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Decided to grab the Hb lead to do a practice in lines and i noticed my hand got a bit stiff after got used to 2b wich ones runs as a knife on butter, so was kind of hard to get used to, the cool thinf its that you can sketch and define at the same time with the same lead so was kind of cool, just penciled allt he things i got in my mind to see how the leads will work.
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I would love to see this colored including all the deatils and stuff
I would die
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do you have any tutorial in drawing girls??? because im not to good at drawing girls :D
just wanna ask :D
whats all the wires in te back? just useless lines?
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nice detail in the machinery background
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really nice line work
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I love the deatil
it's just awesome
since this is in black and white and inked
can I color this then post it
I put your name in credit for the amazing line art!
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i liked the face and the air of the cow girl-......well she might not be a cow girl just i called her like that to refer more easely jejejejeje
well ill be watching your gallery to give some comments!
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I admire the randomness here. I do that too. But not as detailled or nice.
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It borders on genius- how you go from soft sexy girls to machinery with such detail, it makes no sense but its brilliant.
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I have much love for this piece (even from my first glance-over, this caught my attention!~)

I like how all the different elements don't clash... everything harmonizes together so well- that is hard to do with a lot of different things in an image, but this composition is nice without the picture on a whole being too busy ^-^

I'm adding this to my favorites so I can keep track of it to color in the future:heart:~

Thank you for sharing~

(yay, and the girls are pretty too <3 )
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thasnxs for your time to look at it.
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the paper right?, its regular printing paper
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Ah, nevermind. The X on the hand is a subculture thing sometimes. Was wondering if you were referencing that.
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wow amazing detail.
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I hate mechanical pencils-I was using one on this drawing, and then when you pressed down, the lead moved into the pencil-then what?O_O
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You are amazing ^^ about how long did it take you?
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I watch your posts very closley...very impressive.
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