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Quetzal girl

Been a while since uploading something, still a lot of work, probably will be free at the end of next week, cant wait to upload new things, and to finish some color picks that i havent finished yet.

Again on my free time, watching tv, this came out a girl with a quetzal arm, pretty weird. Just wanted to feel paper on my hand again, nothing planned just came out, out of nowhere.

hb2b letter size paper.
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those bottles are super cool!!! Is she coming out of a tree, like a dryad? I would love to color some of your linearts, this one will probably be coming out of a tree unless you tell me otherwise XD
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Incredible details!
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Remids me of the drawinf style for Final Fantasy Tactics, I like how you give details and depth to the clothes
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you can't draw foot, aren't you? XP
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what size paper do you use?
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very creative and imaginative
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She has no jaw D:
Very cool design though.
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u r a CRAZY drawer!!!! all those beautiful details!!!! good job!!!!!!!!!!!
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Incredible Linework!!
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i <3 that your clothes and everything that is generally inanimate always looks it's so cool =]
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Very detailed like always!
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The detail you put into your lineart pieces is beautiful.
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The detail is incredible! :O
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You have so much control over your lines!

You have a new fan!
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no pues esta ultra perrona carnal
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Incredible. The only thing i would point is that there is little space for the face, but aside from that awesome, like all your works. Fantastic.
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Amazing! Your unique and out of nowhere ideas are just spectacular! XDDD

I was just wondering, how long does it take you, usually, to finish a graphite and a CG piece? Thanks!
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(color, please)
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