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Lover Doll

Been drawing comic pages all week so wanted to draw something for myself.

Done in 6 hours, still think need more hours for polishing anatomy and details, but i was interested to see it as a whole for practice, to try to speed up.

An epic fight, too bad the outcome its already decided, because the girl its cursed touched at the back of her head, you can see her reflection trying to warn her.

You can see process here.
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What's happening in this? Clearly something is going down but I'm not sure what.
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This is so cool. I wish there was a part two to this battle.
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Wow. I'm going thru your gallery and I 'm impressed. Love how you bring different elements together.
Gom3's avatar
epic sawuz
Wolfzero-kun's avatar
Amazing as allways!
KilljoyNervosa's avatar
your use of color is positively fantastic. wow. your work is inspiring for sure!
HyperIntake's avatar
Simply Stunning work..
SoulSeven7's avatar
There is so much going on in the piece, tells a lot of story and content. What's more is that it shares something to the fear or regret. I honestly think I'm scared of that monster. :)
jaydurk's avatar
you have got to be one of the most amazing artists i have seen in a long time
AriThePirate's avatar
wow thats amazingly cool
Brokkolispinat's avatar
gross yet amazing :O
DelinquentDeego's avatar
Kinda hard to keep with what's going on but it is amazing.
ayuICHI's avatar
So epic and amazing :00000
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Awesome as always. I really admire your use of colors. :D Great stuff!
maffy-pop's avatar
looks amazing...
I love how my eye wanders around to see the little hidden elements. you're very good at that, really.
absolutely amazing for only 6 hours.. you continue to impress me O:<
DaRulz's avatar
That is a-frigin-mazing!
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