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The Old Woman in the Wood

This image was created as an entry to the contest Fairytale Colab ContestStarts Jan. 5th 2015
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When we will return we will have a Colab contest with a theme of Fairy tales. There are tons to choose from, some cute and some rather dark.
What I will do is collect the names of the ones that are planning to play and pare you up with another artist. Than you two will have to decide on the fairy tale.
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I like to use drop box its a free download and very easy to use, just make sure you read about it. You will both have to
given by :iconstewed-tomatoes: as it depicts the German fairytale.


"The Old Woman in the Wood" by the Brothers Grimm in the latter part of the 19th century!!

 A brief synopsis speaks about a young servant girl while traveling with her "family" was robbed and she got away and ran into a forest where she was all alone as all of the others were killed!!  While lost in the forest in tattered clothing, no food and no place to rest, a dove appeared with several keys on different occasions each opening locks on trees to fulfill her needs of food, rest, and new clothing!!  Later on, the dove finally asked a favor from her in return for it's help which led her to go visit an old woman who lived in the forest!!  The dove instructed her to go into the old woman's house and when greeted, she was to ignore the woman and go past her to a table where laid many fancy rings, and to find the only one that was plain and bring it back with her!!  She agreed to the dove's request and when she went in to find the ring ... the old woman first tried to stop her from looking through the rings and then grabbed a birdcage and tried to escape with it as inside was a bird which had that plain ring in it's beak!!  The girl got the ring from the bird and ran back into the forest as instructed by the dove, but it was nowhere to be found!!  In despair, she leaned up against a tree waiting for the dove when the tree that she was against basically started taking on the form of a handsome prince with arms coming down around her!!  He then spoke to her saying that he took on the form of that dove for two hours a day and the old woman was a witch who put a curse on him and his men turning them all into trees!!  Later on ... they all took shape again as the curse was broken by the returning of the ring and they all left the forest to go to the prince's kingdom where he and the girl were later married and lived happily ever after!!

 If interested, here is a link to the complete fairytale:…

 In addition, this was a collaborated effort between :iconelsapret: and :iconharleezpix: to meet contest criteria!!
Level:  2 Intermediate 

We would both like to thank all of the following artists for these wonderful stock resources: 
Background: Autumn dark Forest - AStoKo STOCK IMAGE 
Servant/Maiden:Fall 2 
Maidens hair: Fantasy Hair 23 
Prince face: Male Stock 243 
Old Woman/Witch: Fantasy faun stock  and Faun stock 
Crow/Raven: rook flying stk 7 
Birdcage: http:Bird Cage 3 
Black Feathers:Black Feathers 
Golden Ring: http:Gold ring 
Gold Vintage Key:vintage key 
Golden Bracelet: bracelet 
Golden Crown: Crown STOCK 
Jewels: Craft gems png stock 
Earring:Princess Earrings - Set 
Tree was drawn by TREE Prince 
and textures:  Tree bark - texture, pattern by ivangraphics  

Brushes used:
Eyes in dark: Cat's eyes 
Lace on dress: 6 lace brushes 
Faces on trees :  Set for human face- Brushes 
                             eyes and face brushes 

Here in :iconharleezpix: 's gallery: The Old Woman in the Wood
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amazing so fantastic manip!!Awesome + plz pullmonaria 
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Thanks a lot!!!Hug 
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very beautiful dear!!!!!

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Sorry Late Reply by Mirz123  So glad you like it!Gif by Emoxynha  
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Whaaaaat!!!!  I have never heard that story and I consider myself a Grimm Fan!!!  Thank you so much for the art and the story I will have to read!!!  Thank you!!!
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So happy I could share it with you! 4e26b7bf3b4ba by Elsapret    Just follow the link!4696fcea61a1c by Elsapret  
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Thank you !!!!!Yasuko Takasu (Fangirling) [V1] 
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Sorry Late Reply by Mirz123  You're so welcome!Gif by Emoxynha  
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Nicely done!  Good luck with the contest Hug Clap Love 
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Thank you!!Big feet 2 by Elsapret  
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Pragtige werk!!! Sjoe daar is soveel detail! Love dit Elsa Heart 
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Baie dankie Riana!!Sg06f6 by Elsapret  
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...very nice work wonderful balance! ...:heart:
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Thanks for the kind comment!Floating hearts 1 
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My pleasure Hug :iconarrheartplz:
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Lee and Elsa, absolutely gorgeous colab! I honestly can't decide which character I like best!! Wonderful!  Thanks so much for adding my stock to this beautiful piece! Best wishes for the contest! XXXOOO! 
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Thanks my sweet friend!!  It was our pleasure to use your stock in our colab. Thanks for the good wishes for the contest!!Heart Heart 
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Hi Jen!! :wave:  I'm Lee and I felt it necessary for me to respond to this lovely comment that you posted here to Elsa's post of this image since you addressed this to me as well as Elsa ... hope you don't mind!! :pray:
Anyway ... I personally want to thank you so very much for all of the kind words and compliments you have stated here as I truly appreciate it!! :nod:  To be honest with you ... Elsa is the "pro" when it comes to doing this kind of work as I am mainly a photographer!! :nod: :camera:  But she asked me to be her teammate on this creation and I surely considered it an honor and did my best ... that in itself makes me a winner in all of this!! :winner: :hooray:
Please know that your stock came in so very handy in this creation if you read the complete fairytale and thank you so much for allowing it's use!! :nod:
Take care and thanks again for everything!! :thanks:
~Lee :rose:
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That Elsa is a gem, isn't she?!!! Little Pixel Heart (That's my sis!!!) But I'm sure she wouldn't let you get away with being so modest! ;-) You two seem like you were a great team, and I so very much appreciate your very kind words!!! XXXOOO! Take care, Lee!
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