooooaaa, man, she looks amazing! So very....hahahha natural and floral!
Dakiaty's avatar
DAYUM!! She's freakin' hot o.o
waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaooooo.... En dos palabras... Bru-Tal :O
JwichmanN's avatar
nice, awesome texture in the WB armor
Okami2009's avatar
I love stuff like this. Now I want to watch Witch Blade!
polarityplus's avatar
I'm sure he would have loved this:)
SapphireNoir's avatar
your work never ceases to amaze me.Heart 
1pez's avatar
Holy cow, Sevilla. This is brilliant! Me encanta la textura de el Witchblade. Bien Hecho!

LordSia's avatar
You may have started out as a bad clone, but you're no longer bad anything. Well, okay, maybe bad ass, but that's a completely different thing.
You're a "BAD" clone? Dude please don't understimate yourself. Your work are getting and better!
Poki-art's avatar
i love every single piece of art you make! not only because of your skills, but mostly because of your attitude towards art and community. you rock!
Ravillen's avatar
I don't know why, is it the reddish hair, pale skin or the insane look in her eyes, but I love it
deathone's avatar
no  words, man!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Shockowaffel's avatar
Nice job !
For my taste there' a bit too much going on with details all over the place, but that might just be me. ^^
BrokenNoah's avatar
Turner's talents is sorely missed but his mark on scores of artists is undeniable and will live on.
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