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Tried a couple of new things here.
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I love the way you draw the eyes. So beautiful.
Her hands ... are they inside her pockets or inside her pants? xD
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inside, thanxs
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His response made me loose my shit. xD
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Hahaha I'm crying X'D
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I think it's in her pants, if that helps.
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I don't know what you're doing, but your eyes are still some of the best I've ever seen.
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MY BRAIN ISSSSSS.... Tingling.
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Love it, really cool character :3
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continue doing these test they are looking awesome... you achieved or unlock new skills with this practices?
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Very beautiful :lovelyeyes: Horny! 
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man I swear the eyes you draw can be so mesmerizing 
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My brain is... 

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You reek of the witch's love! Such devotion! =D
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Really, really hope Kadokawa doesn't just sit on it and allows White Fox to make another season...
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It really depends on the amount of revenue they can pull from the series; I subscribe to CrunchyRoll, so that helps them a bit. Studios really rely on merchandise and DVD sales to stay afloat from what I understand. Even if an anime is incredibly popular, the studio can tank financially on the project due to lack of sales. I felt guilty after a while of "finding" anime online through less than reputable sites. You don't have to pay for CrunchyRoll, but if you don't subscribe, there are commercials. Also, if you use adblock, they don't generate money. 

I would love to see a twelve inch tall Rem, Ram, or Emelia figurine; I might be tempted to drop a pretty penny on something like that. 

I too hope for more seasons. 
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I also use CR, just an FYI. 

The reason I mentioned Kadokawa is because they have a bit of a history of their more popular manga-inspired animes (No Game No Life, The Irregular at Magic High School, The Anti-Magic Academy: The 35th Platoon, and Is It Wrong to Pick Up Girls in a Dungeon?) only having 2 seasons max. They seem far more interested in pushing their book sales, so for that reason I'm not holding my breath on RE:Zero. :/
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I wasn't implying anything wayward by mentioning CrunchyRoll; just spreading the word, you know. 

I wish "Is It Wrong to Pick Up Girls in a Dungeon" kept going; I enjoyed it. 

I see your point with the studio dropping series left and right. 
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Wow what a sloth- can't even use her own arms to make silly impressions! XD
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She is super cute, I love the expression she has
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