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Sexy badabs

I can do sexy guys too, i think? Was a nice practice, with challenge to do a hot male, girls like the lines near his pelvis in boys, i really like his nave, also the face ended with a lot of personality. I played with the title instead of using badass.

Commission for :iconrb-illustration: hope she likes it.
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He’s handsome. 😁
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Awesome...* Awesome...=...God.....only knows.
I like texture given in the background, the synthetic arm is a plus in my books. Very futuristic and sexy at the same time.
Oh my....god......Hiyori Iki (Martial Arts fangirl) [V1] Onodera Blushing Icon 
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omg that abs tho <3 Mama mia! <3<3
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nose bleed  Thanks to you i am going to die of a nose bleed... at least this is the last thing I will see!!!!
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Damn~ i wouldn't mind being his partner in crime~
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i only like it cause it looks cool with his arm and face its epic

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I'd say, um . . . . . HOT

Ya. I think that about covers it. ^_^
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Oh man, this drawing caught my eye quickly.
I really love it. My heart literally skipped a beat, it never did that when I away looking at other art work.

100% well done
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Acaso es la primera vez que dibujas un personaje masculino? sé que generalmente son heroinas y asi pero wow, para haber practicado con él esta excelente! Sexy Badabs indeed! 
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that is one too much girly eye o.o
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My first thoughts were, "now that's a sexy man." XD
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Very nice ... please do more :P;)
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nice job. yes you can do sexy guys too ;)
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