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Karya Sorrow

''And then humans forgotten about the ground their feet touches, thats when the first Hamadryad died...''

Record of the Desolation Sorrow 1-16, 14.

Preview of first page of the up coming proyect Hamadryad Lament.
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JCPArtist4ev's avatar
me ENCANTA esta genial!!!!^^
la descripción también me encanta!
ViewerDiscretion's avatar
was this done on that ''Painter 11" thing? ;o
H3llana-mod's avatar
Punkskaplunk's avatar
I love the glow of the water, it has a real ethereal feeling.
Eidolon1's avatar
good looking picture. I like the artistic style.
Psycho-Gaze's avatar
The woman looks fantastic, and I love the setting. Nice work!
ayuICHI's avatar
Love the hair and the color. Beautiful piece.
dsjw710's avatar
Your colors are so amazing!!
Venikins's avatar
Amazing job, love the detail too! :)
Dark-Hotarubi's avatar
i love you damm godlike work!
Elinewton's avatar
Really awesome environment!!
I love the color mix!!
BloodyEye's avatar
hauntingly beautiful.
nayhem's avatar
Quite the subtle taint of blood, completely changes the theme.
DarkerEve's avatar
amazing work, damn i love how looks the blood and the water, amazing character design as always :D
anikakinka's avatar
wonderful colors <3
So cool!
the colors does seem very lively yet dark!
maffy-pop's avatar
it's really interesting seeing you manipulate proportions. definitely makes each character unique. the one complaint I have is her pose, it looks a little bit stiff to me.
other than that, all I have for you are compliments.
I adore all the colors you used here, it really give the piece a mystical feel X3

the contrast, also, is something I really like. lots of lights and darks, sure, but the girl looks so pretty and serene, with little butterflies flying around, it's really something to make you feel happy and fuzzy~
but then, further examination in the picture made me realize that there are creepy monsters in the background. I kid you not, it scared me. I wasn't expecting seeing a creepy eye (or "eyes" rather) in the shadows. the blood on her hand makes me wonder, too.

all in all... iffy pose and it gives me kind of a cluttered feel (her outfit, included), but use of colors and attention to details, as always, impresses me.
oh just a thought, I wonder what her hair is attached to? it looks like spiderwebs to me. :3
ToughToothy's avatar
Wow, this is breathtaking. I love the vibrant, lively colors that still don't take away from the mood of this piece. It's very fitting, the title. The background is also very eye-pleasing, as is Karya xD I love how you drew this. <333
mark-kawaguchi's avatar
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