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Im so sick

I'm so sick, infected with
Where I live
Let me live without this
Empty bliss, selfishness
I'm so sick
I'm so sick

Made this one after i finished the cover today, not bad in speed at all, 2b b4 size 3 hours.

Why did i made this because Bungie F****d up and couldnt download the demo of halo 3, even if i bought the crackdown game, wich i love hearing molotov on the car.
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Really pretty eyes.
Awesome work.
Impronunciable's avatar
Esta increíble. 
EpixMann's avatar
wow man, thats awesome !!
Man i love the detail awesome image too :D
ChibikkoBluePencil's avatar
Me encanta la limpieza de tus trazos
ShadowCircusCosplay's avatar
I cannot stop staring at this.
This is amazing!
BlueDressWonder's avatar
Bksfinest's avatar
Beautiful great piece
LonleyZombieVampire's avatar
oh yeah, Flyleaf sings this song.

This is amazing. You've got talent. Lots of it...
AfrikaMia's avatar
Es bueno, sobre todo por los detalles....
Hyroar's avatar
Yeaaah great work, once again :) cool!
aisaretai794's avatar
Damn that looks so cool. o_O
malbien's avatar
Ohmygod! I can't stop adding your work!
yellowsmoke321's avatar
ryuukunrai's avatar
haha!! i love Flyleaf!!
runaway4home's avatar
ok this is fucking weird i was hearing "fly leaf im so sick" and at the same time watching this picture
komorinight's avatar
Kabuki-Pixel's avatar
I have to say, that this makes my list of 'favorite pictures of all time.
I know its an old one of yours but I love it sooo much.
i love tht song!XDXD
KannaLemmier's avatar
OMG is this an illustration to kittie's "Sick" by any chance?
KannaLemmier's avatar
crap i mean flyleaf : O shit!
francine09's avatar
flyleaf!~lol awesome!!!!*jawdrop*
Princess-of-Cuteness's avatar
This is just gorgeous. All of the small details are really welly drawn.
And you have an amazing drawing style. :)
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