The World Behind My Eyes

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The World Behind My Eyes

Behind my eyes lies the world of pain and torment
Things that life brings in front of me cause hurt and I gain
Insight into myself is seen but I never know what it might mean
Now I delve into the well and blackness engulfs me
Anger inside brews and stews eruption eminent within
The signs all there they are everywhere.
No one understands what I feel
He takes her from me first in love then in companionship
Why can no one understand that I need here near if nothing more than a friend
I need her support and he takes it from me
I tried to be nice and yet he tears at me
She told me tonight that we could not go out anymore
She said he was suspicious I ask of what but she ignores me
They all ignore. Me none truly understands enough to care
They are all friends so they say but her and him
They pretend I know they do she wants nothing more of me and so I give her nothing more
Boiling inside of me great sorrow emptiness abounds
She thinks I hurt her with intention she is wrong
Why would she think I would do such a thing
I may never understand her I may never get her back
I may never see into her deep eyes again as her lover
All these things bring me pain but pain I will not deal unto her
I will not do to her as has been done to me
I am better than that for her I must be better than that
I hope that one day she will understand that
Understanding is eternal hell
Ignorance is bliss
And I live in hell each day without her

Lawrence E.
November 13, 2001
Something i wrote a while back when my and my fiance were on the rocks over another man. I seriously thought it was over then but today we are still here. and i am thankful for that. I hope you enjoy.
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Awww this is soo sad.. im glad your back together though.

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awwwwwwwwwww i never saw this hun....why you never show this to me??? its nice i like it.....and me sorry about that a long time ago..heheh me really sorry ^_^