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Ove and Tweap

By ElsaKroese
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Just a little doodle of one of my comic Characters, and his little friend Tweap.

Tweap's design isn't definitive yet so don't shoot me if I change it later on. It will still take a while before they appear in the comic. I just felt like sketching them in between work.

If you don't know my webcomic Spindrift yet, you can find it here: [link]

And here's some more Ove here:
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Vampyre-Lover's avatar
Cute!!! Awesome Work!!!
Rubilisa's avatar
i love the monkey ! he's too cute !!!
Ammeg88's avatar
I wanna steal Ove and snuggle attack him >.<
ElsaKroese's avatar
you can borrow him until I need him for the comic ;).
Ammeg88's avatar
w00t! Do I get to borrow him when he isn't on a page too? :ninja:

*steals him for his hugs in the mean time*
ElsaKroese's avatar
I think that'll get me in to trouble with certain other characters beyond that point in the comic :P
Ammeg88's avatar
Aww! In that case I shall keep him whilst I can ;)
DBRv6's avatar
Fun portrait and really well done
katfish96's avatar
He's my fav even though he hasn't made an apperence yet. :') he's beautiful in a manly way.
ElsaKroese's avatar
Hmhm. I'm getting closer and closer to that point in the story though :D
pearwood's avatar
The little rascals do get in one's hair.
Joaov's avatar
you won't get voting incentives like that! :P You could have put up a journal post for people to vote for you here too :)
Anyway, very nice :)
ElsaKroese's avatar
yeah, I know. That's ok. I'll put up a new incentive later on :D. Not all my readers are on deviantArt :)
Joaov's avatar
haha I know :) just playing around.
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