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In the name of the fido

By elsevilla
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A commission for a girl :iconamo-zero: hope she likes it.
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Soooooo cool La la la la 
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Llevo años mirando su trabajo, y no dejo de asombrarme por los colores que utiliza :la:
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,uchas gracias.
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I love WR btw. <3 lovely piece
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This is amazing!!! I love once again how detailed this picture is but in a completely different way than the other picture. The creature behind the guy is creepy looking, but the glint in it's eye and the slobber on it's tongue really bring it to life. I also really love the quirkiness you gave the guy. That smirk, plus all the little details, such as the gold upon his knife and sword really created that image of a cocky bad boy. It was really enjoyable!
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are those man boobs X3
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shut the front door
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Very well done...amazing.
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Oh ahah man, is that a kodama down there? lil' easteregg? : D
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Lovely work here. :)
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wow very badass
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She'll love it. This is pure awesome.
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Awesome pic simple yet Amazing color variation
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I just love the creatures eyes- that glimmer really works. And the drool. Lol XD
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I feel so badass just looking at this :iconhandsomeonionplz:
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That creature, whatever it is, is awesome. And it should bite the elf's shiny little head right off XD
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¡Qué chido se ve!
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