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Kansas Girl sketch

A Dorothy sketch art trade for :iconrenecordova:, was real fun to draw when i was on my bed, took like 2 hours, decided to make toto as a pomeranian bear head dog. they look cute with afro hair, this sketch has potentialm maybe i should color it, what do you think?

early stages on my blog.

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I would love to see this colored. it is such a fun take on the subject matter. 
SraklasSpikedclub's avatar
How they grow out there down on the farm :D
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With that cowboy hat she puts me in mind of Starman's Prairie Witch…
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i wish i could draw like this
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Wow these are really wonderful. Are they done with pencil?
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Nice choice making her bust size small. Adds a more natural realistic feel to it for me. Since I see so many big busted chicks all the time, Lol
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Amazing sketch!!
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i dont know if anyone else has said anything but to me her right hand (the one holding the shoes) seems abit off.

love the detail on the straw for both the hat and broom. fluffy dog <3
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As I should tell in my langage:
P'tin j'kiff celui-là!!! <3
petit coup de cœur ici pour moi!
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I love this sketch
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Your style is so gangster though :XD:
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I like your lines....
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The foreshortening in that thigh is very nice.
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Please color it!
LoneWolf-FoxHunter's avatar
Fascinating combination of genre's.
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Paint it up, son. You know you want to.
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hahah im on it good friend, how you been? I almost got it done, but i need to work in other commissions, but its looking good.
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I'm doing all right! Got some books coming out, working regular, might be animating again very soon.

Finally been dragged kicking and screaming into painting in color a bit more, gonna show some stuff soon. I'll catch you yet, you haven't surpassed me for long. Better not slow down. :D
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